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The Haunting of Kyo Sohma PART 1

One spooky Halloween night Kyo, Yuki, Momiji,Haru and Tohru were camping in the back garden of Shigure's house. Momiji suggested they tell each other ghost stories. Momiji went fist since it was his idea.

"OH! I've got a reeeaallly scary one I heard at school! It's called humans can lick to. Once there was a little old woman who lived with her little dog. She heard on the news that there was a murderer on the loose and that you should keep all the doors and windows locked at night. She was not really worried but she locked her door anyway. Buutt she kept the little window in the kitchen open to let the air in. She went to bed that night and fell asleep. In the middle of the night she was woken up by a dripping noise. She went to the kitchen and checked the taps but they were fine. She was a little scared so she reached under the bed where her dog sleep. The dog licked her hand and she felt better. She woke up again because of the dripping noise. She realized that it wasn't the taps it was coming from underneath the sink. She opened the cupboard door and screamed because her dog was lying there dead. The dripping noise was its blood dripping onto the floor. And written on the inside of the door with the dogs blood was a message. It said HUMANS CAN LICK TO! The next day she was found dead."

Tohru shivered. Momiji laughed." I told you it was scary!"he said giggling.

end of chapter one

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