You woke up one sunny morning, the rays of sun were hitting you in your eyes. "Ugh, another day." You sat up in bed, ran your hands through your messy black hair, careful not to touch your nubby horns because they had always been sensitive, and checked your phone. It was nearly 12:00 PM. You sighed and walked downstairs into your apartment living room. For an apartment, it was pretty nice. Two floors, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. You plopped down on the couch. You hated how there was always nothing to do. You switched on the t.v., a romance movie was on. You've always liked these kinds of movies so you decided to watch it. When the movie was over you soon found yourself bored. You decided to go back upstairs to get your phone. You checked it and were surprised to see you actually had a message. "Hey Karcrab!" Ugh, it was Dave. You hated how he always used those dumb nicknames for you. You replied to the message using your typical text font. "HI DAVE."

"Do you want to hang out later?" You really didn't want to, but you figured it was better than nothing. Besides, you found yourself being.. drawn to Dave lately. "SURE I GUESS" you reply. "Great, I'll come over later." "YEAH OK WHATEVER". With that, you decided to sleep some more, you'd only been awake for about two hours but you knew there was nothing better to do. You layed sprawled out on your couch and drifted off to sleep. A few hours passed and you were woken by knocks on the door.

You were confused at first but you soon remembered that Dave was coming over. You let out a groan and got up off the couch. There were more rapid knocks at the door. "I'm coming, I'm coming! Hold your fucking horses!" You trudged to the door and opened it. "Hey there KarKitten". You looked at Dave for a while. You've always thought he was cute, his almost white hair, his pale skin, how much taller he was than you, and those shades he always wore even indoors, they added more mystery to the guy always thought of as cool. Even though you still hated the fact that you've never seen his eyes before. You dismissed those thoughts, you couldn't actually like Dave Strider, out of all the trolls and people in the world, could you? Even if you did, you could never let Dave know that, you were sure he only thought of you as a 'Bro' or whatever he called it.

You regained your focus. "Hey Dave." You stepped out of the way to let Dave in. He walked in and looked around. He hasn't been to your hive- er.. apartment in a while, you've redecorated it a bit. "Looks nice." Dave said with a smirk on his face. That smirk. You stared at it for a while until he called you out on it. "Like what you see KitKat?" You blushed and looked away. "I wasn't looking at you, Strider. So why did you want to come here anyways?" "Just wanted to see that cute face of yours Karkar." You glared at him. He was always teasing you, calling you cute whenever you hang out. "Fuck you. What's the real reason?" You reply. "I just wanted to hang out with my bro Karkat." Wow, you think that's the first time he's called you your actual name in a long time. "Okay, Strider. What do you want to do?" you questioned Dave. "Got any video games?" You thought for a second. You only had Mario and Pokemon games. "Probably none that you like." you replied. "Where are they?" You pointed in the dierection in which they were. "Ah sweet, Pokemon!" you heard Dave exlaim. He got out your gaming system, the Nintendo 64, and he put the game in.

You both sat on the couch, apparently you sat a little too close to Dave because when you sat next to him, he smirked again. You blushed slightly, rolled your eyes, and scooted farther away from him. You started a Pokemon battle. For your first Pokemon you chose Squirtle and he chose Charmander. You got to start off the battle, you chose the 'wave' attack. Somehow, that missed. "FUCK!" you shouted. Dave let out a chuckle and chose his attack. Breathe fire. His attack hit and almost killed your Squirtle instantly. "GOD FUCKING DAMNIT DAVE!" you yelled. He laughed "Hey Karkles, its just a game." You chose your next attack, the same one as last time, it hit this time and it killed his Charmander instantly. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING SUCK MY BULGE STRIDER" Dave looked at you confused, he most likely had no clue what a tentabulge was. But you were pretty sure his mind was taken off of that once you started dancing because of your excitement of winning the game. "Okay okay Karkitten you won, its just a game!" He chuckled while he spoke. You blushed and sat down next to him again. You stared at the ground and Dave stared at you for a while in an awkward silence. You didn't dare look up. The only thing worse than awkward silence is awkward eye contact. Dave tilted your head up and looked into your eyes. You were surprised by this, but you really didn't mind. Why didn't you mind? You felt him leaning closer to you. Your eyes widened as his lips carressed yours. They locked together and your eyes went wider. Soon enough you felt yourself starting to enjoy the kiss. Your eyes fluttering shut. The way his tounge gently slid against your lips as if asking for an entrance into your mouth to meet your tounge. You opened your mouth slightly and his tounge slid into your mouth and your tounges danced together. You pulled away from the kiss and stared at him kind of shocked. "Uhh... I should go" said Dave while he got up and stormed out the door. "Wow.." you said out loud to yourself. Maybe there was a slight change that Dave had feelings for you after all? You brushed the idea off your shoulder and went to bed.