The Boy in the Park

Chapter Seventy-Eight

"You can't make Ramen-day a national day, Hokage-sama," Sakura huffed in displeasure, turning to smithereens a parchment with the proposed law. "And no, you can't increase the academy teachers' salary just because you want to."

Naruko pouted.

Sure, she was way over the time when pouting was something natural to her, but she still pouted all the same.

"Come on, Sakura-chan," she pleaded her, "I've got some pictures here…"

"Shower?" Sakura asked, raising an eyebrow.

"And bath," Naruko nodded sagely.

"Gimme," with that Sakura pounced, as Naruko jumped backwards throwing the pictures in the air for Sakura to swiftly grab. Then, the pink-haired girl began to giggle as blood dribbled down her nose. "He's so cute, oh, look at him…yes little cutey, who's a little cutey? You are! Oh can I come over tonight for dinner? Eh?"

"Ah…" Naruko sweat-dropped, "How about tomorrow?"

"Yosh! He'll be my ticket out of haghood!"

Naruko exhaled. "Really? You have to say that in front of the mother? Can't you be any more shameless, Sakura?"

"But he's so cute! Look at him, with Onii-sama's eyes! He's going to be a lady killer when he grows up, which is why auntie Sakura is going to make sure he doesn't stray into a bad and perverted path, because we can't trust your mother can we little one? Eh? No we can't!"

"Ohi," a nervous tick mark appeared on Naruko's forehead. "You telling me I'm a bad mother, you flat-chested plank board?"

"Being in the same team as Sai corrupted her, little cutey," Sakura continued, ignoring her. "But don't worry, I wasn't corrupted by that pale vampire-like wimp, so giggly-giggly goo…"


"Well, giggity-giggity sounds wrong with something as cute as this little one! Oh, look at…"

The pictures disappeared a moment later in a flash as Naruko hugged them closer to her chest. "I changed my mind! Sakura! You promised to take your medications!"

"But I did," Sakura whined. "Come on! Give me those pictures!"

"Not a chance in hell!"

Naruko flashed away, leaving behind a pouting Sakura.

The girl slumped down on the ground. "No…sniff, sniff, my little cutey! Give him back!"

Two Hiraishin jumps later —to hell with whomever said she couldn't learn her father's technique— she ended up with her legs dangling from the nearest rooftop.

"Hokage-sama," Yugao commented quietly. "Everything is clear."

"Do you have the report?" Naruko asked then calmly.

"Hokage-sama, you realize this is both highly unethical and at the same time hypocrite?"

"I assigned you to guard a key target for Konoha's wellbeing Anbu Cat, so I want to know the names of those who might pose a problem."

"Which would be fine if you weren't asking me if there's some Academy student crushing on him," Yugao exhaled. "Really, Hokage-sama, with all due respect…"

"The. List?"

"No one," she retorted. "No Academy Student."

"Good," she nodded, "And let's keep it that way, shall we?"

Then she jumped off the rooftop and walked straight inside the classroom, passing by the door.

A rubber frying pan neatly connected with her face.

"Muuuuhhhh! I was just visiting, Hubby!" Naruko whined, removing the frying pan.

"Teaching in progress," Shinku remarked calmly. "And I'm not going to hear the parents association once again because you had the fathers give the 'talk' early."

Naruko whined some more, before turning to look at the wide-eyed students sitting there and staring at her —well, she was the awesomest Hokage ever, even if 'awesomest' wasn't a word.

"You're so cruel," Naruko sniffled, "So, so cruel. What am I supposed to do without my recharge of Hubby-love?"

"Maybe do your Hokage work?" Shinku hazarded back with a smile on his lips. "Come on," he continued, "You've got your work and I've got mine to do."

Naruko flickered, before reappearing quite close and grabbing him by the jacket's neck hem. She roughly kissed him on the lips for a moment, which soon became a minute, before releasing him and taking a small jump back. "Teeheehee," she said with a smile.

"I doubt 'tee-hee-hee' is a word."

"See you later, Hubby!"

And with that she flashed away.

Shinku turned to his class and coughed once, politely. "Remember kids, if your parents ask, boys are yucky and girls give cooties."

"Understood, sensei," one of the oldest boys in the class remarked, while carefully hiding his Icha-Icha Porn-Porn Student written by Kakashi-Sensei, who was the new hit porn author.

"Sensei, what are cooties?" a girl asked curiously.

"It's what kids your age believed in years ago," Shinku grumbled. "Years before someone had the brilliant idea of making an Icha-Icha Sex Education for kids," with that, he sent a nice growling curse towards Kakashi.

The silver haired man in question was taking tea with Ibiki.

"So, let me get this straight," Kakashi remarked. "You're looking for someone to have kids with Anko, and you chose me."

"Gai is out of the question, and I want grandchildren," Ibiki remarked. "Also, the Hokage particularly stressed your need to find someone and after using me as an assistant, we came up with this perfect solution. Anko will not harass Shinku, and you will not pervert him any longer if you have someone as kinky as you to keep you at bay."

"I'm going to voice my complaints vocally to the Hokage for abuse of power," Kakashi deadpanned.

"Oh, don't worry," Ibiki smiled. "We have all the time in the world to make you change your idea."

Kakashi felt drowsy.


"It always works," Ibiki nodded sagely.

Hinata on the other hand was calmly exchanging sake with her branch members.

She had a flowery tattoo on her right arm —that was water-removed— and held a firm gaze as the exchanges finished. She was slightly tipsy by the end of it, but still…

"So, hic," she muttered. "We drink to our broken hearts…"

"Sniff…the boss is so kind-hearted!" a few Hyuga branch members began to cry rivers.

"She's so compassionate."

"Which is why…we'll hic…take care," Hinata giggled, "to make sure…hic…there are more Shinkus for everyone next time!"


"Stock on fertility pills! Hic! I'll have the next generation filled with Shinku babies so…hic, everyone will have a chance!"

"Isn't that a bit on the paedophilia side of the force?" a Hyuga branch member whispered to another.

"Meowth," mister Fluff took that moment to walk and then sit on Hinata's lap.

"And then…and then I'll have Hanabi-chan be the teacher of one of those Shinku-child teams!"

"Onee-sama is the best sister ever," Hanabi bellowed from her spot, drunk as much as her older sister, "And…hic!"

Hiashi decided that no, he was not going to enter that conversation.


"Hai, Hiashi-sama?"

"Reinforce the numbers of the castration squad. We will need new members for the following years…" that said, he looked out of the window of his office, a pipe in his hand. "Castration is coming…" a cold winter breeze ruffled his hair. "And we must be ready!"

"Yes, Hiashi-sama!"

Ayame happily stirred the ramen broth, eying the Hokage's downtrodden expression. "Now, now Naruko-chan, what's the matter?"

"Sniffle…you think I'm too grabby?"

"Why? Something happened?"

"Hubby flung a frying pan at me…"

"Isn't that domestic violence?" Ayame retorted, frowning.

"Ah, no! It was one of those rubber ones he uses in class!" she hastily added, flailing her hands around, "I interrupted his lesson."

"Isn't that something you do every, single, day?" Ayame replied. "Like running away from paperwork?"

"I have Kage Bunshin to do paperwork!" Naruko retorted indignantly. "I'm free! As always! I don't understand why people said it would be a hassle to become Hokage! I've got the entire day free, I can do whatever and…sniffle, Hubby's busy teaching."

"Maybe you need a hobby?" Ayame tried again.

"I need more Hubby-Energy, that's what," Naruko pitifully whined.

"What about your little rascal instead?"

"He thinks mommy's hugs are yucky!" she began to cry rivers, "And Hubby said if I kidnap him again from the kindergarten he'll stop making ramen at home!"

"Aw, poor Naruko-chan," Ayame said shaking her head lightly. "That's cruel…and I'm not saying it because you're one of my favourite customers."

"Thanks Ayame-chan," Naruko muttered back, wiping away her tears. "Well! Better get going then! It's lunch break at the academy!"

With those words, Naruko grabbed her own Pork ramen from the ramen stall and flashed out —why walk when you can Hiraishin?

Five seconds later, and she carefully looked around the Academy's courtyard.

Then her smile faltered a bit when she realized her Hubby's class wasn't present.

"Oh, Hokage-sama?" Iruka-sensei said then, "Shinku's class went to the park."

"Thanks, Iruka-sensei!" she flashed away a moment later, and then reappeared on one of the park's trees —where she had so conveniently left a kunai for the Hiraishin.

She had literally covered the entire Konoha in Hiraishin seals to begin with, so it wasn't much of a problem flashing from one side to the other.

Naruko's eyes settled on Shinku's form, the man she loved, and who currently was ignoring everything around him as he read. The kids were playing around without a worry, and she carefully crept forward humming her own tune.

"Hey, mistah," she began with a twinkle in her eyes. "What'cha reading?"

"Chapter twelve: Of the Chrysanthemum family," he remarked with his lips twitching in a smile, before closing the book. Naruko, in her mature and womanly self of twenty-eight years, sat down on Shinku's lap without a care in the world.

"Uff, you're getting heavy you know that?" he chuckled, only to receive a fist on the head for once.

"You don't tell your wife she's fat!" Naruko deadpanned back. "You don't tell any woman she's fat to begin with!"

"Ah," his arms circled around Naruko's waist. "Really?"

"Yep," she nodded firmly. "You usually tell them how pretty they are and how slim they are," she added then.

"You're trying to ignore the elephant in the house," Shinku deadpanned. "Ramen for lunch, again? I gave you a Bento, didn't I?"

"Ate it along the way to the office."

"You're shameless," Shinku exhaled, his forehead bumping lightly against hers, "Really shameless."

"Oh, by the way," Naruko smiled, "Guess what I've been reading recently?"

"Ramen and how to make it?" Shinku hazarded.

"Nope," she shook her head. "Something better."

"Something better than Ramen?" he cocked his head to the side. "What, exactly, is better than Ramen in your opinion?"

"A way to keep by Hubby-battery charged!" she nodded vividly, before taking out a book that read.

"Teaching for Dummies."

Shinku blinked.

"You understand they won't let the Hokage become a teacher."

"Yeah, well, you know how Nazuma-sensei never actually was removed from the roster?" Naruko blinked rapidly, fluttering her eyelids.

"You didn't."

"I did," she nodded firmly. "Being Hokage is great!"

"The most Power-Abusive Hokage ever in the history of Konoha," Shinku sighed, shaking his head. "How am I going to tell this to my wife then? What is she going to do when she hears my first love is back in town?"

"Ohi," Naruko's forehead sported a tick mark. "You want to have something broken, mister?"

She waved her fist up in the air, only for Shinku to grab on it and press her closer. "You're so cute when you go on a tantrum," he whispered.

"Ehiii! That's not fair," she blushed. "You can't call me cute! I'm twenty-eight! Cute was, like, years ago!"

"Uhm…nope, still cute," he nodded sagely before gently grabbing her chin. "But if you want, I can add another thing to it."



Then he kissed her, just as he had done years before.

Everything was fine in the world.

He wasn't a shinobi, and he wasn't anything more than an Academy teacher, but he had done more than enough…for being The Boy in the Park.

The End.

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