Who She Likes Best

"You must be the Host Club I've heard so much about," said Mr. Fujioka as he looked at the group of young men now seated around his small table. "You certainly are a bunch of fine looking young men. I'm not sure which of you I like best! What about you dear?"

Haruhi knew that the question was for her, but she froze at hearing those words, not hearing anything else her father rambled on about.

As soon as he had asked her, she had bitten her tongue to keep from responding.

The very first name that had come to mind had been unexpected, and she didn't need anyone in the Host Club, let alone her father, to find out.

After everyone was gone, she was left to her thoughts as she cleaned up the cups from the table, and she kept on wondering about that particular name that had jumped into her brain the instant her father had asked her.


Why had his name come into her head? He was the most quiet out of all of the hosts, as well as the one that she interacted with the least.

But, she slowly rationalized, he was very much like her in certain ways.

Both of them preferred a good book to anything else; she had seen Mori reading in his spare time, as well as studying, and knew that he was very much an intellectual. And they both preferred to do things by themselves.

He was…Mori. There really wasn't much to say about him.

…Except for the fact that he came to her mind so quickly. That just the sound of his voice could calm her down. That a single look from him made her want to smile.

Ever since he'd first said her name, she'd discovered that she truly liked his voice. It was low and soft, without any hidden meanings in his words. So unlike everyone else in the Host Club…and even though he faded into the background most of the time, he truly was the most unique out of all of them.

He had discipline, morals…a certain code of rules that he lived by, and he stayed true to them.

Kyoya had principles, but they were twisted and constantly changed to suit his own needs. Tamaki…well, Tamaki was Tamaki. His rules changed by his moods and he tended to be too idealistic at times, and the twins were simply mischievous and lacked any impulse control.

Certainly, Honey-senpai had a certain moral code, but he let himself indulge too often, and was easily distracted by the pleasures that life had to offer.

Mori-senpai was not.

Haruhi sighed, and leafed through her papers, starting on one of her writing assignments.

It was strange how homework now seemed like an odd thing to do, as she spent so much time with the Host Club. In fact, the only other person who ever seemed to be focused on their studies, and enjoyed them like she did, was Mori-senpai.

She had seen him several times, just before Host Club started, with his books out and a pen in his hand.

His eyes always seemed just a little bit brighter when he worked, and Haruhi was very curious as to why that was.

She didn't know much about him. The only things she knew about him were what she had been told by the rest of the Host Club. Not the best way to learn about someone that she associated with on a daily basis.

But from what she had learned, she had developed a strong respect for him.

It was easy for her to respect someone who so easily respected all the people around him. No matter who he interacted with, he was courteous and mindful of how he acted.

It was easy for her say that he was her favorite.

But, of course, she would never tell anyone that. Heck, if her dad hadn't asked her the question it would probably have never occurred to her that she even had a favorite. But now she knew…and she couldn't get it off of her mind.

But that was okay.

Because he was who she liked best.


A.N. - Just a little one shot that's been lingering in my head for forever! Hope you enjoyed it!