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Chapter 1: Apartment lookout.

Percy's POV

"Annabeth!" I groaned, as I ran my hand through my black hair. "We have checked 7 apartments out so far. Can we continue this tomorrow?"
Annabeth, my fiancée, and I was looking for an apartment. She decided that since we are getting married, we should at least find a decent apartment to live in after our marriage.

It has been three months now since I have proposed and Annabeth has been busy. Really busy.

Aside the fact that she is getting catering, decorations, a priest, and reception for our marriage, she also has a summer job. Annabeth works at a daycare center for toddlers for at least 5-7 hours a day. And then after that, she is helping her stepmom around the house. Like cleaning and cooking.

Now, Annabeth is freaking out about us getting an apartment.

"No way, Percy." Annabeth told me, as she scanned the kitchen, looking to see if it has good structure and all that nonsense. "Can we check two more apartments today?"

I sighed. "Fine, but it's only because I love you." Annabeth grinned. She stood on her tippy toes, and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Aw.." I complained, when she pulls away. "I want more!"
"Maybe later," she winked. I blushed crimson red, and Annabeth laughed. "I was joking, Seaweed Brain," she says. Suddenly the realtor came back into the kitchen.

"I checked the price for this apartment and it's three hundred dollars a month." The realtor says. "That's pretty good." I say as Annabeth nodded.
"Yeah," my fiancée mused. "It is way cheaper than the other apartments we have looked and I like the architecture..." she started to talk about how the living room is 500 feet max and blah blah blah.

"Annabeth? Annabeth!" I say, snapping her out of her thoughts. "Hmm?" she says, looking towards me. I shook my head, chuckling.
The realtor smiles. "You two are a cute couple."

Annabeth and I face's both went red.
The realtor laughed. "I'll show you the bedroom," she says. We trailed right behind her and after walking down the hallway and passing a few doors, the realtor stopped at the last one.

She opened the door and the bedroom was revealed. There was a queen size bed in the middle of the room, a night stand with a lamp and a clock, a book shelf, a walk-in closet, and a bathroom.

"Wow," Annabeth mumbled, gaping as she walked into the room. "Do you like it?" I asked Annabeth, as I wrapped my arms around her shoulders. She nods as she started mumbling something about how great it looks and the structure is way better than she thought it would be.

"This room has a great view of New York at night." The realtor says. Just to prove her point, she walks toward the window and opened it. It was dark outside, and we could see the city lights and all the buildings. It looks beautiful.

Annabeth walked toward the window and she gazed at the scenery lovingly. "This is so pretty." she says, smiling dreamily. I walked up right behind her, grabbing her lightly by the waist.

"Do you want to get this apartment?" I asked her. She hesitated. "Why don't we think about it?" Annabeth suggested. "Sure," I say.
I turned toward the realtor. "We both like this place. Why don't we get back to you on that?"

The realtor nods. "Alright. Just so you know, the owners despise pets, so..."
"Annabeth is not a big fan of pets and I don't really care about them. So we won't have any pets." I promised.
"Alright. You can look around longer if you want too." The realtor smiles.
She exited the room.

"Percy, I am not sure." Annabeth pipes up, when the realtor left.
"What do you mean?" I asked my beloved fiancée.

"Don't you think it's a little bit too big for the two of us?" she asks. I looked all around the room. "No." I say, after thinking for a moment. Annabeth sighs. "I don't really know Percy..."
"You like it, don't you?" I asked.

She nods. "Of course."
"Then there is no problem." I say.
Annabeth raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure?"
"Yes!" I looked positively certain.

Annabeth hesitated... hesitated... and then... "Alright," she sighs, giving up. Yes! I mentally cheered.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I say, jumping up and down. "

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "You still act like a kid, Percy."
"And that is why you love me."

"I guess so." she says, trying to act disappointed.
Annabeth laughs as she kissed me on the cheek, and entangled her hand into mine. "Kidding."

We both started to look around the apartment a lot more. Annabeth would be looking at the cabinets and how big the room is while I just stand around, acting not interested. "Can we go home now?" I asked, completely bored out of my mind. Annabeth's head was stuck in one of the cabinets. "In a minute," her voice was muffled.

She got up from the floor, and wiped her hands on her jeans. Annabeth took one good look at the place one more time, until she says, "Alright. Lets go home."
"Yay!" I cheered as Annabeth rolled her eyes, playfully.

"Can we go to McDonalds before I drop you off at your house?" I asked her, as we exited the apartment. "Sure." Annabeth says. "But I'll be the one driving!" she added.

She grabbed the car keys from my hand, and sprinted across the parking lot to my car. Her blonde hair flew right behind her. "Hey, no fair!" I yelled running after her. I herd her laugh as she opened one of the car doors, and sat down in the drivers seat.

"You know I hate you, right?" I told her, as I sat down in shotgun. She grins at me as she started the car. "I know you do." And then she pulls the car out of the driveway and drove us to McDonalds.

~Screen Change!~

"I love their hamburgers!" I say, with some meat in my mouth. Annabeth laughed as she wiped ketchup off of the bottom of my lip. She grins as my face reddened. Great, this is the third time that day that I am blushing.

"So... have you seen Thalia, Nico, or Grover this past week?" Annabeth asked me, as she took a sip from one of her mango smoothies.
"Now that I am thinking about it, no." I say as realization dawned to me.
Annabeth facepalmed. "Of course you wouldn't."

"Hey! I have been busy this week!" I say, trying to defend for myself.
"With what?" Annabeth asked me.
"With... forget it." I said as Annabeth started laughing again.

"Shut up," I grumbled but Annabeth didn't hear me because she kept on laughing. When she was done, she says, "Maybe they are busy."
"Nico? And Thalia? I doubt it. But Grover... I guess he is just studying or hanging out with Juniper." I say, shrugging as I grabbed one of Annabeth's fries and ate it. She glared at me. She grabbed one of my fries and threw it at me.

"Oh that is it!" I say, as I grabbed her fries and hit it at her.

By now there was an out going war going on between me and Annabeth. Eventually, the owner had to kick us out because we were causing a mess and we were disturbing the other customers.

"That was fun!" Annabeth says as we walked toward my car. "Yup," I say, popping the p. I saw Annabeth holding my car keys and I snatched it away from her. "Aw..." Annabeth complained as I chuckled.

"I don't think your dad would like it if he sees you driving instead of me again."
"True..." she says, remembering the other day when her dad scolded at me because I let her drive instead of me acting like a gentlemen. I tried to explain to Annabeth's dad that Annabeth wanted to drive but he wouldn't listen to me.

"That was your fault!" I exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at my fiancée. She laughed as we both climbed into my car.

~Screen Change!~

"Bye Annabeth," I said, as I kissed her lovingly. She smiled against my lips, and she wrapped her arms around my neck. We both started getting warmed up at the front porch of Annabeth's house when her dad opened the front door.

Right at that moment, me and Annabeth pulled away from each other, and looking anywhere but at Annabeth's father.
I whistled as Annabeth just stared at the ground. We finally took a peek at Annabeth's dad and he was angry. Really angry. Hey, I guess you wouldn't like it if you saw your daughter having a make out session with a troublemaker. I think he is still mad a few weeks ago when me, Thalia, and Nico literally ransacked his friend's grocery store. What? We were both bored. Besides, when Annabeth herd the news, she started laughing crazy but she tried to stifled it when her father glared at her.

That memory was still fresh in my mind and I started to smile. Barely.

"Percy," Annabeth's father says, gritting his teeth. "Hello Frederick." I say. I know he doesn't like it if I call him by his first name but I like to annoy him. A lot. Annabeth nudged me on the shoulder and her dad narrowed his eyes at me.

"How many times-" Frederick started to say but then Annabeth's stepmom, Lily, walked up right behind him. "Hello kids," she says, regarding us nicely. She gave me that look which I know meant, I am saving your butt from Frederick, so go before he tries to kill you.

I nodded, understanding her. "Well, I have to go now. It was nice meeting you, Lily and Frederick." Annabeth gave me a kiss on the cheek and then she whispered into my ear, "I swear my dad is going to kill you before our wedding."

I chuckled as Annabeth put on a straight face, pretending nothing just happened. "Bye Percy," Annabeth walks into her house and then she turns around and gives me a call me gesture. Then she quickly walks away.

"Bye Perseus." Frederick says, as I winced. He knows I hate it when someone calls me by my first name. I guess he is trying to annoy me and he is doing a great job.
"Night," I say, hoping I don't lose my anger. I turned around and I walked back toward my car.

I turned around once again and I saw him and Lily still watching me. Except this time Lily was whispering something to Frederick. I half waved, before I got into my car, and I drove off.

When I got home, I realized I received one message.

I will get revenge on you Percy Jackson.

Just you wait. I bet you will be surprised.


I sighed. Gabe still has been sending me threat messages. Every single day. I am getting really tired of it. I just wished he would stop. But something worried me about this message.

He'll get revenge on me of course. But what does he mean that I will be surprised?

I shake my head, trying to get rid of that message that is burned in my mind permanently. I decided to sleep on it. But I have a feeling that when he gets revenge on me, it will be sooner than I expected.

Annabeth's POV

"I don't know why your dating that troublemaker," my dad told me, once he closed the front door right behind him. I sighed in frustration. "Dad! He is a good guy once you get to know him. Trust me."

My dad took a seat right beside me. "I don't know sweetie. I still think-"
"Frederick?" my stepmom interrupted him. "Annabeth is right. If you get to know him, you'll definitely like him."
"How would you know?" my dad asked suspiciously.

"Because sometimes he would visit Annabeth when your not home." my mom says. I facepalmed. Great. My dad is going to go nuts.
"What?" my dad roared. "You let him into our house? Our good house? What if he breaks it? What if he-" See? He is going crazy. Literally.

"Frederick!" my stepmom says. "He is a good influence on Annabeth. Even Bob and Matthew-" my two twin brothers. "-likes him!" she finishes. My father gapes at her. "Really?"
"Of course. You would think I will lie?"

"Well..." me and my dad says, as my stepmom rolls her eyes. "The point is," she continues. "Percy is a good guy. Why don't you give him a chance?"
My dad exhaled deeply. He glance at me and when I give him my puppy dog eyes, my dad finally gave up.

"Fine!" my dad says, throwing his hands up in the air. "I will give him a chance."

Me and my stepmom cheered. "Thank you dad," I say as I hugged him. I also hugged my stepmom. A few moments later, I yawned sleepily. "I am going to go to sleep now. Goodnight!" I say.

My stepmom nods and my father says, "Alright, goodnight Annabeth. Don't let the bed bugs bite." I crack a smile and then I trudged upstairs, slowly. I checked my brother's room first to see if they are asleep and thankfully, they are.

I then went to my room and crawled into my covers. I turned off the lights and I lay there, listening to nothing but the floorboards creaking and I stared at the darkness.

For some strange reason I couldn't sleep.

I keep turning around and flipping to different sides of the bed, but my sleep abandoned me.

I glanced at my clock. It was twelve o'clock now. The last time I checked, it was ten.

I started to think about when Percy was abused. I remembered that I cared about him but he thought no one really cared about him. Nonsense. I guess he wasn't used to people taking care of him. Poor kid. I know Percy didn't want sympathy so I never showed it on my face. But at night, I would always feel sorry for him. Thankfully that jerk, Gabe and his stupid friends are finally put in jail. Now Percy don't have to worry about him anymore but these days... he looks tense. It's like Percy knows something bad is going to happen but he won't tell me. No matter how many times I asked, he would say nothing is wrong.

I knew he was lying. He is a very bad liar. And besides, I can detect someone who lies from within a mile. Okay- maybe that's not true but I know someone who lies. I could just sense it.

Sorry, I was being off topic.

Where was I?

Anyway, when I told Thalia, Nico, and Grover about this, they thought I was right. They say that they noticed Percy was a little bit distant even thought he doesn't seem like it. But we all know Percy and we know if something is up.

And something is up.

I guess we will just have to try and get it out of him sooner or later.

I turned around in my bed one last time. I remembered when I first visited Percy in the hospital. He looked so broken and vulnerable...

And with that, my eyelids became heavy before I drifted off to sleep with that image still haunting me in the back of my mind.

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