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Chapter 6:

Merlin leaned as far back in his chair as he could manage as another fist came flying towards his face. Nevertheless, the hand connected with his jaw and sent another wave of pain through his torso. He knew that his jaw was no less than fractured, and his vision was blurry. Blood gushed from a wound in the side of his head, and the rest of his body whined as he tried to flinch away from the gigantic man. Mentally he tried clinging onto the hope that Arthur would soon be here, but physically he thought he should have been dead. His will was wearing thin once again.

The man, scarred and ugly, stepped away from Merlin for several moments as he grabbed a goblet of water off a nearby table. Merlin's mouth opened slightly at the sight of the water, and he stared at it desperately.

The man saw how Merlin's eyes rested on the cup, and he grinned, stepping forward. Merlin flinched backwards. The man laughed. "Want some water, peasant?" He poured the goblet onto the stone floor directly in front of Merlin, chuckling as Merlin's glassy eyes followed the stream.

"Oh, come on Borin, we have to at least keep him alive." Morgana's voice was suddenly behind Merlin, and he heard the muffled sound of a door closing. She strode to Borin's side and gripped the cup, which still held some water. She went up to him and grabbed his throbbing jaw, forcing him to swallow the liquid. Merlin was barely satisfied as the pain in his face dulled the water's effect. He did not feel any relief from his hunger or thirst.

"Yes Milady" Borin said gruffly. She pushed the cup back into the man's hand, smiled at Merlin, and left once again. Merlin suspected Morgana had been listening to them through one of the small holes at the top of the walls. It would be easy for her to track their progress yet not get her hands dirty.

Borin dumped the empty goblet onto the table and grimaced at Merlin. "My lady has told me about you." He huffed suddenly. "She has told me how disrespectful and disobedient you are. I think we may need to do something about that."

Suddenly a fist pounded itself into Merlin's stomach. He hadn't even seen the man move. "So I can reassure you that it will be no problem for you to tell me who Emrys is." His hand hit him once again, the agony coursed through Merlin like a disease.

"I d-don't k-know." He croaked out.

Another fist connected with his cheek.

"I w-will never t-tell y-you." He spluttered, blood seeping from his mouth.

Borin snorted, unamused. "You hold out because you think your knight buddies will come rescue you, but they will never come."

"I know they will." Merlin growled.

"You're just a serving boy! You are weak and pathetic, and you will give Morgana an answer!" he slapped Merlin across the face. "The knights were indeed sent to look for you, but the Lady Morgana has sent them into a trap. They will never find you."

"How many men?" Merlin choked out as another hand came flying at him.

"What?" Borin looked at the boy, drawing his hand back at his words.

"How many men does Arthur have with him, did Morgana say?" He forced the words out.

Borin gave him an unfathomable glance. "Yes, she said about two dozen knights rode out with the king."

Morgana is lying. Merlin was certain of it. Bringing so many men would cause suspicion. Arthur would only bring his four best knights on this kind of a mission. She doesn't know the whereabouts of Arthur. Merlin thought. He feigned disappointment, as though he had accepted the man's words and he was doomed. He lowered his head, and Borin laughed, buying it.

"You will tell me who Emrys is." He stated blatantly, and picked up a knife of his own.

Arthur and his knights were approaching the old home. Although the place looked unarmed on the outside, the knights thought it best to dismount several meters away so they would go unnoticed. Arthur hopped off, unsheathing his sword and signaling for his men to follow behind him. They slowly made their way towards the house, and skirted around the outside to look for any activity. To the men's surprise, the place truly did look abandoned.

The met up again at the front door, which was crumbling along with the rest of the place, and sheathed their swords.

"Looks like the townspeople were just imagining things." Elyan sighed.

"My Lord!" No one had noticed Leon staring into the trees, and he shouted to his companions the second a party of men rushed through the undergrowth.

The knights unsheathed their swords once again, backing against each other and preparing to fight. They were outnumbered by at least two to one.

"Morgana's men?" Percival questioned as they held their swords at the ready.

"Most certainly." Arthur concluded and they rushed to meet their enemy.

These men were more skilled than the mercenaries they had fought a few days prior, but it seemed as though Morgana wanted most of her men at her side because the fairly small group was slowly getting cut down by the knights of Camelot. Arthur and Leon battled side by side, fighting off two men each and defending each other's backsides. Arthur heard a small yelp from Elyan, and turned to look. A sword had slashed into his thigh, and the man was about to finish him off. Arthur, angry that one of his men had been injured, landed one fatal blow to the man he was fighting and rushed off to help Elyan. As he darted over he could see that they were winning, and the fight would be passed soon.

"Hey!" Arthur shouted, reaching Elyan's attacker. The man was bulky and seemed to be at the head of the group. He wore dulled armor and dirtied rags, but his fighting skill was notable.

Despite his swordsmanship, Arthur disarmed the man and pinned him down, his sword resting lightly on the man's chest.

"Where is Morgana?" Arthur commanded.

The man glared at the king with contempt, refusing to tell him anything. He attempted to pull a knife from his belt, but Arthur was too quick for the man. He knocked it out of his hand with his sword, and it skittered across the ground.

Arthur didn't have any time to waste. "I will ask one more time." He growled, raising the blade to the man's throat. "Where is she?"

The man gulped, suddenly out of ideas to escape. "Northwest of here there's a tower." The man said reluctantly. "The Tower of Billige,"

Arthur nodded curtly, and stepped closer to the man. "Thank you for the information." He said, and punched the man squarely in the face, knocking him out.

The knights had gathered themselves beside Arthur. Morgana's men were either unconscious on the forest floor, or had fled. Arthur was relieved that none of his men were wounded apart from Elyan, and he finally had the true location of Merlin. They would be on their way within the hour.

"Let's get back to the horses." Arthur said, already walking in that direction. "We can dress Elyan's wound there and get something to eat. We should be able to reach the Tower before nightfall."

Leon helped Elyan back to the horses, and there he sat against a tree. Leon grabbed a bag from his horse and threw it to the knight. It was the medical things Gaius had supplied them with before they had taken off. Meanwhile the rest of the men fished bread and fruit out of the packs tied to their horses, enjoying the meal after a strenuous morning.

Arthur was glad to see that all of the men still held firm determination in their eyes. They weren't going to give up until they had found Merlin, and even though the fighting had worn them out, they would still have the strength to raid Morgana's lair.

"We need to get going." The king said as he finished an apple, throwing the core into the woods. Elyan had wrapped his leg and was finishing off a large portion of wheat bread. "We have let Morgana mess around too long." He concurred, and mounted his big bay stallion. The knights finished whatever food they had been engulfing and hopped onto their horses. They cantered off in the right direction of their friend.

'I just hope we aren't too late' Arthur worried internally.