(Overall) Summary: Diving into Star Trek for the first time, and I decided I'd try and write a response for each episode I watch. Obviously that might mean some inconsistencies with canon etc, for which I apologise, but I'll do my best!

Episode: The Man Trap

This chapter summary: McCoy thanks Spock. Kind of.

Set after the end of the ep.

"McCoy to Bridge."

Kirk reached over and held down the button on the comm. "What is it Bones?"

"Can you send Mr Spock down here?" Spock turned his head at the mention of his name. "I need to change that dressing on his head."

"Doctor," Spock began,"I do not feel that it is necess-"

"Now Spock."

The comm went dead, and Kirk smiled at Spock's affronted expression, or as affronted an expression you can get from a half-Vulcan anyway.

"Captain I assure you I am in no need of-"

"Sorry Mr Spock," Kirk said, picking up a data PADD so as to be sure that Spock would not see the smile on his face. "But the Medical Bay is McCoy's jurisdiction. I suggest you get down there pronto."

"But Captain-!"

"The Doctor said now, Spock."

"So, er, what exactly happened?" McCoy called, busy rooting around in the sickbay's side room for a new dressing. He pulled one out, and returned into the main room, where Spock was waiting. "Last thing I remember I was taking one of those sleeping pills in my room and then... well," he smiled ruefully, "I woke up."

"The creature, as you saw, was able to change its appearance at will." Spock was perched on the edge of one of the beds, to make it easier for McCoy to reach the wound on his head. "We realised this, and held a meeting to discuss what should be done. During this meeting, I began to notice that you were displaying some odd behaviour."

"But I wasn't- oh." Comprehension dawned on McCoy's face. "Of course. So you confronted me- er, the- the creature?"

"Not immediately," Spock said, giving an almost imperceptible wince as McCoy started to peel away the neatly applied, but now hours old, dressing. "I thought your unusual behaviour during the meeting may have been down to the emotions you held toward Mrs Crater. Doctor?"

"Sorry." McCoy had paused in his work, surprised at the half-Vulcan's unusual display of human understanding, and now quickly finished removing the old dressing, hissing through his teeth at the ugly gash on Spock's forehead. "You sure you don't want me to stitch this?"

"It is quite unnecessary Doctor. As I have said, it was only a slight wound."

"Hm." McCoy remained unconvinced, but prepared the new dressing all the same. "Continue Mr Spock."

"Upon confrontation I was quick to realise that all was not as it had seemed to be. Unfortunately, I had underestimated the creature's strength."

"Why didn't it, you know... finish you off?" McCoy asked. "Er, not that I would have wanted it to or anything," he added hastily, spotting Spock's somewhat questioning expression.

"It appeared uninterested, once it realised I did not contain anywhere near as much salt as a human," Spock explained. "However it was only once I had been found and taken to the Medical Bay that I was able to inform the Captain of what had happened. He departed for your cabin and I was soon to follow." Spock stood up, new dressing now firmly in place. "Thank you for the medical assistance, Doctor. If that is all?"

"Yeah, just come see me in a few hours and I'll change it again."

Spock nodded and turned to leave. McCoy watched him go, biting his lip in indecision.


"Yes, Doctor?"

"Well um. Thanks. For what you did in there. Making me see sense."

"It was the logical thing to do, Doctor."

"Yeah. Yeah I suppose it was." There was a pause, in which the Medical and Science Officers stood there, neither sure of what to say. Then McCoy cleared his throat, gathered up some medical equipment from a nearby table and moved swiftly to the other room. "Well, I've got work to do. I'll see you in a few hours."

Spock's eyes glinted and the corner of his mouth may even have twitched a little. "Of course Doctor."