Chapter 1:Black and White

Ever since I was born, I lived in Orre. Now I don't know if you know much about it, but it is the most boring place in the known universe. With no league system, and next to no wild Pokemon, it sucks to be a kid interested in Pokemon living in Orre. I also think the fact I was the only kid in Agate Village, may have added to my extreme boredom.

In Orre life is as boringly black and white as a Pancham's fur, which leads quite nicely into chapter two of my life. My move to Kalos!

Seeing as my mom, the cooking channel extraordinaire Linda Carwill, won the Super Sweet Swirlix competition she was invited to Kalos, in all its colourful glory, to work in the Swirlix Institute to showcase her new sweetie ideas for a one year trial.

And that was that. Within a week of receiving the letter, my mother and I were on a plane saying goodbye to the desert tundra of Orre and saying hello to Kalos.




My mother practically jumped out of her plane seat when I woke her, muttering a "whosaywhatnow?"

"Sorry mom," I said, leaning myself across the plane aisle to pat her on the back. "Did I wake you?"

She smiled, and gave me one of those 'are you kidding' faces. I smiled back.

"What was it you wanted sweetie?"

I always found it funny when she called me sweetie, her being a dessert maker, or whatever you call them.

"I just woke you to tell you that we're almost there," I said, hitchhiking my finger to the plane window, where over the water the Kalos region could be seen.

"Oh woah!"

She leaned over the aisle and over me to see out my window. As we slowly approached out new home the five-star shape of the Kalos region became clear. I tried to make out Vaniville town, our new home, but with Mom's hair practically in my face all I could make out was the Capital city of Lumiouse. That was where the plane would land.

"Isn't it amazing!" Cheered Mom, still leaning over me.

"Yeah," I sighed,"Sure would be better if I could see."

Mom laughed with a "Sorry sweetie." She turned to her window, where I guess she found something of interest.

With no head blocking my window, I got a clear view of the region. Then I realised, I knew what nothing was called. North of Lumisouse I saw a place that from now on would be called Pod Canyon in my head, and a castle I guess I would call Royal Palace.

Between coming up with names and moms constant "oh look at that" (even when I had no idea what to look at) I didn't even realise the plane landing. The two short bumps hit me by surprise. So much so I jumped up in my seat with a yelp.


I heard the people around me giggle, including Mom, and I sank down in my seat. A flight attendant even heard, and while still smirking at me asked if I was alright. I responded to him with 'I'm ok.'

After the embarrassment of my girly scream, and an incident involving my mother and our luggage that took far longer than it should have, we made in to Vaniville town six hours later than expected, at one in the morning.

Our home was great. Back in Orre our apartment was practically a Pignite sty compared to our house and garden here. While mom fascinated about bushes or something (I'm not the best listener) I walked up the steps to our front door. Our door was a large wooden one, and had a Ryhorn door knocker. Attached to this was a pink envelope addressed to mom. A Swirlex chasing a piece of candy was drawn on the envelopes corner. This was the Swirlex Sweets logo.

As the letter only did say Carwill, I guessed it would be ok to look at it. My mom was still staring wide eyed at some plant thing anyway.

Dear Mrs Carwill

So it was for my mom. To late to turn back now!

We hope the journey to your new home has been an enjoyable one.

Real enjoyed myself sitting in an airport for four hours while my mom runs around talking to all sorts of people.

And we hope everything in your new home is to your standards and that you and your son will have a great time here. Instead of bringing you to head office in Luminose City, you will work here in a small bakery in town. The name of the shop is Lickytung's Lovelies. And can be found around the Vanivlle town square. You will begin work in a week, on the 12th, and if you wish, child care for your son in free.

"WHAT?!" I screamed. Did the company know I was fourteen?

Jeremy's (another worker at Lickytung's Lovelies) daughter, Shauna who is fourteen, would be happy to mind your son Xavier and we will pay her.

"No no no no no no no," was all I could think. "No way was someone my age going to babysit me."

Anything else that is unlear can be brought up with Jeremy. Have fun!

Swirlix Sweets

I scrunched the pink piece of paper up into a ball and shoved in into my pocket. I thought of how it was kind of important for mom to read her working agreements, but she would never let me live down that bit about the babysitting.

As we had expected, the front door was unlocked. I stepped up into my new home to find it just as nice as the outside. White tiles floors, wooden beams along the ceilings and wooden carved furniture; it all seemed really nice. Nice being an alternative to the word old.

But hey, it seemed modern enough. I could see through the archway leading into the living room there was at least a tv. I decided to invest age the modernness (is that a word?) by walking into the living room.

I almost got as big a fright as I did on the plane. I, once again, screamed much higher than a fourteen year old boy should be able too when I saw a young girl lying down on the couch.

She was around my age, and wore a pink top with gothetelle ribbons down it, and short denim shorts, She had brown hair that was tied in... I would know what to call it and tanned skin. I couldn't help but think this random girl on my couch was hot.

My mom ran (not the right word, considering she was wearing sandals) into the room to see what was happening.

"Is she dead!" My mother screamed. I probably would have laughed if I wasn't thinking the same thing.

We soon discovered the girl was not dead when she woke with all the noise.

"OMGOMGOMGOMG!" was all the girl said for a good ten seconds. I began to think she was a malfunctioning robot. This theory was blown out the water when she said "I am so so so so sorry! My name is Shauna," the girl said. She looked like she was sweat dropping.

"I'm Linda," my mom said while handshaking Shauna. She was extremely confused. "What are you doing in our home?"

"I came to delivery the Swirlex Sweets letter, and welcome you. You were running late so I kinda fell asleep. My father is Jeremy, he will be working with you!"

"Sorry, what letter?"

Before Shauna could speak I took the scrunched letter out of my pocket and handed to mom.

"Oh thank Xavier!" Mom said sarcastically.

As mom read the letter, her face looked less confused. Shauna's face looked the opposite.

"Wait, your Xavier!"

I nodded at my name.

"Your four year old Xavier I've been hired to child mind!"

Then I remembered the letter. Mom laughed; I guess she was reading that part of the letter now.

"Sorry Shauna," my mom said laughing, "But I don't think we will be needing your services."

"I'm fourteen, not four."

"Oh," said Shauna, apparently dumdstruck. "Then why was I hired to babysit you?"

I looked over to my mom, because I myself wanted to know the answer.


I sighed, "Opsies?"

"I guess I made a mistake," she laughed, "When I call Swirlix tomorrow, I'll mention your not four. But now, I think it's time for bed!

"Yeah," smiled Shauna, "I best be getting home."

"Do you want Xavier to walk you."

I practically growled at mom.

"It's ok; I live next door! Also Xavier, if you want I could give you a tour of the town tomorrow."

"That would be great!" my mom answered for me. "Goodnight!"