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50 years later..

He stood before the marble stone the surface glittering from the non-existent sun. He traced around the name carved in deep black. He smiled sadly at it . He stood and turned and headed towards his family and Aidan's mate who all sat in their collective cars. Not turning back he got in and they drove off. A single drops of water fell from a leaf onto the stone sliding across it leaving a trail.

Ivory Lillian Potter

July 31st 1995-August 21st 2013

And Death will be the next adventure.

Charlotte Addams walked down the hallways of forks high heading towards lunch. She was half listening to a bubbly girl Michelle Newton or something. She was talking about how her dad was leaving the keys to the family business with her. They got and paid for their lunch and took a seat at the first table. She was idly picking at her food when the door leading to the outside opened and 7 teens walked in. The first six all seemed together but the one at the back walked in alone.

"Who are they" She asked Michelle.

"Oh those! Those are the Cullen's. They from Alaska or something and their dad is the new doctor at the hospital. They transferred like a day before you did"

"Are they all.."

"Together. Yep! Jasper's the curly blonde one he's dating the pixie looking one Alice. Emmet the beefy one is dating the blonde girl Rosalie. And Aidan the other blonde guy is dating Sarah the red head. They're all together except for Edward he's the hot one" Michelle looked at the one called Edward and assessed him. He was tall muscular but not so much. yes he's perfect she thought.

She watched as he stood to go get some lunch and she stood under he guise of needing water. She waited until he reached for an apple before reaching for the same one.

"Oh I'm sorry" She said playing with her hair.

"That's fine" He said with a voice that surely had to be dipped in honey in her opinion. She looked into hid golden eyes not noticing the door opening and a new figure walking towards them.

"Tsk tsk Edward...Must I keep you on a leash" A soft British accent said behind them. Edward smiled and turned to the owner of the voice. A small black haired girl with gold flecked green eyes stood there. The Cullen's at the other table watched their brother and the new girl.

"Whatever fantasy you have in your mind you would do well to keep it there" He said back to her walking up to her till he was toe to toe.

"Ready" She asked.

"For what" He asked.

"For the rumor mill to explode" She whispered before pulling him into a deep kiss before dragging him back the table. Michelle stood behind them imitating a goldfish. Silently she went back to the table she had sat at first and watched along with the rest of the school.

"Must you make a scene" Jasper asked his sister as he sat down with Edward.

"I consider my day wasted unless I make at late on person imitate a goldfish" She replied.

"How was England" Alice asked.

"Great! I can' believe the school wanted me to guest lecture on a vampire seminar...Bizarre"

"Oh yeah it's not like your the first witch vampire hybrid ever Ivory" Rosalie said. Choosing to ignore her she turned to Edward and asked

"Where were you this morning"

"I was visiting the grave" He replied shredding his bagel.

"Why do you insist on doing that"

"To remind myself what I almost lost that day" He said. As the table descended back to talk of the weekend he turned his mind back 50 years ago.


Edward howled as he looked at the pile of blackened ash where Ivory had once stood. Aro smirked as he took in the looks of shock on the Cullen's faces. He impassively looked over the ashes where Bella Swan now rested and mentally shrugged. Pity as it was there were plenty more where she came from.

"You see what happens when you oppose us?" He said smirking again beofre nodding to the guard holding the Cullen's the flitted back behind the Volturi. Turning on his heel he walked away leaving the Cullen's knelt on the floor trying to come to terms with what had just transpired.

Aro felt accomplished. Sure he lost his latest protegee but there would be more. He felt a small breeze turn into a violent gale as it blew him back a few steps. Snarling he turned back to the Cullen's to ask what treachery this was. The Cullen's looked at the small ash pile in wonder as it began to twirl in the wind which had now died down to a gentle breeze.

The black flecks danced and swirled into spirals in the air. The miniature swirls began to form a incorporeal figure. Soon they solidified into a black somewhat corporeal figure. The it began to glow. It started off gentle but it grew until a blinding golden glow overtook their vision.

Bringing down their hands from their sensitive eyes. She stood smirking at Aro who stood stock still open mouthed imitating a goldfish. "Did you think it was going to be that easy...Did you?" She asked flicking her wrist at the guards behind him they fell down unconscious or dead Aro wasn't sure.

"What are you"

"Death is my bottom bitch and you know what...You just pissed me off" She spat. She raised her arm and clenched her fist. Aro was lifted and began to choke on nothing. She let him suffer for a few moments before dropping her arm slamming Aro onto the ground. "Take that as a warning...If I EVER see you or anyone like you near me and mine I will end you and for the next eternity will be a small dark corner in hell" Aro nodded and scrabbled to his feet. Straightening his gown he motioned for his now awake guards to follow him.

Ivory glared at the retreating backs until they vanished from sight. She turned and was attacked b a blur. Edward gripped his mate fiercely and pulled her into a deep passion filled kiss. "Don't ever leave" He whispered in her ear.

"I won't...Even if you kill me" She whispered back.

The next few days were a blur. Using a glamor spell she charmed the Cullen's to appear to be crying to dissuade that anything other than an accident 'Killed her'. Then the Cullen's vanished to Alaska to escape the 'grief'.

EnD oF fLaShBaCk.

Ivory and Edward walked towards the car hand in hand much to the notice of the population of forks high. "Hey Edward can we stop for a second"

"Are you sure someone wont over hear us..I'd hate for another Bella to happen" Edward asked. Ivory smiled and discreetly flicked her wrist "Right magic...I forgot"

"I wonder if the baby will have magic" She said looking down.

"Oh I'm sure there's a possibility...Wait...WHAT!" Edward said.

"Edward...I'm pregnant" Ivory said looking up at him. He said nothing but grabbed her and kissed her passionately. He rushed off to tell the rest of the Cullen's while she laughed at him and walked at a slower pace. She placed a hand to her stomach and smiled. She was happy. She was free.

Betrayal. That was something that had come naturally to her as breathing did to humans. Betrayal had led to her parents death,To Cedric's, To Sirius's. But betrayal had led her to her soul mate. To a family. To where she belonged. Once there was a time she would have wished for a new life...An easier life. Now...She wouldn't change it for the world.