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Chapter 10.- There might be more to you, than you think.

POV Maya

William starts the car and pulls into the interstate.

He is not putting a lot of attention to any direction particularly, he usually is very focus and keeps me updated or makes me memorize the correct road to wherever our destination is; today is different I know there isn´t any particular road he is looking for, he is just there driving.

We keep this pace for several days; we just stop for gas and then continue on our endless road to nowhere; him just there thinking. There are times I just want him to start talking even if it is a stupid joke, other times I just want him to look at me, smile and tell me that everything is going to be all right, but I am getting nothing.

In several of our stops I get out of the car, do a quick sightseeing looking for a perfect spot to hide the package. In one of the stops near Vancouver , there is a small statue of a couple of children playing, there is a part of the statue that is not properly welded, with my arms I am able to pull it giving it a small gap, where the package can be slide in. I push it in and with one blow from my arm, I close the gap, leaving it the same way it was previously, I go back where the car is. He is so absorb in his mind that it´s like he doesn´t even notice the package is no longer in my arms, I manage to close the door pulling it with my leg and as soon as the sounds indicates that is close he starts to drive.

I suddenly start to notice a pattern in the driving, he is going to different places we have been in, never stopping to view anything. He just keeps moving, my hopes get up a little when we go back to Michigan maybe this would be out last stop back to the house that we were home sitting, but nothing like that happens, we just pass by it.

This is not the same William I have share almost 150 years. I don´t know who this zombie like vampire is, killing Alton shifted something in him. It comes to a point where I wish Alton had taken me in hopes of William being the old cheerful guy that I know he is and have come to love.

Another week pass by, following this routine and I just can´t take it anymore.

"Okay William, that´s enough" I look at him, he is still driving and doesn´t even look at me "please, just look at me" I touch his hand with my arm, trying to get his attention.

"No Maya" he pulls his arm away without even looking at me.

"I know you don´t want to talk to me, but please I need to know" my voice is pleading.

"Maya, I can´t tell you" he turns briefly his head and looks at me.

"You can´t tell me or you won´t tell me?" I am starting to get mad at him, but I keep a calm tone.

"Both" he says.

"So are we planning on driving to the end of the world, or do you have a specific destination in mind?" I control of my voice, screaming at him will not get me any answers.

"We just need to keep moving" he says no emotion playing in his face.

"You are aware that at some point we will need to stop" my throat is hurting and I know he is also.

"Why would we do that?" I still hear that robotic tone in his voice.

"Well you know, that small inconvenience call feeding, it has been a while now "I try to put a gentle tone.

"Okay, fine, I promise you we will stop soon" still no emotion in his voice, driving me crazy.

A little while passes and he is still just driving

"Penny for your thoughts" I try a different approach, easier to catch flies with honey that with vinegar.

"Maya, please stop" his tone is severe.

"Pleeeeaaaasseee" this usually works and let me get away with almost anything.

"I said no!" his tone is now mad.

"Well, you own me some answers considering that you were handing me to Alton and you were walking away from me" I am holding back and try to keep an amicable tone but is becoming harder and harder.

"I don´t own you anything Maya" he is furious" I shouldn´t have gone back for you "that feels like a slap on my face, nice going Maya.

"Then why? Looks like your life just went to hell by doing so. Was it even worth it?" The hell with catching flies with honey.

"If it was the other way around Maya, would you have done the same for me?" he looks straight into my eyes,

"I wouldn´t have even gone to the train station in the first place" I say keeping up with his stare.

"What if you didn´t have a choice?" his eyes haven´t left my face

"There is always a choice" I keep eye contact so that he knows I mean it.

"Not when it comes to THEM" at this point he is shouting.

"Who is THEM?" I am so mad that my tone is as loud as his, his face is set, he is not going to tell me anything "Answer the question?"


"ANSWER THE QUESTION SOLDIER!? "I remember Alton referring to him like that and I don´t know how, but my voice has so much authority "WHO IS THEM!?" This makes William flinch, seems like that was a blow under the belt.

"Fine Maya, if you must know, the Volturi" now he is furious.

The car goes silent, I never expected that answer, I know the Volturi is kind of the Police, and usually if they are looking for you, no good can come out of it, at least that is what the couple of vampires that we met six years ago inform me and William attitude corroborates it.

I am now ashamed of forcing the answer out of William, he had protected me and he was still doing it by keeping quiet.

"Why?" I am no longer screaming my voice comes out as a whisper; I keep looking down at my arms, where my hands should be "Why would the Volturi care for someone like me? I haven´t broken any law"

"I don´t know Maya" he is not looking at me anymore, his voice is silent now, I can detect the sadness in it "there might more to you, than you even know"

"Doubt it" I knew where I stand in the vampire world, and if there was a scale, I would be in the lowest part of it.

"Give yourself a little credit" his voice is still sad, but he is looking into my eyes "you just need to believe in yourself" he touches my arm "Okay?"

I nod.

He takes an exit to a camp area and parks the car in a resting spot. We have been here before a couple of times, there are some cabins up for rent down the path, they are usually very busy during summer and winter but in between seasons, they are empty. We stay here when we don´t have a job as house sitters.

"You are right, we need to feed" he changes the subject "Wait for me in our usual cabin, I´ll be fast and I´ll bring something for you"

I am about to argue that I want to go hunting, I need the exercise after all those days sitting in the car, but the look on his face stops me, is a clear sign that this was not up for discussion.

He leaves, and I walk towards the cabin and see the one that William was referring. I hit the door with my arm using enough force to break the wood that locks the door.

The cabin is very nice, it is furnish and the owners are thorough, probably hoping to make it easier for the customers when it comes to packing. There is nice little kitchen, with a stove a refrigerator, a small table, it even has pots and pans, plates, glasses, cutlery. In the other side, there is a small living room with a chimney and a moose head on top of it to create the whole effect.

The cabin has two rooms that are facing each other. One has a queen size bed and the other has two individual beds and a small bathroom at the end of the hall. It is very cozy and I remember with great fondness the times that we have stayed here.

I decide to go to the bedroom with the two individual beds; I like to stay in this one. The sunshine comes through in the morning giving an excellent view of the mountains, but since it is the afternoon and the sun is almost setting you can´t see the effect. I sit at one of the corners of the room, wondering how our life has change so drastically since the last time we were here, I used to complain that we needed more adventure, be careful for what you wish for, they say, now I understand it .

I can hear William come in, he walks down the hall and finds me in the corner of the room, I look up at him and see that his eyes are still black , I would have thought that he already hunt and fed himself, but then I notice that his eyes are full of fear.

"Maya, the Volturi are here" his voice is full of defeat. How is that possible, we just got here? He stretches his arm and helps me stand up, using a little too much force so I end up in his arm my body against his chest. He gives me a hug and we linger like this, I don´t want to go anywhere I want to stay in his arms like this, safe and warm.

I look up to his eyes and he is looking back at me he is saying a wordless goodbye, whatever happens in the other side he knows that nothing good is coming out for him and probably neither for me, I am so afraid, I can´t even imagine a life without him. He gives me a kiss on the forehead making me feel so love wishing for this moment to never end.

I can´t let go of him, I can´t lose him. He hugs me again and he whispers so low that I can barely hear him

"Maya, just remember whatever happens I will always protect you. Do you understand me?"

I look up to his eyes understanding the sincerity of his words and the meaning of them, I give a small nod and start walking with him trying to find my courage while we face whatever is awaiting us in the other side of the cabin.

The first thing I notice when I cross the door is five cloaked figures in the cabin kitchen, making it look smaller somewhat claustrophobic.

Closest to the exit door are two tall male vampires covering the entrance to the cabin, they are standing very still, but their eyes are shifting looking at all the room surely analyzing it, there is no doubt they are some kind of body guards.

Near the table, there are three figures. A female with crimson eyes, she is around my height, with also black hair, a slight built and she is touching the cloak of a tall male vampire. The male vampire hair is long black and slick, his eyes are crimson red, and his features are elegant. The last figure is a small female child, her hair is blond and pull back, her eyes red like the rest, there is a lot of eagerness in her eyes I can almost taste her desperation. I look down and in her hands there is black velvet bag, I can feel a call coming out of it, pulling me to it, but I control myself.

The small child catches me eyeing the package, and I see a smug expression in her face, she is taunting me and I find myself growling at her.

"Jane, please play nice" there is excitement in the voice of the tall male vampire" we don´t want to frighten our little friend."

The vampire, which I now know is Jane, stops the smug but I can see a
dark shadow coming into her eyes.

That voice, I remember hearing THAT voice somewhere, so long ago , my mind is racing through the years, through our journeys, but I am not able to pinpoint the moment where I have heard it, which honestly I am finding quite annoying.

"William, it has been so long, I hope you didn´t thought we forgotten you" the male vampire looks at William.

I look at William at his face is expressionless, it is so cold I can´t get any reading of his emotions, he just nods courtly, indicating he understood.

"Oh come on William, no hello, nice to see you, let´s see… how about giving me a small shake for all times sake" his tone was friendly as well as his face, but somehow I get the feeling that this is an order, no matter how much he is trying to sugar coat it.

I look back at William and see understanding and reluctance in his eyes; he gives a small sigh, steps forward, stretches his hand and the other vampire reaches for it.

"Oh I see" says the male "this is quite interesting development "I wonder…."

I look back at William and his eyes are close, he is resisting something but at the end, his eyes open and there is defeat in them. He steps back and stands straight his face showing no expression once again.

"Ooh I see, that is not good, Caius is not going to be happy about it, Alton was one of his favorites guards you see. But you are already aware of the consequences?" he looks at William still smiling, William just nods.

"I see that you have treated her right; although a little too liberal once in a while and going through some loopholes of your orders. However the idea is there, she still doesn´t know who she is, right?" this last part he looks straight to my eyes. I am confused what does he means, I look back to William, he is not looking at me, his face is still the same, and no word is coming out of his mouth.

I look back to the male and his eyes are resting in mine, his interest is spiking, together with mine.

"Let's see ….Maya?" He refers to me in a form of a question, but how does he knows my name, is not as if we have been introduced, he continues ignoring my questioning look "I have a proposal for you, I see that your life has not been ….shall we call it easy, without hands, right?"

How does he knows what my life has been like? I can see that he has his own hands. Then it hits me, he was reading William mind when he touched his hand. I am too petrified to answer his questions and the calling is getting stronger becoming a distraction, I try to tune it out, without any luck.

"What would you do, if I could give you, I don´t know a hand ….or maybe two?" his tone is still amicable, even joking, which honestly considering my situation I don´t find the humor on it; he is looking at me expecting an answer.

"I am listening" My throat is feeling dry, but somehow I manage to get the words out of my mouth.

I can see the excitement that my words have on him; this is what he wants to hear.

"Would you come to Volterra and be part of the Guard again?" his face changes in this last words, he knows he just slip up. Again? What does he means with the word …again?

Suddenly, imagine starts to flow in my mind and it is easy to place his voice. The sewage, the smell of putrefaction, long time ago, pain in my wrist, pain in my body, pain so strong I was wishing I was dead, that night, the words.- you would have been an excellent element in a guard, too bad you are so stubborn like a mule.

I just snap, I remember a part of my past before William, with that; I jump to attack the tall figure. The dark haired female jumps in front of me and before I can reach my objective I start feeling strange; I can´t figure out what was I about to do.

"Renata, don´t worry about her, she won´t be able to hurt me. She does look lovely trying doesn´t she. Like a kitten trying to attack a lion" Renata moves to his side, but she doesn´t stop touching the cloak of the tall figure "your should focus on William my dear, he is the actual danger"

"Yes Master" answers Renata in a quiet voice and eyes William; this definitely is not a better choice for her.

"Now where, were we?" He is trying to joke through the seriousness of the situation "right. I made you a proposal, so my dear Maya, …"he makes a move with his hand and suddenly the two guards that were standing in the door move to each side of William "what is it going to be, a part of our guards or, whatever years stuck in whatever place….."

I look at William trying to look for an answer, his face is looking at the tall man, his face still not showing any emotion, but I can detect a very light shake of his head.

"….without William" suddenly everything happens too fast, and at the same time too slow. That phrase has a double meaning, somehow in either scenery William will never be a part of my life again. The tall man mention a consequence for killing Alton, I will have to assume is a death sentence on his head. Either choice I pick he is not leaving this cabin alive, but his words are masquerade making me believe that if I chose going with him William would be safe…a Lie. I don´t like to be lied!

In that instant, my vampire instincts kick in a notch and is as if I am hearing William voice in my ears repeating his hunting mantra. Go for the weak one, use the element of surprise, know your surroundings and use whatever is at hand; using all the strength that I could gather in that instant, I throw myself to Jane, she is off guard and we both fall to the floor, a chair from the kitchen aiding me to trip her and me. She drops the bag in the floor during her fall; its content falling on the white cold floor. I look back and see William defending himself from the two guards; they did not expect him to be so strong and fast, but he won´t last long, the other two are not bad fighters.

Jane is still in the floor trying to recover from the shock of ME being able to push her, but before I am able to see anything, I realize the calling is getting louder. I look up, and realize the calling is coming from the contents of the bag, that have been spilled on the floor, a pair of hands, not just any hands, my hands.

My mind goes to the instant when William attach that piece of his arm after the fight with Alton.

Jane gets up and focus her eyes not in me, but in William, I hear him scream in pain piercing my insides. I need to help him. I take advantage of her distraction and move towards the hands somehow I am able to lick them and I put my arm where my wrist are.

The tall male realizes what I am doing and starts to move towards me; a loud "Amalia no, stop "is coming from his mouth. I don´t care, no matter how close he is, how fast he is, he won´t reach me in time for my hands are already attached to my arms, like two perfect pieces of a puzzle. At least now I have something to put more of a fair fight and help William out.

I look back at the scene, William in the floor no longer convulsing, Jane has a look of horror in her face, Renata trying to catch up with the male that is still coming towards me. The two tall figures wondering if they should finish off William or focus their attention on me instead.

In that small distraction the male grabs one of my hands, his bare hand touches my bare skin; thousands of images go through my mind, is hard to keep up, it is literally a life flashing in front of me, but that life is not mine, those thoughts are not mine, they are from the male vampire….Aro.

I look into his eyes and he is astonish, I know that he can see what I am seeing and I know I will remember everything.

Time being precious no time to analyze the information; William needs my help. My instincts kick in, again, I know that I can protect him, help him, I could manage to see that from Aro´s mind.

I raise my hands and feel the power go through my thoughts towards my hands and putting it on the mind of the ones that are attacking us. They are trying to destroy William and that is unacceptable, all I can see are the two guards, Jane, Renata and Aro screaming and convulsing in the floor in pain.

How can they think they can do whatever they want? I intensify the power one notch for every year without my hands. Another for the pain it has brought me and they inflicted. Above all, for trying to destroy the only vampire that has kept me alive, that has cared for me and that I love.

I am so mad I am blinded; I can feel the power flowing through me and I don´t care if I have to put this up forever.

"MAYA!" I hear William voice and it snaps me out from the trance I am. He is also in the floor convulsing in pain, his eyes trying to contact mine, but all I read is fear…of me?

My train of thought changes and I stop the flow. How can I hurt him?, what am I?, how can I do this?, how can I control it?, I start to freak out but before I can do anything else, William manages to stand up, he looks weak and his legs are wobbling. At least he is standing while the others seem to be recovering from the pain, or some kind of shock.

"WE NEED TO GET OUT NOW!" He is screaming and his eyes are urgent

If my hands were remove, it was for a reason; I was able to see Aro´s mind when I touch his hand and I know that the power to inflict pain went through them. Seems that I need to be careful. Cover them an internal voice screams in my head.

"Wait!" the cabin manager is very thorough, I open the drawer next to the stove and luck is still on my side. I grab some oven mittens and put them over my hands.

"Maya no time to pack!" he is desperate and I understand why, the other vampires are starting to recover.

"This is all that I need." He pulls me to his back and we bolt towards the door and into the night.

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