"Hey! Remember Me?" By Anne Anime and Cecile

Meanwhile Arnold and Gerald were also discussing the situation. "I told you man, I told you."

"So she acted this way the whole time I had amnesia."

"Well it was a little different because you were egging her on."

"What do you mean Gerald."

"Like this 'Helga dear you look beautiful today' 'Thank you Arnold you look especially handsome yourself.' Sheesh, if I had a weaker stomach I think I would have lost my lunch a couple times."

"Was it really that bad?"

"Bad? There was nothing bad about it, it's just weird seeing you and Helga drooling over each other like that. Then again who would have guessed that Curly and Lila would hit it off."

"I'm still trying to get used to this new, "real" Helga... I mean, she's been that way since we where three, and all of a sudden..."

"I understand perfectly man, but I think she did that because she thought it was the only way to get your attention."

"I guess..." just then Phoebe and Helga came back.

"Hi Phoebe, why don't we go over here." Gerald said winking at Phoebe and leading her the opposite way.

"Hi Arnold, so what's going on?"

"Nothing, we were just talking, guy stuff."

"Oh, um..Arnold I was wondering, am I bothering you yet? I mean me being so nice and all, it just seem weird...and..well everyone is talking about me and I...." Helga said choking back tears.

"Oh, Helga I'm so sorry, I didn't realize that this would cause everyone to talk about you behind your back. Helga please, you don't have to anymore I don't want you to be in pain." Arnold said sympathetically, trying to look Helga in the eye, but she was avoiding eye contact.

"Arnold, it's just that.....it's just like back in preschool, that's all. I should have acted differently then, but I didn't and look what happened. I became a mean bully, constantly watching my back, afraid someone would find out."

"Find out what Helga?" "Arnold, I really truly think it is time to tell you, but not now, meet me tonight, after the sunsets, in the park, we can talk then."

"Okay Helga, are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes I'm fine Arnold." Helga said wiping a tear out of her eye.

Later that night, Helga was sitting in the park when Arnold came up. "Arnold, let's go this way." Helga said pulling Arnold by the arm.

"But Helga, there's no path that way."

"I know, but you'll see." Helga took Arnold to the same place he had taken her, right where the lake met the river.

"Okay Arnold, I can tell you now, if you promise you won't laugh. And remember the promise you made to me, the one you wrote on the paper."

"This one?" Arnold said pulling it out.

"Yes that one Arnold, think of that Helga as you hear me say this."

"Okay Helga, I'm ready."

"Back in preschool, I really liked you Arnold, you were the first person that had ever said anything nice to me. Then the others kids started teasing me about it, and I couldn't take it, so I became the Helga I am today. Always watching my back, pounding anyone who bothers me, trusting almost no one, and trying to keep my feelings for you a secret. Then you got amnesia and thought I was you're girlfriend, everyone just thought that I was following the doctors orders and playing along, but I wasn't Arnold, I really enjoyed being around you. You are so sweet and caring and compassionate, and no one had ever treated me that nice until I'd met you, so there you know now. You know what few people know Arnold, I just hope you won't stop talking to me." Helga said hanging her head in despair.

"Helga why would I do that, I can see why I wrote this promise now, you are nice and kind, and when you are I really, really like you Helga."

"You do?"

"Yes I do." Arnold said taking her hand.

"But what about everyone else, I don't think I can stand them talking about me anymore."

"I'll fix that Helga, you just leave everything to me."

The next day of school, Arnold walked in holding Helga's hand. He didn't care about people staring at them, but Helga could be seen blushing. "Arnold, I know your trying to make me feel better but.."

"Nope, you'll see, people will stop talking behind your back!" Rhonda grabbed Arnold by the arm,

"Uh, Arnold I need to talk with you about something."

"Okay Rhonda." Helga cringed, she knew it was probably about her.

"Arnold what is with you, you don't have to do anything for Helga. So she helped you when you were hurt, sent her a thank you note and get over it, it is so tasteless to see you trying to be nice to her, and her, oh my word, I can't believe......."

"Stop it Rhonda, just stop it." Arnold screamed at her.

"What, it's true, you can't tell me you and Helga actually like each other, that would be laughable."

"Listen Rhonda, if you want to gossip about something, then talk about me, it's my decision to hang out with Helga, talk about me all you want, but don't bring Helga into it. Helga has been through enough in her life, she doesn't need you causing problems too. If you are so bad that you can't go a day without talking about someone, fine tell them all if you want, so I like Helga, big deal, just don't bother Helga." Arnold stated then turned and walked around the corner where he found Helga crying. "Helga, I didn't know you were listening, I...I...."

"Oh Arnold, you are an angel, standing up for the downtrodden, speaking truths against lies, oh my beloved....." Helga stopped, realizing what she was saying. "Um....thanks Arnold, that was really thoughtful of you to do that for me."

"It was nothing Helga, nothing at all. I couldn't let them talk about you like that." The next day, Curly and Lila had found out that they were going to star in a ballet in two weeks, they had already started practicing for it. Gerald and Phoebe were going to go see the latest movie together, and Arnold had something special set up for Helga.

That evening Helga met Arnold in the park, the place where the river met the lake.

"Hello Arnold."

"Helga you're here. Well then, here goes nothing." Arnold said clearing his throat. "Helga, I've been thinking very hard about all that has happened and well I came to a conclusion about something."

"What Arnold?"

"Well after looking back over this note and having people fill me in on what happened before I got whacked with the yo-yo made me realize something Helga." "Yes?"

"Helga remember me telling you that I needed a nice, caring person in my life right now?" "Of course I remember, unlike some people I don't get hit in the head consistently."

"Helga, I've concluded that person is you."

"Arnold, do you really mean that?"

"Yes Helga I do, and I want you to have this." Arnold said pulling out the note.

"This way Helga you can always remember me, and if needed use it to help me remember you."

"Arnold are you planning to get amnesia again, because if you are I need to get ready."

"No Helga, I plan on spending time with you."

"Arnold you're so sweet." And the two sat there looking at the reflection of the moon in the water.


"Yes Arnold?"

"Tell me about the whole amnesia thing."

"Do you really want the whole story?"

"Nah, just tell me how in the world I hooked Curly and Lila up." They both laughed and Helga began to tell the story.