The day naruto was born his father decided that it would be a good idea to make some fail safes for his son so that as he grew if the village did not treat him right then he would be taken care of he placed seals on him so that materials that would make his life eaiser would apear from the seals as he developed and even had him sign the toad contrat and have a summoning seal placed on his wrist in the hopes that he would have at least the toads to turn to if the humans would not treat him right.

When Naruto was born the major clans of the leaf knew his true parentage but because the hokage never told the council about it, no one mentioned it in an attempt to protect the boy, and respect the 4ths last wish. The shonobi council fought the civilian council over their desire to kill the child and in the end, it was decided that he would go to the orphanage.

Four years later

Naruto groaned as he rolled over on his threadbare cot in his freezing room. The bruises and cut were mostly healed from his last beating, but due to the last of nutrients and heat, the process was slower than usual for him. He jerked awake when he suddenly hears the POP that happened next to him. When the smoke cleared sitting next to him was a small orange toad. Naruto not wanting to wake anyone and risk another beating quietly asked "who are you"? One look at the small boy's eyes would tell you that the possessed a wisdom far greater than his meager four years. The road so shocked by the boy's appearance and the look in his eyes just stared at him for the longest time until the boy gently poked him in the stomach and asked, "hey are you ok?" That brought the little toad out of his shock as he looked again at the child he cleared his throat, then said, "I am Gamakichi and you are now my summoner due to a pact that our fathers made on the day of your birth". The boy looked at him in the most quizzically way and asked, "how is that possible?" Gamakichi reached over and gently took hold of his left wrist and pointed to a tattoo that had not been there when he went to bed and said, "this is a summoning tattoo that our fathers placed on you when you were born, it was designed to activate on your fourth birthday and summon me to you." Gamakichi was shocked when the little boy only nodded as though he actually understood what he had said. Naruto looked over at Gamakichi and said, "so basically this tattoo summoned you to me? Does that mean that I can use this tattoo to summon you to me or does it mean that you control the summoning?" Gamakichi was thrown by the wisdom in his question, most human children his age would have been jumping off the wall and yelling cool in this situation but Naruto was sitting here waiting for an answer to his question. Finally deciding on how to phrase his answer said, "well you control the summoning all you do is swipe a little of you blood across the tattoo and it will summon me to you." Taking a breath, he continued, "but it is probably best you don't tell anyone about me, based on your room and the bruises on your neck and face they would not take to kindly to the pact." With that Gamakichi looked sadly at Naruto and said "well I got to go so when you want to meet again just swipe some of your blood on the tattoo and I'll come, but remember to make sure that you are alone when you do it", with that he vanished in a puff of smoke. Naruto laid back down and slowly slipped back in to sleep, the last thought on his mind was I hope that that was not a dream.