May's POV

It was 10 years ago when I met him. He was amazing, and dazzled my eyes. Here I am now, standing here in the rain, dressed in black. The soles of my black shoes grinding into the mud and freshly dewed grass. I loathe myself now. I missed my chance, he's gone. His wife Brianna is sitting right there cursing and crying, while I'm clenching the bouquet of red roses I have in my hands.

I'm crying, have I ever been more pathetic? I have never been so affected since when I was 11 and lost to Solidad in the Grand Festival. Who was there to snap me back into reality? It was Drew.

He's gone now, and he won't be able to snap me back. Brianna finally leaves after everyone else has left. I'm alone, at the gravesite, and Drew's Roselia approaches me. She hands me a letter, it's for me, and from Drew apparently.

Dear May,

If you are reading this, it means I'm dead. Don't grieve, I was never that big of a loss. You should know by now how I really felt, and I married Brianna so you wouldn't be held down by my arrogance, and insensitivity. I want you to stay a Coordinator, compete, and win. I know you're exceptional, so don't waste your time on me.


I clenched the letter, and threw it at the grave, the roses too. Water pouring out of my eyes even more. I walk away. After that, everyday I visited Drew's grave with a red rose.

Wally, one of my friends asked me out after that, I rejected him. After about two years, Brendan asked me out too, I rejected him. I rejected every man in my life except for my father and my brother Max. They were all casted aside.

Time passed by, and I grew older. My skin started to wrinkle, and my hair started to grey and become coarse. I never saw Brianna come to the gravesite once, and I didn't think I ever would.

In my last year of living, I was 83, and still brought roses to Drew. It was a Saturday, and it was raining and gusts were everywhere. I limped to Drew's grave with a red rose. I had fallen 6 times trying to get to his grave on that rainy day, When I finally arrived there, my heart started beating fast, and I was shaking. My breathing started to stiffen and it felt like an enormous weight was crushing my chest. It finally came to the point where I had to crawl to the grave.

Once I got there, I placed the rose there, and fell over. I was losing feeling from everything, and I was about to close my eyes when Drew appeared to me. He was youthful, and said to me, "Hey May," He smirked and flicked his forehead bangs, I closed my eyes with a smile on my face, and drifted off,

"I loved him," I whispered.

Drew died, and then May died of a half-broken heart...