"So how do you propose we do this, Natsu-san?" Juvia asked as she twirled her ocean blue hair between her fingertips. She was nervous and she had every right to be. She was going to be acting like Natsu's girlfriend just so that they could enrage the ice mage and finally get him to admit his feelings for her. It was outside of her wildest dreams that she would ever cheat on her Gray. However, Natsu had assured her that since Gray and her never had anything in the first place, she technically wouldn't be cheating on him. Of course, that comment had gotten him a glare and a punch upside the head. She was still a little uncertain about this entire ordeal, but she was putting her entire faith in Natsu. She knew that when it came to the guild, he would give more than 100 percent; she was just hoping that his 100 percent would be enough for her to finally win Gray's heart.

Juvia found the concept that someone would willingly be Natsu's girlfriend a little absurd. Natsu was a knuckleheaded, short tempered, dense, loud, and boisterous idiot. And he ate like a damn animal. And don't even get her started on his manners. He had talked with the waitress with his mouth full of food! Jeez, you would think that he would at least chew his food when he put it into his mouth. But looking into it, he wasn't a bad person. He cared a lot for his teammates and she was certain that it would certainly transfer to whatever girl caught his attention (If any did catch his attention at all; she swore that Lucy and Lisanna were ready to rip their heads out because of the pink headed dragon slayer). He was also immensely loyal… she knew that he would never cheat, after all; no dragon ever cheats on his mate. He would also be a good father. He had raised Happy well for the most of his life (the rest of life being together with Natsu and Lisanna). Damn. She could definitely see why a girl would fall for him. She sighed, running her hands through her hair. She had just made a point, established it, and contradicted in the same train of thought. Sometimes she wondered if she was crazy. Juvia huffed and gave a small laugh. Yeah right she was crazy. She was simply… expressive and different. Especially when it came to Gray.

"Huh?" Natsu asked unintelligently. Juvia shook her head as they walked along the streets of Magnolia. She had decided to take a walk with him and ask him about his current plans before they entered the guild. And she made a good call too. Seems like Natsu had no idea how he was going to execute his own plan. Typical Natsu. Calling a plan and then charging in like a blind bull. How could she have expected any different? She had seen him fight several times; this should have been a given.

"Juvia said, how do you propose we do this? We can't just randomly walk in and declare that we're boyfriend and girlfriend."

"We can't?" Natsu asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion. Juvia face-palmed; of course he didn't know about these kinds of things. Juvia was forgetting that she was talking with one of the most naïve minds in the entire guild. "Why can't we just say that we're mates? Shouldn't it be that simple?" Juvia shook her head, a small smile gracing her face. If only it was that simple. If only, Natsu-sa- Juvia means Natsu-kun. Juvia has to be careful about this.

"No. We need a story. A good, believe story that will be enough to convince everybody as to how and why we got together. Juvia has a couple of ideas but she doesn't think that they will work," She stated with a pout. She glanced up to see that they had arrived at Magnolia Park; the varieties of trees flush green from the summer season. She took Natsu's hand (which was warm) and dragged him towards a bench, sitting him down. She looked at him with a serious expression, signalling that she was in no mood for jokes. "Juvia has to be careful Natsu-kun. The girls in Fairy Tail love to gossip and they will absolutely hound me for all of the small details. Juvia doesn't know how it works with the guys, but for girls, it's a very big deal. And-"

"It's alright Juvia-san," She shot him a glare, making him wince. "I mean, Juvia-chan. I understand." Juvia sighed in relief before raising her eyebrow. He understood what she was trying to say? Did she hear that right? "Your girls just want to do your lovey-dovey stiff, right? It's okay. You don't have to worry about me. We boys are too manly for that kind of stuff anyway."

In the guild, Elfman let out a massive sneeze.

"Achoo! Manly!"

"Bless you. Are you alright nee-san?" A concerned Mirajane questioned, appearing over her brother holding a tray and a glass of ale. Elfman shivered, a cool wind flowing through the open doors.

"Yeah I'm fine. I have an odd feeling though... which is definitely not manly..."

"I'm sure it's just your imagination." Mirajane replied with a smile, quickly leaving to serve the other mages within the guild.

Juvia let out a massive sweat-drop. Yeah right he understood what she was trying to say. Juvia huffed in defeat. Were they ever going to come up with a good plan? She sighed. Poor Nat-kun. It wasn't his fault that he was so innocent. She looked over to Natsu and shook her head. Natsu's shoulders visibly dropped as he absentmindedly conjured a dancing flame on his hand. Juvia turned to see Natsu looking at the fire with more concentration than she had ever seen the pink headed dragon slayer conjure outside of a battle. Juvia tilted her head in curiosity. What was Natsu-kun thinking about? Could he have possibly thought up of a plan? No… Juvia was willing to bet that he was probably just thinking about food. Or about his foster father, Igneel. Oh well. Now his flame was dancing from finger to finger. What was he doing?

Suddenly, Natsu sprung up, pumping his fist in the air. Juvia looked at him in shock which quickly turned to amusement.

"Yosh!" He exclaimed, his face breaking into an enormous grin. "I think I have it!" Juvia stared at him with hope sprouting in his eyes.

"What? What happened? Did you think of something?" Natsu just laughed at her. How could they have not thought up of this before? It was so obvious.

"It's so simple Juvia-chan! You're water!" Juvia raised an eyebrow in confusion. What was he trying to say? Obviously she was water; it was her magic after all.

"Huh?" Natsu grabbed her shoulders and picked her up from the bench. Juvia blushed a little from the sudden contact but steeled herself. She did not like the pink head. She was in love with her Gray. Even if he didn't like her back…

"Don't you get it, Juvia-chan? You're water! And I'm fire!" Natsu hinted, leaning in closer to the bluenette. Juvia frowned. This was ridiculous. She knew their elements; after all, Natsu and she had fought as a guild many times. So why was he mentioning these things now? Shouldn't they be more concerned about the story that they were going to have to come up with?

"Juvia doesn't get it." She responded blankly. Natsu just shook his head, his face practically inches from hers. Juvia tried but failed to hold her blush down as she could feel Natsu's hot breath run across her face.

"Our elements; you're water and I'm fire! We're opposites! Don't like, opposites attract or something?" Juvia's eyes lit up in recognition. Of course! That could work… and possibly save their behinds. Wow. This was great. Awesome. In fact, she could practically hear the gears in her brain grinding together to get a believable story.

"Nat-kun, you are a freaking genius!" Juvia exclaimed jumping up from the bench and hugging Natsu. Natsu raised his fist in the air as Juvia stepped back.

"Well, duh. I am Igneel's son. The proud and fearsome dragon slayer, Natsu Dragneel!"

Juvia laughed and Natsu just smiled. She motioned for him to sit down again, which he did obediently. Juvia already has him dancing on her fingertips, Juvia thought. This is going to be fun.

"Okay now, Natsu-kun. Now that we have the premises of the story, we have to make the rest of it up. So...hmmm… how about…no that wouldn't work either…Juvia's got it. How about we took a mission together, and during that mission you saved Juvia from some monsters?"

"You know what? That sounds really cliché and overused. Also if we were to use that idea, I think that we'd lose readers." Juvia looked at him stunned.

"What?" Natsu shook his head, before splitting his face with his smile.

"Don't worry about the story. I have us covered." Juvia looked upon him with wide eyes.

"Really?" She sounded desperate, her voice strained. Juvia wanted to believe him. She really did. But although she trusted her fellow comrade, the one thing she didn't trust was his intelligence. Natsu's eyes were twinkling, a spark residing in his pupils that she had only seen a couple of times in her life. So although her brain was screaming that this was a bad idea, and her gut indicated that this would end really badly, she decided to listen to the one thing that was telling her that it would be alright. She decided to listen to her heart. Juvia smiled at Natsu.

"Alright, Nat-kun. I trust you. If we have our story, let's head to the guild, ne?" The dragon slayer rapidly nodded his head.

"Yosh! Let's go!" Natsu smirked, grabbing her hand before rocketing off towards the guild.

Currently, within the guild, Erza Scarlet was doing what she loved doing in her pass time- eating a strawberry cake made by her best friend Mirajane Strauss. She was nibbling away on the icing, her thoughts drifting away to the delicious triple layered strawberry cake she had seen in the local bakery. Maybe she shouldn't have made 20 orders on that cake. The baker had first looked at her as if she was crazy, which had quickly turned into admiration when he had realized that she was serious and that she had the money for it as well. She pouted. It was going to take over a week to get the entire delivery to reach her place at Fairy Hills. Oh well. She could make do with Mirajane's cake for now.


The guild doors flew open, groaning as they almost flew off their hinges. Erza dropped her fork in surprise, her strawberry cake plummeting to the floor. She gasped in shock, hurt clearly evident on her face. She had just started on that slice too! The Titania of Fairy Tail stood up, emanating a menacing aura.

"Whoever just opened that door… opened the doors to their death. Any last words, fool?" She growled, her eyes glowing red from behind her bangs. She turned to see Natsu standing in the center of the doorway, his hands on his hips. The guild was frozen in fear, already praying that his death wouldn't be too painful. Mirajane, of course, being the bad-ass she is, just smiled and wiped the counter of the bar, humming to herself. Let's see how this ends up. Erza chuckled darkly, causing half of the male population in Fairy Tail to wet themselves. "Ah, Natsu. I was hoping that it was going to be you," She said, cracking her knuckles and popping some bones in her neck. "See, I've wanted to release some stress lately and you just gave me the perfect opportunity. Any words before I obliterate you into tomorrow?" Natsu grinned foxily, causing Erza to hesitate and take a step back. She knew that Natsu was confident with his abilities and often challenged her for battles, but he had never before stood up to her. What was his game?

"Ah Erza. I'm sorry. I don't think today you can kill me. I have news that I wanted to share with the guild. It's a secret that I've been hiding for a while now." If anyone hadn't been paying attention before, Natsu had grabbed their attention. Erza crossed her arms, her curiosity taking over the urge to violently harm Natsu.

"Oh? And what might that be?" Natsu grinned before turning around and bringing Juvia forward. Juvia had a faint blush on her cheeks, her eyes trained on the ground, unable to find anyone else's. Erza raised an eyebrow. What the hell was the dragon slayer doing?

"So? What's with Juvia? It's not like she's new here. She's been here for a while…" Erza said. Natsu's smile just widened.

"Well duh. But I came here today to show you this." With the following statement said, Natsu Dragneel did something that no one would have ever expected, or saw coming. He went over to Juvia, puller her close, and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Juvia's blush deepened, but she remained where she was and smiled along for the act. Natsu grabbed her hand and held it up high in the air. "We're mates now!"

Let it be known that the following events all occurred at the same time, and that it would forever be recorded into Fairy Tail history.

Makarov fainted and dropped on the guild floor, unable to take the shock of Natsu having enough intelligence to even notice anybody of the opposite sex. Gajeel looked at him and grunted, before getting back to chomping on some metal. He sneaked a peek towards a certain blue headed book lover, wishing that he could muster up the courage to tell her the same thing. Levy's mouth was open wide, her logic having abandoned her. But… Gray… Juvia… ice…water… what the hell? Cana, for the first time in her life, willingly abandoned her alcohol and narrowed her eyes. Something isn't right here, the card mage mused. Laxus scoffed, frankly not caring whether or not what the hell Natsu did, as long as he didn't get in his way. Macao and Wakaba grinned and giggled perversely. Good for him, they thought, maybe he'll finally get laid. Romeo looked flabbergasted, his face switching from shock, to admiration, to respect. Elfman lifted his right arm up, shouting manly as he did so. Bickslow and Freed… well they just stood there, loyal to their Laxus-sama. Wendy blushed at their implications, a smile lighting her face. Charle looked indifferent. Happy's head whipped from Natsu to Juvia rapidly, before passing out, having used too much brain power. She liikkkeeess him? Lucy stood still, her face holding a look of defeat. She then proceeded to run away and become a badass dragon slayer, somehow ending up with Natsu in the end.



She stood there with a hurt look before quickly schooling her self. Sure, she had a small crush on the dragon slayer. But it wasn't anything that she could get over. He was her best friend before any of that anyways. She would be there to support him. Lisanna, on the other hand, smiled at the pink headed dragon slayer, happy that he could find someone that he cared about. Mirajane stole a glance towards Lisanna, fearful for her reaction. As she saw genuine happiness written on her little sister's face, she sighed in relief.

Then there was Gray.

He looked shocked to say the least, which pleased Juvia to no end. Good. This was the reaction which she was trying to evoke. Her smile grew a little more. Perhaps this crazy plan would actually work out in the end. Hopefully it did. She looked at him and saw disbelief flashing across his eyes before he quickly schooled his features. He wasn't an elite mage of Fairy Tail for no reason. He knew when to handle himself. Juvia was doing a dance on the inside. Everything was going according to plan. This was amazing. They were making so much progress before they even began. A cold breeze made her snap back to reality as she saw Erza standing in front of the duo. Juvia started to shake and sweat, terrified of the mage in front of her. She wasn't called the Titania of Fairy Tail for no reason. She looked towards Natsu, hoping that he would be able to reassure her that everything was going to be okay.

Natsu was pale as a ghost, sweating more than she was, fear showing clearly across his face. Juvia sweat dropped. Great help he was.

"Care to repeat that?" Erza whispered in a dangerously low voice, causing their knees to tremble. Juvia nudged at Natsu, who was whimpering softly. He gulped before looking at Erza again.

"Mates, Erza. We are mates." Natsu said, steeling his voice and trying desperately to sound confident. Erza looked at them with dead eyes.

"Mates, eh? Care to tell us how?" Mirajane's eyes lit up and she pressed forward from the bar.

"Yeah! Juvia, tell us! How did you end up with the most dense male member of the guild?" The entire guild turned their heads towards the water mage, their eyes settling on her face. Juvia unconsciously took a step back, slightly overwhelmed by the response that she was getting. She knew that this was coming. She had even told Natsu. Juvia had to believe in him, though. So she took a deep breath and plunged into the dark, murky waters in front of her. She was unsure of how the journey would be, but she knew that she could clearly see the ending. It would be her ending up with Gray. That was the only ending… right?

"Well actually-"

"It's alright, Juvia-chan, I'll do this," Natsu interrupted her, his face sporting one of the most serious looks she had ever seen on him. She smiled, happy that he had thought this out. "And as for all of you? Well this story started not too long ago, and it all started with an awesome dragon slayer..." Natsu said, his head lifting to the right to initiate a flashback.

"Awesome, my ass."

"Gray!" Erza scolded, whipping her head around to spot the ice mage. "Don't interrupt!" Gray's posture grew rigid as he gave her a sharp salute.

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Continue, Natsu." Erza said, nodding her head, motioning him to continue. He smiled and began again.

"So as I was saying, this story starts with an awesome dragon slayer..."

Natsu stood at the edge of an abandoned cliff, his scarf flying behind him from the gusty winds originating from the crashing waves down below him. The borderline for the forest ended just a few feet before the cliff, making the spot extremely isolated. The setting sun painted the ocean with it's vibrant colors, making the entire ocean seem like it was breathing fire with the different hues of orange, red, and yellow. He checked his shoulder for Happy, before cursing silently. He had become so accustomed to having him around, it felt really weird that he wasn't here right now. Happy had told him that he would be with Charle; the Exceed was making remarkable progress with his fellow Exceed. Good for him. Now they could run off and make some eggs so that there would be baby Happys and baby Charles. It would be awesome to see Happy as a father.

He shook his head. It was almost time to go back to the guild anyway. He had taken this mission as a personal request; the pay was too small to involve his team. It was supposed to be a two man mission, but with Happy gone and all, Natsu thought he could just tackle this on his own. Now with his mission in his pocket and the town not utterly destroyed (a huge achievement for the dragon slayer), he was just having some alone time. Picking himself up, he inhaled deeply, loving the salty scent of the ocean. It was ironic, really. A fire dragon slayer loving the scent of the ocean, but knowing that this was the closest he could get without becoming sick. Suddenly, he picked up a familiar, but peculiar scent. He inhaled again. Hmm. I know this scent. Fairy Tail. I could spot that scent anywhere. Someone from the guild perhaps? Not that stripper Gray.. not Lucy-she's too familiar-, not Erza... ah well. Let's go greet them anyways. Maybe they have food! So Natsu took off in the direction of his comrade, sprinting through the forest.

In the meantime, Juvia was fighting some enemy mages with an impassive look on her face. Sure they were decent fighters, but they were nowhere near her caliber. They couldn't even begin to compare with some of the enemies that she had fought with Fairy Tail before. She had been one of the Elemental Four, the four strongest fighters with Phantom Lord. She sidestepped an enemy and carefully tripped him, changing the form of her water to a sharp sword, piercing the mage in the chest, instantly killing him. Juvia has to thank Gajeel-san for this one. His arm gave Juvia the thought for this attack. Her skills over water were getting better every day and she was happy. She would become strong so that she could protect her comrades. She would be strong enough so that she would be known as one of the strongest female mages of Fairy Tail. That, and maybe Gray liked strong mages. Who knew? She hoped that she could finally catch his attention this time. While this happened, Juvia lost a bit of concentration, leaving an opening for the enemy mages. They immediately struck at the opportunity, knowing that they wouldn't get another chance like this ever again. The enemy mage yelled, and shoved his sword through Juvia's gut while his partner caught her in an enhanced upper punch, the shock wave resonating behind her. Their comrades dropped their guard and started to laugh, having the misconception that Juvia had been obliterated with that attack.

"JUVIA!" Natsu screeched as he saw Juvia melt into a puddle of water. A large wave of pure power swept through the area as the enemy mages found it hard to breathe. They turned around and saw Natsu clenching his fists, his body visibly shaking as it gave off a red aura. "Nobody hurts my nakama," Natsu said, his voice void of emotions. He suddenly leaped forward and punched the sword user in the head, killing him in one shot. "Nobody." He growled, before lighting his fist on fire and charging at his comrades. Within seconds, bodies littered the floor as Natsu disposed of them quickly. He quickly dropped his facade as he rushed towards the pool of water on the floor, dropping to his knees. "Juvia... I'm so sorry I couldn't save you... I was too late. Dammit this is exactly like Lisanna! If only I was stronger... if only..."

"If only what, Natsu-san?" Natsu turned his head around as he saw Juvia standing with an amused look on her face. She was holding her hand over her mouth, trying desperately not to giggle at his antics. Natsu opened his mouth, his head whipping between the puddle of water and the girl standing in front of him.

"But... you... puddle... what?" He questioned, clutching at his hair. Juvia leaned over and patted his head.

"Don't think about it too much, Natsu-san. Juvia is water, you should know if she doesn't want something to hit her, it won't. Or have you already forgotten about Juvia's fight with Fairy Tail?" Natsu opened his mouth to reply, but Juvia held out her hand, silencing him. "That's alright, Natsu-san. You didn't really have to help Juvia. She could have easily handled the situation on her own. It would have been nicer if it was Gray-sama though..." Juvia trailed off with a faraway look on her face and drool escaping the corner of her mouth.

"Juvia?" Natsu asked, a little worried about the bluenette.

"Huh? Oh right," She replied with a small blush, shaking her head. "Anyways, as Juvia was saying, thank you for helping Juvia. She didn't need it, but it was appreciated." Juvia smiled at the dragon slayer. Natsu scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"That's alright. By the way, do you have any food?" he asked, jumping up from the ground. Juvia sweat dropped. Is that all he thinks about?

"Yes. That is all Natsu will ever think about. What else did you expect?" Erza grew a tick mark as she forced a sweet smile.

"If you interrupt one more time, Gray, I swear I will punish you so bad it will make Master's punishment like a walk in the park, get it?" Gray tensed up and literally froze over in fear. The rest of the guild shivered, fearing for his soul.

"Worse than Master's punishment... is that even possible?" Wakaba whispered to Macao. Macao shook his head.

"I don't know... but with someone like Erza involved.. she might be able to do it." He whispered back. Erza slammed her hand down onto the table, demanding attention.

"Alright you two, get back to the story. Be sure to go over it in detail, got it?" Natsu tilted his head in confusion.

"But why?" Erza growled at him, a faint blush adorning her cheeks.

"hmshfsd" She mumbled, her voice not carrying through the guild.

"What?" Natsu asked. Erza glared at him, her cheeks flaring red.

"Because I like good love stories! And if I don't get a good one from you, I'll plummet you into the ground for wasting my time! Now hurry the hell up!"

"YES MA'AM!" Natsu said, saluting her. He let a small smirk fly before facing the guild. That was definitely my win. Hehehe. Who says I don't have any brains? "So where were we?"

"Where you were acting like a moron." Gajeel stated, chewing on some metal. Natsu glared at him.

"Do you want a fight metal boy?" Gajeel rose from his spot in the guild to challenge the other dragon slayer.

"And what if I do?"

"Then I will kick both of your asses so hard that you'll go crying to your dragon parents." Erza said, a dark aura surrounding her body. "Am I understood?" Her devil red eyes shone throughout the guild and Gajeel backed off, for even he feared for his life.

"Hmmph." He replied, sitting down and crossing his arms. Natsu scratched the back of his head.

"So let's start shall we?"

Next Chapter, Natsu's story!


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