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Chapter 1 - Ready.

Betrayal. That was something that came naturally to her as breathing did. Betrayal led to her parents death,To Cedric's, To Sirius's. She was fifteen nearly sixteen and already she had experienced enough betrayal that would have made grown adults waver. She stared at the mirror her own bright green eyes staring back. She traced various vicious white scar tissue. The one on her left hand and the one on her upper arm were the most eye catching. Most people knew about the one on her hand. Due to the evils of umbridge. But the one few knew about was the one she hated the most. It stared at her every time she changed. Reminding her. Spelling the word she loathed the most out of the English language. Freak. The ugly, hateful words glaring back at her. She made her way across the landing of the hideously decorated house and into her 'room' as it was dubbed. Though to be honest it was more of box with a few sparse belongings caged in. She glanced at the cracked bedside clock she had saved from the rubbish a few years back. Three, Two, One Happy Birthday me She thought glumly. She turned away and faced the wall and fell asleep as her head graced the pillow. Soon She thought as she slipped away into sleep.

Birds sung her awake and she let the happy chirpy noses wash over her. It was times like this she missed the piano in grimmauld place. Sirius had taught her the basics but she had grasped it quickly and began to flourish with little guidance. At least she still had the guitar he gave her. It was one from his own childhood and she cherished the cherry wood guitar. She shook her head if things like that. She couldn't afford to spend her time reminiscing over her time as a student that time was done. Over. She packed her belongings into a small grey messenger bag and slung it over her shoulders. She walked out of the house and into the bright sun. She honed in on a familiar grey haired old woman. "Hello Tonks" She said.

"Blimey Ivory You're not supposed to approach us in case-"

"Oh for goodness sake" She huffed before she marched inot the middle of the road and hollered at the top of her lungs " OKAY ANY DEATH EATERS OUT THERE? HOW ABOUT OLD NO NOSE? NO? OKAY GOOD!" She walked back to Tonks.

"Was that really necessary" She asked but even she found it hard to keep the mirth from her voice.

"Yes. Anyway I need you to get Dumbledore down here"

"I'm not sure he can Ive's He's pretty busy with the whole war effort"

"Tell him if he doesn't march his grey beard down to privet drive I will offer myself to Voldemort on a silver platter" Tonks nodded and apparated away to search for the elusive grey bearded man. Ivory Lillian potter scuffed her converse against the pavement as she waited. A few moments later a 'pop' sounded and a familiar grandfatherly man appeared. "Ivory my dear whatever is the matter"

"I'm ready" She stated.

"Whatever for" He asked.


She stood in the shadows of the great hall waiting. Then,As per the instructions, Several cracks sounded and numerous people appeared. She saw the weasley family along with Hermione's family, The bones and Neville and his gran. the ones she didn't recognize she committed to memory. She watched as Dumbledore took to his podium. "My friends As you are aware lord Voldemort has returned and every second wasted is precious time lost. I played a major part in the last war but now I cannot do that for this war" Several murmurs broke out until one voice sounded above the rest.

"Albus if not you then who else"

"That would be me" She said stepping out to where people could see her. Several gasps broke out again as the crowd once again descended into murmurs. She drew her wand and shot out golden sparks. The crowd shushed.

"I'm tired of running and hiding. Of watching everybody that I ever cared about die. Can't run...Can't hide. We are standing at the mouth of a snake and it is gonna swallow us whole" She paused and took in the faces of the crowd. Each one had shock and resolution written on them. "But you know what...It is going to choke. The prophecy stated that only I can defeat him. But I can't do that while hiding and running. Lord Voldemort and his followers are not running or hiding. They are training. To kill us. All of us. I'm tired of giving them the advantage. It is time we took a stand." Not one sound was heard a they all took in her words. "As of right now. I just declared war. As of right now we just became an army." She walked down the aisle separating the two sides of people. "Preparations begin tomorrow" She said. The silence was deafening.

One year later

"You're sure you're okay" The portrait of Dumbledore asked. The real Dumbledore passed during the battle of hogsmeade taking down over half of riddle's army with him. "I'm sure professor it just took a long out of me"

"You just died I think you're entitled to a little bed rest" He scolded. Ivory rolled her eyes.

"Still dead" She whispered before she voiced more audibly "You know I can't do that Albus. Now that it's complete we have a shot but only if we act quickly" She stated. "You know I worry for you"

"I know you do but honestly i feel great. If that's what dying is like sign me up" She joked. At his expression she quickly added "Or you know not...Besides right now it's time". He bid her farewell before she marched towards the great hall. She passed several people who nodded and some who saluted. She stood before the guard stationed at the door. "Call in the troops it's time for a meeting" He nodded and she slipped inside. It begins She thought.

"WHAT" The lone voice of Ron Weasley sounded in the silent hall.

"You heard. Tonight We are going to Malfoy manor and we are finishing this once and for all" She caly repeated. "Or here's a better plan...We don't" He retorted.

"What" She spat.

"You heard" He mocked.

"Yes I heard bit since when does a leader get questioned"

"Since they stop acting like a leader" Several voices agreed to this statement.

"And what the HELL is that supposed to mean" She shouted.

"It means you're making dumb choices and they're not making sense. I mean you spend half the spy temas out to collect worthless junk like a locket and a cup instead of giving us something we can fight"

"Those pieces of junk have helped us"

"HOW" HE screamed.

"I CAN'T TELL YOU" She screamed back.

"That's what I mean. I mean we are supposed to blindly trust you and you're not giving us much to go on. I mean my family could be dead" He shouted.

"They're safe they are all safe! Listen this isn't a question of who's in charge. I am in charge and this is the plan. I'm willing to discuss tactics but at the end of the day you need to fall in line or we will fail" She said with venom.

"And why exactly are you in charge" He asked, "My god you really believe you're better than us don't you? just because you're the girl who lived"

"What! Are you insane I would give everything that I have to not be the girl-Who-Bloody-Lived! But I can't!"

"Then let's take a vote! Who thinks Ivory should step down". Slowly all the hands in the hall were raised. "You all feel this way" She asked trying hard to fight the tears she felt were coming. No one answered until Ron did "Yes. We all do"

"Fine" She she said before walking towards the door "Have a nice wars he said as she left.

She made it to the grounds before she felt the first tear. "IVORY" A voice called. It was Hermione.

"Ivory please I never meant for-"

"Don't whether you meant to or not this war is yours. I'm done being the scapegoat" With that she apparated of the grounds momentarily forgetting about the wards in place. But Hermione didn't. She gaped at the spot where her friend used to be. She tried to think about reasons but was too consumed with guilt to try. She brushed away a tear and headed back to the war room where a certain red head had assumed control.

She apparated outside of Malfoy manor. She was tired. Emotionally and physically. She figured she should at least try. It's not like she had much to lose now anyway. She walked up to the gate when a certain long blonde haired man stood in her path. "Ah miss Potter. What a Pleasure to see you again"

"Seriously..was that supposed to intimidate me? Go tell old no nose that I'm here and to come and have a go if he thinks he's hard enough" He snarled when she'd finished. He waved his wand and the gates melted into shadows. She walked behind him aware of the dangers that lurked ahead. She sighed again Now or never She thought.

Voldemort was sat in the living room of the manor on a chair that looked remotely like a throne. "Well I gotta say this is...Homey. NO really I mean a lick of paint a couple bean bags call it home" He hissed at her sarcasm and she simply smirked. "What's wrong tom missing your snake" She mocked. He snarled before hissing "Shut your face you little bitch"

"What?...No I'm gonna win comments or I'm a fool and I'll lose everything. Wow I gotta say this does not look good for our villain"

"Oh good the useless banter portion of the fight I've forgotten how fun those could be. Muggles don't simply keep up like they used to" He said.

"There it is" She muttered.

"Did you really think you could best me in my own headquarters? You must really value your title Miss potter" He mocked.

"Oh because of your little posse? Oh well you see I did a bit of light reading the other day concerning magical signatures and magical tattoos such as your dark mark are all connected so if I say cast a spell that channeled through your signatures it would cause your followers to shall we say become stone" She smirked at his confusion before waving her hand in wandless magic and soon the people on the room began to choke as they slowly turned to stone. Tom snarled at her. "Oh you think because Albus was so forgiving that I would be too. Wrong assumption. No one is getting out of this. Not even you"

"You can't kill me...I have achieved immortality"

"Yeah that's right achieved as in past tense. As in I tracked down and destroyed your horcruxes."

"No matter I have the elder wand"

"Ah well no you don't but it's a good replica. You see the wand was part of a complete set and let's just sya I own the full collection" She said before smiling at his confusion.

"Oh yes Tom you see the wand as part of a triplet of artifacts which once combined and bonded with caused the possessor to become beyond powerful" She said.

"Impossible...No one is as powerful as I lord Voldemort"

"And yet here I am". Voldemort drew his wand back and threw the killing curse at her. She flew back at the force and landed in a heap. "Foolish girl. Pity such power went to such a waste"

"Okay now that wasn't very nice now was it Tom" Ivory said as she hauled herself to her feet.

"You're...You're dead"

"Can't kill what's already dead" She said. he drew back his wand but she was faster. She created a spear of shadows and sent it flying through the air. It landed deep in his gut. She smirked as she watched him die. When he slumped forward she dissipated the shadows and grabbed his body in a fireman's carry and apparated away.

The great hall was in complete silence as Ronald Weasley began to detail his rather extensive four year war effort plan. He was halfway through Year 3 when a resounding crack echoed around the room. There standing on the teachers platform stood Ivory Potter ex-leader of the resistance. "What do you want Potter". Instead of talking she merely threw the black lump she was carrying over her shoulder. "Just thought I'd tidy up a few loose ends before I left you know after you all kicked me out" She said.

"Ivory...I'm so so sorry" Hermione begged from the crowd.

"I know you are Hermione. I know you are. However, You all betrayed me. You all turned your back on me. Not the other way around. I did you a favor by killing him but now I owe you nothing. I hope that turning your backs on me was worth it" She looked at each of the faces in the crowd. All looked ashamed except for one red head who looked indifferent. She turned to Hermione and said "I'll right when I'm ready to talk okay" Hermione nodded and gave her a quick hug. "Goodbye" She said to the crowd. And once again she apparated.

Alice Cullen came out from her vision with a thoughtful look on her face. Esme,Her adoptive mother, Walked in. "Alice sweetie what's wrong"

"Things are about to get a little interesting in forks".

Do I or Do I not continue that is the question?