Chapter 5

After a long day at Camp Half Blood I sat in old cabin by myself. Even though I had an honorary cabin here and all, I still wanted to just stay in father's old cabin just to remember all the great memories that came through here. Shit I lost my virginity to Annabeth here probably five years ago now. The water fountain still shined brightly and the room still smelled of a wonderful sea breeze.

The meetings here at Camp Half Blood were pretty easy going, people still saw me as the leader of the camp and I got a lot of respect here. I was one of the few Gods like Artemis who could interfere with mortal lives. It was on my conditions list when I became a God. It is a little different though, all the older girls, taken or not, flirted with me or just tried to eye fuck me, which was a little uncomfortable. Hell Drew pretty much tried to rape me after the meeting, but I told her I was busy but promised her we would get some a lone time soon.

I stripped down and walked around the cabin naked like I used to. I don't know I just liked doing it. This place was like my only real home and I guess I always have treated it that way. It would be different if I had siblings, but I don't so I am and will just enjoy some nice a lone time for once.

As I laid there I couldn't quite sleep. My mind was still fluttering with all the great memories, particularly of the night I lost my virginity to Annabeth. I became hard at the thought and cursed myself as I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep with a boner. I quickly willed some water from the fountain into my hand and turned it warm. I then willed it down to my dick and focused on it with my mind, the water then hardened a little bit and went up and down on my dick. You really don't want to know how I learned to do this, my teenage years were long ones before I was hooking up with girls all the time.

I let out a soft moan was I gradually increased the speed. My thoughts then went back to my day with Aphrodite and seeing all her daughter's naked in the pool with her. Piper was actually the one who surprised me the most. We had always been friends and I always thought she was pretty, but damn, I can't see how Jason left her. His girlfriend is a smoking hot model sure, but what he had with Piper was love, and I can't see why he gave it up. I then began to imagine what fucking Piper would be like, fucking those huge titties and that clearly tight vagina. I knew it was tight from the second I saw it, her lips were smaller than that of her sisters and I knew she was no virgin but I also knew she wasn't a slut like the other girls. I began to stroke with my hand now at the thought of what I would do to her when I get the chance to fuck her.

Suddenly I felt something warm go on my dick. I felt a new weight enter my bed. I looked down in pure shock to see Piper bobbing her head up and down on my dick. I thought about stopping her, but it felt so good, so instead I put a hand on her head and helped her engulf my fully erected dick. She bobbed faster and faster using her tongue to do tiny circles around my head causing me to moan loudly. After a minute I was about to cum and she realized this to and stopped. She then seductively climbed up towards me, "Hey Percy! I see that something had your switch flipped before I even got here!"

Her face was now inches from mine and she started kissing my jaw line slowly. I moaned, "Yeah, I was a little horny before bed time. What are you doing here?"

She grinned at me evilly, "I was horny as fuck Percy. I haven't been fucked in like two months I have been a little on edge about it actually. After I saw you naked today at the pool I decided to see if our friendship could go a little bit further. I don't want another relationship right now, I want someone I can trust. Someone who could be my beneficial friend." As she said this her ass suddenly started moving around my dick slowly but provocatively, "How does that sound to you?"

Her ass then began to kind of do some kind of shake that made it look like she was shaking and she leaned backwards giving me a full view of her body. I then put my hands on her hips and positioned her over my magnum, "Sounds like a good fucking idea to me!"

I then slammed her onto my dick and she immediately leaned forward putting her hands on my chess, "Ah God Percy! That felt good, but a little slower, I am really tight from all these months of just touching myself,"

I grinned, "Well with me around lets limit the touching yourself, I can do a much better job!"

I then began pushing my dick back inside her. Let me just say, damn she was tight. Her eyes seemed to change colors as the pleasure coursed through her and let m tell you it was sexy as shit! I held her boobs as they flopping giving them stern squeezes which caused her to moan just a bit louder. She felt so fucking good to I knew I wasn't going to last long like this. The pressure on my dick, was immense, and I wasn't even all the way in. She looked like she was in the perfect balance of pain and pleasure as well. She leaned back some more which gave me room to speed up my rhythm and penetrate her pussy just a bit deeper. Finally I shoved me whole dick inside her and she screamed with pleasure and I groaned and we both came at the same time!

She leaned forward and laid on my chess relaxingly. She whispered, "That was amazing! I don't know if that is because you are the God of Sex, or if you are just that good. I think its the second latter, because that was literally the most pleasure I have ever felt in my life."

I began to play with her hair and said just as quietly back, "You are certainly a daughter of the love goddess. That was amazing."

She smiled brightly at me as she began kissing me. This was just a slow tender kiss. Then I felt her tongue hit my lip clearly asking for permission to enter. I without question allowed it in and I felt her tongue connect with mine and we quickly battled for dominance. After I clearly won my tongue began to explore her mouth as it was now a kiss of passion and suddenly force. My hands traveled down her body as my dick became slowly erected for probably the eight time today. My hands stopped at her ass and just stayed there as I took in it glory. She bit my lip softly and I moaned a bit. She then said, "You like it kinky don't you? Biting got you all turned on now? Don't think I can't feel whats happening down there!"

I felt one of her hands engulf my cock as she slowly began to stroke it. I smiled at her and smacked her ass pretty hard and she moaned. I wittily responded, "You like it when I spank you don't you."

She whispered sexily in my ear, "I like it when you get all dominate."

With that being said I spanked her again causing her to yelp and moan, "Uhhh, spank me harder!"

Doing as she said I spanked her a bit harder, getting more of a response out of her, "Oh yeah, I am a bad girl, punish me like I deserve it! Make me into a good little girl!"

I spanked her harder this time but didn't stop there. I then rolled us on my bed as I was now on top I turned her around and laid my naked body perfectly on top of her. I put my dick right in her ass and began plowing into her and spanking her at the same time. She screeched, "AW! Percy! Fuck me! Ill be your bad little girl! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Faster!"

Her ass hole was almost as tight as her pussy and she moaned just as loud as she did the first time, but neither of us were cumming yet. I gave her ass another spanking which caused it to jiggle and turn even redder than before. I then turned her back around to where she was on her back. I then spread her legs for her and held each of them in the air. I then forced my cock straight into her putting the whole thing in at once. She screamed and I felt some precum already on my dick. But I wasn't stopping there. I moved her legs above my head and twisted them a bit to where her left leg was on my left shoulder and her right leg on my right shoulder. With her legs twisted like that she became tighter than she was earlier. Her legs were wrapped tightly behind my now as I rammed her through and through. We both moaned in exstcy as we both came once again at the same time.

Piper laid on the bed spread out for a rag doll. I could tell she like it rough. This being said I told her loudly, "Round 3 and the final round you aren't getting much of a break!"

I picked her from the behind and stood both of us up. She bent over as if she was picking something up and I butt fucked her like no other. Her ass had to be one of the nicer ones I had ever fucked, and thats seriously saying something. I love boobs as much as the next guy, but I am an ass man, I would never pass up a nice ass. Piper was up there with Reyna, and I couldn't help but almost cum at the thought of what It would be like to fuck both of them at the same time! I pushed that thought to the back of my mind as finished butt fucking Piper. I spun her around to wear she was facing me and put my hands under butt and gripped tightly. I lifted her off the ground and she instinctively wrapped her perfectly tanned legs around me. I put my dick in her instantly and I then pulled her to the top of my head and dropped her on my full hardened member. She gasped with pleasure and she leaned back holding onto me with one hand as I saw her head fly backwards and her eyes roll back into her head as she was clearly feeling the orgasam coming. I kept dropping her up and down on my dick and I placed my face between her two boobs so I could feel them bouncing around on my head. For the final time tonight I felt my cum coming and her walls clenched around me. I shouted, "Hold out as long as you can! Your so damn tight I want this to keep going!"

She vigorously shook her head as I felt her walls clench tighter and tighter on my dick. She suddenly began moaning louder and louder and began to almost scream with pleasure and pain as she was holding back her orgasam. Suddenly though the tight feeling was just to much for me though and I shot my hot thick load straight into her and so as this happened I felt the cum come from her at full speed.

We both fell back on to the bed. She still laid on top of me her body glistening in sweat. Her hair was a mess on my chess and I played with it gently as we just laid there in peace. I heard her whisper, "If your ever looking to get another fucking or to just experiment let me know Perce!"

With that being said she grabbed my hands and sternly put them on her ass. I knew I had for sure gone to Elysium and died. That ass was just still unbelievable! I kissed the top of her, "I know Pipes believe me I will be taking you up on that!"

We laid there for a while as we both drifted off. My thoughts ended the night on a few particular things. One thing in particular though stuck in my mind, "Damn its good to be a god!"

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