"Crot" is from "The House of the Scorpion", which I had to read over the summer. And I know, it's been a month-ish. SCHOOL. Also, FURBIES. If it makes you feel any better, I feel super guilty every night that I don't update. LOL, only 90's kids remember daily updates. Oddly enough, I myself was born in 2000-wait, who cares?

Jade's POV

I wasn't going to admit that I was nervous about tomorrow, but lying in Tori's bed, she just sort of brought it up.

"I'll be right there with you, holding your hand. It'll be okay," she said softly.

"But what if it's not okay? You know how my dad is," I asked after a pause.

"What's the worst that could happen?" Tori replied, trying so hard to sound certain.

I sighed. That's what I wanted to know. "I don't know. Ugh, whatever. He hates me for tons of things already, what's one more?" Tori rolled her eyes and put her arm over my shoulders. She scooted over so she could press the tips of our noses and our foreheads together.

"Jade, your dad will never hate you. Sure, he may show about as much emotion as Kristin Stewart, but he does love you. He always will," she said before immediately falling asleep. I loved cuddling her in her sleep, she's so cute. I put my arms around her and Eskimo kissed her. Her hot breath on my face made me drowsy, and I probably fell asleep seconds later.


"Jade, wake up! Today's the day!" Tori said. That was probably the worst possible way she could have woken me up, reminding me why I dreaded this day. Knowing that, she had brought me some coffee, which she set down on the nightstand. I groaned and rolled over, burying my face in the pillow. Tori shook my shoulder. "Come on, Jade! Get up!"

"Nooo!" I whined, pulling the pillow over my head. Tori flipped me over and sat me up, as she sat down on the edge of the bed. I dropped the pillow and glared at her. She smiled.

"Looks like someone's still got some toddler in her, huh?" Tori said. "That whining sure wasn't like you."

"That's not all," I said. "I'm way too cuddly, and I always end up on your lap. Oh, and then there's the crying thing."

"It'll wear off, I'm sure," she said. "At least you stopped having accidents."

"Never speak of it."

"Right. Now get up so you can get this whole coming out thing over with!" Tori said. I sip my coffee and look away. She grabs my arm and pulls me up and out of the room. "It'll be okay! Like I said, I'll be right there with you to hold your hand the whole time."

"Thanks, Tori. I'm just…kinda…scared, I guess," I said, as we walk down the stairs.

"I know you are, and I was too. But you're Jade West, you can do this!" Tori smiled, shaking my arm. She seems pretty confident, I'd hate to see her face if my dad wasn't supportive.

"Morning girls, is today that day?" Mrs. Vega asks when we reach the first floor. Tori moves her arm so it's around my shoulders.

"Let's not talk about it anymore, she's scared," Tori said. Then I remembered that I had been scared half to death when Tori turned off the light last night. I had managed to avoid showing it, and the fear had gone away after a few minutes. I hope it goes away before Tori finds out. I hate looking weak, although it happens somewhat often now.

"Oh, okay. Want some donuts?" Mrs. Vega asked.

"Sure!" Tori said excitedly.

"Then I suggest you go buy some," her mom said before returning to the dishes. Tori turned to me.

"This happens everyday. Let's go get dressed, and then we can get donuts," Tori suggested. I nodded and followed her upstairs.

We walked out of Tori's room after we were dressed, and that's when the thing happened.

"You wanna go to the bathroom before we leave?" Tori asked. I frowned.

"Tori, I'm not gonna-"

"I know, but it hasn't completely worn off yet, and you can never be too safe, can you? Plus, you really can't risk it," she persuaded. I looked at the ceiling.

"I'm not gonna wet my pants again, Vega! I'll prove it!" I said. She shrugged, and put her hands up.

"Okay, okay! But you're- whatever, let's just go," she said, but I could tell she wasn't convinced. We walked down the stairs and out to the car without anyone bothering us.


"That's a lot of coffee, Jade… are you sure-"

"Vega!" I shouted. "Tori, I will be FINE. Eat your donut." She nodded as she did just that.

"You ready?" Tori asked as I parked my car in the driveway. I sighed.

"Ready as I'll ever be, I guess."

"Well, then let's do this!" she said as she smiled reassuringly. She grabbed my hand the second we were both out of the car. When we got to the front door, it was opened by my dad.

"Hello, Jade. I was just on my way out. How's that project going?" he greeted me.

"What project?" I asked.

"Your teacher called and told me that you were staying at a friend's house for a bit while you worked on a project."

"Oh! Yeah, it's going great," I answered. Oh, Sikowitz…

"That's good. So, what brings you here?" he asked. I started to panic a bit.

"Uhm, I, uh," I stuttered. Tori squeezed my hand. "I just wanted to tell you something… kinda important."


"Dad, this is Tori- my girlfriend." For a few seconds, there was this agonizingly suspenseful silence as my dad looked between me and Tori.

"She's the one who produced your play, right?" he asked slowly. I nodded. He stepped past us and towards his car, then turned around to face me. "She's a keeper. Well, bye."

He climbed into his car and drove away as I stood there with my eyes wide in relief and confusion. Tori squealed and squeezed the chiz outta me.

"See? See, I told you so!" Tori grinned.

"Tori! Vega, stop it! Hey-!" I shouted. She yanked her arms back.

"Why?" she asked. I looked away.

"…I have to pee. If you touch me again, I may literally explode."

"Well, then why don't you just run in there and use the bathroom? It's your house," she reasoned.

"My dad's girlfriend is here, and I'm like, 4,000% done with her shit. And I'm sure she'll think up 27 different reasons to bitch at me. So, let's just go."

"Jade, you're gonna-"

"No I won't!"

"If you say so. But anyway, your dad approves! Yay, let's go home now!" Tori said as she climbed into the passenger seat.


"I TOLD you three times that that would happen! Will you listen next time?" Tori said as she unlocked the front door of her house.

"Sh-shut up! At least I was o-out of the car when it h-happened. I'm so s-sorry," I said shakily.

"I'm not mad at you," Tori said as she cupped my chin. "I just want you to listen next time so you can avoid all of the embarrassment and stuff."

"…okay," I said softly, staring at the ground as she opened the door.

"Hey girls! How'd it go?" Mrs. Vega asked.

"He says I'm a keeper!" Tori said proudly. She's so sweet. Like a puppy, or maybe a tiger cub. Her mom smiled.

"That's GREAT! How does a celebratory family pot pie for dinner sound?" she asked.

"YES! Yes yes YESSS!" Tori yelled. "Come on, Jade! Let's go upstairs and get you cleaned up!" She grabbed my arm and nearly dragged me up the stairs.


After dinner (which had been late, because Mrs. Vega had to shop for the ingredients), Tori and I went back up to her room.

"I've had a pretty great day, how about you?" Tori smiled as we changed clothes.

"I don't know, it was pretty stressful, but I'm in a pretty good mood," I decided. I climbed into the bed and waited for Tori to join me.

"And at least we get another day off before we have to deal with the shruggerazzi. Also, have you planned revenge on everyone yet?" Tori asked.

"I have a few ideas. And what do you mean by "shruggerazzi"?"

"You know. A huge group of homophobic shruggers that asks us if we're really dating."

"I see. I think I can handle them," I said nonchalantly. Tori grinned as she crossed the room.

"Thanks, Jade. And I know you can handle them," Tori said as she shut off the light. Crap! I didn't prepare myself this time!

And I screamed. That was probably a bad idea.

If my writing makes absolutely no sense at all,

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