It had started off as a normal club meeting. Haruhi was daydreaming about fancy tuna while Tamaki stared at her imagining romantic fantasies between the two of them. The Twins were flirting with each other and Honey was eating cake with his bunny. " Hey. Wheres Mori and Kyoyu?"Haruhi asked."I haven't seen them all day."

Suddenly the doors of the musicroom burst open. Kyoyu burst in singing "All my Single Ladies" by Beyonce with a leatard and a silver glove on. "Mother what are you doing?!" Tamaki said horrified. "If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it!" Kyoyu sang. Mori then ran in wearing a bikini. Haruhi screamed as Kyoyu and Mori began making out with each other. Then to everyones utter amazement Tamaki started hopping about singing" I'm a fluffy bunny rabbit.I'm a fluffy bunny rabbit. Honey started to smear cake all over his hair. The twin's had disappeared somewhere. Haruhi didn't blame them. She tried to get Mori and Kyoyu. She finally prised them apart and Kyoyu fell to the floor.

The Twins then appeared with makeup and ballgowns on. Honey then shouted" Lets play RUSSIAN ROULETTE!" He pulled out a gun and said" Me first!" Haruhi screamed and grabbed the gun from the boys hand before he managed to hurt himself. Tamaki had knocked over lots of food and began throwing it at the other club members. "Tamaki what the he-mph!" Haruhi started before began hit in the face by a custard tart. Kyoyu got up and charged round the room roaring declaring that he was a dinosaur! Haruhi was then ambushed by the twins who gave her a makeover which involved whipped cream and jelly. Mori was putting a moustache on a £100,000 painting. Honey then started beating Tamaki up because Tamaki had ate his toy rabbit. The Twins were playing strip poker (to Haruhi's horror) and Kyoyu was wearing a teapot on his head saying "I'm a fairy teapot princess!"

Then the music room door opened. The girls gasped at the choas that was once the distinguished Ouran Highschool Host Club. Haruhi moaned quietly thinking how the hell was she going to explain this!