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"I don't understand why you dragged me here on my day off just to take you cloths shopping when the cloths you have are fine." My mom sighs while driving into the main part of the city.

I look at her with a face that screams 'really!'.

"You come here everyday to go to work mom besides the only cloths that me and Alice have that fit we've been wearing for the past few days. Everything else we have are way to small or are damaged beyond repair!" I growl at my mom.

It's not hard to take us out shopping or anything. I can buy cloths for Alice and me from my savings so she doesn't have to pay (not like she will anyway) but there weren't any clothing shops near our house so we need someone to drive us. Every time we asked her before to take us out shopping she was either to busy to, out of town or she would try to come up with an excuse to not take us out.

Oh! How rude of me before I continued let me introduce everyone. The grumpy neglectful bitch that's driving is my mom. My name is Jen Brown nice to make your acquaintance.

Currently I am in the car with the only family I have left: my Mom, me, and my little sister Alice.

Unfortunately I don't have a dad he was a medic in the military and he died overseas when his group got ambushed.

I was very young so I don't really remember him, not long after I lost my big brother John. He was my world, everything you wanted in a big brother loving, protective, overbearing as hell when you so much as looked at another boy, (hehe) I loved him, he took care of Alice and me and when dad died he became the new father figure.

Unfortunately we lost him in a similar fashion. He also died overseas; he wanted to follow in dad's footsteps so he became a jet pilot. His jet malfunctioned and crashed, his ejected didn't work so he died in the crash as well.

Those two we're my mom's world ever since then she has cut herself off from anyone else in and out of the family. So my sister and me suffer the consequences.

She doesn't give us any money to survive and she leave me and Alice for days at a time without food so since I was 14 I have worked multiple jobs for me and my sister to survive on our own and funny enough with all that we still have free time.

I spend it learning to fight I am currently working on my black belt in ti chi and I am also on a gymnastics team and a dance group so I guess you can see I am pretty fit for my age (I am 17).

Lot of people are surprised when I am actually in cloth that fit me because they can see the shape of my body and maybe my abs. I have light brown wavy hair that goes down to my lower back and I have honey brown eye. My figure is not always shown because I always wear baggy clothing because that's the only cloths I could really afford. But I would say I have a pretty fit and muscular figure I am kind of a health nut so I am pretty skinny and I have a small set of abs on my stomach from me doing gymnastics. I don't think of myself as beautiful because I as always told I am a nobody a person that doesn't matter, that I am a freak. So I tend to think of myself as an imperfection on nature.

My little sister Alice is the complete opposite of me. She has short shoulder length blond hair and bright blue eye her smile can melt anyone's heart and she will willingly sacrifice herself it will help her friends. Unlike me she is very beautiful on the inside and out, she's the smartest kid in elementary school, she's already skipped 2 grades, and she's good at talking to people. Sadly a lot of people girls are jealous of her so she tends to get bullied quite a bit.

Whenever I am around which is quite often I defend her and most times its ends up with me in fights but I always win the fight. My sister always treat my injury's when I am hurt she thinks it's her calling so she is currently trying to be medic when she is older just like my dad. My mom is against it because she thinks Alice will disgrace my dads name but I think she will do really well so I support her 100%.

I on the other hand I want to go into military also (I know it's a military family ok DON'T JUDGE ME) but I am not sure yet I think black ops or marines. Opps wayyyy off topic BACK TO THE PRESENT….

My mom responds to my reply is just a dirty look, I just role my eyes I got a lot worse looks than that one out of her.

I look out my window as a bunch of people all of a sudden run by screaming their Asses off. I would have laughed but then I shuttered, I all suddenly got this ready dark feeling like something bad was about to happen.

I turn and look at my baby sis to see she has a worried look as well. I turn to mom to tell her to be careful to only see her blaring the horn and cursing out the open window telling the people in front of us to learn to drive and go forward.

'She doesn't see the people running and screaming wow talk about shortsighted'. "Mom maybe we should go another way I think something might be happening" I say with slight worry in my voice hoping that this one time she will take my advice because something might be happening and I don't want my family to get hurt.


'How dare she bring my brother into this! He was my world and now she brings him up because I ask her to change her route. Bitch! '

I look ahead to see something falling towards our car. Almost like a motherly instinct I quickly turn to my sister and try to block her from what's coming.

I hear my mom scream and the front window shatters but that's it. The car gets hit and does a flip landing upside down. After that everything to me is like slow motion and silent.

I took a pretty bad hit to my head trying to protect my sister from the glass and debris. I could also feel a sharp pain in my lower thigh. I look down or in this case up to my legs to see a large glass shard in my leg jammed in my thigh blood pouring actually pouring down from it. I felt blood coming down from my head from were I hit it and it starts to obscure my eyesight.

I turn to the driver seat to see what state my mom was in and quickly look away. I force myself not to gage at the sight, I am use to seeing blood and such from my fights but on myself not someone else. I large piece of metal was pierced right threw my moms stomach her intestines were pouring out of her.

Her eyes were void of all emotion so lifeless so sad. That image will haunt me forever. I close my eyes and send a silent prayer for her even though she was mean, neglectful and abusive she was still my mother and not even she deserved to die in that way.

I look back to my sister hanging upside down unconscious but I was relieved that she wasn't as bad as me she had a few cuts but nothing as sever like mine. My new goal was clear get my sister out of the car and to medical attention. I wasn't a medic and I had no idea if she was really hurt or not so I quickly get into action to lessen the risk.

I rush and undo my seatbelt without thinking, and yup because of my dump thinking I landed right on my bleeding head causing it to bleed even more heavily and getting more blood into my eyes I sit up using one hand to try and find the door handle and the other to wipe the blood from my eyes.

I found it and with a little trouble forced the door open. I quickly crawl out and try to stand up only to stumble and catch myself on the car I look down at my thigh with the glass shard still in it. I can't walk with it in my leg I had to pull it out.

I was shaking when I went to grab it I always hated doing stuff like this I had to put my dislocated shoulder in once before and I hated it so I left the healing and taking pointy things out of me to my sister she could do it without all the pain.

I grab the piece of glass and take a deep breath and hold it and yank the glass out of my leg. I let a pained scream out. 'Damn that HURT LIKE A BITCH!' I doubt that anyone could hear my scream because there was gunfire and explosions going one all around me.

I finally could look up and see what was going on, I do a double take to make sure I am seeing things clearly.

There were giant robots and the military solders firing at other giant robots…Yup see it not quite believing it.

I shake my head and ignore the giant robot that transformed into a helicopter and flew off and went to go grab my sister from the back seat. I open the door and with more caution this time stationed myself under her so when I undid the seatbelt I caught her. I then drag her unconscious form out of the flipped over car being carful of all the glass and metal as well surrounding us.

Then when I had her out of the car I pick her up princess style and starting to run down the street to get to the emergency vehicles a couple blocks away I was very grateful that the fighting didn't look like it reached that area yet. So I start running or in this case limping as fast as I can to get my sister to safety.

I was almost to the ambulance I had one intersection left to go, then out of nowhere a big silver robots comes crashing down dragging a big red and blue robot with him. From the look of them both I could tell both of them were men.

The red and blue bot's eyes were blue but they were filled with kindness and safety that's something I didn't expect to see. But the Silver bot had blood red eyes full of hate and blood lust I know because I have had it myself and seen it in other people before.

When they started getting up I was scrambling out of the way with my sister still in my arms because I saw the silver bot flick a guy into a car and I don't particularly want that to happen to me or my sister so I got to some ruble on the far side of the intersection away from the fighting bots. But unfortunately also away from the ambulance the fighting was going on for a while and it started to look like the red and blue one would lose. I felt my sister sift under me so I look down I her to check if she's ok.

My sister was starting to come to when the silver one that tackled big red (yes I called him a nickname deal with it!) towards us. A teenage boy about my age carrying a cube looking thing came out of the ruble near by and tried to run to big red but the other guy started to crawl towards the boy.

"Give me… mine…. Alspark!" the other guy roared.

When big red turn over and saw what was happening he yelled at the boy "SAM! Put the cube in my chest now!"

The boy… Sam I guess instead of listening to big red, ran to Big and ugly (Yay another nickname :D DEAL WITH IT!) and shoved the cube thing in his chest.

When the cube was being destroyed I felt great pain and heard a screaking coming from what I thought was the cube. I then felt warmth flow over my body and I blacked out.

I hear a soft humming sound around me for some reason I knew I had nothing to fear. But at the same time I felt great pain and sorrow in the same soothing hum. I open my eyes and look around to see I am surrounded by darkness.

"Hello…" I say slight fear in my voice. I continue to hear the sad humming.

"Are you ok? Where are you? Tell me where you are so I can help you." The sad humming stops and a bright light shines in front of me. I had to cover my eyes cuz it was so bright.

"My child" a motherly voice said to me.

"Your spark is pure and kind, you protect those who have no voice and are willing to protect all those you care for. Even comfort a stranger." The motherly voice said with pride.

"Who…who are you?" I say slightly afraid.

"You have nothing to fear my child for I am the Alspark the mother to all the cybertroinans that you saw earlier."

"So those robots were your children?" slightly confused.

The Alspark chuckled a little "yes my child or they were decedents of my children but sadly my children are fighting amongst themselves for my power and as you saw I was sacrificed to try and stop it." The Alspark said in a sad voice.

"But if you were sacrificed how are you talking to me?" I say confused

"My child it is because you are chosen to carry on in my place as the mother of Cybertron."

My eyes could have popped out of my head at that moment. Me? A mother of an alien race? No way!

"You got the wrong girl there's no way I can be a mother! Look at me! I am a ugly human teenager that always gets into fights to help her baby sister, which no one ever listens to." I say looking down after telling her my flaws.

The light then wraps around me and I feel a warm feeling like one you get when you're hugged. "Child you are so much more than you see yourself and I will always be with you on your journey and guild you do not worry about anyone listening to you they will when they see your power and heart."

"But how will I show them?"

"Do not worry I am giving you my powers to create cybertronian life and as well as creating energon to sustain them. Among other things you will find out on your journey." She tells me soothingly.

"But with my powers your body will start to change you will eventually become one of us so you can live longer, the process will be painful and slow so be warned." She says sadly.

"Don't worry about me. How bad can it be? If I can help your people I will go through it." I say with a smile.

"You are very unique young one, your powers will come little by little so you can't help my children yet, it is time for you to wake now little one I will speak with you soon."

"Alright don't worry… ah... Alspark"

The Alspark chuckles "call me 'Mother' Jen, Farwell" The light disappears and I am left alone again and as I black out.

I open my eyes slowly because I am afraid the pain will come back when it doesn't I blink a few times and look around I am in a hospital bed with by most dreaded enemy needles in my arm.

I hate needles they give me the creeps and there soul purpose is to put foreign chemicals into someone's body yuck. I decide to leave them in afraid I might trigger a reaction or alarm if I take them off one never can be to careful and I didn't want the other patients to be disturbed for my not wanting something in my are which is probably helping me heal.

I feel a pressure on my leg and I look down see Alice's head on it asleep. I smile to myself glad that she is safe and that I am the one in the hospital be not her. I go to move my hand to pat her head but I stop when I notice a symbol engraved in my palm almost like it was burned there.

I guess this is the beginning of the change that 'Mother' was talking about. It looked like a mix of chines with Egyptian but clearly not from earth. I look at my other palm and notice that there isn't one there so I use that one to pet my sister's hair.

When I touch her hair she jolts upright and looks at me when she sees me awake she starts to cry and hugs me.

"They're gone" she cries in my ear "mom's dead they're gone."

I hug her back and hold her and comfort her. When she calms down I look down at her "don't worry sis we'll make it work we won't get separated I promise you."

She nods and hugs me again when we let go just as the door opens and revel two guys in suits and sunglasses covering their eyes and a guy in a military uniform.

They walk up to me and my sister, the guy in the military uniform looks to be young he was maybe in his mid-thirties with short brown hair and very well build judging the way he held himself I am guessing he was in charge.

"Miss Brown?" he says I look up at him and say "yes that's me."

He comes over and stands by the end of my bed while the other two wait at the door. "I am very sorry for your lose my name is William Lennox."

"Nice to meet you Mr. Lennox I am Jen."

We shake hands and he straightens back up "I wish we could have met by easier circumstances but I was good friend with your father."

I straighten up now very interested "I promised him that if anything happened to him and your mother I would take you in as your godfather since you aren't legal age to live on your own without a parent."

To say I was shocked would be an understatement, I never knew my dad that well but I am glad he had loyal friends but I couldn't do that to such a nice man. "I would hate to inconvenience you or your family at all that is such a big thing to do."

"Not at all I am sure if your father was alive today and my daughter was in your shoes he would do the same thing," he says with a genuine smile.

I smile and tried to get up out of my bed Alice help's me up and we both go over to him and hug him. "Thank you" I whisper in his ear.

We pull back and he smiles again "don't mention it" then his face becomes more serious "I have to talk about what you saw today" me and Alice both nod and sit down on the bed.

He lectured us on how we are not under any circumstances allowed to say anything about what we saw today, when I asked him why all he said was "It's classified". I roll my eyes mentally 'oh brother'

Later that week I was discharged from the hospital; I was still unable to walk properly without help so I got stuck with a stupid crutch. When I was discharged Will told us that our stuff has been moved to his house. So we got in his black Topick and left.

While I looked out the window I ran my hands gently up and down the door near the widow and I could have sworn that the car shivered at the touch.

When we arrived a couple of hours later I get out and use my crutch to help me to the door when Will opens the door I am met by a crying yelling baby, Will's wife Sarah comes to the door looking exhausted and greets us.

We were lead to our rooms and shortly after we were all set up I went downstairs to try to help Sarah with dinner or clean. I ended up taking care of Annabelle while Sarah prepared dinner.

"Under the snow beneath the frozen stream there is life…" I sang to Annabelle who was giggling and smiling while I play with her.

Will comes in and sees me playing with Annabelle and smiles "Dinners ready kiddos lets go" I smile and pick up Annabelle and my crutch and walk/limp to the table. I set Annabelle in the high chair and sit beside her at the table.

"Thank you again Jen I don't know how you did it but you are a life saver with babies! You will make a great mother one day". I blush and look away thinking 'you have no idea' remembering what the Alspark told me.

Later that night Will told us stories about my dad and how they both saved each other's life on more than one occasion.

"Wow I can only dream to do half the thing you and my Dad did" My sister says eyes full of wonder.

"Thank you again for letting us stay here with you I don't know what we would have done if you haven't taken us in." I say with sadness and apology in my voice.

Will and Sarah look at me with what I can only describe as love and kindness. "You have no need to thank us it's the lest we can do and I personally am over joyed to have two brand new daughters to spoil and have help out," Sarah said with a motherly warm smile.

When she said this I couldn't control myself both my sister and I got up (me with more difficulty) as tears are streaming down my face and go over and hug them both with all our might.

Never in all my life has anybody showed me this much love and kindness. I never got to know my dad because he died before I could really get to know him and mom well… She never really noticed us, she put us off as a side note only looking at us when we truly needed something from her to survive or need something for school otherwise mom never really showed us love. I tried to show them how much that meant to me and my sister in that one hug.

As I pulled away Annabelle who was in Sarah's arms starts to whine and reach for me. I take her from Sarah and hug her and kiss her on the cheek. She giggles and snuggles into my embrace and falls asleep. I look down at my new baby sister and look up at everyone else tears still in my eyes. "Thank you" I whisper.

"I still think I should repay you both somehow please tell me what you want me to do to pay you back and I will do my best to do it."

As I say it determination setting in I swear if you looked into my eyes right now you'd see flames like what you see during one of those anime. Will and Sarah look at each other smiling and then look back at me.

"You really don't have to pay us back you know we are happy for you to be apart of this new family. But if you really want to pay us back you can help me take care of Annabelle and be her protector or sitter of sort."

My smile was so wide I was surprised it didn't hurt. I nod feverishly and look down at my new little sister with new determination in my mind I promised not only will I help the conflicted race of cybertronians by becoming the new Alspark but I will also give my life to protect my new family. Little did I know the things that were coming and all the things I would have to do to get by them.

This is where my new life begins.