Star Trek: The Prime Directive

Day One

Starfleet Command.

Stardate: 6235.5

In the 23rd Century

Chiming through the large room, the old style brass bell was struck by the aging Admiral as the defendants looked on. Standing tall, the two officers stood ready too receive the ruling which could break their career with Starfleet.

"This Court is now in session. Captain James Tiberius Kirk, Commander Montgomery Scott. We have heard your testimonies and reviewed all of the evidence. Due too your exemplary records with Starfleet, we are offering you both one last chance. You may retire from service with your records in tact, nothing further will come of this hearing, do you except this?"

"No sir!" Kirk said firmly.

"Thank you for the offer sir, but I stand with my Captain" Scott smiled.

"Very well…"

One Month Earlier…

Stardate 6201.3

Battered and bruised, the Constitution Class USS Enterprise NCC-1701 entered the large dry-dock above earth, with large sections of the once proud vessel destroyed and limping home on barely Warp three, her buckled Port Nacelle still leaked her vital Warp Plasma slowly as her Warp engines disengaged for what could be the final time under the command of James T. Kirk. Commanded by the acting captain, Commander Spock. She slipped into the large dry-dock before it closed around the damaged ship. Sat in the brig of the ship, the former chief engineer looked at his former captain as he spoke with a slight hint of stress in hic voice.

"We've stopped sir"

"Scotty, don't call me sir" Kirk sighed.

"Sorry, old habits"

"I know. Well, it's been an honour serving with you Scotty…"

"You too Jim. What now?"

"Well, if I'm right. Someone from Starfleet Security will beam onboard and take us into custody. Eventually, a full courtmartial hearing will be gathered. Scotty, listen too me… put the blame on me, save your career!"

"With respect, go too hell. It was my idea sir… I was in command!" Scotty nodded.

"My ship, my crew… my responsibility. It was my choice…" He smiled with pride.

"We almost lost the ship under my command, 101 dead or missing… including Cleo"

"I know she meant a lot too you Scotty, don't blame yourself" Kirk smiled slightly.

"She was a good officer and a great engineer. I was priming her Chief Engineer…"

"Thinking of leaving the Enterprise Scotty?" Kirk laughed.

"Not entirely sir. She could have had any posting she wanted, she wanted Enterprise. She even turned down one of the new ships to stay onboard. Did you know she was offer CEO of the Phoenix?"

"I do… Captain Vance contacted me for a reference. When she turned it down, he contacted me again and asked me too change her mind… Cleo was top of his list. She would've made one hell of a CEO Scotty, you trained her well"

"Aye sir, thank you sir" Scotty nodded with pride.

After being held in the Enterprise Brig, the two former officers where stripped of rank and transferred too a holding facility at Starfleet Security. Given their exemplary records of service, they where held in private quarters and not a holding cell, given anything they needed and made too feel as comfortable as possible before the proceedings would begin in three days.

Finally, it came time for the Courtmartial too begin, standing in a large courtroom both Kirk and Scotty stood in their dress uniforms with a black band around their left arm in memorial of those who died on the last mission which could almost cost them their careers and future. Standing too attention as three high ranking Admirals entered the room, the nodded slightly as a fourth man entered. Shock ran over their faces as they instantly recognised the face of the man before them. Taking his place too the left of the main council, he nodded slightly too Kirk and Scott as he sat down slowly.

"Admiral Jeremy Watkins, Admiral Marshal Forrest and myself Admiral Frederick Marriot in attendance. Special note for the record, in attendance is the President of the Federation. This court is now in session, the Courtmartial of Kirk, James Tiberius and Scott, Montgomery. The charges and specifications of this hearing have already been entered into the record as have the Plea by both officers in question. Appearing for the officers is Samuel T. Cogley, Esq."

"In attendance sirs. May I remind the court that Captain Kirk's Record…"

"Mister Cogley, you will have your chance too speak…" Admiral Forrest said, firmly.

"Very well" He nodded.

"Please be seated" Admiral Forrest nodded.

Slowly sitting the court room filled with the sound of chairs being moved they all sat slowly while Admiral Marriot looked directly at Kirk and Scott as he spoke.

"Captain Kirk, Commander Scott… I must admit, I do not relish this action taken against you, however the violation of the Prime Directive is in question. Since you have not only revealed your selves too the population of the planet in question, but the presence of your vessel and it's advanced technologies… this must be called too account"

"I understand sirs, however…"

"Captain Kirk, this is none negotiable" Forrest said firmly.

"I understand that, but you weren't there… we… Where!" Kirk barked.

"Very well Captain Kirk, since you seem too have a lot too say, please take the stand!"

Standing slowly, Kirk straightened his tunic as he walked towards the large chair in the centre of the room. Slowly sitting before the board of Admirals, he placed his palm on the computer sensor at his side as it scanned his palm and D.N.A before it reported its findings.

"Serial number: SC937-0176CEC. Kirk, James Tiberius. Current Rank: Captain. Current Assignment: Starship Captain, USS Enterprise NCC-1701. Awarded Palm Leaf of Axanar Peace Mission, Grankite Order of Tactics (Class of Excellence), Prentares Ribbon of Commendation (Classes First and Second), Starfleet Medal of Honor, Starfleet Silver Palm (with cluster), Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry, Karagite Order of Heroism…"

"Computer, Pause" Forrest smiled slightly.

"Don't want too hear more sirs?" Kirk winked slightly.

"Your record is not in question Jim… Now, run us through what happened"

"Of course. This could take… sometime" Kirk smiled.

"We have plenty of time"

Two Weeks Earlier…

Stardate 6149.8

Captain's Log: Supplemental.

We have arrived at Koresh III, a small planet close too the Romulan Neutral Zone for an extensive survey of the planet below. With a technological development level close too that of Earth during the Eugenics Wars, we must be cautious. However, the troubling matter of this species experimenting with what could only be considered as Augments is of primary concern too the Federation and Starfleet, especially this close too Romulan Space. Although the species on the planet resemble Vulcan and Romulan species, I have authorised ground observations consisting of Myself, Ship's Surgeon Leonard McCoy, Lieutenant Sulu and Mister Spock. As not too arouse suspicion amongst the indigenous life forms below we have all undergone reconstructive surgery in order too appear as if we belong on the surface, even Mister Spock has had ridges placed on his forehead in order too blend in, much too the amusement of Doctor McCoy!

I have left the Enterprise under the command of Mister Scott.

Standing dressed in replicated native clothing, Spock stood facing McCoy as the final touches too the makeup where added too the ever stoic Vulcan before him.

"Well Spock, I've gotta say… you look worse then ever" McCoy laughed.

"Believe me Doctor, this is not my idea!"

"Ohh lighten up Spock" Kirk smiled. "You make a dashing Koreshian, you maybe fighting off the women of with a stick"

"Captain, to do so would be a violation of…"

"It's a joke Spock, nothing more" McCoy laughed once more.

"Well, if everyone is ready… our window is closing" Kirk said, holding in his laughter.

Starfleet Command.

Courtmartial hearing. Day One:

James T. Kirk.

"I have read your orders Captain Kirk, asses the level of technology of the planet Koresh and their progress with the Augment technology and report back too Starfleet Command of your findings"

"Yes sir. We beamed down too the planet in an isolated location outside the Capital city where the Augments where being created. Ship time was 0500 hours, dawn at the beam down site. Locating transport, we made our way into the city before us and quickly located the laboratory where the technology was being developed…"

"Transport?" Called out Admiral Marriot.

"Yes sir, they had a very effective public transportation system. No payment required just Identification which we had already created"


"The Science vessel, USS Longhorn had already visited the system on a survey mission several years ago…" Kirk nodded.

"Of course, please continue Captain"

Two Weeks Earlier…

Stardate 6149.8

Planet Koresh III

Entering the large city was almost like stepping back in time for the away team. Having journeyed too many points in Earth's history, either accidental or under orders, they where more then familiar with the type of vehicles on the planet. Resembling late 20th Century - Early 21st Century Earth, vehicles moved around carefully created road system while pedestrians moved around in the safety of footpaths, protected by heavy safety rails which separated at every junction or crossing. Lined with tall building resembling sky-scrapers, offices and stores, it was almost like being on Earth in the similar timeframe, but for the exception of the indigenous species going about their daily business. Equipped with Tricorders, Communicators and a small type one phaser each locked on stun, the away team moved through the city towards the large facility where the experiments where being carried out. Approaching the large guarded area, Kirk bowed with respect towards the large guards as he spoke while the universal translator adapted his speech too the local language and dialect.

"A fine day sir, my name is Kirk, these are my companions Spock, McCoy and Sulu. I believe we are expected?"

"As it is…" The guard bowed slightly. "I am not aware of any visitors with your names sir"

"I believe you may find our names under the section labelled… Government Officials" Kirk smiled slightly.

"Ahh yes, the Special Envoys. Request the Assistance of your Grav'Nek"

Looking puzzled, Kirk slowly turned towards Spock as he stepped behind Sulu and adjusted the universal translator quickly as Kirk turned towards the guard and nodded politely. Seemingly agitated, the guard stepped towards Kirk as two others joined him as he spoke once more.

"Your Identification please?"

"Of course…" Kirk nodded. "Sorry, it's been a long journey to get here"

"As it is" Nodded the guard.

The unusual speech patterns of the native species had begun too create several problems for the Universal Translator. An unusual mixture of what appeared to be several different languages they had encountered over their travels across the galaxy, now they stood before a large armed guard with a piece of equipment that could barely work correctly. Checking the paperwork from the four males before him, the guard bowed slightly as he signalled for them too pass. Stepping too his left, the guard allowed them too pass before he spoke once more, almost causing Kirk too laugh slightly at what the Universal Translator had picked up.

"Kirk. Doctor Caber will glaze your nipples and call you Rita. He will Cough you too the research Toilet!"

Holding in his laughter, Kirk bowed slightly with respect, as the local tradition dictated before he turned and walked away along with his three companions.

"Did you catch any of that?" McCoy smiled.

"I did, Spock what is happening to the U-T?"

"Unfortunately, the Universal Translator can not identify the local dialect. Request permission too return too the Enterprise…"

"No, I need you here, you too Bones. If they are experimenting with Augments, it could be a disaster for them"

"Agreed!" Sulu nodded.

"Spock, do what you can. Perhaps we should have Uhura on standby, just incase. Spock, have her report for surgery, we may need her ear on this one"

"Of course sir"

"In the meantime, see what you can do about that U-T"

"Jim, if we can't speak too these people…"

"I'm aware of that Bones…"

Starfleet Command.

Courtmartial hearing. Day One:

James T. Kirk.

With several of the Enterprise crew behind him, Kirk looked back at Sulu and McCoy as they smiled slightly, remembering the uncomfortable conversations between the Enterprise crew and the Koreshian Scientists, many of the translations even seemed too use strange words or curse words as the Translator attempted too keep up with the ever changing language.

"So Captain Kirk, as your statement suggests, the Universal Translator could not identify the language correctly?"

"Not at first Admiral Forrest, eventually it did lock onto their language after almost twenty minutes of uncomfortable nodding, smiling and bowing. But it got there in the end, much too our relief, I think even Spock was getting tired of it" Kirk said with a cocky smile.

"Very well, please continue" Forrest nodded.

"Of course sir. Where was I? of course. Once the U-T had locked onto the language parameters, we where led into the main research facility where they where experimenting with the Augments and we where greeted by a young woman roughly 18 Earth years old. She knew a lot about the research and even assisted the scientists with their work, it didn't take long before we knew what was going on…"

Two Weeks Earlier…

Stardate 6149.8

Planet: Koresh III

Slowly walking through the facility, Doctor Leonard 'Bones' McCoy hid his medical Tricorder under his long jacket as he kept the sensor attachment in his closed palm as he took readings which where transmitted back to the parent unit. Slowly guided through the facility by the young woman, they passed several rooms containing life forms from infants too children in their Mid-teens, all of them where female. Smiling graciously, Kirk followed the young woman as she explained the process to them with an expert knowledge which seemed to be beyond her years.

"… So as you can see Mister Kirk, this facility is very effective in our training of the Gamma Model"

"Gamma Model?" Kirk said with a smile.

"Yes, as you may already be aware, the models Alpha and Beta where unstable from the beginning. The unit designated Alpha Nine was a male, he broke free of his restraints and brutally killed several of the scientists working on the project. It was decided that the male genes where unstable and a new approach had too be considered. The female or Gamma Model has been engineered differently"

"How?" McCoy smiled.

"It is very complicated Doctor McCoy…" She said as she turned too face him. "… However if you wish for a full report, it can be arranged"

"So shall it be!" McCoy replied with a slight bow from his shoulders.

"Very well. The first generation of the new Gamma Model has surpassed all expectations. Utilising those new techniques, our scientists have begun developing a new Delta Model, male of course"

"Of course!" Sulu replied.

"This way Gentleman, you might find this interesting"

Bowing slightly, the young woman entered a code into a door panel, as it slide open the away team followed her inside. As the outer door closed, a second inner door slide open after a moment and they entered a secured area as scientists moved around what could only be called incubation tanks containing embryos submerged in a clear light green liquid.

"Welcome too Project Delta. The preliminary tests have been positive, Aris!"

Smiling slightly, she walked towards a young boy sat at a computer console. With a slight smile on her face she walked towards the young boy and bowed with respect as he replied in kind. Slowly turning, she looked towards the Enterprise away team as she spoke.

"These are the men I have told you about. Kirk, Spock, Sulu and McCoy… they are from the government, they wish for a full report"

"A pleasure" He smiled.

Barely eight Earth years old, he worked the console as if he had decades of training behind him, with a speed an efficiency which could put any Starfleet Officer with decades of training him or her too shame.

"Kirk, Spock, Sulu, McCoy… this is Aris our most gifted student. He is otherwise known as Delta One. Although not official, he will one day take his place at my side… as my husband"

"Your Husband?" Kirk said with a hint of shock.

"Yes, he has been created specifically to be compatible with my own D.N.A. Each male has been specifically created to be compatible with their female counterparts you have just seen" She said with respect.

"I see. And you would be?" McCoy frowned slightly.

"Do you not know? I am Gamma One, the first of the females created"

Starfleet Command.

Courtmartial hearing. Day One:

James T. Kirk.

The lengthy report given by Captain Kirk had progressed into the late afternoon, with his report still in it's infancy, a recess was ordered by the board of Admirals before them. At 1330 Hours, the report continued as Kirk once again took the stand and continued with his report.

"Well Captain Kirk, your report is very lengthy and full of detail" Admiral Marriot smiled.

"As you requested sirs. May I continue?"

"By all means. My I remind you, you are under oath. Please continue Captain Kirk"

"We spent the better part of six hours in the facility, studying the project and gathering information for Command on the Koreshian Augment program, it appeared as if they had perfected the technology with amazing results"

"How so?" Marriot said quickly.

"Well sir, they where working towards developing a cure too many illnesses which had been on their world for centuries, much like early Earth. Using the augments, they had all but cured a disease similar too Cancer and Arthritis as well as several other illnesses, but only within the females of their species. Don't ask me how, I don't know. It was in the report from Doctor McCoy. After the tour of the facility by the young woman whom had identified herself as Yuri, we returned too the Enterprise for a debriefing…"

Two Weeks Earlier…

Stardate 6149.8

Starship: USS Enterprise NCC-1701.

Still wearing the Koreshian disguise while wearing the standard Starfleet uniform was almost something of a joke for the away team and crew alike. With pale skin, pointed ears and eyebrows the command staff looked almost like a crew of Vulcans, only with the exception of ridges on their foreheads giving a faint resemblance too what had become known as Alpha Klingons, Beta being Klingons infected with an augment virus which circulated the Empire decades ago. Smiling slightly at the strange appearance of his superior officer and friends, Mister Scott leaned forwards as he laughed out loud.

"What is it Scotty?" Kirk smiled.

"Nothing sir, actually sir… you look like the bastard child of a Klingon and Romulan"

"Thanks. I believe the toilets on deck 12 are in need of maintenance…" Kirk laughed.

"Sorry sir, I'll get someone on it right away!" Scotty said as he stopped laughing.

"Now, the augments?" Kirk said with a smile. "Spock?"

"Very impressive, they seem too have perfected the augment technology beyond early experiments by many species. I believe that one day they will make an impressive addition too the Federation"

"One step at a time Spock!" Kirk laughed. "Bones?"

"I've just finished up reviewing the data collected, Jim this is more delicate then you think"

"How so?" He sighed.

"The D.N.A of the Augments… is Romulan"

"Romulan?" Kirk said in shock.

"Undeniable Jim, I checked the reading eight times too make sure. There is something else…"

"Ohh don't tell me" Kirk sighed.

"Several of the scientists working on the project, are Romulan"