Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in posting this notification. Just to assure you, I'm not discontinuing the story. After taking into account a lot of the messages and reviews I've received about this story, I've been going through the chapters and making changes. Nothing about the content is being changed, but I'm reworking them to be easier to read. One of the main complaints were that the chapters were basically information dumps, and looking over them I have to agree.

So I'm reworking them to better flow and seem less information heavy while still keeping the content the same. All in all, when I'm done the chapters should be longer but more enjoyable.

I'm also working on the next chapter, as well as working on my second story, "Fade to Blacklight". That is why there has been no activity for this story for a while. When I'm finished making the changes to the chapters, and have finished chapter 4 of the story, I'll release everything together in one mass update. This should be the last time I make a mass release, at least for a while.

Thanks for your patience and I hope that everyone enjoys the reworked story when its out.