Note - Hi, I've never written a story on here before! I have jotted down things here and there in notepads, but have never had the nerve to publish anything. I hope you enjoy what I post. I apologize for my twisted mind. ;)

Each chapter will be about 200 or more word drabbles. I'm starting off slow, just to see if anyone takes an interest.

~ Chapter 1 ~

I awoke with a crick in my neck and my whole body pulsing with numbness. I couldn't feel a thing. My arms were raised above my head in a frightening hold - they were chained above me with metal cuffs attached to a thick chain-link.

I shuddered when I saw what I was wearing. A virgin-white, baby-doll dress with trimmed lace at the bust, my breasts spilling over and heaving with each breath I took. The waist was cinched inwards like a corset and made my stomach ache.

The bottom barely covered my sex and my legs were alarmingly white and pimpled from the cold. Disgust clouded me at the thought of some stranger dressing me in this sick, twisted, fantasy outfit.

My hair fell about my shoulders in a tangled mess and dried tears crackled when I moved my cheeks. My lips were a chapped mess and my head felt woozy.

I was chained up against a stone wall of what looked like a dark basement. I couldn't remember a thing from before and shivered as the realization sunk in that I was being held captive.

How could I not remember being kidnapped? I wanted to cry, but my eyes were dry and ached from the lack of moisture.

There was no windows, just a door at the top of a flight of stone steps to my left.

No sound could be heard from the ceiling above me which I assumed was the main floor of the house. If it was a house. I could be dumped in the middle of nowhere, left here to die alone.

It was deathly cold down here and the nasty feeling of little creatures crawling over me was overwhelming.

I did the only thing I could think of - I screamed for help.