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Chapter 17

I was pissed off, I won't sell it short. I am in the arena hacking things to pieces because my girlfriend told me that her mother didn't approve and that she would be down to test me soon. Apparently Athena found out about us having sex, so now apparently she is going to be testing my worth for her favorite daughter. I was pissed, but I was also a little worried. Athena is the goddess of wisdom, she might think of some thousand year old challenge that no hero was ever able to complete. I am not going to lie that ass on Annabeth was completely worth it when I took it to pound town, but that doesn't mean I didn't want to do it again...and again...and maybe again.

I growled to myself as I prepared myself for the worse. After about thirty minutes of training, I took my shirt off to try and cool down. I was sweating pretty profusely and was beginning to wear down. After I took off my shirt I walked over to the water fountain and turned it on, but as soon as the water came out I controlled it straight into my mouth. Then of course I practically bathed in it for a second.

I was basking in pleasure of the cold water against my burning hot (temperature wise) body, when a voice was cleared behind me, "I see you certainly the pass the physical appearance test for my daughter."

I flinched at the familiar sound of the voice and turned around to see two Grey piercing eyes. Unfortunately they weren't of my favorite daughter of wisdom, but wisdom herself. I looked at Athena questioningly, not truly understanding her observation, "I am sorry Lady Athena I don't believe I heard you?"

Athena rolled her eyes. She was wearing a pretty professional black pencil dress that barely covered the top of her thighs and a blouse that was more than revealing. Of course I wasn't complaining. This was the same body that gave mental birth to Annabeth, a body that she clearly inherited from her mother. I had never had a chance to look at Athena's ass before today, but by the looks of the way her dress fits her, I am going to say it is as nice or nicer than Annabeth's. Which is something I really didn't think possible, unless it was Aphrodite herself. Her tan legs were certainly being shown off in that dress to. Plus don't even get me started on my rack. Right now I am thankful she isn't the goddess of mind reading, because right now I am probably thinking of a million ways I could tear that shit up.

Athena strutted towards me doing a circle around me. I felt a little exposed. Not to mention I felt like I was prey to the worlds most dangerous predator. Athena was marking a clipboard rapidly and even reached out to touch my abs, without looking into my eyes. I stuttered, "Um Lady Athena? Why do you have a hand on my bear stomach?"

Athena still refusing to meet his eyes simply said, "I am making sure you are passing the physical appearance test for my daughter. So far I approve."

I chuckled nervously, "This is the test Annabeth meant? This isn't so bad, what kind of other task do I have to pass?"

Athena nonchalantly said, "The usual, sexual stamina, sexual appeal, sexual intercourse in general, and then due to your accomplishments we are going to skip your intellectual test."

I was beginning to take a drink of water, but then I began choking when she started talking about sex. I choked out, "You are going to watch Annabeth and I have sex?"

Athena laughed, "Don't be ridiculous Perseus, I am not watching you defile my daughter."

I let out a sigh of relief, "Oh thank Gods, Lady Athena, I never took you as a joker."

Athena then snapped her fingers and she was wearing only a black lacy thong and a black lacy bra. She was also wearing leggings that stretched all the way to the top of her legs. She looked unbelievably sexy. She moaned out, "You are going to be defiling me."

I gawked at her rack for a moment, and then of course did a little twirl and I just about lost my load before we even started. I stuttered out, "Lady Athena, you are a maiden goddess! Not to mention my girlfriends mom. I couldn't have sex with you!"

Athena laughed, "Don't believe everything you hear Perseus, there is no such thing as a maiden goddess in this generation. Don't let any of them tell you any differently. Now you will fuck me, you will fuck me good, you will fuck me hard, and you will do until I say other wise. I will not let my favorite daughter be getting it in her ass, or vagina without a proper test. Now what's it going to be Jackson?"

I gulped hard as Athena walked closer to me. I noticed she was very provocative with every movement. It was clear that she wanted me to fuck her. It was also very clear that if I didn't my chances of banging Annabeth again were slim, and that was the last thing I wanted.

I walked closer to Athena and stared at her dead in the eyes. She closed her eyes and leaned forward and I did the same. Our lips connected and suddenly both of our bodies jolted into each other. My hands were immediately exploring and her hands were going done to undue my pants. I then remembered we were in the middle of the arena and I pulled back, "Shouldn't we take this somewhere a bit more private?"

She looked at me strangely then she looked around and seemed to remember where we were. She smiled evilly, "To your cabin. It has been many centuries since I have been fucked in the Poseidon cabin!"

I thought about questioning it, but I really didn't want to know. I don't know if it was one of my brother's or even worse my dad, so I just decided I would go with it. She grabbed back a hold of me slamming her lips onto mine as we flashed into my cabin. She immediately shoved me on the bed and went down to my pants. With expert hands she unbuttoned them and removed my belt. She pulled my pants straight down and eyed the tent my dick was pitching. She licked her lips a bit and snapped her fingers causing my dick to flop out. Athena grinned, but seemed to remember the task at hand. She laid down on the bed next to me and gave me a seductive look, "Come on Champion of Olympus, prove your worth and give my father a real reason to want to kill you."

While that wasn't the most encouraging statement, I took the aggressive front to this sexual experience, anxious to prove my worth. I immediately began kissing her neck and collar bone and my hands made their way behind her and easily unclasped her bra. The second I did the whole thing disappeared in thin air. I sucked in air rapidly as he took in her bare chest. Her boobs were much bigger than he originally thought. In fact I couldn't help myself when i put my face in between them and licked the center and planting kisses on the sides of each of them. I won't shit it with you I worked fast, and by the way she moaned, I could tell I wasn't doing bad already. My mouth went back to hers though after I fondled with her breast a while and slowly slid my fingers into her thong getting a feel for her soaking wet pussy. My fingers went in and out of her slowly and she finally had, had enough. She stood up dropping her pants down and positioning her ass behind me and shot herself backwards onto my dick. It felt amazing, and she was suddenly flopping back and fourth and rapid speeds. Her breast were flopping around everywhere and I moaned loudly. I then grabbed her hips and flipped her over anxious to get a feel for her actual pussy. I positioned myself right above her and without waiting for permission I dropped her wait onto my dick and we gasped with pleasure. She was so fucking tight and my eight inch dick went all the way up in her. I groaned loudly and began to use my muscle to lift her up and down each time. My hands were on her breast which allowed me to get a feel for her whole body as I arched with pleasure each time my dick entered her fully. She moans turned to screams of exsctacy quickly. I groaned and groaned. I felt myself going to cum any second, but I held out. I kept fucking her and kept fucking her. Thinking and partially knowing I was only going to get one round with the goddess of wisdom. She then bent over to where her breast were on my chest and flopped her ass up and down at such rapid speeds I couldn't hold it anymore and neither could she as her wall clenched.

I felt the cum drip down my leg. Athena's let out a final moan and buried her face into the pillow, not leaving me. I was still deep inside her and I planned to stay that way until she got up. This felt far to good. Athena sat up for a moment putting her hands on my chest. She smiled, "Not bad son of Poseidon. You live up to your families legacy in the bed. I suppose I owe your father some drachmas now. I had bet you couldn't get me to cum, gods was I wrong."

I smiled lightly at her, "Did I defile you enough to make your father hate me."

Athena grinned back and stood up causing me to reach out and grope her ass lightly. She laughed as she put her ass all up in my face and twerked around it causing my dick to get hard again, but I dared not try for a round two. She smiled at me, "You passed me test Perseus. I may come back to test you again one day, so be ready. And prepare!"

With that Athena assumed her true form and I closed my eyes. I never opened them again, but I looked up at the ceiling, "Damn its good to be a half God!"

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