This is my first attempt to write an Arrow fan fic. I've been reading through so many of the wonderful stories people have posted that I felt the need to add my own. Your reviews are always welcome. Thank you.

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She had a new hobby. It didn't involve her computers or latest comic books. Nor beating the latest level on her video game. No...her hobby consisted of watching the sweat roll down Oliver Queen's back as he worked out.

Felicity tried not to be too obvious about her hobby. She made sure his back was to her before looking at him over the rim of her glasses. Her incredibly vivid imagination pictured him walking towards her, towel slung around his shoulders, breathing hard and with one thing on mind.


She sighed. But that never was the case. She was his IT girl. The girl he went to for complicated analysis of drug filled syringes and bullet ridden laptops. She knew that when he dreamed at night, it was of his brunette ex-girlfriend. Not the "blonde", with the glasses and amazing ability to babble and say inappropriate things when he was around.

Not that she couldn't continue to allow her mind to wander to the many ways she wanted to explore Oliver Queen's delectable body.

In her mind she traced his abdominal muscles with her tongue. He would moan because what she did to him felt so good. She'd loosen those green leather pants he wore as the Hood and reach inside to grip him. She'd stroke him and watch as his breathing quickened and muscles tense as he came closer to the edge. At that moment she would lower her head and take him into her mouth. He'd come, chanting her name.

It was an ongoing fantasy that at times made it difficult to work. Especially when he seemed unable to workout with a shirt on. Any woman would have a few dirty thoughts enter her brain at the sight of him hot and sweaty. She would definitely spend a lot of time thinking about how he'd look with his pants off and laying down in her bed. How it would feel to have his lips against her own and how passionately he would kiss her.

Felicity felt flushed at the thought of his lips touching her anywhere. She fanned herself slightly and turned back to her computer. Work. She had to work. Not ogle her boss. No matter how ogle worthy he was.