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Chapter 17.-The Package

We have been driving for several hours towards the border to Canada where Maya supposedly hid the package. The drive itself has been rather easy; there were no surprises from the Volturi, and the car that the Cullens loaned us is actually quite nice. Although it's not a recent model, the Black Mercedes has perks; it's fast and it has tinted windows.

Maya had decided that Nessie would go in the front seat with me, to avoid giving her any romantic ideas being close to Jacob. It was actually a big mistake; Maya and Jacob were behaving like children. It was almost funny, until they got on my nerves. I constantly kept glancing back and throwing warning looks to Maya, even busting her a couple of times, but I could see in her face the mischievous look, probably planning to annoy Jacob.

After six hours, Nessie was the one that gave up and decided to change the seating arrangements; she went to the back together with Maya; which meant Jacob was on the front seat. This actually cool things down, but I immediately understood why Maya was behaving like a child; having Jacob´s scent so close could really get to you. After a couple of hours, I was the one that finally gave up and promoted Maya to front seat together with me.

When Maya and Jacob change seats, I could almost swear I saw a look of conspiracy pass between them, making me believe that they´d been planning this all along. Honestly what was I to do? It seemed everybody was happy—apart from the stench of course-which only Nessie didn't complain about.

During this time Jacob explained to us exactly what it meant to be a shape shifter, as well as its benefits and downfalls. With Maya, as usual, the curiosity got the best of her, and she gave Jacob a hard time as she got every possible answer to whatever question came to her head, from him.

"Really, stink bomb? You can communicate among yourselves when you are in your wolf form?" She stared at Jacob.

"I already told you, yes we can. Are you deaf?" He sounds amused.

"So, is that how we are supposed to get updates from the rest of the team?" She , ignores his question, instead she cranes her neck further trying to get a better look at the backseat.

"No, we have the cellphone for that," I answer back.

Edward had given me a cellphone when Maya went to meet with Alice. He didn´t think it was a good idea if Jacob had it, considering that in case of an emergency he would turn into his wolf form and probably break it.

"That is one way of getting updates, but we could always have the other way." He chuckles.

"It would be kind of ineffective, Jake, considering that we are going to be all over the world, not in the same time zone, and you guys having to sleep, plus you would all need to be in your wolf form at the same time, making it really hard," Nessie puts in.

"Let's call it a backup plan in case we have low reception." I can see him smiling at Nessie lovingly.

I turn trying to see Maya, but I only get the back of her head; she is not letting him off easily.

"So you have a good reception up there, stink bomb? What is your cover area?"

"We´ve tested it from Forks to Canada, Dracumaya." His tone is smug.

They´ve been calling each other names since we got in the car.

"How about across the Atlantic?" I can picture her eyebrows shooting up and staring at him.

"Haven´t test it, but I have confidence that it will be all right." He yawns, and I see Nessie yawning as well.

"Maya, I think they will need to sleep for a while."

Maya turns and looks at me. "I am not done with the questioning." She looks annoyed, which manages to steal a smile from my lips.

"Yes, but I am done with the answering." Jacobs decides to put the final note to make Maya pipe down … I hope.

"Ouch, MUTT, watch it; you have bony knees!" Her tone is nowhere amicable.

Ugh! Not again!

She has been complaining how he keeps hitting the back of her seat with his knees.

"You should push your seat further; you are hugging all the leg room." I look through the review mirror and see a smile on his lips; he probably did it on purpose, and considering he was stretching.

"You did that on purpose, dog."

Just when I was thinking things were becoming amicable, they manage to find a way to get on each other's nerves.

"No, I didn´t; just look at this small space that I have. Any move that I make hits your seat, leech."

"This free space, as you like to refer to, was the one you were using when you were sitting up here," she snaps back at him.

"Is not my fault I am big and you're the size of a mosquito."

Oh! Nuts! This is not going to end well.

"Did I hear right?!" Her voice is eight octaves higher.

Need to distract her, need to distract her….

"Maya, just move your seat closer to the dashboard." I look at her and give her a warning look.

She rolls her eyes, but does as I tell her.

After a small while, I hear the soft breathing from Nessie followed by the loud snoring from Jacob.

"And he says my singing is bad. Has he even heard himself snore!" Maya turns and looks at him, shaking her head.

"Why are you provoking him, Maya?" I turn and look at her.

She turns away from Jacob and brings her focus to me. Her face looks ashamed and sheepish, like it does when I've caught her doing something she is not supposed to do. "Because it's distracting and fun." She shrugs her shoulders.

"You are aware that if you piss him off, he might change into a wolf, and put Nessie at great risk. Or at least, that is what I could make of what he explained."

She bites her lower lip. "I wouldn´t go that far. It's just … his scent is not helping, and I'm feeling all moody. Are you sure we can´t crack down the window just an inch or two?"

I shake my head; she knows better.

"Well hopefully my sense of smell will regenerate at some point in my lifetime."

I can't help but smile at this, hoping the same thing.

I take advantage of her distraction, grab a hold of her hand and give her a small squeeze. She turns in surprise, looks at my face and smiles before returning my squeeze, not releasing my hand.

I look at the road and see the sign showing that we are still one hour away from Canada.

"So what exactly is inside the package?" Maya breaks the silence.

"You should know by now. You've already been in my mind." I smile at her and enjoy the effect that it has on her; her eyes widen and I notice her skip a breath.

"I could look at the information, but I'd rather you tell me." She smiles back at me, and I can feel my insides warm by that smile.

"Some years ago I started questioning how impartial the Volturi were, so I decided to create a backup plan. Honestly, I never meant to use it, and each year that passed by the probability seem less, until we met Rosalie and Emmet six years ago. I realize that the Volturi were still alive and in power, so I started putting some money aside, getting fake IDs from different countries in case we needed to flee the US, and a small piece of paper that contained the information from the vampire we met in New York."

"I knew I saw a piece of paper being handed," she adds happily, but I just roll my eyes at her. "So what is so special about Fred?"

"I have no idea. We were talking about vampire rules so I put him up to speed in regards to that. He was also curious about our habits and behavior. He showed interest about abilities and asked many questions, which made me believe there might be something special about him. At the end he gave me a piece of paper and indicated that if we ever needed anything to contact him." I decide to skip the part where I got a strange feeling about him; as if it was hard for me to come near him at some times.

"So maybe Fred doesn´t have an ability and we are just risking our necks trying to let him know that the Volturi are up to something?" Her face is serious.

"It's a possibility. But who knows, maybe he knows somebody else and he can let the others know."

She thinks about my answer, and gives a brief nod. "Did you ever look inside the paper?"

"No, if he had an ability I didn´t want Aro to recruit him. I Told you, I already had my questions regarding the Volturi."

She stays quiet processing the information, before she smiles at me, leans closer to me, and gives me a kiss on the cheek. "Well let´s see what is on that darn piece of paper then."


We arrive at the gas station that Maya mentioned. I look around but don´t remember very clearly seeing it before.

Those three weeks of constant driving after facing Alton, hadd me doing a lot of thinking; I had been on autopilot, and not paying a lot of attention to my surroundings. The only thought circling my mind was not allowing Maya to get closer and more attached to me; I was a dead man . If anything, those were the only actual weeks where I was behaving like a soldier with her as my prisoner; the irony is, at that point, she wasn´t my prisoner anymore.

I didn't notice when she got rid of the package, but at some point I turned and no longer saw it in her hands.

We park the car at a closer location and walk to where the park is located. I look closer and finally get a glimpse of it. It has a few young trees around it, and many flowers have just bloomed, giving a very vivid coloring to the park. I start scanning initially, to make sure I don´t detect any other vampire nearby, before I turn around and notice Jacob is doing the same thing. Jacob is as overprotective of Nessie as I am of Maya.

Of course, Nessie and Maya seem to forget that we are in some kind of feud with the Volturi and cross the street to where the park is, without even analyzing our surroundings.

"Nessie!" Jacob says while crossing the street—a car almost hits him on his way to reach the other side.

Maya and Nessie both stop and look at Jacob, their expressions indicating the ignorance of their mistake, but Jacob furiously start lecturing them about the importance of being together. He is rudely interrupted by a human male who steps closer and engages in conversation with Nessie and Maya. I wait for the light to turn red allowing me to cross the street without the perils of damaging somebodies car.

I reach them and stop a couple feet away from where the human is talking to them. "So as you can see, you can help somebody by donating blood."

I eye Maya, she's still looking at the human male, her smile is frozen in place. Jacob is actually holding out from laughing, while Nessie is kindly looking at the human.

"So what is your blood type?" The human turns and looks at Maya; Jacob actually starts laughing aloud at this.

Maya´s face is full of surprise and she starts biting her lower lip.

"I wouldn´t ask that if I was you." Jacob is finally able to step in.

"Everybody should know what their blood type is." The human's eyes are still set on Maya. "If you like we could go to the trailer and make a quick test."

I would think the whole conversation is amusing except for two small details; the human obviously doesn´t know who he is messing with, and second, I do not like the way he is looking at Maya.

"I already know it." She's finally out of her trance and gives the male a big, wide smile. "Unfortunately I am not eligible to donate blood." She puts a pout on her lips.

"Oh! I am sorry to hear that." The human's face falls, but he keeps looking at Maya. "Does your younger sister know her blood type?" He doesn´t even look at Nessie, but it is obvious that he is referring to her.

"I think this conversation is…." Jacob begins.

"No, she doesn´t know her blood type." I eye Maya but she is not looking at Jacob or me. She grabs Nessie´s arm, turns and winks at her to follow her lead. "Ness, it's important that we do this." Her tone is all serious. "I know you;re scare of needles, but you never know when you might need some blood." Her eyebrows shoot up at this last part.

"O-o-o-okay?" there is a lot of doubt in Nessie´s voice, but she plays along.

Maya is planning something. What exactly? I have no idea, but before I even consider stopping her evil planning, she heads towards where the trailer is, bumping with me on her way over there.

I stop on my tracks; the trailer probably smells of blood—considering all the vials that it will be able to carry. I notice Jacob moving to follow, but stop him.

"Is she nuts?" He is staring at me.

"I couldn´t agree more." I pull his arm. "Jacob, I can´t go in there."

"Then stay here; I;m going to get both of them out." He starts walking off.

"I can´t follow you, Jacob."

He stops and looks at me, understanding the dilemma. He can´t go over there and pull Nessie and Maya out, without leaving me behind, but I don't want to risk going any closer to the trailer. "Just stand midpoint in case something goes wrong," he finally adds.

I sit down at a bench that is near, facing the trailer. A thousand of images are going through my head with not one of them having some kind of successful conclusion. I´ve seen what Maya is capable of; I should know better.

Jacobs seated on a bench closer to the trailer, his stand also tense.

After what seems like an eternity, they finally step out both laughing together with the human. They wave goodbye and make their way over to Jacob and I. Maya is carrying a small cooler, and as soon as the human disappears back into the trailer, Jacob intercepts them before I am able to reach them.

"What is wrong with you two?!" Jacob's voice is full of stress.

They both look at each other with a look of conspiracy on their faces.

"You will thank me once we are in the car." Maya smiles at Jacob.

"You can´t take off like that—especially to a place such like that." He points towards the trailer, his voice controlled, avoiding creating a scene.

"Nothing happened, Jake." Nessie steps closer and touches Jacob´s hand, but he pulls it away from her.

"No, you put yourselves at a very high risk. I don´t think either one of you gets it. What kind of…"

"Hey, stink bomb, if you want to get mad at somebody, get mad at me. Nessie didn´t do anything wrong," Maya cuts off Jacob and gets between him and Nessie, protecting her.

"That was not smart, Maya." I reach them, as Maya turns to me."I agree with Jacob."

Her eyes are full of hurt, before she storms off from where we are.

"We should probably go and get the package." Nessie is the one that breaks the silence. "And for the record, she is a genius." She glares at Jacob and me, then turns on her heels and catches up with Maya.

I look at Jacob, and his face is full of just as much disbelief as mine.

"I am not getting a good feeling about those two teaming up." Jacob turns and looks at me. "They are going to be trouble"

Maya stops when she reaches a statue of some small children playing, before she looks around at each side. I follow her lead and realize that there is hardly any people left in the park. Nessie comes and joins her, while Jacob and I catch up, and helps her put down the small cooler.

"Nessie, Jacob cover me," Maya instructs them.

They locate themselves in front of her, like some kind of bodyguards until Maya is out of sight. I look above Nessie´s head when the grinding noises start. Maya pulls at a small part of the statue, trying to reach the package located inside.

"William, can you reach it, please." Her voice still sour.

I look around at both sides, confirm that nobody is looking, and do as instructed. As soon as I remove it, Maya closes the gap in the statue, leaving it as it was previously.

"Thank you for guarding it." She tells the small children of the statue, as if they could hear her.

I have to hand it to her, it was a good hiding place. I would have never been able to find it.

Nessie and Jacob finally see the famous package, and they look disappointed; it's not very big. They start walking, putting some distance between us, but not too much. I start following them but stop when I realize that Maya has stayed behind.

"Are you coming, Maya?" I ask her; she's still looking at the statue. She sighs, nods, then picks up the cooler.

"I am sorry, William," she says when she reaches me. "I didn´t mean to put you through that."

"It's just hard, Maya. You like to put yourself in a lot of risks"

"I knew ahead of time what to expect. I was prepared." She looks at me. "I wouldn´t put Nessie or you in that kind of danger if I wasn't able to control myself."

"Next time try sharing your plans," I add, feeling my bad mood gradually dimming.

"I didn´t plan on doing this. I had to take advantage of the opportunities that life provided us." She smiles, looking down at the cooler.

"So what exactly do you have in there?" Now that my mood has improved—a little—I start getting curious.

"Well, besides the obvious," she gives me a look indicating don´t get mad, and which I can only assume there is blood in there, "I kind of took some of the filters from the air conditioner." She pulls from behind her back some black tube, handing me one. Inside is a small granular component.

I give it a small shake; it's almost like dust.

"They are made of Carbon Activated; I thought they would be great help with the stench in the car." Her expression is mischievous.

"So you stole from the blood bank? I thought you didn´t like to steal."

She looks away as her smile grows. "I didn´t quite steal from them … specifically." She pulls something else from behind her back; she has my wallet.

When did she…?

My hand automatically goes to my back pocket, but honestly, she is holding the evidence on her hand. "Give me that!"

She giggles at my reaction.

"So you stole from me?"

"Technically no, considering we have a joint bank account. You just save me trip to the ATM." She winks at me and shrugs her shoulders. "I left some money where the filter were located; hopefully they´ll notice it"

"You are unbelievable. We could have gone to a store and probably bought them the honest way." I shake my head at her.

"I didn´t know they existed until I went inside. The smell of blood wasn´t bad at all, and Kevin was kind enough to explain to me how they work, so I took advantage of the opportunity."

"So if you didn´t know you were going to´purchase´the filters, what exactly did you go inside for?"

She stops walking and bites her lower lip."Your mind show me to always plan for the worst case scenario." She raises her eyebrows.

"So, you are planning on drinking human blood?" Okay now I am full of disbelief.

"NO! Are you crazy?!"

The way she is looking at me, makes me want to laugh. "So then what for?"

"I'm thinking about creating a probable escape plan, in case they are able to track us down. This is going to give us the distraction we need." She pats the cooler. "We need to get a hold of some ice."

I stop rooted to place looking at her. She gives me a wide smile.

"Hey, stink bomb, you are SOOOOOO going to love me." She winks at me heads over to Jake and Nessie.

"Never going to happen." There is still some anger in Jacob´s voice.

I hear Nessie chuckle.

She is an evil genius in the making…

Note to self: never piss her off … that is all that I am saying.

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