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Chapter 4: Introducing Sam and the Guardians

Jen's POV

After Avril got over her crying fit she let me breath again and we quickly got to talk and catching up on what's new and the best places to hang out and what ever else was on our minds at the time.

Soon after Sarah came home and she remembered were she heard the name before after she saw Avril. Apparently they have been neighbors down the road for six years before Sarah and Will were even married.

When Alice came down and joined us she had to be pried away from the death grip hug Avril had her in because she was turning blue. A couple hours later Sarah allowed her to say over for the night. As all sleepovers were there was little sleep happening and we promptly stayed awake all night, which threw me off the next day because my body was thrown off its regular routine.


The next few days flew by after that with us coming over and hanging out at each others houses and her showing me all the best places are to run and hang out are. She even showed me in the forest near by our houses a rout that she runs and a cliff she jumps and goes swimming near that nobody else knows of.

And before I new it Will came home. Will arrived while Avril and me were out swimming and when we walked in with only a pair of short shorts and bikini tops on it was very awkward because all eyes were on us.

In the living room there sat Will with Annabelle asleep in his arms and Sarah sitting beside him on the couch. And across the room sitting on the armchair much to my surprise was the boy I saw push the Alspark into Megatrons chest. Sam? I think his name was and beside him sitting on the arm of his chair was a beautiful looking girl with brown shoulder length hair. Judging the way Sam had his arm around the girl's waist I assume there an item. But that didn't stop his eyes from wandering up and down my and Avril's soaking wet bodies.

Will see's this and quickly see's that I am uncomfortable under Sam's gaze and acts.

"Ah Jen, Avril good to see you two how was your swim enjoyable I hope?" Will says while glaring at Sam out of the corner of his eye. I have a feeling that Will is going to be a father that is very protective of his little girls and will not give the boys any slack or try to intimidate them into not checking out his girls. Like he was doing right now.

Sam got the hint and quickly adverted his gaze from my body and looked down to his feet, his face red with probably embarrassment. I had to hold down my smirk inside I was chanting 'go dad go'.

"It was fantastic Will you should really come with us the next time we go swimming I am sure Annie would love it too." Avril says totally unaware of what just happened between Sam and my Dad.

"Maybe I might but first I want to introduce you to Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes they're the ones I mentioned that help us earlier" Will says cleverly avoiding the subject of Mission city.

"I can see this is something going to be something I am not allowed in on so I will just go then. Text me later Jen?" Avril asks.

"Totally! see ya."

Avril leaves and I quickly shake hands with Sam and Mikaela and quickly go change so I am in something less… distracting for Sam's sake.

When I just got dressed into a light blue sundress and black fingerless gloves, and when I was about to leave my room I sensed… something. It took me a moment to realize that I am picking up a spark signature of an autobot because instead of feeling afraid or nervous like I would for a disepticon. I can feel three on the way here towards the house but I don't know which ones which because I don't know them personally yet. I quickly make sure my signal is shielded so they can't sense me and head downstairs to meet them.


(Will's POV)

I continue to glare at Sam out of the corner of my eye while we wait for Jen to come downstairs after getting dressed. I didn't like the way he was looking at her she may not be related by blood but I love her like a daughter and I will keep her safe from men who are not good for her. Sam's a good kid don't get me wrong but he's not someone I would approve of checking out my daughter. I look out the window to the front yard scouting making sure to see when they arrive. They should be here any minute.

When I hear Jen come downstairs is when I see them roll up. A black Topick, a yellow and black Camaro, and finally a police car.

I look up at Jen to tell her not to be surprise whatever happens meeting the bots "Jen perfect timing the bots just got here they will be functioning as the guardians or Me, Sam, Mikeala, You, Alice, Sarah and Annabelle. Sam and Mikeala's guardian has been assigned to them long ago and you will have one specifically to protect you because you travel around more often then Alice while the other one will protect me, Sarah, Annabelle, and Alice." I look up to see Jen nodding to me that she understands. " And one more thing don't be afraid of the bots especially Ironhide he just like to show off his cannons sometimes but they won't hurt you. Ok?"

I see Jen nod again satisfied I usher everybody outside to finally meet the new Guardians of my family.


(Jen's POV)

I could hardly hold myself from jumping up and down with excitement. Which one will be my guardian? Do they have awesome cannons like dad said? Will they like me? Will they want to be my friend? And most importantly will they still want to be my friend after they find out what I have been hiding from them?

While I am worrying about all this stuff in my head I see the three bots I sensed earlier ones the black Topick that I rode home in from the hospital… well that explains why it trembled at my touch. Ewww I feel dirty now. I can feel almost like a protective aura coming from the truck I have a feeling he/she takes the guardian job very seriously and does it well. The second is a yellow Camaro with black racing strips on it I have a feeling he or she is a young bot because I sense an almost childish aura. The final one which I think has my respect right of the bat is the police car. I don't know why I just feel like I am being draw to it, its almost like I feel I am met to be with him or her. I also have a feeling this is a higher up because to me I feel authority and power radiating off of it.

My eyes are glued to the police car while we step out of the house. I still can get over this feeling I have inside of me. While I am going over this inside my head Will calls out "Ok guys you can come out now and introduce yourselves."

After he says that the magic happens, they all start to transform. The sound of gears against gears and shifting metal echoes threw the yard until they finish and as I can see the three cars are all guys.

"Jen let me introduce you to Ironhide…" As Will introduces me the black robot turns on his cannons (that are huge by the way) and points them at me.

"Feeling lucky? Punk!" Ironhide says to me in a smirk. Will charges up to him looking pissed; I think this is the bot that Will said showed off his cannons. Before Will stared yelling I took this time to reply.

"Awesome! Best first impression EVER! Can you show me how they work?" I said to Ironhide. The only response I got from him is a barking laugh that emerged from his voice box.

"Me and her will get along just fine. I like you femme." Ironhide states while looking at me with a grin on his faceplates.

Will drags his hand down his face most likely at the antics of Ironhide lucky Alice isn't here but at some pre-med club if she was here she would probably pass out and claim she's a medic not a fighter (she says that when I tell her to get self defense lessons).

"Ahem ok this" Will gestures to the yellow bot behind him "is Bumblebee and is Sam and Mikeala's guardian if your guardian is too busy to pick you up Bee will come and get you."

I wave to the bot and he waves back with much enthusiasm. "Nice to meet ya li' lady." I hear a cowboy voice coming from the radio inside bee.

"Bee can't talk so he will mostly use snippets of songs and stuff from radio." Sam reply's obvious to my confused look on my face.

"And finally your guardian Jen, meet Prowl."

Said bot comes closer to me and kneels down in front of my face. It to all of my will power to stop the blush coming to my face. The mechs face was so close to mine, and he was GORGUSE, strong lean face bright blue eyes and on the top of his head he had a sort of horns that mad him look even manlier. If you are wondering I am trying and failing now to contain my blush while I take in his appearance.

"It is an honor to meet you Jennifer I will do my best to keep you safe but I must let you know I do not deal with rule breakers well just to let you know ahead of time. But other than that I hope we can get along without any problems."

'OH MY GOD! His voice is like sex to my ears. I frankly don't care what he's saying but I will do whatever he wants if I can just stay with him!' Not trusting my voice I simply just nod and smile. He smiles in return and I am pretty sure I just turned to goo. Great how am going to be able to take anything seriously with my new amazingly hot bodyguard around.

'What have I gotten myself into?'

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