Miraculous Weapons


Chapter Four: The First Day – Part One


"Oww, my head..." Kagami let another groan out, almost lazily pushing himself off the ground. "Kuroko?" He slurred, blinking cloudy eyes at the pale blue haired boy. "Didn't you-... I had this dream... I was kidnapped by a midget... and the whole place was being attacked by these giant freaks..." Kagami shook his head, finally managing to clear his thoughts.

A dark ominous force caused him to turn around, and a moment later, he wished he didn't, because he was kicked in the head. He fell down, and groaned from the pain. "The hell!" He cursed, turning to glare at his attacker.

"Know your place, brat." Levi stared down at him, making Kagami feel very uneasy. Eren pushed past the small crowd that had gathered, Mikasa and Armin following him. "Corporal Levi! Uh, I'll help you put the groceries away!" Eren exclaimed, running out the door to where a whole car full of groceries were.

'How'd he manage to get a car down here?' The thought crossed all the boy's minds, as they watched Mikasa and Armin silently help Eren. Their attention turned to Kagami, who shakily stood up as he rubbed at his face where a dark purple and blue bruise began to blossom on his cheek.

Levi simply cocked his head and calmly walked past the group of highschoolers and towards the stairs. He stopped, just before he was about to take the first step, he tilted his head to the group. "Get some rest." He said, before ascending the stairs and disappearing into his room.

Eren came in with an armful of groceries, and he stared up the stairs before turning to the seven. "You better do as he says; your training will probably be beginning tomorrow. It's best to get some rest." With that, he headed into the kitchen.

The seven all looked at each other warily, before heading to their separate bedrooms. "Can someone fill me in on what's happening?" Kagami asked, eyeing the name plate on the door that lead to his room. He glanced at Kuroko, not knowing if he should feel shocked or happy that the blue haired boy magically appeared by his side as always. At least he was beginning to get used to it...

"Levi-san is apparently training us. Japan needs heroes." Kagami raised his eyebrow at Kuroko's monotone voice and blank look.
"Kurokocchi, that's not how he said it!" Kise whined, but smiled nonetheless. Kuroko offered a shrug of his shoulders, before going into his own room. "Well, I'm sure Levi'll explain it tomorrow or whatever... Hopefully before we begin this 'training'." Kise chuckled slowly, before entering his own room.

Kagami just touched his bruised cheek before silently shutting the door behind him.


Early the next day, a loud blaring horn sounded off through the entire house. It rattled the thin walls, shocking everyone from out of their sleep.

The boy's all groaned and got out of bed slowly. They all got dressed, and greeted each other as they stepped from out of their rooms.

"K- Kuroko..." Kagami muttered, staring at his team mate's hair. "Your bed head..." He tried to stifle a yawn, but failed completely. This caused a chain reaction of sorts.

"What time is it?" Murasakibara walked up, his purple hair tied into a small ponytail.

"Morning!" They all slowly turned to Eren, who appeared to be wide-awake and grinning. "It's 6:06!"

"In the morning?" Midorima stared.


"Goodnight." Aomine muttered, about to walk back inside his room. Eren stopped him, waving his hands in the air frantically. "Wait! If we aren't downstairs in the kitchen by 6:10, then Levi will come and attack us all!" He whispered, but loud enough for everyone to hear.

"What the kind of man is he?"

"Is he even a man... ?"

"He's short."

"Shorter than Kurokocchi!"

"And feminine."

Eren pouted, listening to all the accusations they were putting on Levi. "He is a man!" He shouted at last, cutting them all off. They were silent as they stared at him blankly. Eren sighed, and brushed his hair from his eyes. "Anyways, let's just go. You want to be heroes, don't you?"

"Not really..."

"Of course!"

"To save humanity, or not." Kuroko murmured, a distant look appearing in his eyes. Eren lead the group down the stairs and into the kitchen.

There, Levi was seated at the far end of the obnoxiously long dining table. A whole lot of food was placed along the table, ranging from Japanese, Italian, American, and even Mexican breakfast foods. Kagami's eyes practically lit up, staring at all the food.

Eren found himself staring, as well. 'I wonder if Corporal poisoned it... like he did last time. Hopefully not. I mean, he wants to get things started, so why would he go through the trouble of getting everyone sick?' Eren sat down at the chair near Levi, smiling at him. "Good morning, Lance Corporal." He greeted the older man.

"Morning." Levi replied quietly, to distracted with reading over a recent report. Eren, as curious as ever, peered at it. Levi gave him a look, before he continued reading. "What does it say?" Eren asked.

It took a moment for Levi to respond, probably because he didn't want to. "Just something along the lines of Hanji getting some brats to train, as well."

"Ehh, I feel bad for them." Eren grinned. Levi couldn't agree more.


Sometime after everyone had their fill of delicious (surprisingly not poisoned) food, Levi forced the last two to do the dishes, which happened to be Kagami and Kuroko.

The blue haired teen glanced at the red head out of the corner of his eye as he washed yet another plate. "Kagami-kun, I blame you for your odd eating habits." He said.

"Kuroko, you're the one who ate the slowest. So it's your fault." Kagami replied back, glaring at the shorter.

"Isn't it both your faults?" The two turned their heads to see Eren standing at the entrance of the kitchen, papers in his hands. "Uh, anyway, Levi told me to come and get you two. If you're not done in two minutes, we're starting without you." He smiled apologetically, and quickly went back to the 'meeting room' as it was called.

Both teens shared a look before they picked up the pace.


Soon enough, in about four point five minutes, Kuroko and Kagami had finished washing, drying, and putting all the dishes away. They were both slightly out of breath as they literally jogged on into the meeting room.

They took their seats as silently as they could, without trying to interrupt Levi's 'speech' about the current events.

"Japan, so far, is the only one under attack. We do not know how the titans had managed to get here, as we thought they were extinct from a long time ago." Levi said, calmly staring at the scatter of boys as if it was no big deal.

"Can they swim?" Midorima asked, his hand raised in the air as he spoke. Levi turned his attention to the green haired boy, before shaking his head.

"No, they cannot."

"Isn't that good, then?" Kagami asked. In a second, his head was firmly pressed against the table, a light smack resounding around the room. He felt all eyes on him and he struggled to turn his head to peer at Levi, who had somehow made his way over to him in the matter of a second. "..."

"Shut up." Levi instructed, his demanding tone sending a shiver through almost all of the boys. Kagami stayed silent as Levi removed his forceful hand and watched him return to his seat while rubbing his neck soothingly. "Don't be an idiot." Levi muttered almost inaudibly.


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