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The two exited the cantina, and began the short walk towards the Spaceport. Revan felt uneasy, he couldn't put his finger on why, but his Jedi senses were starting to act up on him. Every few minutes he found himself looking over his shoulders, constantly thinking he heard other footsteps, yet his gaze being unable to pierce the darkness behind them.

Revan stopped in his tracks, trying to reach out with the Force. Yet the darkness he had felt upon his arrival was steadily growing, making it difficult for him to concentrate. It called to him, longing for him to succumb to it's power and become a Dark Lord once more. He pushed the tugging sensation back, managing to break through the darkness, and confirm his suspicions.

Zeego paused as he turned to Revan."What's wrong, Jaco?"

"There's a disturbance in the Force," Revan replied, "We're being followed."

Zeego had no time to react before Revan threw him to the ground, moving him out of the path of a blaster bolt. Revan stood up to see four men walk out of the darkened street corners. It took him a moment, but he soon realized they were the pazaak players who threatened him as they left.

"You cheated us out of a lot of credits, now we're gonna take them back. The fun way."

"Please, don't do this. I have no quarrel with you, leave and I promise I won't hurt you." Revan pleaded.

"Oh? Did you hear that boys, if we leave he won't hurt us!" the assailant mocked, causing a spur of laughter from his comrades.

Revan spoke "Very well, I should tell you, though. You get one warning, and that was it."

One of the players lunged at Revan with a vibroknife. In what seemed like an instant, Revan drew his lightsaber and blocked the attacker. The emerald green blade lit up the dark street. He parried the short knife and sent the player flying toward a wall by unleashing a blast of force energy, killing him instantly.

In that moment of shock, Revan drew and ignited a second lightsaber, the blue blade providing a contrast to its green counterpart. Revan took a moment to look at the lightsaber. It had belonged to his good friend, Gonar Endac. More commonly known as the Exile. The other pazaak players stared at him.

"A Jedi? Fierfek, run!"

The players took off sprinting, Revan took a few steps forward, then sent both his lightsabers hurling toward them with the Force. Revan watched them light up the street as they flew; soon he saw them cut through his attackers followed by the sound of their corpses slumping onto the ground. It took mere seconds for Revan's lightsabers to return to his waiting hands, he deactivated them simultaneously, and hooked them on his belt. He took a moment to think about what he had done. He was a Jedi; he shouldn't kill in cold blood. They were unarmed. No. He warned them, and they ignored what he said. Those fools should have listened to him.

Zeego stood up only to witness his Jedi ally deactivate his lightsabers. It was so strange. This Jedi was different from the one he had met on Corellia. He was surprised by his ruthlessness, and how merciless he was. He thought Jedi were supposed to take prisoners, and show mercy to all no matter what. This Jedi was different; he fought as though he had spent years in war and combat. There was something he wasn't being honest about, but Zeego liked this Jedi. He was willing to do what needed to be done, much like Zeego was. He was unsure of what would happen once he traveled with this Jedi, but whatever it was; he was looking forward to it. He had a feeling that this Jedi would change the destiny of the galaxy, and he would make sure he was there when it happened.

Zeego approached Revan, placing a hand on his shoulder "Nice work there. C'mon, the spaceport is right over there.

He followed Zeego into the Spaceport. After what seemed like hours, Zeego managed to convince the dock manager to keep the departure off the record. Revan got up from his chair, and approached the docking bay he had heard Zeego mention to the dock manager. He opened the doors revealing a pristine white freighter, obviously of Corellian design.

Zeego walked past him "Well, it may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts. Master Reglian, I present to you the YT-1300 Corellian freighter. Or as I like to call her... the Millennium Falcon."

Revan looked at the ship "Impressive, I'd love to take her apart and see what makes her tick."

"Hey! No one gets to mess with my ship but me! Unless you're good with a hydrospanner. The hyperdrive has been acting up lately"

"Alright, I'll take a look at it, see what I can do.

"Well, then, I guess we're off," Zeego stated before disappearing up the boarding ramp. Revan followed moments later, eager to experiment with this ship. He hadn't been this excited over a ship since the day he got the Ebon Hawk. Revan entered to see the full assortment needed to entertain a smuggler; he noticed a Dejarik table in the corner. and in the center there was a ladder that both ascended, and descended to a pair of rotating blaster cannons.

"Jaco!" Revan watched Zeego emerge from a corridor. "Cockpit's this way, follow me."

Revan followed him and yet again a sense of familiarity took hold of him. The cockpit reminded him of the Ebon Hawk, once again a vision took hold of him. He watched as Bastila and Carth maneuvered the ship away from the Sith Fleet. In that instance, the vision disappeared. Suddenly the Force exploded around Revan, causing him to collapse. He had never felt a disturbance this powerful.


Obi-Wan watched silently as Master Yoda and Master Windu debated about their next move in the war. He had fallen out of the conversation, and simply hoped they would not turn to him for his input. Suddenly, all three cried out in pain as the Force nearly caused their minds to collapse. The pain squirmed inside of them, compelling a shriek of pain from the three comrades. Windu gripped his skull, falling to his knees. The pain slowly began to disappear, Obi-Wan brought a hand to his forehead as he watched Master Yoda shakingly reach for his cane.

Obi-Wan was the first to speak, "What in the name of sanity was that?"

"A disturbance in the Force of some kind. Although I've never felt something so powerful." Windu answered, attempting to regain his balace.

Obi-Wan wasn't satisfied with his answer, he turned to Yoda, "Master Yoda?"

"Hmmmm... unsure I am. This disturbance. Changed the Force, it has. Be on our guard we must. Our destiny in this war, changed it has. Confer the Council, I shall. Until tomorrow, goodnight my friends."

The two masters looked at him "Goodnight, Master."

Obi-Wan turned to Windu, "I should go find Anakin, I told him we would spar tonight. He's still upset about Ahsoka leaving the Order."

"Of course, goodnight, Obi-Wan."

"Until tomorrow, Master."

Obi-Wan paced the halls of the temple as he approached the training gardens. He couldn't stop thinking about the disturbance he just felt. He was unsure of what this meant. Yoda had said their destinies had changed. Whether that was for better or for worse, he wasn't certain. He pushed the thoughts from his mind as he entered the training gardens and saw his friend waiting for him.

"Obi-Wan! It's about damn time you got here, I've been looking forward to this all day." Anakin stood up and grabbed a pair of practice sabers

"I remember when you hated sparring."

"Yeah, well we're stuck here on Coruscant when we should be back in the Outer Rim." Anakin stated before handing one of the sabers to his friend.

"I know, Anakin. I miss her too. But Ahsoka made her decision, we have to find a way to keep going."

"Look, I don't want to talk about Ahsoka! Now can we please just have a good old fashioned sparring match?"

"Of course, my friend." Obi-Wan raised his training saber "Your move."

Millennium Falcon

Revan began to regain consciousness aboard the Millennium Falcon. He was in med bay now, and his head was pounding. He stood up from the bed and staggered toward the cockpit.

Zeego looked up from his chair "Hey, you're awake, you took quite a spill earlier, I was starting to get a little worried."

"How long was I out?"

"About 6 or 7 hours."

"Are we still on course for Coruscant?"

"Yeah, it shouldn't be much longer. I had to tinker with the NavComputer a little, but I got it working again. So, what happened?"

"What do you mean?"

"What made you pass out earlier?"

"A disturbance in the Force. I've never felt anything like it."

"Well, it must've been pretty strong to do that to you."

"You can say that, again." Revan approached the copilot chair and sat down.

"Hey, Jaco. Mind if I ask you a question?"

"Go, ahead." Revan watched the ring of hyperspace swirling past then as they spoke.

"Once we get to Coruscant, what are your plans? I mean, would you allow me to keep traveling with you."

"I would like that, but if you're going to stay with me, you should know the truth about me. About who I really am." Revan reached out to Zeego's mind. He showed Zeego his memories. Who Revan really was, what he had done. After a few minutes, Revan cut the link, and allowed Zeego to recuperate for a moment.


Revan looked his friend "I thought the same thing when I arrived in this time."

"You mean… you're really him? You're Revan?"

"Yes, I'm Revan."

"This is unbelievable. I... I need some rest, I'll put the ship on autopilot. You'll be fine here by yourself, right?"

"Yes, of course. I'll be fine." Revan watched as Zeego left the cockpit. That went better than Revan expected it would. He watched as the console flashed in confirmation, they were approaching Coruscant. Revan disengaged the hyperdrive, and powered down the engines. He decided to wait until the morning to land, for now he needed to sleep. Tomorrow, he would begin laying his plans for the galaxy.

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