So I got bored and thought about some of the reviews I got. One guy kept asking for a Dishonored crossover and I thought 'Why the need for Corvo or Daud? The Outsider can grant powers'. And then I realized that some of those powers look eerily similar to wind magic, such as 'Blink' or Windblast'. Hell, even 'Devouring Swarm' can be excused as summoning Golems.

And then I thought about writing this. Warning now: Don't expect this to be updated. As of this writing it's just a one-shot with no plans for continuation. And if I do continue it it's likely going to be jumping to different points rather than being a full story. Legth-wise it'll also be short, so think of it as a quick read.

Louise gulped as she saw her rival, Kirche Von Zerbst, cast the summoning spell and receive a fiery crimson salamander. Oh Brimir above, she was nervous. Bad enough that she was the last person on the list to do her summoning - It just gave her more and more time to contemplate what would happen if she failed. At least if she were first she could see the results rather than wait here and let her mind stew on the myriad possibilities that awaited her should she fail.

Would she be expelled? No, that was the last of her problems. The Familiar summoning was the last chance she had to prove that she was capable of magic. She'd studied the theory's in and out and only Tabitha had her beat in the reading record, and that was only because she kept her focus trained on the magical theorem books and training manuals. Reading fairy tales and other things was time better spent learning on how to improve her magic.

Oh, but she was nervous. Being expelled was one thing, but it was another when she had to think of her family's reaction. Cattleya would be there for her, there was no doubt that on that, but what about the rest of her family? She was already a burden on them with her lack of magic, and the likeliest reaction they'd have would be to disown her for her lack of magic capability. If she were lucky then the best situation she could hope for would be for them to just marry her off to some far-off Count or Viscount - Her old fiance Wardes already having lost contact for ten years now - so they could wash their hands clean off her. But that was more merciful than she could honestly expect.

"Louise Valliere," Professor Colbert's voice called out.

Louise gulped and stepped forward to the deisgnated summoning spot, "Good luck, Valliere," Kirche tapped her shoulder and gave a mocking smile as she passed by the pinkette. She glared, though the Germanian's smile never left her face. She wanted to prove her wrong. She wanted her and everyone who ever mocked her to eat their words and realize that she was worthy of their respect. Once she got her Familiar, she could finally prove to everyone, prove to herself, that she was a worthy noble. That she wasn't a 'Zero'.

She took a deep, calming breath before beginning her chant, "I, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers, following my fate, summon a familiar!"

It was done. Corvo was dead, buried next to the Empress that he loved and pledged his loyalty to. But he wasn't killed by blades or bullets, nor magic or machinery, but old age. Yes, the Lord Protector and the greatest assassin of the empire, had fallen prey to that which killed any and all humans regardless of their efforts. He watched as Empress Emily the Wise laid a bouquet of flowers at his grave, suppressing tears as she prayed for the soul of the man who had given everything for her, her family and her kingdom.

"Goodbye, Corvo," The Outsider spoke, bidding a final farewell to the human who had piqued his interest for his actions. He felt no sadness, only a brief sense of longing and regret that he had no one to observe now. Corvo was given his powers and he had expected him to use it as a tool of vengeance, damning anyone he deemed to be in his way as was the nature of humans.

But the Serkonian had surprised him.

He killed no guards in his way, despite the fact that it would have made his life easier, and always went out of his way to try and help those in need. But this didn't stop him from helping to enslave the Pendletons, or to mark High Thaddeus Campbell with his own seal and he didn't even hesitate to send Lady Boyle with a man who promised that the rest of her life would be spent in misery and despair. So he had supposed that Corvo was no different from the rest - That he had spared them not out of mercy, but out of a desire to prolong their lives and make them live in suffering.

But then he had finally surprised him. When Daud had made a request to be spared, Corvo had sheathed his blade and walked away. He had acted acted surprised ever so briefly and he could have sworn the assassin smirked at his brief moment of confusion. Unlike the others, Daud's request was true mercy and he had fully expected Corvo to give in to his baser needs and take revenge on the man who had ruined his life. But when given the chance he walked away, making him one of the most interesting people the entity had ever known.

And now he was gone. Daud was dead as well; his other enemies had finally caught up to him long ago and he accepted their vendetta against him with no hesitation. With his death the 'Whalers' had died with him, all the powers he had given his disciples waning not long after he left the world. It had been years since he had chosen to give his power to someone. No one had garnered his interest, no one was fated to save or end the world. With Corvo's death, everyone who had been blessed with his powers were no more.

"I, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière, in the name of the great Five Pentagon Powers, following my fate, summon a familiar!"

He turned to the source of the voice and raised an eyebrow ever so slightly at the sight of the familiar green oval. He recognized the shape, though the last time he had deemed to answer the call was six thousand years ago when he met that crazed child Brimir. He was destined to save his people from a threat that couldn't be beaten back conventionally, and he had attempted to summon something to ask for assistance. He gave him no powers - his own blessed magic already being enough - but he did grant him the capability to brand others with extensions of his power like Daud did.

The Mage made four of them; one that could control animals, one that could wield any weapon, one that could use magical artifacts and constructs and the last to be a sacrifice for whatever he wanted. He had granted some of these to Corvo and Daud as well - To control rats, to be proficient with weaponry beyond their training, to control people and creatures as if they were constructs and many more.

But Brimir proved ultimately like the rest of his kind. He killed an entire race, and then he tried to kill another; attempting to sacrifice his closest friend and lover to sate his desires. He died as a madman, and yet he was worshiped as a messiah. Fate's machinations had an odd sense of humor.

And yet, another was summoning him? Odd, he didn't see himself being summoned yet. He blinked slowly and appeared at the portal's gate. Fate's weave was all known to him, and yet he did not see this coming. How odd. It was like when he couldn't foresee Corvo letting go of his desire for revenge. Did this mean there was another that could prove of interest to him?

He looked through the portal and found a girl who looked no older than the child who knew only fear and loneliness. He could already see her past and future; mocked by her peers, rejected by her family, and yet she did her best to remain loyal and steadfast. Despite this he could sense and anger within her, the wish to lash out against all those who had hurt her and to never be hurt again. She was destined to save the land from a great catastrophe, but how she did this...oh, now this was interesting.

She had the same powers as that Brimir fellow. But he could tell that it was weak, that she had only received a shard of his primordial gifts. She would prove interesting. She was destined to save people, and yet she saw a hatred within her that boiled hotter than the core of a fire. Would she be the one to save her people? Or would she drag them all down to oblivion with her after judging them to be unworthy of being saved? Her power was weak now and she could use his blessing.

He had finally found something to do.

Louise fainted. She didn't know how or why - She was casting the spell and maintaining the connection, praying to Founder Brimir above that she wouldn't shame her family, and the next she found herself crumpling to the floor and the sounds of her schoolmates and teachers yelling at her; a mix of concern and jeers that she had done exactly as they expected her to.

She awoke slowly, but it was evident at first glance that she was alone. She stood up shakily and observed the area around her: Foggy, and the landscape was unnatural. She could see earth and trees bent in unnatural shapes, spires and arcs of stone that she barely recognized dotting the landscape. She saw figures clouded in smoke and shadow pass by quickly before they disappeared into the ether.

What was going on? Where was she?

"Ah, my dear Louise," She turned around quickly and nearly screamed at the man who had appeared before her. He was young, with short dark hair and a face that one could consider handsome under the right conditions. The clothes he wore were reminiscent of the ones an army man would wear, but his lack of a sword or wand made it hard to believe he was.

"H-How do you know my name? Who are you?" She asked weakly.

"The one who walks here," He gestured to the alien world around them, "is all things. Cradle songs of comfort and bones gnawed by teeth. How you see me is up to you. Many have differing opinions."

"Why...Why am I here?" She placed both hands against her head and took deep breaths, trying to calm herself. She was dreaming, she was sure of it. She had summoned her Familiar and she fainted from excitement, that was all it was. That would explain why the stranger was floating and not touching the ground. Dreams made no sense and he had no wand, so he couldn't possibly be a Mage.

"My dear Louise, what a sad hand fate has dealt you," He continued, ignoring her panic, "Third child of the Valliere family and yet only carrying a shard of his power, not enough to be great without someone by your side to protect you. Everyone thinks you're worthless and you only wish to prove them wrong. Today was your last chance and yet you had failed."

"Failed? No, no, I didn't fail!" She denied quickly, "I'm just dreaming now and when I wake up I'm going to be fine!"

"Deny it if you wish, but your portal summoned no Familiar. You have no animal in which to prove your right as a Mage and as a worthy successor to your family," He mouth curved upwards slightly, though it was hard to notice through the fog, "But I can change that. Do you want power? Do you wish to prove all those who mocked you wrong?"

"You're lying! I'm a Mage of the Valliere family!"

"I never refuted your claim," He answered coolly, "I asked a question and you are the one who will decide your answer. I can sense his power within you, but it is weak and fragmented. Your dreams, your desires, they can't be fulfilled while you stand alone. You need power to make them a reality."

Louise thought it over briefly. What was there for her to lose? If this was a dream, then her answer wouldn't matter in the long run anyway. And she would do anything to make her family proud of her, to serve her country of Tristain for both the nobility and her friend Henrietta. But she couldn't do that as a failure Mage, as a 'Zero'. She needed strength."

"Y-Yes...I want power." As soon as the words left her lips, she felt a burst of intense pain on her left hand. She watched through pained eyes as a rune carved itself into her hand, its shape reminiscent of a golden half-compass. She could see the semi-circle into numerous spikes and its arrow, reminiscent of a sword, pointing upward. What was this thing? This was power?

"A wise choice," The fog started to envelope him, "I look forward to seeing what you do with this power. I'll be watching." She was alone again. She looked down at the brand and traced her hand along its spiral shapes. The landscape around her started to shake erratically, forcing her to the ground. She was waking up again, she was sure of it. A part of her wondered if this was real and she would truly wake up with power, but another told her to not be foolish and to keep herself in reality. And yet, she couldn't stop herself from hoping.

She closed her eyes and accepted the release.

So in the off-chance I do update this, anybody have a skill-list for Louise? I could just use the default game skills since they're strong enough on their own.