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Chapter 12.- The Cullens.


We are close to Forks, so we decided to leave the car behind and walk near the forest and its surroundings. The closer we get to the Forks territory the safer we start to feel, but not completely. We still need a plan to stay low key so the Cullens aren't aware of our presence. It involves knowing the surroundings and the exact location of where they live.

I was able to give William a small heads up of what to expect regarding the family and the abilities they have. We understand why the Volturi would think twice about coming near here; too many talents in one single coven.

The more we explore the area the more I like. It. is a nice place, surrounded by forest and mountains; giving us a better chance to hunt animals. The weather is something that helps; it seems to be cloudy and rainy all year long. It's something to consider for the future when we decide where to house sit … well that is if we can make it alive out of this mess.

As we walk deeper into the woods analyzing our surroundings, I make mental notes of interesting areas where we can stay and keep hidden—for who knows how long. It's not a very encouraging thought, but it beats the hell out of thinking of a world without William.

William is walking ahead of me with caution, being as quiet as he can in case we stumble upon their house unintentionally, but before we can even start discussing anything a strange scent fills the air; the smell is hideous. I wrinkle my nose and decide to hold my breath, looking at William; he has a similar look on his face. It's not comforting at all.

I take another step when there is a loud growl in front of us; the mere sound of it sends a cold sensation through my spine. The smell grows stronger; whatever it corresponds to, is approaching us, fast. I look at William, he pulls me behind him in a protective stance, his lips stretching back as he returns the growl.

"Maya, don´t move," he says quietly.

I look up, right in front of us is a big wolf, and by big I mean probably tall as William. I have never seen anything like it before. I feel like a tiny little mouse compared to it.

The wolf has a reddish fur, and starts walking slowly towards us. The stench becomes overpowering, affecting my feelings and thoughts. I am almost tempted to use the power I learned from Alec and suppress my sense of smell to think more coherently, but I don´t dare to move.

A second growl comes from behind us, and I don´t need to look to know what it is, but I still dare to do it. A couple of feet away is another wolf, a little smaller than the first one, but still big enough for me. It has a russet coat on its skin.

I start to pull back my gloves so slowly, hoping the wolf doesn´t perceive my movement; its growling only gets louder, making me certain that it noticed.

The stench, the growl and the image of the wolves bring a memory that is not mine; a group of vampires is flanked by this strange kind of specie, and not just any group; the Cullen's. The wolves; although Aro refers to them as shape shifters.

"We are looking for the Cullens," I dare to speak up. If they were working together, hopefully they are still their allies and spare our lives.

The growling lowers, the reddish wolf starts looking at us. It seems that our plan of passing unnoticed is no longer going to work.

The wind picks up and brings a new scent; one of our kind.

"Jake, please let them explain." A female voice comes through.

I am not able to see her because of the beast blocking my view.

The reddish wolf nods?

How can he understand?

The growling from both wolves stop, and they back away a couple of paces.

From between the trees, a female vampire steps out. She has long brown hair pulled into a ponytail, and her skin is pale like ours. Her built is slim and not very tall. She is dressed in a simple white V-neck t-shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans. The simplicity of her clothes diverts my attention to her face to appreciate the beauty that she is. Her expression is showing concern, and her hands are up, reminding me of my own stance when I am defending myself from the Volturi.

I have seen this vampire, although her eyes are different from memory; they used to be red, but now they are butterscotch as ours would be if we had already fed. I know her name is Bella and she is a shield. I relax, but William is still in a crouch

Right next to her is another vampire, dressed in khaki pants and a cotton white shirt. He is very handsome with copper hair—rare color among humans, but nevertheless beautiful. It brings out the white complexion of his skin and the butterscotch color of his eyes—that don't leave William's. I know he is Edward and can read minds.

"William, I have seen them; they are part of the Cullens."

William gets up from his crouching position, probably curious, though he still puts himself in front to protect me.

"Oh come on, guys, Maya is not going to attack you." A flirty voice comes from above the trees, standing on a branch.

I look up; there is a small vampire with a pixie cut, her hair sticking everyway in a very fashionable style; she has a beautiful, singsong voice. Her clothes are modern, wearing pants with a flower pattern on them, using different pastel colors. Her blouse is see-through, and underneath is she is wearing a cami, revealing how thin she is.

She jumps down and lands gracefully on the ground, and judging from my current position, she's a few inches shorter than I am. I know that her name is Alice and she is a seer—as Aro refers to her.

A vampire quickly joins her side; his looks are gorgeous. His clothes are modern like I´ve seen magazines. He has fair hair and skin, not to mention the color of his eyes. I to notice bite marks on different parts of his body; his scars are very similar to the one that William now has on his shoulder.

Based on Aro´s memories, I know that he is Jasper, he can control emotions, and he is Alice´s mate.

"Are you sure, Alice?" Another voice comes from behind me, and I remember it.

I look back, startled from the sound, and see the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. We´ve met her before.


Her long blond hair flows down to her back, a contrast against her red dress. Her face still nervous, but she recognizes us.

Next to her is her mate, Emmet, the big guy. He is as tall as William, and more muscular. The sleeves of his grey t-Shirt stretch as much as it can to cover those biceps; I wouldn´t like to be punch by him. I feel a little more relaxed when I see his fighting stand retract before he smiles at us in recognition.

"Want to bet?" Alice answer back, walking towards us. "Hi my name is Alice, although you already know that, Maya. Nice to make your acquaintance. What took you so long?"

William looks at Alice and then back at me; his face is full of questions.

"We are sorry to disturb you; it was never our intention to bother you," I say in a nervous voice.

"I think it would be better if we go back to the house and hear the full explanation, Alice. We're out in the open. Care to join us?" Edward says with an easy tone, but he still looks worried. "It would be a lot safer."

Safer sounds to me better.

"Sure," William answers.

I turn and look at him; he shrugs his shoulders as if thinking, it's not as if we have much of a choice.

We follow Emmet and Rosalie, with Alice close by, walking next to Bella and putting her arm around her.

I don´t realize at what point the wolves disappeared; it surprises me—considering the size and stench is not something that you can easily miss. I was probably too nervous as I analyzed everybody.

We go through a different part of the woods; everybody is silent. I can still feel the tension that is coming from William as well as from the rest of the group; except for Alice.

After a little while, we pass a small cottage and nearby is a river. I stop. It's not a big jump for a regular vampire, but I am not sure if I am can make it. Rosalie and Emmet jump it so easily before they start walking towards the house, but stop when they realize we have stopped. There is a questioning look on everybody's faces. I look up at William; I don´t want to seem like a coward and ask for his help, but I also don´t want to end up getting wet.

I know William doesn´t want to show weakness, so I start walking backwards, figuring that I need some speed to cross it.

"No, Maya, you don´t want to do that. You´ll get all soaked." I hear Alice's voice coming from behind me.

A male laughs from the other side of the lake, followed by an "ouch". It was definitely Emmett´s voice.

I feel so powerless.

"William, she could use your help," Edward says in a friendly tone.

I am so ashamed; it is one thing know your limitations, but it's another to get them slapped back in your face in front of strangers.

Without another word, William picks me up in his arms and jumps the lake effortlessly.

Damn it!

As soon as we're on the other side, he gently puts me back on the ground. The others jump as easily as William did.

"It is usually not this wide, but it's been a very cold winter, and there is still a lot of defrosting in the mountains," Bella tries to explain—or comfort—me.

It's as if she somehow understands my pain, but still, I feel completely and utterly embarrassed.

We continue walking until we reach a big, beautiful house.. It's three stories high, painted in white, while the side facing us has a crystal pane. The front porch welcomes us as we go through the main entrance. There are windows all along the side but I am not able to see much; everybody's moving at a quick pace.

The front door opens, and there standing ready to greet us are two more vampires. The first one is a male, and the kindness of his smile extents to his amber colored eyes. He is blond and looks older than the rest of the group, but not by much. He is dressed in a more conservative way. I know his name is Carlisle; he is the head of the Cullen coven.

Standing next to him, grabbing one of his hands, is his wife, Esme. Her dark hair reaches her chin, while her figure a little rounder than the rest of her coven. As her mate, she is also dressed more conservatively, but modern. Her eyes set on mine; they light up together with a beautiful smile, showing a perfect set of teeth. Somehow, the way she looks at us gives me the impression that two of her lost children are back.

"Welcome to our house," Carlisle is the one that speaks up, and extents his hand towards William. He takes it and shakes it, confusion showing in his face. "Please, come in." He moves to one side letting us in, together with the rest of the family.

The stench we smelled at the woods is back, entering the house together with the rest of the family. I turn and notice a group of tall men, who are literally making themselves at home. They are wearing shorts, no shirt, and sneakers with no socks.I can clearly hear the thumping of their hearts.

What kind of family is this? What is going on here?

In one corner of the house is a teenager; she is beautiful, and her skin is white like ours, but her eyes are a beautiful chocolate color. I can hear her heart beat as fast as a little humming bird.

So this is the famous Baby, Renesmee

I see a flash from Aro's mind; she is much younger, around 5 years. She has grown a lot, considering it was only 6 years ago when we met Rosalie and Emmet.

Is that even possible?

"Hello, my name is Carlisle, and this is my wife Esme." His posture is not indicating any disturbance; his face is kind and he is actually smiling at us.

I immediately analyze my surroundings—just in case. At this point anything can happen. The house inside is gorgeous.

"Looks like you'vealready met Rosalie, Emmet, Jasper, Alice, Edward and Bella"—with every name each one raises their hand—"but you probably don´t recognize Jacob and Seth." The tall stinky men raise their hand indicating who is who. "The young one in the corner is Nessie."

"Nice to meet your acquaintance. this is Maya and I am William." I start to raise my hand to say hi, but I am so confused.

What is going on in here?

"So, I understand from Alice that you are in a little trouble with the Volturi," Carlisle continues speaking with a friendly Tone.

William is as startled and speechless as I am; why are they behaving so nice to us? We are running away from the Volturi, and we're certain that they are looking for us. Our decision to come to Forks has only increased the possibility of the Volturi coming here.

How can they welcome us into their house? If it were I in their shoes, I would probably capture me and send me straight to the Volturi. One thing is for sure, I did not foresee this outcome-unless it is their actual plan. Aro sees them as a threat, which only increases my confusion.

"Well, Maya, he sees us a threat because he thinks of us as a powerful coven," Edward answers my thoughts as if I spoke my words aloud. "And he can´t quiet explain why such a large number can live amicablely without needing the help of Corin."

"But why are you helping us?" I am startled to see that he can actually read minds. It's one thing to see it in Aro's memory, but up front is another.

"Because you are not alone, Maya. You are only a player in his plan," Edward says. I turn and look at William; he's as confused as I am. "Six year ago we had a confrontation with them, which we parted in rather amicable terms. But we knew it wasn´t going to stop there. We have been waiting for Aro to make his move. He decided two weeks ago to start with it; you being the first part of his plan." Edward is looking intently at me. "We know you refused his proposal, which indicates to us that you're not with them."

"How did you know about Aro visiting us, and Maya refusing his proposal?" William asks startled.

"Alice saw it," Bella answers, as she turns and looks at Alice, smiling at her.

"So if you knew we were not coming here to attack you, why the welcoming party?" says William, gesturing to the rest of the group.

"That was actually a precaution," Jasper says. "We saw that Demetri is tracking you with Alec. Plus we didn´t know what exactly you knew about us or the Quilette, and as we saw, they did surprise you a little bit."

"A little bit is an understatement," says William.

The tall man behind us laughs, as what I can only assume is, two hands slap together in a high five.

So they are the shape shifters.

"We didn´t mean to come so near. We were looking for a place where the Volturi wouldn´t find us, but we were not sure how you would receive us considering our lack of support when you asked for it." William explains, looking back at Rosalie and Emmett, remembering that time.

I know they weren´t lying, but then again William was right.

"You did the right call back then, William. It was probably for the best that you skipped your support, and we appreciate your true feelings," says Edward, probably hearing the thought from both our minds.

There were a lot of questioning faces looking back and forward from Edward to William—except for Alice.

"Maya and William had a previous round with the Volturi. Aro kept Maya a prisoner." William cringes at this last part, and luckily, Edward does not reveal that William was the guard in charge at the time. "If Aro saw her in the field with us, it probably would have meant more trouble for all," Edward explains.

Rosalie's face stays as cold as ever. It seems it's going to be hard to convince her, that by staying away, we helped them more.

"So, Maya, what exactly is your special ability that makes you so appealing for Aro?" Bella asks looking at me with questioning eyes and thank God, she changes the subject.

Many things are going through my mind; how to explain it without freaking them out? It is a lot to take in, or at least, it has been for me.

"Maya, you won´t freak us out." Edward's face is kind. "Believe me, that won't be the case. This is a freak house; we have a seer, a shield; one that controls emotions; me that can read minds; we're friends with the shape shifters; and we have Nessie, who can show you her thoughts. I think we can take it."

I see some relief in William.

"That is becoming annoying, you know." I look back at him.

"We know," says the group in unison.

"The only one that gets away with it is Bella," Emmet says while laughing and eyeing her.

I sigh and brace myself for what might happen. "Okay, my special ability is to learn and mimic other vampire's abilities. But just like any replica, it's never quite identical as the original." They don't appear to fully understand. "For example, like Edward, I could learn how to read minds up to a certain extent. Probably I could only hear one at a time or have a smaller range of distant to hear it. Nobody knows how it's going to turn out until I try it, and it always comes with a price."

"So at this precise moment you could, for example, learn how to read minds?" Jasper's voice is dubious, his face quickly changing from friendly to guarded, probably wondering how much I am learning as we speak.

"Not exactly. There needs to be skin to skin contact with my hand while the vampire is using the ability." I bring my hands up and show them how they are gloved, indicating that there is no danger of that happening. "That way I know what goes through their mind at that specific moment. It also helps if I am the one the ability is being applied to. This way I can understand the effect it has on the others. As you can see it's quite simple." The way everyone is looking at me, it obviously isn't.

"Why would you need to touch the vampire?" asks Carlisle, curious.

"Because it is like Aro's ability. He can only see thoughts and memories by touching somebody. It was the first ability I was able to mimic and learn, but that was an accident." I try to explain as best as I can, I don´t want them to think that I was willingly helping the Volturi.

"So what abilities have you been able to learn?" Emmett asks, a big smile in his face, and by the looks of it, he's a positive kind of guy.

"Only three." Everybody is expectant, even William, he at least knows of two. "I can replicate Aro, but not in the same way as he can. I can learn about other people's thoughts and feelings, but he can process it a lot faster. Let's say he is like a computer processing the info, I have to look for a specific information in order to access it. It's like I'm a library; it takes longer but the memory is there. Also, I can´t read other people's thoughts that he has read. For example, I know he has read Edward's mind at least twice, but I don´t know what he saw in it." Thank God, the look in Edwards face is expressing my same thoughts. "But I know the impression he got from it. The other ability is Alec's up to certain extent," I continue, everybody looks on expectantly. " I can remove only one sense at the time, but I get to choose which sense it is." I make a small pause, preparing to reveal the one that I think is the worse of the three. "And then there is Jane." I can still see the memory of how I learned this ability. I am certain that her interpretation of teaching me a lesson was not the same that Aro had. "I can put the image of pain in somebody's mind just like her; however mine is not as incapacitating as hers, or so I´ve been told." I glance back at William; he knows firsthand about it. He indicates for me to continue. "She can do it only one person at a time; I affect a whole crowd."

"Sweet!" Emmett says, his smile broadening.

"Not necessarily. I can´t separate the innocent from the bad." I look at William and mouth, I am so sorry. He smiles at me and gives me a small encouraging nod.

"So has Aro tried to teach you anymore powers?" Carlisle asks ignoring Emmett's comment.

"He tried Corin, but I was not able to replicate it."

"So it may be limited to mental abilities," Edwards says more to himself than to the crowd.

"Or at least we can eliminate the physical abilities," Bella says.

I give her a small nod.

"So what you are saying is that you are a super weapon that comes in a portable traveling size?" one of the shape shifters says, who I believe is Jacob.

William looks at him in a not friendly way.

"That's one way you could put it." I laugh a little at, finding it funny how I can be simplified in such a small sentence.

"It's a theory, but I think he has kept Maya alive all this time just in case something happened to his precious Alec or Jane, and she would be her spare part," adds Williams, his tone serious.

"And think of the possibilities of the power he can acquire if he meets more vampires with abilities that Maya can mimic. He wouldn´t need to force them to join the Volturi if she can replicate them," Bella says, looking lost in thoughts. "Or even need them alive…"

That left us thinking.

"Do we know what his next move will be?" Carlisle asks looking at Alice and shortly turning towards me.

"I don´t see him making any decision yet. Word has not reach him that William and Maya made it to Forks." Her voice is certain.

During the car ride, I kept going through Aro´s memories pondering the different possibilities if he knew William and I were in Forks. The first thing that came to mind was a name and a face. I could see how his ability to detect other potential abilities even in humans could be useful for him right now. Even if I had accepted, that seems the next logical step.

"Does the name Eleazar ring a bell to anyone?" I ask aloud.

William turns to me and his expression indicates he has no idea what I am talking about. Though the rest of the Cullens, even the Quileutes, look like they know whom I was referring to.

Carlisle pulls a phone from his shirts and very quickly starts dialing a number. He steps out of the house, and you could perceived a quick murmur a little too fast even for my ear to understand what he was saying.

"It is not a bad assumption, Maya," says Edward. "Aro would definitely be looking for more vampire with abilities."

"So based on your reaction, you do know this vampire, Eleazar?" asks William, while studying all the vampires' faces.

"Yes, he is a good friend of ours … kind of like family," answers Esme.

Carlisle comes back into the house, the phone no longer in his hand. Everybody looks expectantly at him.

"The Denalis were already on their way here, but Jake I need to ask of you guys a favor. I know it is out of our agreement, but could it be possible for Sam to allow them to enter through the reservation up north and cross through it with their help? It would seem a smarter move; especially if they're already tracking Maya and William." You can see concern in his eyes; it looks like it's something he does not want to bother the Quileute with, but it sounds like a wiser choice.

"Give me a second," Jacob says and starts walking towards the door; the foul smell reduces when he crosses the doorframe. A little break for my nose.

Everybody is expectant waiting for Jacob to return with the news. I glance at William and he looks back at me. I can tell that his tension has reduced; he even winks at me, making me forget for a split of a second the gravity of our situation. I still don´t understand why the Cullens are helping us.

"I have one question," says William, everybody turns to him." If you knew that Aro was coming to find us why didn´t you give us a heads up?"

"We could see the decision in Aro´s mind to go get you, but we didn´t know where you were. We don´t have any trackers in our coven, so looking for you would have been like finding a needle in a haystack. Besides, we didn´t know how Maya would have answered when she was presented with Aro's offer," Edward says, looking down at my hands.

now that I think back at that moment in the cabin, it seems that luck was on our side, We both were able to walk away and for me to recover my hands. How long was lady luck planning to stay with us?

In that moment Jake came through the door; he is jumping on one foot and with one hand he's putting a sneaker on.

What is going on? Is he keeping a cellphone in his shoe? I wonder. It seems that the shape shifters might be a little crazy.

"Sam says it's okay. He remembers the scent of the Denali coven. He already instructed the patrol on the northern border, and actually asked a couple more to go over there in case they run into any trouble," Jacob says, looking at Carlisle and then to Edwards and Bella.

"Thank you, Jacob, and please say thank you to Sam," Carlisle answers, while pulling his cellphone from his pocket and again walking to the entrance

"Alice, are they going to make it?" Bella asks, her voice rising with concern.

"Yes, they are. It was a good thing they were already in the way for the wedding, otherwise it would have been tricky." She looks up, not focusing on anything specific."They should be here in less than an hour."

"Good." Esme's face is full of relief.

"Okay, now what's going to be the next step?" William is catching up; he is looking expectantly at Alice.

"Now we wait," answers Edward.

"Why?" I speak up, I don´t want to be rude, but maybe they don´t understand how complicated the situation is.

"We need to know what Aro will do next; otherwise we might do something to shift the Volturi into starting some kind of feud," Edward explains matter of factly.

"I believe they already did that." I hear a small whisper; I can almost swear it's coming from Rosalie.

Everybody is silent; where do we go from here?

"So, we should probably leave you to yourself, guys," says William; seems that he's not comfortable with such a big crowd-after all this years spent of just him and me. "You're expecting company, and we don´t want to impose. We'll stay close by so that we don´t disturb you."

"Oh, you are not disturbing us, plus Esme already set you guys up in Edward's old bedroom," Alice adds cheerfully ."Remember I told you, we were expecting you."

"So, are we some kind of prisoners?" William's voice is insecure, but the same though just crossed my mind.

"Oh, no," Esme looks a little worried, "it's just that I thought you might want some privacy and a place to talk things out. I believe this might be a little overwhelming."

Again I don´t know what to think about it; something inside me feels warm and welcome, but another part is warning me that so much kindness should not be trusted. But right now the Cullens are our allies, and being on their property is a whole lot safer for William and myself than in the outside world.

"Thank you very much, Esme," William adds, his voice is soft. "We would very much like to take up your offer; however Maya and I need to feed. It's been a while now."

They all turn to look at us. The vampires are showing some kind of understanding, while the Quilettes stare at us with hate in their eyes.

"Oh well … we could accommodate you, but considering the situation with you not able to go very far away from our state…" Esme [L9] starts nervously.

That is when it hits me; the color of our eyes are black. They're expecting us to feed on humans, which based on the color of their eyes, they didn´t.

"Alice, did you forget to tell us something?" says Edward; I can tell there is laughter in his voice.

"Sorry, Esme, with all the preparations for the event, I forgot to mention that they are Veggies, like us," Alice adds, her expression surprised that she forgot it.

I can hear a sigh of relief from different members of the group.

"Well, you are free to hunt in our lands, but due to the situation, it would probably wiser if you hunt near the house," Carlisle says, coming through the door and putting his cellphone away.

"But can you be back in half an hour? I don´t mean to rush you guys, but there is an important matter we need to discuss," Alice asks in business-like mode. This gets the attention from the rest of the group.

"Ooohh, noo," Edward says, his face full of disbelief.

"Don´t start with me, Edward Anthony Cullen. You know this is important. It needs to be perfect." Alice's expression is not kind towards Edward.

Bella groans, understanding what Alice meant. I start to get worried; is there something we should be preparing for? Are the Volturi coming with a whole armada?

"Especially you, Isabella Marie Cullen. I won´t let you ruin my fun." Alice turns toward Bella, angrily.

Fun? What is she talking about? Why is she finding amusement in the Volturi?

"Ooohh and don´t think you are getting off because you are new in our bunch." She turns towards William and I. "I am not that off with your measurements; you will look spectacular. You'll knock the socks out of this Englishmen when I am done with you." There is a smile playing on her face as she points at William.

"Can somebody please enlighten me?" I am starting to get worried. I look at everybody and see amusement on most of their faces, except for Bella.

"Oh, she is going to make the Volturi look like a couple of kittens compared to this little tiger." There is laughter in Jasper's voice.

"Good thing she has a new toy to take the attention off us," Bella says smiling widely and turning to look at the teenager on the couch.

During all this time she had been so quiet, not putting her book down; however I noticed she didn't turn any pages since we arrived.

"Oh no, not a new toy, Bella, actually I haven´t ticked you off—o r Nessie." I can hear a groan from the couch, and Jacob laughs loudly. "I have two additional ones, and William is not off the hook either."

"It's like Christmas for Alice." Rosalie laughs. I can finally see a real smile out of her.

"What is she talking about?" now that William has been implicated he starts to worry.

"Come on, off you go." Alice motions as if to push us away. "I´ll see you back in half an hour. I have lots of things to do." Alice is in front of William looking him up and down. "You're taller than what I saw."

Edward is laughing, seeming to find amusement by the thoughts in everybody's minds.

Alice disappears up the staircase with no further words to enlighten us.

"To answer the burning question in your minds," Edward says, "Alice likes to play dress up."

That somehow helps a little bit; although I don´t know what the big deal is considering how worried Bella is looking.

"So, I think we are still her toys," says Bella, she and Nessie share a look or despair. "Good thing we've got company this time, maybe she'll get off our backs."

"Not a chance," I hear Alice's voice from the upper floor.

"You'd better go off and feed; she doesn´t like it when you're late. It gets her moody," Jasper adds. "And then I am the one that has to deal with her."

"Late for what?" I ask with a desperate tone in my voice.

"Well, for fitting our costume—" A snarl comes from the upper floor. "Our formal attire," Nessie says standing up from the couch and dropping the book that she was reading. "It looks like you guys are going to grandpa's wedding."

A wedding? I have never in my 150 years as a vampire been to a wedding—or that I could remember. I look back at William and I can swear he's a shade whiter than usual.

"She is a dangerous little thing, isn´t she?" he says without asking anyone specifically, pointing up, obviously referring to Alice.

"You have no idea," Edward answers, laughing aloud, "but you should know a thing or two about dangerous little things." His head moves in my direction.

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