This fic was inspired by a picture on Deviant Art, called Mischief Managed, which itself was inspired by another Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons Harry Potter AU.

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"This is the story of how I died"-E

"It is not! It's about destiny. They say our destiny is tied to the land"-M

"Oh shut up Merida. For a long time, darkness was the first thing I could remember"-J

"Jack Frost, will you quit interrupting!"-M

"You started it; you interrupted Eugene."-J

"Hey, Don't I get a say in this?"-E

"NO!" –M+J

"This is BERK" –H

"It is not. It's Scotland, and it's about destiny!"- M

"Guys! Guys! This story isn't about any of that!" –R

"Then what DO you think it's about Rapunzel?"-H

"Its…it's about us, the four of us. About our hopes, our dreams, our memories and all of our destinies." –R

"Hey, don't I get in there? Nah, just kidding, I know this story isn't mine." –E

"But how can we narrate if it's about all of us?" –M

"We can take turns."-R

"Alright, you lead the way."-J

"Eugene!" -R

"As I was saying, this is the story of how I died, but don't let that get you down. It's actually a fun story, has to be, with Frost in it, and it isn't even mine. No, this story belongs to Hiccup, Rapunzel, Merida, and Jack Frost. It's the story of how they all met, and how they went to Hogwarts and saved the world, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Going back!

"Now, you've probably heard our separate tales, so I'm betting you know that a drop of sunlight once fell and it had healing powers, it was kept by Mother Gothel etc, etc. etc. So I'm going to stick to telling you what you don't know.

"Near the flower a kingdom sprang up. It was ruled by a young witch and wizard, a benevolent pair, they were loved by all; muggles and magic alike. Well, the queen got sick and she ate the magic flower before giving birth to Rapunzel.

"Now the story goes that Mother Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel, but that was not quite how it happened. Mother Gothel did try to kidnap the baby, but the palace guards caught up to her. In a moment of brilliance, Mother Gothel lied to the captain of the guard. She said she had intercepted the real kidnapper and was trying to return the child.

"The guard brought Gothel before the king. The king was so grateful to have his child back he believed her story. Mother Gothel told him of the child's magic hair and warned him that others would try to take her. It took a lot of persuasion but Gothel convinced him that she knew a safe place to raise Rapunzel where no one would ever find out about her hair.

"The king and queen were sad to part with their daughter, but they were afraid of losing her for real, so they allowed mother Gothel to take the child to a tower in a secluded glen.

"They started the rumor of the lost princess, letting their subjects believe that Rapunzel really was missing, and every year on Rapunzel's birthday they would send out thousands of lanterns to let their child know they were thinking of her, and hope that one day it would be safe for her to come home.

"Deep within the woods Mother Gothel was to raise the child until she could control her magic, or until she was accepted into a wizarding school. For only after Rapunzel had full control would she be able to go home.

"Darkness. For the last 300 years that was all I could remember, but then the Moon told me I was a guardian and the Tooth Fairy and Baby Tooth helped me remember my real past. Because we were pressed for time during the battle I only got the most necessary memories, but after the fight was over and things relaxed Tooth helped me to unlock deeper memories, memories from my childhood, memories of my friends, Merida, Hiccup, and Rapunzel. Memories from when I was alive and lived with my mother and sister in England. And my life at Hogwarts, around eight hundred years ago, before the wizarding world became a secret.

"This is Berk. But you probably know that. We have a bit of a pest problem. This is my village, every resident a wand and ax wielding Viking-wizard, for seven generations straight. My name is Hiccup. Every Viking on Berk is expected to be a great wizard and a great warrior. At the age of eleven, every Viking child gets shipped off to Drumstang to learn magic. This year it's my turn. There's just one little problem. I have never cast a spell in my life.

"Some say our destiny is tied to the land. Others say it is woven together like a cloth. From the time I was very young I had been told that I was the Princess. That it was my destiny to…to…well to be my mother. But…there are events in one's life that can change your destiny…as I was soon to find out."