Chapter 4

Today I got an invitation in the mail saying there was going to be a pool party in Aphrodite's palace! My first few thoughts were damn, she has a pool in her temple? Damn there are going to be some fine ass girls there, and damn and I need to go to this party.

So later on in the afternoon I decided I was going to go ahead and head to Aphrodite's palace, when I arrived there I was surprised by the lack of people there. I was also surprised by the fact that the maybe ten people that were there were all naked. The place was huge though the pool was clearly an OLYMPIC size pool, it could've easily held a hundred or so people. When I walked in I got a few wolf whistles, well I guess no shit I am the God of Sex and it has helped my physical appearance. All I had on were some short swim trunks, and a towel around my shoulders. I looked around trying to see some people I recognized, Piper, Aphrodite of course, Drew, and Silena. The next suspicious thing I noticed was I was the only guy there. Plus it was a little awkward since I was the only one with clothes on! I thought about turning around and leaving, but of course that was the point when Aphrodite saw me. She immediately waved and yelled, "Percy come over here!"

The friends that I knew looked a little embarrassed now that I had seen them naked. Piper and Silena particularly seemed to red as cherries. As I made my way over to the five naked ladies that were conversing with each other I realized these were clearly all of Aphrodite's daughters. If you asked me how I could tell, that would be an easy answer. Every single one of them had at least a C-cup boobs, all of them had honking asses that looked like it needed more attention, there make up was near flawless to the point I couldn't tell they were even wearing it, and of course they were all sexy as shit! I heard Piper hiss at her mother, "I thought this was just a girls day mom! This is so embarrassing, Percy is one of my best friends!"

Aphrodite tried to whisper quietly, but it didn't help since they were practically in my father's domain so I heard her, "You'll have been friends for so many years and I don't know how you haven't been jumping his bones!"

Before anything else could be said when I approached Lady Aphrodite, I tried not to stare at her breast that were huge and perky, probably at least a D-cup and her ass in the water was perfectly rounded and damn I could feel my erection growing already. I tried to use my control over my element to keep my erection down for now. I bowed respectfully to Aphrodite, "My lady, did I come at the wrong time!"

Piper stared at her mother expectantly while Silena and Drew stared at me hungrily. Aphrodite laughed and shook her head, "No Percy, you have come at the perfect time! But I do warn you, if you missed the sign on the door, no clothes are aloud in my temple today, so if you wish to stay lose the pants!"

Silena and Drew giggled as I nodded my headed and snapped my fingers leaving me now completely exposed. All five girls in the circle I could tell were trying not to stare at my non hard eight inch dick while it wasn't hard of course. I asked, "May I join you'll then!"

Clearly for the first time Aphrodite was at a lost for words and just nodded her head motioning for me to sit next to her. She had a huge smile on her face, I could feel the sexual desire rolling off of her. This day may go better than I thought! As I took my place in the water I managed to hold the water still so I wouldn't splash anyone. The water was surprisingly warm and I could feel the arousal of the fire girls increase. It was apart of my new Godly abilities. I flashed Piper a smile and said, "Its good to see you Pipes. Hows post apocalypse treating you?"

She finally returning to her normal self said, "Obviously not as well as you! Godhood treats you very well Percy!"

I gave her a sly wink and said, "I see immortality does the same for you!"

A silence fell upon the group as I tried to think of something to say, I could feel Drew inching towards me as she asked, "Hey Percy, I know your a good swimmer, could you teach me I am not very good?"

I eyed drew and her Asian body, she had a perfectly clean shaven pussy and her boobs were huge. I felt my erection arrive and I decided to let it fly this time. I smiled at her, "I would love to!"

Before I could advance forward though Aphrodite shot herself in front of me and pulled me into a kiss. I heard drew mutter, "Damnit mom! Again!"

I decided to block out her words as Aphrodite's naked body seemed to be glowing. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her closer to me where our naked bodies were clearly touching. I squeezed her ass and her eyes lit up as she looked at me. I asked, "Care to go somewhere more private?"

Aphrodite shook her head, "No the girls were just leaving!"

She snapped her fingers and all four of the flashed out of the room. I asked, "Where did they go?"

She said slyly,"Back to my room. They can watch from there, I know they will keep themselves amused while we have our fun here."

She pushed me back to nearby stairs of the pool and mounted me. She began grinding on me making my dick raise to full attention. She suddenly snapped her fingers and a cowboy hat appeared on her head, "Now let me show you how I have maintained the Goddess of love and Pleasure for all these years!"

She turned around and planted her ass right on my dick. She quickly began bouncing up and down on my dick creating splashed of water. She was moving faster in the water I think then she could on land! Of course it then came to me she was also born of the sea so this is also like her domain. She was drilling her ass on my dick moaning quietly, "Thats right Percy, fuck me! I can feel how bad you want to shove your ten inch dick all the way in my pussy! There ya go, AHHH! Fuck me!"

After several minutes neither of us had cum, so I decided to change the position and turn her around where her boobs were no in my face. I took us further into the water and held her ass in my hands. I then moved my hands to her boobs and began tracing small circles around them causing her to moan right in my ear. I then positioned my dick above her and slowly came in and out, she was whispering her moans in my ear, "Oh Percy. God Percy your so big, and strong. Let me reward you for all those things you did for us in the war. Come on Percy just give it to me hard and fast."

When she said hard and fast, I stopped and grinned at her. I took us underwater knowing we would both be able to breathe. I then put her on her knees in the shallow end and held her in the doggy position. Then I just began hammering away at her ass. I put all ten inches of my dick in her as I also slapped her ass. I could see the red spots appearing on her ass and she was moaning just as loudly in the water. I then flipped her around again holding her legs stretched out. I put myself right in between them and shoved my dick in her full force causing her to scream for the first time. I kept doing this until she shouted, "Percy, I am going to cum! Please fuck me harder!"

I used all my strength to continuously plow through her, suddenly I felt a new presence in the water and I knew she had cum. We both floated back up towards the water and she just floated back to the front by the steps. She took deep breaths causing her boobs to look bigger as I swam over to her. I said, "Lady Aphrodite, the rumors of your skills were not exaggerated in the least."

She flashed a smile at me, "Your skills were slightly under stated from the pleasure I just felt Perseus. It has been a long time since I was able to have sex underwater. It heightens the pleasure for people like you and me who were born of the sea."

"I have somewhere to be later Aphrodite, but if you want another round, lets do it!"

She looked at me clearly disappointed we won't be doing this all day. I smiled, "If you are any of your daughter's wish to go on longer, you just mustly simply call for me!"

She laughed which I noticed made her boobs just rise and make me want to put my mouth on them, "Oh Perseus, you will regret that later! All the girls just heard you say that, you may not be finding yourself with much free time!"

I gave her a wicked smile, "If my spare time is filled with fucking you and your lovely daughter's I am sure I will be a happy man!"

I summoned a ball of soft water right behind her and I said, "Just float, lean your on the ball of water. I want to try a new position. If you ever use it again call it the dirty Jackson!"

That made her laugh as did as I said. I used the water to will me to where my penis was just above the water. I level myself out with her and then grabbed her thighs. I then used my arms to slam her tight soaking wet pussy on my dick at full force. She let a low moan and then I used my strength and the will of the water to help us go faster. Her moans were becoming so loud the water was shaking. Her eyes seemed to even roll back into her head. Hell her ass was flopping on my dick and her boobs were bouncing so rapidly I felt that Zeus may strike me down any moment just because I have experienced to much happiness for one man to handle! I felt my load coming but I held it as I felt Aphrodite walls clench and her shoot a hot load into the water. I kept plowing into her causing her to continuously moan though. Before I came though I flashed us out the water and on the lawn chairs. I then pulled out of her and came all over her mouth. She grinned wickedly at me as she licked herself clean. I then sat on the lawn chair with her and began massaging her boobs with my fingers. But I then put my face between the two of them and planted gently kisses causing her to let a soft groan out. I then moved to her left boob and put her nipple in my mouth as I let my tongue swirl it. It seemed to harden which really turned me on. I then moved over to her right boob and did the same. I then moved down to her pussy, that was still wet even though we had willed ourselves dry. I put her legs on my shoulder and pushed my tongue into her pussy. Her legs wrapped around my head and I pulled my face out of her. I then took deep heavy hot breaths into her pussy causing her to moan at the warmth. I then planted my face back into her as I began to eat her out at full speed. She moaned and moaned to the point that I was about to cum just at the sound of her voice. After a few minutes of using my fingers, tongue and breath she came in my mouth and I swallowed it like the food of the Gods!

I grinned at her, "You taste like seafood Lady Aphrodite!"

She then sat up staring at me her eyes still clouded with lust, "Well let me say what you taste like out of the water fish boy!"

She took my whole member in her mouth and her tongue swirled around it. Her lips were perfectly for my dick and it almost made me chuckle at the thought. She then opened her mouth wide and did some strange breathing with my dick in her mouth. She suddenly started bobbing her head up and down and top speed and after only about two minutes I shot a load straight into the back of her throat!

She pulled off of me and said, "I haven't tasted nectar that taste better than that! Not bad Percy!"

I stood up and bowed, "I must get going Aphrodite I am due at Camp Half Blood in like ten minutes! Lets not make this the last time my lady!"

She smiled walked away. I couldn't help but stare at her ass as she did. I walked away chuckling, "Damn its good to be a God!"

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