Chapter 6

There I was sitting on my bed in my palace on Olympus. It was a pretty slow day, but honestly I was looking to a day to myself. I had hit the pool several different times, I had flashed to the restaurant I set up in Manhattan that made nothing but blue food in honor of my mother. It had been a pretty easy going day, I enjoyed the little days I like this. I kind of wished I had settled down with someone, but then I remember just all the great sex I had and knew I had actually made the right decision.

I was just about to go find a girl to bang, when suddenly a familiar red head stormed into my palace at top speeds. I smiled, "Hey RED whats up?"

Rachel was clearly out of breath and said, "Percy, I received a prophecy! I need your help!"

I jumped off my bed in alarm, "What is it? Giants, Titans? Worse?"

She grinned sheepishly, "Lord Apollo issued a prophecy that I was going to have to lose my virginity to continue to have my visions. As soon as I saw the prophecy I knew this was going to be the little worms way of finding his way into my pants."

I knew what she wanted now, but I decided to feign ignorance, "So what do you want from me?"

Her face suddenly turned as red as her hair, "Percy, if I am going to have to lose my virginity at random, I would rather do it with someone I trust. Plus who better than the God of Sex himself? Another reason is I have wanted to fuck you since that day on the beach, but it just never seemed the right time."

Rachel then quickly took off her shirt and through it the side. My mouth almost instantly watered as I eyed her D-Cup sized boobs. She then bent over to take down her pants which gave me a better chance to stare at her huge breast. She then through her pants and all she was wearing was a simple G-string. No shit I was already hard as a rock. She had a tiny rocking body, but gods damned that rack looked to be untameable.

She crawled on my bed seductively, "Please Percy! I don't want to be another one of Apollo's bitches. If you help me here I would be eternally grateful. I will do...Anything!"

She was then on my lap rocking her hips and she smashed her lips on to mine. She was grinding on my erect cock and there was certainly a pitch in my tint. I ran my hands down to her hips and then up to her breast were I removed her bra and broke the kiss. I just stared at her boobs causing Rachel to blush, "Percy don't stare...Just play!"

I grinned at her as I smashed my lips aggressively back to hers. I then pushed her backwards as to where I was on top of her. I quickly removed my shirt and placed my chest against hers as I then began to kiss down her jawline and then down to her neck. She gasped, "I am going to enjoy this! Thank you Percy."

I nodded as I began to place small kisses on her boobs that were now like entrancing me to her. I kissed around her left nipple and then I ran small circles with my tongue around it. Then I switched to her right boob and repeated the process. She began moaning and her fingers ran down to her pussy and began fingering herself in and out gasping with pleasure.

I then went back and whispered into her ear, "Let me take care of that for you."

I unzipped my pants and pulled down my khaki shorts. I kicked them off my legs and I had nothing but boxers on now. I then pulled those down and stood starch naked in front of Rachel. She blushed as she stared at my fully erected ten inch penis. She eyed it hungrily and I laid back down on the bed and pulled her on top of me. I said, "Go whenever your ready. I want your first time to be your call RED."

She smiled at me and stood up pulling down the final strap that left us both naked. She laid on top of my placing her hands on my chess. She said, "I always hoped you would be my first."

I smiled back at her, "If you had given me a heads up I would've taken you out or something!"

She grinned and sat up. She positioned herself over my manhood asking, "Is this going to hurt?"

I grimaced remembering how many virgins I had banged in my life, "Only for a minute. Then it will all turn to pleasure. Keep your hands on my chess, I will you use some godly energy to sooth it out for you."

She gave me a grudging smile and dropped her whole body on my riptide. I grimaced for her, I probably should've told her to be more careful. Thankfully my chess glowed and her pain was quickly replaced with one of pleasure. Damn as small as Rachel was my whole ten inches in her, felt pretty amazing. She was easily the tightest I had ever felt. Which is saying something, because Hestia, and Calypso were very tight. God this felt like insane pressure on my dick though. She didn't try to move for a minute, but then she used her legs and began moving slowly up and down. A good thing to, because it felt so amazing. The tightness that on my dick right now is unparalleled to anything I have ever felt before. Suddenly she began moaning, then her slow motions became rapid moments. My hands shot to her hips and helped her speed even my moans were loud. Suddenly her hands were back on my chess. She leaned forward and kissed me again and her ass then began twerking on my dick, she never once left my hard member though, and for her first time she had the stamina of a fucking race horse! I had never had a girl literally twerk on my dick at such speeds, and with her pussy being so tight it was literally an amazing sensation. I felt my balls tighten and I said Rachel, "RED, I am going to Cum! How do you want it?"

She quickly jumped off of me, and put her mouth on my dick and began pumping up and down and I felt myself shoot my load into her. Anxious to return the favor I pushed her onto the bed and ate her out vigorously. She screamed as her hands put down on my head and she came all in my mouth!

I prowled back up to her, "How was it?"

She whispered, "I think I may have died and gone to Elysium!"

I chuckled lightly, "You know, you will probably think I say this to every girl. But you were one of the best I have done. Mostly because damn girl you are Godly tight. Not to mention you have a pair that would even make Aphrodite jealous! Not to mention you are near perfect size to be pounded. Damn we should've done that years ago!"

She blushed deeply at my praises, "Thanks Percy, it was great!"

I kissed the top of her head as she cuddled up next to me, "You aren't done are you?

She smiled at me, "I have to be back at the temple of Apollo in an hour...I think I have enough time for another round...Maybe two!"

A smile formed on my face as I turned us over to where I was on top of her. I smiled, "I want to try something, I think I am big enough, and you are small enough for this to work!"

She smiled at me and nodded her head. I mounted her chest and stuck my dick perfectly in between her boobs. She put her hands on her boobs and clenched them together so my dick was closed in between them. My dick was big enough it just fell short of her mouth. She was however able to look down and open her mouth where she could just get her mouth around my head. I pulled in and out of her breast hitting her mouth with my dick. It felt undescribable, but awesome would be a good word. After about five minutes of this and me giving boobs light slaps I came all over her face. Which she looked great covered in my cum just saying!

She grinned at me as we stood up. She made a sexy pose putting her hand on her ass and one hand on her head leaning backwards and sticking her body out like a model. I gave a wolf whistel, "Holey shit Rachel. How you have remained a virgin for this long is something that is now a wonder of the world!"

Her smile lit up half the world, "Well I see that you aren't a virgin. So why don't you show me what that experienced tongue of yours can do..." She slowly moved her fingers down t her pussy and began feeling herself up, "down south of my breast."

I grinned at her wickedly and began to move plant kisses from her stomach down. Rachel was really skinny and her skin was truly flawless. I made kisses around her thighs and then put her legs on my shoulders. I then began kissing in perfect circles around her pussy. Then I drove my tongue straight into her pussy. She gasped and my tongue shot in and out of her pussy. I then began swirling my tongue around her clit causing her to moan softly. I then put my whole mouth in her pussy and began brushing my teeth on her clit causing her to moan loudly, "Oh my Gods Percy! Your so talented! My Gods, oh, eat me, Percy, oh, oh ,oooohhhh, Gods!"

I felt her walls tighten and then I picked up the speed of my tongue to its max. She quickly came and I drank it all with fervor. I grinned at her as I then began to kiss her passionately. I stood us both up and she then lifted her leg up and moved it up and down my legs making me more wild then before. I put my hand on that leg and lifted it up higher. I then positioned myself right outside of her and asked, "May I?"

She nodded her head and I lifted her leg up on to my shoulder. I knew she was flexible because she was a cheerleader through junior high. I then plowed myself into her raging tight pussy. It was still wet from all the times I had already played with her. I pushed in and out and full speed causing her to just scream with pleasure. Hell even I was panting and moaning at the amazing feeling that I felt on my dick!

I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish in this position. I then flipped her over so she could get the full anal experience and I plowed through her ass causing her to actually scream. It was an amazing feeling since she was so small and not to be unmodest but damn I am big compared to her.

I only did this for a few minutes before I then flipped us over like an attacking judo throw but we actually ended up sprawled out on the bed where she was planted on top of me and I was on my back. She then began to ride and buck me like any good cowgirl would. Her boobs were flopping everywhere and my hands were perfectly on them as I felt them jiggle and bounce. Knowing I had time for one last position. I picked her up and she was thrashing around trying to get back on my dick but I took her over to my counter and had her lay backwards as I literally nailed into her with full force. The cabinets rocked, and the counter shook, our screams of pleasure and rejoice echoed throughout my palace. Suddenly my balls tightened and her walls tightened. Almost as if the gods planned it we both exploded with cum at the same time.

We both laid on the counter together. She whispered quietly, "I need to go see Apollo..."

I smiled, "Your welcome in my palace any time Rache!"

She gave me a weak smile, "Do you mind if I come back later. I don't think I got the full experience yet. And who better to teach me then a God who is still trying to find all the kinks himself!"

I winked at her, "Always welcome RED!"

She nodded as she walked back towards the bed to grab her clothes. I couldn't help but watch her as she walked away. That ass and rack just jiggeled as she walked and that was not fat. I watched her put her clothes on and she catched me staring and she noticed me already re-erected cock. She winked at me and walked over to me. She grabbed my dick and kissed me on the lips, "I will be back!"

She turned around and I slapped her ass causing her to turn around and wink at me as she walked away. I then grinned and leaned back on the table, "Damn its good to be a God!"

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