Chapter 2

My time as being the new God of sex has brought great joy to my life. Like no shit its been the time of my life. But now Calypso has been sent back out into the mortal world to enjoy a life of a normal demigoddess. I was truly happy for her, and I knew my "Good times" with her won't end they will be less frequent. I was sitting in my palace thinking it was time to explore my element with a new girl when I remembered just the sexy individual I was ready to have in my bed next. I immediately flashed to Camp Jupiter.

I walked throughout the city limits of New Rome looking for an old friend of mine. I strolled up past the pomerian line and up towards the field of mars. When I crossed the field of Mars I came across the two houses that I was looking for. I approached one and knocked on the door politely. After about thirty seconds a beautiful dark haired girl answered the door. All I could see was her face at the moment and at first she looked annoyed but then recognition crossed her face, "Oh my Gods Percy! Its good to see you!"

Reyna immediately opened the door for me to come in and shut the door right behind me. I couldn't help but think this was going to go very well! I strolled into her living room plainly and observed the clean place when I turned around she was waiting with open arms, "Its been to long Percy, I see Godhood has treated you well!"

I sized her up as I was answering her hug. I could now see why she didn't step outside to greet me, she was wearing a tight tank top thank clearly showed off her amazing rack. One hundred percent real and probably at least a solid large C-cup. I tried not to groggle as I felt her breast squeeze up against me. I felt my erection already steadily growing as I also looked at her overly tight booty shorts. She definitely put the word booty in them. I said, "Praetor has obviously kept you looking as beautiful as always!"

Reyna playfully smacked me on the arm, "Whatever, you always were a suck up! So what brings you to Camp Jupiter?"

I gave her a mischievous smile, "You of course Praetor!"

She suddenly smiled at me evilly as she walked back towards the door, "And what could the God of sexual intercourse possibly want with me?"

When she finished her sentence she locked the door. I sat down on her couch and gave her an amused smirk, "I think you know what I want!"

Her grin lit up half the room as she made her way to sit on my lap, "You know I haven't been able to find a real good time since you left Camp Jupiter. And considering the circumstances I never thought we would have the chance to do this again. But I am glad we do!"

I guess in all honestly I have been fucking Reyna for about three years now. When I first made it to Camp Jupiter we hooked up a little after our first meeting. What can I say, an extremely hot girl came up and practically seduced me, I didn't have my memories intact completely so I went for it, sew me! Her lips quickly went to mine as we started an aggressive make out session.

My hands as always traveled down her body and onto her but where they rested and groped her and she let a moan out into my lips. She began playing with my hair at the same time her body started rocking back and fourth and she was using her ass to grind really slowly on my now fully erect cock. I whispered, "I forgot how talented your body was!"

Her eyes filled with lust as she whispered, "Let me show you, just how talented it is."

She grabbed my hand and walked me back into her bedroom where she roughly shoved me on the bed and went over to her desk and started to play this song. After a short few seconds of her dancing she slowly began to remove each part of her clothing slowly. Her hips provocatively swung in each direction as she removed her shirt, during this time she was doing some very sexy booty shaking that was really driving my hormones crazy. I moved forward to grab her but she pushed me back onto the bed saying, "Just watch, we can play soon, I promise."

She slowly went back to her dance and even slower pulled down her pants where she was now wearing nothing but a thong and a really tight light blue bra that made her boobs just scream to be let out. She then came over and sat on me, I began to attempt to play with her but she looked at me, "Hold on Percy! Be patience geez! I am trying to give you a new experience."

I pouted as I looked at her, but she just grinned wickedly at me. She then went back to grinding on me and I had to literally control all my will power from just bending her over and ripping her apart! She then turned around in a reverse cowgirl position and began twerking just right above my penis, finding her feet though she then began to rub up on me then went up and down my chest just rubbing her clearly wet thong on my chest and then down to my face. Suddenly I just couldn't handle it anymore. I suddenly grabbed her thighs and tore off her thong off as I began to just devour her. She let out a clear scream of pleasure as I continuously assaulted her pussy. Just as quickly as I had started though she was clearly so turned on she didn't last long as I felt her juices just poor into my mouth. I was done with waiting though, before I had her permission I pulled my pants down and grabbed both of her legs and put them on my shoulder as I began drilling her over and over again at an extreme speed. She moaned and moaned which just added to the ecstasy of the moment. She screamed, "Come on Percy! Fuck me like a God! Fuck my tight pussy! Oh Gods, don't stop please! I will be your bitch please just keep going!"

Following her command I just continuously pounded her until I felt the familiar tightening sensation in my balls and I shot a long load into her. She thought we were done, but I wasn't just yet. I quickly turned her over, "Can you do the splits?"

She laughed, "I am very flexible Percy, give me your best shot!"

She then turned around and laid forward in the splits. At first I just had to stare, because even after fucking that for the past thirty minutes I still can't get over that ass! I then steadied myself and laid on top of her. I started at just a slow rate, in and out. Then her moans were just driving me wild and I suddenly just started ramming her at full speed causing her to literally scream in between pain and pleasure. Her ass was just so perfect and with her legs spread apart in splits it made it easy to maneuver inside her. I had clearly found her G-spot because she literally had this face that looked like she was in orgasaming over and over again. When she screamed, "I am going to cum!"

I quickly moved my lips down there and did a tongue roll causing all her cum to once again spill in my mouth. Before I could swallow though she said, "Wait let me taste myself."

I grinned a bit and went to kiss her and her tongue slid inside my mouth getting a full taste of her thick hot cum. She smiled at me with clear lust still in her eyes. She came over and whispered in my ear, "I never quite realized how sexy you were until just now. Give me your hands."

As I obeyed her command she grabbed my hands and just ran them all over her body. First her hands glide over her breast and she held them as I gently ran my finger tips over her nipples causing her to moan. Then she stepped in really close to me, but she kept holding onto my hands. She ran them down to her thighs where put one of her fingers and two of mine in her when I then just started twisting my fingers inside of her causing her to moan a bit louder. Then she turned around wrapping my arms around her and she began rubbing up against me nice and slow I suddenly couldn't take it anymore. I gently pushed her back on towards the bed as I began to kiss her from her forehead and then around her jawline. I then began planting small kisses all the way around her breast. Then I casually ran my tongue across her boobs as I was just pretty much giving her pussy a few minutes to rest. Plus being the God of Sex I can see what really turns her on. I can see this little stuff as just licking her breast really flicks her switch. I then made my way down to her stomach just kissing it and letting her moan lightly. Instead of eating her out though I just laid back on her bed. She then mounted me and laid on top of me as we just passionately kissed. After a while she began moving back up and down on my shaft the whole while she was whispering in my ear, "I can give it to you anyways you want it. Soft, slow, fast, hard, your wish can be my command. All I ask is for you to keep fucking me. You have the largest penis I have ever seen and every inch of it inside is me just sooooo good! Come on Percy, give it to me!"

Suddenly we were back at full speed and she was now on her knees stroking me fully erect ten inch dick. She was stroking it and sucking it expertly at the same time. Suddenly as I was about to cum she laid her face back and let me give her my secret blend of herbs and spices! Then I put her into the doggy style position forcefully and began just pumping in and out of her at top speed. But I didn't want to stick to just one position any more. I then pulled her to wear we were standing up. I kept pushing it in and out of her though. One hand played with her boobs and the other tickled her pussy. Then I place myself solidly in her ass over and over again. I could feel her preparing to cum so I turned her around quickly and picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me. She was almost like a rag doll now she was in such pleasure and just moaning so hard, I don't think she realized what was happening. I then began to drop her up and down on my dick as I placed my face in between her breast and began motor boating which just seem to make her scream a bit louder in pleasure. She was definitely not a quiet one. I then felt the sensation coming myself and I pulled her in a bear hug as I used my muscle just to lift her up and down on my deck at high speeds. Her boobs were just flopping everywhere and I knew this was going to be one of the best fuckings I would ever have! When I came she did as well and our juices just seem to mix together perfectly. We laid back on the bed perfectly naked and happy. As we laid there she began rubbing against me once again, but we were both done...For now at least. As we laid there she whispered into my ear continuously about how much she used to like me, but now it was worth it just to be friends with benefits for now. We went to sleep as she climbed back on top of me placing my dick inside her once again, I made her the promise that this would not be the last time we had sex. I then said quietly, "Damn I love being a God!"

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