Drip Drop. Drip Drop. Drip Drop. The rain mercilessly pounded against Juvia's head as she twirled her umbrella. She sighed as she allowed a few tears to drop from her blue eyes. No one would notice if they were tear drops or the rain…. right? The pain from her heart was slowly driving her through her entire body, piercing her soul. Pain like this shouldn't exist. It was so unfair. Juvia had been through many battles and had defeated many foes, and had gotten defeated before as well, but nothing had ever hurt as much as this. A loud broken sob escaped her lips as white hot tears streamed down her face, running her make up. But at this point, she couldn't care less. Her entire entity had been broken; her will for living had faded. She never thought that she would ever see the day. What ever happened to happily ever after? What happened to living happily with the prince for the rest of your life? What happened to that? Didn't Juvia deserve her happy end? Had she not already proved that she was a good human being? Sure, before joining Fairy Tail she wasn't the best of people but she had changed! She had changed, god dammit! She had done everything! So why? WHY? Why was thing happening with her? Why couldn't Gray return her feelings for her? Why was he always so… distant?

At first, Juvia had persevered. She had tried from the bottom of her heart and ignored his ignorance towards her. She would have him and nobody was going to get in her way. But as the days progressed into weeks, which turned into months, which turned into years, Juvia had slowly started to lose hope. Would he ever turn his head towards her? It wasn't even that he was with other women. If Gray had gotten together with someone, yeah she would have been sad, but she would have recovered and wished both of them the best of relationship. But no, Gray didn't even look at other women. He just ignored her and fought with the fire dragon slayer, Natsu. Gray had turned a cold shoulder towards her… just like his element, ice. But even so, their elements were compatible! Ice and water; they went so well together. Gray had even performed a unison raid with her in which snow had rained from the heavens. It was so beautiful and touching… too bad he had never brought it up again. Another pained sob escaped from her throats as she hurried along the streets, her hand covering her mouth just in case another cry escaped.

There is a point in which every human being draws an unconscious line and labels it as their breaking point. Many don't know about their breaking point and those who do… it's too late to already turn back from it. Juvia Lockser had crossed her breaking point. She had been creeping up to line without even knowing it for the past couple of months. She had been finally been broken. She had waited and waited for Gray. But after so long, she had to painfully accept the obvious: Gray Fullbuster was, and never will be, interested with her.

A strangled cry rang through the storm as Juvia ran through the streets, not caring about anyone or anything. She dropped her umbrella and ran blindly now, tears flowing from her eyes like waterfalls. Gray meant so much to her. He was the man that had taken the rain away. Gray was the one who saw past her gloomy front and saw her for who she truly was. But most of all, Gray was the one who had shown her sunshine. Her fight with him was life changing for Juvia. She had found a new family, a new home. She had found new friends, and she had even made a new identity for herself. But even after all of her change it seems like the one thing which she wanted to achieve she wouldn't get. Her Gray-sama. No. Not sama. Not anymore. Juvia finally stopped running in the middle of the forest, unaware of her current surroundings. She leaned back abruptly and tilted her face to the rain, letting the droplets run down her face. If only she could let the rain wash her pain away. She flinched as pain erupted from her heart and spread across her veins. He doesn't love me. Juvia dropped to her knees, her legs abandoning the strength that she needed. He will never return my feelings. Not caring that anybody heard her, Juvia finally let go and let the dam inside of her break. She had been rejecting this for far too long. My affections will never be returned. Juvia screeched, tears coming down in streams. She couldn't think. She couldn't breathe. All she could do was cry. Never will Gray return my love. The rain began to pound heavier on her head as she unconsciously willed the water to fall harder and faster from the sky. It seemed like she would always remain gloomy, just the rainy sky.

"Juvia-san?" A voice rang through the forest. She heard some rustling and came face to face with a mop of pink hair staring at her. Natsu wiped his hair from his eyes and looked at Juvia, his eyes filled with concern. "Are you okay, Juvia-san?"

Hearing his voice filled with so much worry broke Juvia down even more as she began to withdraw into herself. Why couldn't Gray do that? Why couldn't he act like he cared? Of course, she knew that he would save her in a heartbeat if she asked of it from a friend point of view, but that was exactly the thing that Juvia didn't want. She didn't want to be saved like a friend. She wanted someone to love her. Juvia wanted Gray to save her and hold her close, asking whether or not if she was okay. Juvia wanted Gray to look her in the eye and kiss her, whispering her name against her lips. She wasn't even asking anything from him. All she wanted was for him to simply stand by her side and love her. Was that too much to ask? Was that too much to hope for? Juvia whimpered and Natsu was at her side at an instant. "Juvia! What happened? What's wrong?" Juvia tilted her head to the side and found Natsu's warm chest. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled herself towards the dragon slayer, craving human touch. "Juvia-san?" Natsu asked as he unconsciously placed an arm around her body and one on her head. "Hey, Juvia-chan. Tell me, what's wrong? Why are you crying Juvia-chan?" Natsu whispered, unknowingly switching to the -chan suffix; his voice growing extremely soft. Juvia raised her red puffy eyes at him and replied in a broken voice.


"Gray? What did that stripper do to you? Did he hurt you in any way, Juvia-chan? You can tell me everything. Don't worry; I'll beat him to a pulp." Natsu exclaimed, pumping his fist in the air.

"No…" She managed to croak as Natsu began to rock Juvia back and forth, tracing soothing circles at her back. She squirmed closer to Natsu and rested her head.

"Hey. It'll be okay. Juvia-chan, are you listening to me? No matter what, you'll be fine." Juvia raised her head and stared deeply in Natsu's soft and determined eyes. Juvia forced a weak smile, not wanting to cause her teammate any more distress because of her.

"Thank you…Natsu-san. Juvia-san feels a little better now." Natsu looked at her with sad eyes. He knew that smile. He knew those eyes. He had seen those not too long ago. Hell, he had practiced those not too long ago. Back when Lisanna had first died, Natsu had effectively put up a strong façade; a bright smile and a shining personality to ease out his pain and to make him forget about what had happened. He had spent hours practicing in front of his reflection on the lake, careful not to leave any hints on how he was really feeling. He couldn't allow it. He had to be strong for everybody else, otherwise who would hold them up then? Natsu had to be strong one. Over time, his wounds had healed with the help of his friends and he had gotten back to his carefree self and his true smiles, but it had taken a lot of time. Natsu couldn't bear to see someone go through the same pain as him. He would help her. No matter what happened, Natsu would help her to get back on her feet and back to the strong mage that he knew that she was. Natsu placed his hands on Juvia's shoulders as he slowly pushed her away. His gaze penetrated her deep blue eyes.

"Juvia-chan… please don't lie to me. I can completely see it in your eyes. I had to put up the same façade not too long ago, eh? I can easily tell it that you're faking. You know I'm not going to leave until you've told me the truth. So I'll ask you again Juvia-chan. What's wrong? What happened with Gray?" Juvia hung her head in defeat, surprised that Natsu had seen right through her act. She opened her mouth, and then paused in hesitation. Could she tell her deepest secrets to Natsu? Would he even understand? She knew him from a distant friend relation, having not gotten too close to him when she was in the guild. She wasn't even sure that she could tell something like this to Gajeel, her best friend. She trusted him completely, as she trusted everybody in Fairy Tail, but a little part of her held her back. "It's okay, Juvia-chan. You can trust me. I won't tell anybody. Just trust me, it'll be alright." Natsu cupped her chin and forced her gaze upward onto his black orbs. His eyes showed sincerity and Juvia wanted desperately to let it all out. "Hey, listen to me. If you don't want to tell me, that's okay. Just know that whenever you are ready, I'll be here for you. I'll always protect you, no matter what! It's what Fairy Tail mages do. We look out for one another." Juvia's bottom lip quivered and she fell forward, her cries beginning anew. She was extremely moved by Natsu's speech and was happy that he was here for her. She would tell him later. Right now, she just wanted to be held.

Natsu held her close and waited until she was done crying. He knew that she just wanted human touch right now. Natsu realized that Juvia was extremely vulnerable right now. He knew that the walls that she had built for herself had come crumbling down and right now, Juvia was just a girl wanting some affection and attention. So Natsu smiled softly and held her close, not being intimate with his actions. Juvia sniffed and tore herself away from Natsu, missing his warm body almost instantly. She blushed, cursing herself for her thoughts and looked at Natsu, who was patiently waiting for her. She waited for a couple of minutes before raising her head and looking at Natsu in his eyes.

"Juvia… doesn't know where to begin." Natsu nodded in understanding.

"Start from the beginning." And so she did.


Juvia sat alone at the window-ledge of the orphanage, tracing circles on the steam caused by the rain outside. She turned her head and saw the other kids playing by themselves, laughing and pouting at each other. She sighed and dropped from the ledge and ran to them, wanting to be a part of their activities.

"Hi!" She exclaimed, giving off a bright smile. The kids paused in their games, taking a look at the girl. They ignored her and went back to their own mischief."Hey! I said hi!" She exclaimed, stomping her foot down.

"We know." Commented a random boy with brown hair. Juvia glared at him to which he glared back, challenging her pose.

"So if you head me, why didn't you respond?"

"Cause we didn't want to." Juvia took a step back, hurt by his remark. She clutched her chest and rapidly blinked away the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.

"Why?" She whispered softy, lowering her head behind her blue hair.

"Because you're gloomy! Every time you're here, it starts raining and we can never go outside! It happens every time, and we can never play soccer or anything. I wish you would just leave us!"

"You want me to...leave?" She asked.

"Yeah! Geez!" Another boy yelled, getting up from his puzzle and pointing his arm to Juvia.

"Leave us you rain-bringer!"

"I bet you always bring sadness wherever you go!"

"We all hate rain anyway!"

"Leave us, you ugly bluenette!"

"Yeah! And no one likes your ugly dolls anyways! They don't even work with trying to stop the rain!"

Juvia gasped as she watched all of the kids in the orphanage get up and try to get her. Tears were freely flowing from her face as she brought her hands towards her mouth, trying to stop the sobs that were erupting from her throat.

"You...really don't like me that much?" She asked them, looking at them with her puffy red eyes.

"Of course! We hate you. Ever since you came, the mistress only pays attention to you. She used to laugh and play with us. Now days, she acts scared and the only kid she'll ever be around is you. We want our Miss back. We don't care if we have to lose you to get her." The brown haired boy yelled; a chorus of agreement sounding behind him.

Juvia flinched, knowing the truth behind his words. The only reason that the mistress took more care of her was because of her incapability to control her water magic. The mistress was scared; scared that one day Juvia would lose control and destroy her precious orphanage. Juvia knew all about her. Even if she tried to act sweet, Juvia had one day overheard her talking to the other staff in the orphanage. So Juvia didn't receive love from the mistress. She got fear. She got rejection.

Juvia turned around.

"If that's what you guys want, then that's what you guys will get!" She screamed, running away from the room. The other kids cheered as she left and she only cried harder, causing the rain to fall tougher and faster. She reached the door and felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head and saw the mistress giving her a soft smile.

"And where are we going out at this hour?" She asked sweetly. Juvia hid her eyes behind her blue hair and lowered her head.

"Tell me mistress, do you love me?" The mistress stepped back, shock splashing over her face.

"L-love you? Now dear, you know that I like all you equally in the orphanage." She stuttered, giving Juvia a fake smile. Juvia stood there emotionless.

"I see. I understand, mistress." The mistress smiled, letting go of a sigh that she didn't even know that she was holding. "You never loved me, did you mistress?" Juvia asked. The mistress gasped as she looked at Juvia, who held her head up, showing her puffy red eyes. "It's okay, mistress. I've never received love from anyone anyways, so it wouldn't make a difference if you gave me love or not. My own parents abandoned me ad left me in an orphanage. That's how I was found, right? Left all alone in a bundle outside the your orphanage with the rain pelting down on me. None of my family members ever loved me. Even the other kids hate me. So it's okay. I know I scare you because of my uncontrollable power. So I'll do you all a favor. I'm leaving mistress." The mistress stood there shocked at the speech from the seven year old. Juvia stood there, waiting for an extra minute. Maybe, just maybe, she had been wrong. Maybe the mistress did love her. But after not getting a response for one minute, Juvia turned around, tears escaping her eyes again. "I see how it is. You didn't even try to stop me. I thought that you might've been different, mistress. But you turned out to be just like I thought you were. You don't even give a damn." The mistress hung her head in shame, embarrassed to be read so easily by a seven year old. "I'm leaving now. I hope you have a good future… mistress." With these final words, Juvia Lockser left her orphanage, never to return.

"And then?" Natsu asked, interrupting her for the first time.

"Well, Juvia had to live on her own. Survive on scraps, beg, Juvia had to survive, Natsu-san. Eventually, Juvia started to take jobs for money. Over the years, Juvia learned how to control water better, but not to perfection. Then one day, a strange man came up to me and offered me a place in his guild, Phantom Lord. Oh, you don't know Juvia felt that day, Natsu-san. It was one of the happiest days of her life; she was finally accepted somewhere, and people didn't hate her for once. So after that, Juvia tried her hardest to be the best guild member that Phantom Lord had ever seen. They were the ones who had given her a life after all. So along with Gajeel-kun and 2 others, we made the Element Four. Life was good for a while. Until...he came."

"Who came, Juvia-chan?" Natsu asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Bora-san..." Juvia whispered.

"I swear to you, Juvia-chan. Your hair is extremely beautiful. It's very pretty." Bora said, softly touching Juvia's soft blue hair.

"R-really?" Juvia stuttered, covering her face hoping to cover the blush that was taking over her face. Bora smiled as a stay cool wind blew through the open restaurant. It was their three month anniversary today, and their relationship was going very strong. Rain pounded overhead, but it didn't bother Juvia anymore. How could it? A man who actually cared for who she was was sitting right in front of her. The biggest part about him was that he didn't complain about the rain and how gloomy that it made everybody. He never did ask her about it, and didn't seem to care either. It filled up Juvia's heart with so much warmth; knowing that someone saw her for who she was, and not for the rain that accompanied her.

"Yes really. Why would I lie to such a stunning woman?" Bora said, leaning in. Juvia's blush deepened as she smiled.

"Oh stop it..."

"You know it's true..." Bora whispered, breathing over face. Juvia stiffened, her eyes closing for a second. "So Juvia... are you ready for tonight?" Juvia closed her eyes, her breath coming in shaky gasps. She wasn't. She wasn't ready for what Bora had asked her to do. It was still too early in their relationship and besides, she had been rejected by everyone in her entire life. Who's to say that Bora wouldn't do the same? What if he was just using her to get inside her pants? No... Bora-kun wouldn't do that. He cared about Juvia. Right? He wouldn't hurt her. He understood her pain. He knew that the beneath the tough front lay a girl who had fantasies about her Prince Charming. Boa-kun knew that she was still very sensitive about herself. He was only doing this to love her right? Right?

"To tell you the truth Bora-kun, Juvia's still a little bit uncomfortable. We've only been together for three months and Juvia doesn't know if Juvia can give myself to you fully..."

"But Juvia, aren't you comfortable with me?" Juvia nervously bit her bottom lip. She was comfortable with him; he should've known that by the way she acted around him. But still, she wasn't sure. It was her virginity after all and she really didn't want to carelessly give it to someone. She answered hesitantly.


"So then why wait?" Juvia twiddled her thumbs, unsure of how to answer. She sighed and looked up at Bora, who was staring at her intently. She hesitated, and then nodded meekly, signaling her okay. This was a really tough decision on her, but she would do it for her Bora-kun. If he wanted it this badly, then Juvia wouldn't deny him of his needs. Besides, this wouldn't hurt too much. In fact, Juvia had heard stories about this particular activity. There were some really wild and strange ones, but they usually ended up in both parties receiving pleasure. Could she do such a thing with Bora? Could she imagine herself doing those things? Well, she would have to. She would do anything to please the man that had captured her heart. Bora gave a smile and leaned back, pleased with his response. "See? That wasn't too hard now, was it?" Juvia smiled weakly, not wanting to show her displeasure with their current situation. "I can't wait." Bora said, rubbing his hands together. "Don't worry Juvia-chan. I'll be sure to rock your world." Juvia just nodded and looked the other way, not really paying attention to the conversation. She looked at the rain falling softly on their umbrella. This rain was soft, and pattered quietly against the gravel road. She smiled; enjoying the sight of small children jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain. She watched as they laughed and squealed, tackling one another. Her smile turned into a wide grin. It was nice to know that some people enjoyed the rain.

"When is this rain ever going to end?" Juvia froze in her seat. No. No. Please don't say what Juvia thinks you're going to say. Please. You're different. You're not one of them. You can see past this. Please…

"What?" Juvia whispered, her voice of tone dropping very low. Bora glanced at her and pointed outside.

"The rain. Man is it so gloomy. Always blocking the sun and it limits me on going outside. I find it so strange that it's rained almost every day we've been together. That's so weird right? I hope that it will go away soon." Juvia's heart shattered in a million pieces. No… He was one of those. She had thought that he was different. She had thought that he would accept her. But he turned out to be just like everybody else. Just like everybody else. Juvia stood up, her back towards Bora. Tears were running down her face, but Juvia did not want to sob in front of him. It might just be a misunderstanding. Juvia had to check. Juvia had to know.

"W-what?" Bora looked at her, curious. He tilted his head and looked at Juvia's back.

"What's wrong?" He asked. "All I said was that the rain was gloomy. I don't like it at all. It's horrible. My magic is practically ineffective and I hate the constant pitter patter. It's so annoying! Wouldn't you agree, Juvia?" Juvia stood, incapable of any movement. Her mind was blank, trying to grasp the situation in front of her. "Juvia?" Bora asked. "What's wrong?"

"It's annoying. Hates the constant pitter patter." Juvia whispered to herself, her eyes widening. Her eyes stung from the pain; the familiar pain which she didn't think she would expect from Bora. It wrapped around her like a blanket, and took over all of her senses. But this time, it was much more powerful than anything she had ever felt. Why? Why did it hurt so much? Was it because she allowed herself to get close to Bora? Stinging hot pain coursed through her veins and she let a broken sob escape her throat.

"What's wrong? Everybody hates the rain, you know that." If Juvia had any doubts before, they were erased with that one phrase.

"Everybody…hates the rain?" She whispered in shock, her body not keeping up with the constant surges of shock and denial. As her emotions started to flare, the rain started to come down even harder. "Bora-kun... doesn't like the rain? Does Bora-kun hate the rain?" Juvia's voice became frosty, her back straightening up. "Tell Juvia-chan. Does Bora-kun hate the rain?"

"Yeah. Obviously." Juvia turned around and glared at Bora, her cheeks stained with her tears.

"Then I'm afraid that this can't go on."

"What?" Bora asked, rising from his seat. He was so close to getting her as well. Not many girls could resist his charms and Juvia had been a tough one to crack, having to actually fake a relationship with her. He was so close. He couldn't lose now.

"You heard me Bora-san. You and Juvia are over. Good-bye and Juvia gives you good luck." Juvia spun on her heels and began walking at a brisk pace outside of the restaurant.

"Juvia!" Bora yelled as he grabbed her wrist. "Why? What did I go wrong?" Juvia shot him an icy look.

"You should've known this about me by now Bora. Juvia is the rain." Bora's eyes widened as he let go of her wrist, giving Juvia the opportunity to run out of the restaurant, leaving Bora frozen.

"Damn it! I was so close!" Bora screeched, stomping his foot. "I wasted my time on that bitch for so long too. Damn. Fuck this. I'm going to go to the whore house to get a better deal. Screw her." Bora yelled before taking off. Unknowingly to him, Juvia was hiding near the restaurant, listening to every word that he said. Juvia covered her mouth with her hand, crying noiselessly. It seemed as if she was just never bound to get love anyways. After Bora had disappeared, she left her hiding spot and went back to her guild, vowing to keep her heart closed to anyone that got anywhere near her. It had hurt so much; to learn that the one who you had gave your entire heart to only wanted to get into your pants. That's it. She was done getting hurt from people. From now on, people would fear her. At least that way, they would at least respect her. Yes, she was going to become the best mage that Phantom Lord had ever seen.

Juvia lay collapsed in Natsu's arms, tired from telling her tale. Everything from that point Natsu already knew, as she frequently told the tale in the guild anyway. How Gray would then save her, show her the sunlight and how he saved her from falling. From that point on, Juvia had fallen in love and wasn't afraid to admit it to anyone. Natsu brushed her blue hair from her face as he watched her body rise and fall from her steady breathing. Her cheeks were stained from her tears and the rain had slowed down to a gentle drizzle, softly pecking at their skin as a cool breeze ran through the rain. She had been crying; just like Yukino and Erza. Natsu knew that Juvia was a very strong mage, hell; she could give Natsu a run for his money. That's why he hated seeing her like this. He hated her showing weakness and he was going to get rid of those tears. He was going to make sure that she never cried again, just like Erza. He tenderly picked up a stray tear and held it up to his face. I swear to this tear, he thought. I will make sure that Juvia never cries again. I will make sure that she finds her true love and she ends up happy, just like how Erza achieved peace. Because that's what nakamas do for each other.

Juvia stirred in her sleep, relishing the warmth that surrounded her body. She felt much happier than she had in years, and she wasn't even awake yet! Not wanting to let go of this amazing feeling, she turned in her sleep, groaning as she did so. Damn her body was stiff. She took a deep breath and relished the inviting smell of slightly burnt wood and cats. Ahh, good to be home. Wait a second. Burnt wood and cats? She wasn't home! Juvia rocketed out of her sleep and found herself in a hammock. Her eyes widened as she went to scream but suddenly, Natsu popped in front of her with an ear splitting grin.

"Hiya Juvia! Are you awake?" At this point, Juvia did scream and punched Natsu on the face by instinct. Natsu flew back, grabbing his nose. "Oww Juvia-chan…. what was that for?" He whined. Juvia gasped as she realized who it was.

"I'm so sorry Natsu! Are you alright?" She asked, getting out of the hammock and rushing to his side. Natsu smiled widely.

"Of course!" Juvia relaxed and began to look around, oblivious to where she was.

"Ne… Natsu, where are we?"

"Why, at my place of course!" Natsu exclaimed, flaunting his arms. Juvia giggled at his childish behavior before sporting a frown. Damn his place was messy. She was on her knees with Natsu with the only possible clean area in the entire house. Relics and things covered every wall in the house and the floor, making it very hard to move.

"Natsu… your house is a wreck."

"Hey!" Natsu said in mock hurt, crossing his arms in front of his chest. He pouted and turned his head. "I'll have you know everything here has a meaning and I know where everything is."

"Even this week old pizza box?"

"Yes, even that week old- wait what?" Juvia laughed as Natsu growled and cursed under his breath, burning the box to ashes in his hand.

"Oh ha-ha." Natsu glared at Juvia who was trying to control herself from laughing too much. "Laugh all you want, but I still have a cleaner house than that stripper, Gray." Silence quickly enclosed the room as Natsu internally bit his cheek. Shit. Here he was, trying to make her happy, and he already he had gone and screwed up. Juvia cast her head down and a depressing aura surrounded her body. "I'm so sorr-"

"It's okay Natsu-san. Juvia is fine. She just needs a little time, that's all." Juvia said, plastering a fake smile on her face. Natsu narrowed his eyes and huffed, annoyed.

"Drop the act. I can easily tell when someone is faking. I thought I told you that before." Juvia's smile faded and she sighed, giving a weak grin.

"It seems that Juvia can't even fool the most dense and reckless person in Fairy Tail, eh Natsu?"

"Hey! I am so not dense! I've got a lot of smarts!" Natsu exclaimed, pointing at his head. Juvia smirked and decided to tease the young dragon-slayer.

"Oh yeah? Then what does dense mean Mr. Lot of Smarts?" Natsu pouted and crossed his arms, going into a thinking pose. Juvia leaned in, raising an eyebrow. "Well? What does it mean?" Natsu turned away and huffed, smoke emanating from his mouth. "Juvia thought so." Juvia smugly said. Natsu looked over and saw her gleaming at him, her cheeks still stained from her tears but her blue eyes twinkling in the early sun. It was then that Natsu vowed to forever hold that spark in her eyes. He remembered the vow that he made yesterday, as he rarely forgets, and decided to immediately work on it.

"Tell me Juvia-chan." Natsu said softly, his tone changing than that from moments before. Juvia relaxed, his voice calming her nerves. "Do you really love that stripper?" Juvia froze, tensing up immediately. Although she hated the fact that he wouldn't give attention to her, Juvia couldn't find it within herself to hate Gray. Oh how she wishes that she could. That would make things so much easier. There wouldn't be this much pain, first of all. She sighed, furiously blinking away any tears that threatened to drop.

"Yes." She whispered, barely audible. Natsu gave her a wicked grin, one that reminded Juvia of a certain white haired bartender at the guild.

"Good. Because I'm going to make him fall in love with you." Juvia gasped, looking at Natsu. His onyx eyes bore into her ocean blue. Juvia whimpered, falling under his gaze.

"H-how?" How could Natsu do this? She had been trying for so long for him just to acknowledge her, how could Natsu make Gray fall in love with her? How did she know that this wasn't going to turn out like it had for the past couple of years? Juvia didn't think that she could handle another rejection. She was only so tough, after all. It so hard knowing that the person who you had given your heart knew about it, but didn't want to return your feelings. It tore inside of her, and she didn't think that she could handle any more. Juvia furiously blinked away any tears that threatened to spill from her eyes.

"Well, everything aside, I am that stripper's best friend. Even if he is an ice-princess, I still view him as a brother. Who better than me then?" Juvia looked up at him shakily, unsure of how to feel of the situation.

"J-Juvia doesn't know, Natsu-san. J-Juvia just… Juvia can't take it anymore." She stuttered. Natsu grasped her shoulders and peered into her eyes again.

"Believe me, Juvia-chan. I made a promise to make you find your happiness and I'm not going to back down until it's complete. And if your happiness lies within that stripper, then I'll make sure that you end up with him." Juvia chocked up with emotions as the tears she had been holding back finally broke through. Who would've guessed that the guild's idiot would cheer her up? She found it ironic that it was not her love, but his rival that had actually taken the time to notice her discomfort and decide to do something about it. It was actually really sweet what he was doing. Juvia sobbed again, finding no pain in her tears. Natsu's eyes widened as quickly let go of Juvia's shoulders, waving his arms around hysterically. "Juvia, why are you crying? Did I say something wrong?" Juvia shook her head as she finally gave a warm, genuine smile.

"No, you idiot! These are tears of happiness." Natsu relaxed as Juvia wiped her eyes. She sniffed as Natsu's stomach gave a loud growl, signaling his hunger. Juvia giggled as she watched Natsu's face flush.

"So, uh, are you hungry?" Juvia grinned.

"Starving." Natsu brightened up, his face radiating happiness.

"Great! There's this great pancake house not too far from here that has an all you can eat buffet. Happy and I go there almost every morning." Juvia tilted her face in confusion.

"Speaking of Happy, where is he? I didn't see him with you yesterday." Natsu's face saddened as he cried anime tears.

"He left me for the girl cat, Charle! That traitor!" Juvia chuckled at his antics before she got up, dusting herself off.

"Well?" She asked, getting a blank stare in return.

"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to take Juvia to the pancake house?" Natsu smiled, almost splitting his face in two.

"Let's go." He said, taking her hand and running from his house. Juvia hung on for her life, laughing merrily along the way. Only one thought raced through her mind as she ran with Natsu.

I've never had this much fun in my life.

"Ahh! That sure hit the spot!" Natsu exclaimed, rubbing his stomach. Juvia looked up from her pancakes and gave a small smile before returning to her food. She moaned in delight as the maple syrup and butter filled her senses. Holy crap, this was good. She should've found out about this place sooner. Natsu watched her eat, pleased that she liked the food here as much as he did. After all, pancakes were a western delicacy. Well, now was the time to put his plan into action. "So, Juvia-chan. Now that I know everything about you, let's discuss Gray." Juvia glanced up from her food, her eyes still depicting sadness. He was soon going to change that though. "So. Stripper. Ice-Queen. Slanty eyes. Gray Fullbuster. How do you suppose we do this?" Juvia sweat dropped at his question.

"Juvia thought you were the one with the plan, Natsu-san?" Natsu grumbled under his breath.

"So what have you tried, Juvia-chan? We could head on from there." Natsu suggested, trying to change the topic. Juvia blinked; amazed that Natsu actually used a smart remark. She sighed as she tried not to let the pain from previous rejections overtake her.

"Everything…. Juvia has tried everything Natsu-san. Absolutely everything. Juvia has tried changing my hair, changing my hairstyle, Juvia's tried everything. I-I thought at first that maybe in time, he would notice me, but it's been years now and Juvia can't seem to catch his attention. Juvia is just tired, Natsu-san. So very, very, tired. Juvia thinks that Juvia just wasn't meant for love, Natsu-san."

"Stop it right there, Juvia-chan." Natsu growled, leaning in. "There is a mate for everybody out there; the only thing is that you have to find them. Everybody is meant for love, and everybody will receive love in their lifetime. In your case, it's just taking longer than usual to find it. Don't worry Juvia-chan. The more bitter the wait is, the sweeter the victory." Juvia glanced up at him and smiled, reassured by his calming words. Natsu grinned and leaned back, relaxing once again. "Have you ever tried jealousy?"

"What do you mean?" Juvia asked, tilting her head.

"Like trying to make him jealous. If there's something that I know about the bastard, it's the fact that he's extremely possessive and extremely competitive." Juvia put a finger on her chin.

"What you say is true, but how would Juvia do it? Juvia can't make him jealous by my abilities; my water powers coincide with his ice powers, so how?"

"It's easy. You become my girlfriend." Juvia shook her head furiously.

"No. Juvia can't betray Gray. Juvia may go single for her entire life but Juvia will never betray Gray."

"Ah you see, but that's not it. You're just going to pretend to be my girlfriend so that the stripper will finally get a backbone and admit that he has feelings for you. Knowing how he is with me, if you become my girlfriend he'll get really jealous and we'll exploit that, forcing him to spill his feelings. Then you'll have your happy ending and have many kids with the idiot." Juvia gaped at him.

"Juvia wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes." She whispered, staring at the man in front of with awe. Natsu squirmed uncomfortably in his seat.

"What? What's wrong?"

"Juvia just thought that she would never see the day when Natsu-san actually says something intelligent" She said, poking at his forehead.

"Hey!" Natsu exclaimed. "I've got lots of smarts! I thought I already told you that" He whined, his eyes replicating a kicked puppy. Juvia chuckled at his antics.

"So when do we put this plan into action, Nat-kun?" Juvia teased, leaning forward and unconsciously showing Natsu some of her cleavage. Natsu tilted his head in confusion.


"Why, yes Nat-kun. If we're going to be girlfriend and boyfriend, then we must have nicknames for each other. Wouldn't you agree, Nat-kun?" She cooed. Natsu, like the dense idiot he is, nodded his head in agreement and wasn't moved by her advantages by one bit. Juvia sweat dropped at his naivety. However, after she had had her fun, Juvia's face took on a serious manner. "Know this, Natsu-san. Juvia is very hesitant about this, but will only do it because she'll get Gray in the end. Juvia's… Juvia's not too sure about herself because she's never had her feelings returned. Never… never has the feeling ever been mutual between Juvia and the person that she loves. It hurts, Natsu-san. More than you imagine. But what do you know about love? You're so dense it kills the other guild members sometimes. Like have you never noticed Lucy?" She asked. He only looked at her in confusion.

"What about Lucy?" Juvia groaned; of course he couldn't see anything that the blonde hinted at. Oh well.

"Nothing, Natsu-san. Nothing…" She said, her voice drifting off in the end. They sat in comfortable silence for a little bit, leaving Juvia to her own thoughts. Natsu reached his hand out and put it over hers.

"Hey, Juvia." He whispered, his voice softer than anything that Juvia ever remembered.

"Yeah?" She whispered, just as soft. He gave her his signature grin, making her heart flutter for a moment.

"Don't you worry, Juvia-chan. We'll get him, and when we do, we'll both beat him up together. How does that sound?" He asked. Tears lingered at the corner of her eyes as she smiled at him.

"Together." She agreed.

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