Ludwigs area. not p.o.v. Just where he is.

The tall blond person stepped out of the phone booth and into the morning light. He pulled his hood up and slowly walked down the streets. He spent hours walking around until he finally made it to Romano's house. He walked in the open door and looked around. No one was home. He sat in the kitchen and thought. Deep in thought, he never heard the door open. What snapped him back to reality was the person he loved standing right in front of him. Feli fell and Ludwig called his name. He managed to catch him before he or his stomach hit the ground. "Felicano" He whispered, staring at his face. He carefully lifted him and held him to his chest. "Felicano" He whispered again, slowly going up the stairs to find his room. He whispered his name over and over again and placed him gently in bed. He stared at him and cupped his cheek. The other hand gently caressed his stomach and he smiled. "Im not to late" He said in relief.

Ludwig sat on the floor rubbing his stomach for an hour before Feli started waking up. Ludwig looked at him and smiled to himself. Feli shot up when he noticed the hand on his stomach and looked over. His eyes went big but his pupils were small. His mouth opened and he breathed in quickly, ready to scream. Before Feli could get his voice, Ludwig's hand covered his mouth. "Shh Felicano. Dont scream. I just vant to talk to you" Ludwig whispered. Feli exhaled but stayed frozen in the position he was in. His body started trembling and he grabbed Ludwigs hand just to get a hold of something. Ludwig moved his hand away slowly and stood. "I'll sit over hear. Please, just hear me out Feli."

Felicano didnt answer but just sat still. "Feli..." Ludwig sat down against the dresser on the opposite wall of the bed. "Im sorry. Im so so sorry" Ludwig began crying. "Please... Tell me how I can fix this. I love you Feli. I really do" He whispered softly. Feli's face softened and he curled against the wall.

"H-how d-d-did you g-get o-o-out?" Feli stuttered nervously. Ludwig looked up at him and was happy his voice haden't changed. "I'm at the highest level of freedom. They dont check on me all day when I tell them I want to be alone with a head ach. I can get back in time for dinner." Feli nodded nervously. "So, Please Feli, at least visit me. Allow me to see the baby. Once is all I really need. But I dont want to leave you. Please Feli." He whispered. Feli looked at him dead in the eyes. "I'll talk to Romano about letting me visit... maybe." Feli said softly. Ludwig smiled and stood. "Thank you Feli. And please, reply to my letters. I would like to know how you are doing." Feli nodded. Ludwig stepped closer and moved his hair from his forehead and kissed the skin. Feli was frozen in shock and slight fear. Ludwig moved down and kissed his stomach gently before vanishing.

Once Feli was sure he was gone, he locked the doors and windows and sat in his room. Ludwig was able to get back in no problem and resume his life. Later that night, Romano confronted him about the letter he had from Ludwig.