Chapter 7: The Girl in Red

Three weeks later…

I had awoke two hours before, but I didn't get out of bed. It was almost like my legs couldn't manage it.

It was today, October 12, that my journey would begin. I felt butterfree's in my stomach and sweat on my head, and I hadn't even moved; you could say I was a little nervous.

My Magnezone alarm clock finally went off two hours after I had got up, and I turned it off with one swift movement of the hand.

"I can do this," I told myself, pulling the covers back and slowly making my way out of bed.

After taking a shower in the bathroom I returned to my room to get dressed. ~When ready, I took one final look at my short-lived room. Blue painted wallpaper, a large bed in the rooms centre and Pokémon memorabilia scattered across drawers and desks. I took my final steps in that room by picking up my bag pack and walking out the door.

Mom was up and ready as well. She was, as she usually did in the mornings, cooking up a five star breakfast.

"Hey Mom," I said, walking up to her in the kitchen.

She looked at me for a second, before her eyes teared up a little. In a sudden movement, she charged at me and gave me a colossal hug. I could hear her tears, and her sniffles.

"Loo ow big uv gottn!" she cried, squeaking me tight. I decided not to be my usual teenage self, and hug her back. She eventually composed herself, and dried her eyes.

"I love you Mom," I said with a smile, looked down at the ground. I probably shouldn't have said that, as she got a little emotional again.

"I wuv you too!"

After the second hug and the second tear fest, Mom and I sat down for Breakfast.

"I'm meeting Shauna and the others at Choco Café to discuss what were gonna do," I said, staring at my tea as I stirred it, "We would have gone over to Shauna's dads but…"

But I (along with Pancham) was banned form there after he stole from there. But then again, if he hadn't have stolen from that shop we would have never been partners.

I looked over to Pancham. For the past three weeks we had been practicing battles with the others. Pancham was actually getting pretty good.

I looked over to my Pokémon who was sitting, half sleeping on the couch.

"Do you think we can do it?" I asked my mom. I couldn't look at her so I continued to stare at Pancham.

"Do what honey?" she said, before taking a drink of her tea.

"The Pokémon League. Do you think that Pancham and I could do it?"

She rested her hand on mine. It was hot with the tea mug she had been holding. I could tell this was her way of asked me to look at her.

"Maybe with a few more Pokémon, and some super training, sure," she said through a smile. "You can do anything you want."

"Thanks mom."

I rested my hand on hers. It would be weird with her not around. I didn't think that before she wouldn't be there. Mom had been there all my life, from Orre to Kalos and now she wasn't going to be there. I was weird.

"You're the best."

My steps to the Choco Café were slow ones. It must have looked like a bride walking down the aisle the way I walked. Pancham seemed to have no qualms or fears, and was running ahead with his tiny steps. He was lucky that he wasn't carrying a bag pack the weight of mine.

We finally arrived at the Choco Café, surprisingly on time. I walked into the building and straight through the double doors leading out onto the back terrace. Here there were a couple of tables, but with no one sitting on them. Only the middle table was occupied.

"Hey X-Meister," Shauna called over to me, waving her hand. It was now my official nickname, even though she was the only one to use it.

"Hey Shauna."

Pancham ran up to the other Pokémon, who were sitting on the floors munching into some Pokémon food. Spritzee sat atop Chespin as they ate. Froakie could keep still as he swallowed the food. Zigzagoon was almost asleep on the floor. Fennekin sat on the table beside her owner, almost as if the floor wasn't good enough for her.

I took a seat beside the Pokémon on the floor, next to Tierno and across from Trevor.

"You all ready?" I asked them.

They all had there bags beside them, and all nodded as an answer.

"Oh!" said Trevor, all of a sudden. "I almost forgot."

"Forgot what?" asked Tierno.

"These," he said, while reaching into his bag. He brought out four red slim objects. "The Pokedex!" he said, practically squealing.

"What the heck is a pokedex?" asked Shauna, obviously not aware that the pointless facts Trevor spoke every day were Pokedex entries.

"A Pokémon is an encyclopaedia of Pokémon that we fill out ourselves. The pokedex has every Pokémon stored in it, but will only tell you information about a Pokémon when it is found, either in the wild or by a rival trainer. Professor sent five in the mail to Vaniville town, and probably a lot more to other starting trainers across the region."

"Five?" I said in a confused voice.

"Yeah," Trevor said, sounding confused himself. "Strange right, I have no idea who the fifth trainer could be? Anyway, back to the Pokedex. Professor Sycamore takes on any trainer who completes the pokedex as an apprentice."

"Are you serious!" screamed Shauna.


"Then it's my dream to fill out the Pokedex!" Shauna declared.

"No," said Trevor, handing out the pokedex, "It's my dream, and I've already categorized six pages in mine. Seven when I do Pancham."

Trevor opened up his pokedex, and moved the clear screen until Pancham could be seen in it.


The Playful Pokémon

With its trademark leaf always sticking out of its mouth, Pancham tries to intimidate its opponents by glaring at them intensely (although this is rarely successful).

"Well it's my dream to start a Pokémon dance team."

"What?" I said. Apparently I didn't know Tierno as much as I thought I did. Either that or I just didn't listen to him.

"You know my dream to create the greatest Pokémon dream crew that ever existed."

"Yeah sure," I said, realizing I was a terrible friend.

"And what's your dream X-meister?" asked Shauna.

This was one I had been thinking about. Before I came to Kalos I had no dream. Now, I had one I was confident about.

"To win the Pokémon league."

"Then you've got competition!"


The voice didn't come from any of the guys around the table. It came from behind me.

I turned my chair to get a better look.

She was a girl, my age or a little older. She looked a little taller than Shauna, so probablt around my height. She had long light brown hair which a hat sat over. She wore a black top, a red dress and long black socks.

"Lady Yvonne!" said a surprised Tierno.

"That's Lady Yvonne Drago," she said, with a wink.

"Wait what?" I said, a little confused at how my friends knew this person while I had never seen her in my life.

"Yvonne is the younger sister of Sir Yannick Drago, the one who stopped the orange goons a while back," explained Shauna.

"She and her brother live in Dratini Mansion on the towns' edge," said Trevor.

"Well not anymore," Yvonne smiled, "I'm out now to take on the Pokémon league. We're rivals kid!"

"Yeah don't call me kid!" I snapped, getting up from my seat.

"I won't I'm you beat me in a Pokémon battle," she winked.

I blushed a little, before coming to my senses. "Sure!"

We took a walk down to the river to the side of the town. By the river side there was an area where the grass has grown a little shorter. This was where all of our practice battles had taken place.

"I'm guessing a noob like you has one Pokémon?" asked Yvonne, waving two Pokeballs in one hand.

I didn't want to answer, by my huff had already answered for me.

"Which Pokémon should I use then?"

She sent both of the Pokémon out anyway. One was a small grey Pokémon that resembled a buneary. Trevor's Pokedex quickly filled me in,


The Digging Pokémon

Bunnelby creates its den by digging in the ground with its large, shovel-shaped ears.

The other floated in the air, and had tentacle but no feet. It was blue on the bottom, but had a a large pink and white hat thing on its head.


The Revolving Pokémon

Transmitters above Inkay's eyes have the ability to drain the will to fight from other Pokémon. It uses this skill to run and hide when attacked by stronger enemies.

"I think I'll use my inkay in this battle," she winked, "Is that ok Bunnelby."

The grey Pokémon nodded before bouncing over to where Shauna and the others were sat.

"You ready Pancham," I asked. The panda gave me a nod, and jumped only the battle field.

"The battle will begin," said Tierno, his hand in the air "Now!"

As Tierno slammed his arm down, Yvonne wasted no time before starting.

"Inkay, Water Pulse."

Inkay made an O with her mouth, before sending a blue ring filled with water at my Pokémon, at an undodgable speed.

Pancham was snet back a little, but quickly recovered.

"Pancham, Leer Attack!"

Pancham's eyes twinkled, but the usual effect of the opponent Pokémon being scared was absent.

Yvonne laughed at me, and Trevor at the side of the battle sighed.

"Don't you remember inkay from the books?!" he yelled.

I sighed; I didn't remember many Pokémon from the books.

"Inkay has the special Contrary ability. It makes all moves while would usually lower opponents stats raise them instead.


"Inkay, Confusion now!"

Yvonne's Inkay's eyes turned a shade of bright pink, and in the Pokémons mind, a ring of pink psychic energy formed. This powerful pink ring shot straight at Pancham.

"Tuck and roll," I shouted with haste. Pancham did as asked and rolled to the side out of the way. I also had to move fast as the ring was heading towards me. As Pancham was still primed for an attack, I shouted one.

"Now Pancham, Mach Punch!"

Pancham ran up to the Yvonne's levitating Pokémon, jumped up and puched the squid with a glowing fist.

Inkay was knocked back, and hit the ground. While her inkay resumed her levitating state, Pancham quickly ran back to my side of the battlefield.

"Nice one!"

Yvonne was glaring at me, but I didn't care.

"Lets have a Dark Pulse!" snared Yvonne, with eyebrows growling. She pointed her finger to Pancham as she called the attack.

I had no time to call a dodge, but I didn't really need one. The pulsing ring of dark energy hit Pancham, and did virtually no damage.

"Dark moves aren't going to hit a fighting/dark type Pokémon like a pancham very well," helped Trevor.

I wanted to tell him off for helping Yvonne, but he did help me earlier.

"Fine," smiled Yvonne, now a little happier, "Water Pulse then!"

Inkay commanded a ring of aqua to hit Pancham again, and again the wave came to fast for me to dodge. The wave hit Pancham, who was snet flying back into my hands. As the wave kept on traveling, I aslo got soaked by the pulse.

"Pancham is unable to battle," called Tierno, "Yvonne wins."

The girl in red started to jump up and down, excited about her win obviously. Her Pokémon, bunnelby and inkay joined in with the fun.

"Looks like you're going to have to fight a little harder to beat me kid!" she called, making a peace sign.

She strutted off back to town with giant smile on her face.

"I guess we know who the fifth Vaniville trainer is."

Hopefully that chapter wasn't too serious. I thought that with the way I wrote the start, it would turn out quite serious, but I decided to wait till next time for the good byes.

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