Once, twice I blinked my eyes, and I finally opened them but they didn't do much for me. A thick fog hung in the air; I could only see a meter or two in front of me. I propped myself up on an elbow, inspecting the light blue shirt I always wore. It was covered in various splotches of what looked to be a liquid, they were dark and it looked as if it was splattered onto me. I leaned forward to sit up right, but a burst of pain in the back of my head forced me to lie back down. It felt like someone had dropped a rock on my skull. I tried to sit up again, this time managing to push through the pain. A tear escaped the corner of my eye as I patiently waited for the pain to fade. I looked down at my legs. My shorts also had various splotches on them of the same colour to those on my shirt. My legs were covered in bruises and cuts, but the blood had already dried, although not all of it was mine. I looked to the right of me and spotted something glinting. It looked like my sword, so I reached out and firmly grasped its handle. It was sticky; I noticed this as I dragged it towards my side. It was the demon sword I found in dad's dungeon, the dungeon he made for me... I lifted my hand to my face, a smear of red across the palm. My head started to throb again and I lifted my hand higher to rub my temple. Then I noticed it... My hat was gone! My favorite hat that had been through so much with me... I felt my blond hair, it was matted and clogs of dirt clung to it. I looked around and I could see better now, the fog had thinned out and about ten meters away, I spotted some white material on the ground. Slowly I got up onto my feet, using my sword as a kind of walking stick. I slowly inched forward; the material now only lay a few centimeters from my feet. I lowered myself to the ground and picked up my hat. It had dirt on it, so I gently brushed it off, although some had already stained the garment. I slipped the fabric over my head and felt safer already. It was nice to have something normal again, as everything had been anything but that. I glanced up and spotted a lump in the distance, it looked like a bag, a backpack...my backpack. I didn't have the strength I get up again, so I got onto my hands and knees and crawled there. I sighed with relief, it was my backpack. Instead of slipping it onto my shoulders, I slid it under my head like a pillow. I closed my eyes and rested. I was in so much pain; physical pain, mental pain and emotional pain. 'It's too much to handle for a thirteen year old boy' I thought quietly. I lay there for ten minutes, but it felt like years.

I let my head turn to the left and I opened my eyes; just a bit, just enough to see a slither of the outside world. I wished I was somewhere else, somewhere peaceful and friendly. I squinted my eyes; the fog was thicker here, just like when I first woke up. But, I saw something, it looked like a stick, but it wasn't made of wood. It was too far to see with this fog, so I dragged myself closer. Two meters away, I realized that it was an arm. One meter away, I saw it was a dull yellow, almost orange. At this discovery, I threw myself closer, filled with worry. I felt sick, I clamped my eyes shut, I didn't want to look, but I had to be sure. I opened one eye and gazed over the still body of my best friend, my dog, my...brother. I didn't see any movement, so I leaned down and placed my ear on his chest, his soft fur tickled my cheek. I listened, and waited. It was still quiet, I waited a bit longer, but I couldn't hear anything. A tear rolled down my cheek, leaving a wet trail as it left the corner of my eye, then another. "No..." I whispered to myself, my heart almost as silent as the one I hoped to hear beating. I was about lift up my head, but then I heard it. It was faint and I wasn't sure if it was real. *thud..thud* I heard it again. My heart skipped a beat and I burst into tears; tears...of joy. The joy of knowing the person closest to me, the one I had been through so much together, the one who was by my side through every problem that confronted us two; that they were alive. I collapsed onto him exhausted both emotionally and physically and sleep came quickly as my vision darkened. I slept peacefully listening to the beating of his heart; my head rose and fell with the intake and release of every one of his breaths.