Chapter 4: Black, White and a Little Green Leaf


I'm pretty sure that after that, everyone in the town square had turned their attention to me and my mother, who wouldn't let me go from a death-trap of a hug.

"WHEN I GOT THE CALL I WAS STILL IN BED!" she screamed. It didn't that a genius to work this out, considering my mom stood still her pj's. I saw Trevor and Tierno behind my mom snickering to themselves. I scolded them with my eyebrows.

"I'm fine mom," I sighed. "I'd be more worried about your new workplace."

I pointed to where 'Lickytung's lovelies' window had been destroyed by Sir Drago's Noivern. The knight retired to his mansion after the battle was won, with no discussion between him and the police taking place.


My mom finally let go of me and ran over to the shop. Jeremy, the shop owner and my new friend Shauna's dad, was outside weeping up glass. When my mom approached him, I think she realised that she had never in fact met him. An awkward handshake occurred between the two.

"So," smiled Shauna, "The rest of the tour!"

I literally could have collapsed from sheer confusion. Her father's shop front had been obliterated my sound waves, and two pyromaniacs just tried to burn down the town with their lizard.

"Does this sort of thing happen often?" I asked, slightly worried that the town folk were acting like everything was normal.

As she took her head, her hair tussled back and forth. "Nope, but I've already asked my dad and there is nothing else that we can help to do so… tour?"

I smiled at her, "I think I'll call it a day."

"Mk," she smiled. Shauna turned her attention to Tierno and Trevor now as I walked away. "You guys want a Pokémon battle?"

Wait; they had Pokémon? Shauna hadn't mentioned if she had before, but the way she said that sounded like it was something that happened a lot.

I heard Trevor answer 'alright' but I didn't look back. I needed a break from crazy town.

Trevor and Shauna showed up at my door later that night.

"Hey X," smiled Shauna.


"New nickname," she explained, "What you doing?"

"Not much, just watching TV. You?"

"Trevor and I just got back from a Pokémon battle," said Shauna, "Trevor won… again."

I looked over at the ginger, who gave me a smirk, "What can I say, I know Pokémon."

"Well that's an understatement," cried Shauna, "You know what my Spritzee is going to do before I do."

I felt an argument coming along, so I quickly changed the subject.

"So you have a Spritzee?" I asked, having no idea what a Spritzee was. Another Kalos Pokémon probably.

Shauna gave a nod, "Want to see?"


From the bag she had slung over her shoulder she removed from it a pokeball. She threw it to the ground beside her and from it sprung a Spritzee, I guessed.

The little guy was pink and around the size of my ankle. It had a swirl on its head, a light pink beak thing and some wings. With its wings Spritzee flew up to the shoulder of its trainer.

"Xavier, meet Spritzee."

"Nice to meet ya," I smiled.

"Spriii!" the pink bird-thing smiled back.

"You never stood a chance using a Spirtzee offensively," smiled Trevor, "Am I right Xaiver?"

I slowly nodded, feeling extremely awkward and having no idea what he was saying. "Yeah…"

"You do know that you should never use a Spritzee offensively."

"Oh," Shauna butted in, "Xavier doesn't know any Kalos Pokémon?"


Pidgeys (or whatever they had here) would be flying from the trees, if there were trees around my house…

"Let me teach you!"

"Um…" I felt extremely awkward. I did want to know more about Kalos Pokémon, but Trevor seemed a little to genius for me. "I guess."

"Great, I will be here tomorrow at six with my books. Be ready!"

Trevor marched down my drive and turned right. When he was gone, I gave Shauna a death stare.

"What?" she said iccocently.

"Do I look like the kind of guy who wakes up at six?"

She stared me up and down before giving me one of her famous 'I don't want to speak' head shakes.


There was an awkward silence, lasting about five seconds before she said, smiling, "So, do you have any Pokémon?"

I decided to forget about the Trevor, and move onto the new conversation with her.

"Nope," I sighed.

"Well that's a bummed. Especially since the league entries close tomorrow," she sulked.

"Wait what?!"

I was sure I had read in a pamphlet or something that the league entries closed before we left.

"Yeah, entry forms for the league this year have to be handed in tomorrow. Trevor, Tierno and I all sent off your forms ages ago.

I was dumbstruck. To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of Pokémon training. Back in Orre, when I was ten I think, I wanted to go on a journey desperately but in Orre there is no league. I kind of felt I owed it to ten years old me to give it a go. Sure I would like a Pokémon journey. In fact, a Pokémon journey would be awesome. It would be better than sitting around, enrolling in school, with no one but mom and my new 'best friend' Jeremy. I mean, you get one year form your education to go on a journey, and I would rather do it with my friends. Yes, Pokémon journey!

"I want to go on my journey this year too."

"Um, well, you're a little late. You realise you have to fill out a seven page form and send it off. To catch the mail man, you would have to fill your form out in like… five hours. Not to mention you haven't entered a contract with the professor, which means no free starter Pokémon. You would have to supply your own."

This was the smartest thing she had ever said. The fact that the smartest thing she said to me, was a list of reasons I couldn't go on a Pokémon journey bugged me.

"Well that's ok. You can print off a form from the league website, right?"

She nodded with a smile. I felt she admired my enthusiasm, but I was pretty big headed.

"Then I'll print it and fill it out, GODSPEED!"

"That's not the right use of the word."

"Never mind. I'll be really fast, and for a Pokémon; I'll just find one and it will love me for my awesomeness!"

She laughed. "You also need parent permission!"

"Then I'll go get my mom. Could you print off a form?"

"Sure X," she smiled. She ran next door to my house and I ran to the town square.

"Good luck, godspeed!" she cheered, "Now that's using it right!"

When I made it to 'Lickytung's Lovilies,' Jeremy was standing outside looking at the shop front. With no glass the cakes were open for pidgeys, or whatever you call them here, to eat. He seemed to be pondering over that problem.

"What do you want?" he growled at me. I kind of wished Shauna was here, because he was a little nicer with her around.

"Is my mom here?" I said, in an extremely high nervous voice.

"No," he barked, "She's um… out."

"Hey Xavier!"

My mom's voice came from inside the store and not from… out.

I frowned at Jeremy, who smugly smiled at me, as I walked into the shop.

"Hey mommy."

Now I was pretty nervous about asking my mom to let me leave one a Pokémon journey at such short notice, but I have no idea where 'mommy' came from.

"Yeah?" In her voice I heard both confusion and laughter.

"I was um… I was wondering if I could eeh… possibly by any chance um…"

"Why are you so nervous?" she said. She was so kind in her words. She sat down on a pink stool and patted on the one beside her. I sat down, still extremely nervous to ask my mom.

"Well," I breathed out. I decided to take a different approach. "Do you remember when I was like ten, and wanted to go on a Pokémon journey?"

"Yeah," she said with some destination in my voice, like she didn't know what I was going at.

"But I didn't go because I had no friends to go with, and there was no league back in Orre."

"Yeah." I hated the fact she spoke in the exact same voice. It only meant that I had to explain further.

"Well here there is a league; and I also have friends here so…"

"Yes," she smiled, interrupting my sentence. "Of course you can go on a journey."

My eyes grew a whole lot bigger, and I couldn't stop smiling at my mom. She held out her arms and I happily hugged her.

"It's a little short notice, but of course you can go on one."

That reminded me. "OH!"

She pulled away holding her ear, "A little loud."

"Sorry mom but I just remembered, the form for league admission and Pokémon licence. "

"But where can we get one?"

"Shauna's printing one off at home," I smiled, "Come on!"

I grabbed my mom's hand and yanked her out of her seat. Running home is a little harder if you have to tug a mom (who is constantly shouting "SLOW DOWN!" to you) along with you.


I said, knocking on her open front door.

She popped out of a room down the corridor from me and gave me a smile. "In here."

We followed her into the computed room to find her on the floor, next to her printer. Around her were at least twenty pages of paper, and they were still printing out.

"The form is a little longer than I remembered it," she giggled, "But I'm pretty sure it's almost done."

"Well," my mom smiled, "Let's get started on the pages that have been printed."

After three hours of signing my name, answering pointless yet compulsory questions like, are you allergic to Pokémon and having to read through the four pages terms and conditions (my mom insisted) I was beat, but I had a complete form.

Outside it looked like it was getting late.

"That's half seven, fifteen minutes before the postman gets here," chimed Shauna, "Well done X."

"All right!" cheered my mom, like she was a teenager. "I'll put this in a package and take it to the post box. You guys should just chill out."

She left the room with the form to go next door back to my house. I lied down on the couch in Shauna's computer room, absolutely knackered.

"You still know that you don't have a Pokémon?" she sighed.

"UHHHHHHH!" I completely forgot about the fact I didn't have a Pokémon to challenge the league with, and I'd need one pretty soon.

"The guys and I aren't going on our journey for quite a while, so you'll have plenty of time to find a Pokémon."

"Alright," I sighed, "I'll be getting home."

"See ya X!" she smiled, as I got up from the couch and left her house.



Something was moving in the bushes between Shauna and my house.

"What was that?"

As I bent down beside the bushes, a small leaf that was sticking out quickly retracted back into the bush. It all happened in a split instant, but I'm sure I saw the leaf.

"Anyone in there?"

I stuck my hand into the bush, and as I did something inside jumped out and kicked me in the face. All I saw was the creatures black and white fur as it darted down the pathway and scooted down the street.

"W-was that, a Pokémon?"

Thank you for reading all four chapters so far. This chapter is pretty slow, but as I can only write till after the first gym until October I want to stretch the story out.

Quiz Question: As Shauna, Tierno and Trevor have entered a contract with teh professor, which of the starters do you think they will get?