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"Sophie? Hello? Are you even listening to me?" The brunette waved her stale coffee shop pastry in her friend's face, effectively pulling her out of her daze.

"What? Sorry, Cass. You lost me at sorority house." She looked at her friend with a small smile. Cassie stared at her unamused.

"Come on Soph, you need to get out more. This is college! We're supposed to be out late, making mistakes and having fun! You practically NEVER leave your house. And on the off occasion I can pull you out, you spend half the time disconnected. Where does your mind go anyway?" Sophie spun her cup around and crinkled her nose.

"Nowhere." She rounded up her stuff and her friend huffed, following suit.

"Whatever Sophie. The party's next weekend. You're going, I'll bring you back to reality. And we WILL find you a boyfriend." Cassie hopped once to emphasize her determination and flitted out of the shop. Sophie rolled her eyes and dropped some change on the table before leaving.

Sophie was 22 years old. After a few years of begging, her parents finally convinced her to go back to school. So here she was, majoring in creative literature. It wasn't anything special, just the community college in Beaver County. Lucky for her, Jamie was already living close and agreed to let her stay while she's in school. She would have been perfectly content to stay in Burgess, she had a steady job at the daycare. It was a perfect job, she could spend all her time with the children, and they never tired of her stories. Stories about her childhood dreams and the mythical beings that held the lime light. But over time her parents had a stronger persistence to see her get a real career and stop telling childish stories. It was time to grow up. Her parents had hassled her since she was sixteen to stop filling her mind with the silly myths that she did. Around eighteen, she stopped voicing her thoughts and opted to filling numerous diaries with her mind wanderings. When she broke down and agreed to pick up school again, choosing creative literature was the only thing she could use against her parents. They didn't like it, but smartly kept quiet since she was actually going.

It was mid-November, the last of the leaves had fallen and the bite of winter had made its steady appearance as Sophie pulled her coat closer to her ears. The walk from the campus to the house was a long one, she could have taken the bus. However, she preferred the quiet time, this was the only time, as she had to let her mind wander. This day was especially peaceful. It was late so there was no traffic and the wind from the day had dulled down to a gentle breeze. It moved her disorderly hair more into her face as she walked with her head bent, watching the stray leaves flit across her path. She had always loved this time of year, watching the seasons change and her world morph around her.

She made it home at the same time Jamie pulled up in his car. He started to pull bags from the back seat.

"Hey Soph, wanna help me a sec?" He fumbled with a few bags and she took what was left and followed her brother into the house. "You're home later than usual."

"Yeah, Cassie demanded we stop at the Mocha Bean after class. I wanted to stop at the craft shop. I need a new journal."

They dropped the groceries on the floor of the little kitchen and proceeded to find a place to put everything. There wasn't much storage space, but they made due.

"Already? What happened to the one you bought a couple weeks ago? You filled that one already?" He closed the fridge and turned to the cans on the counter. She shrugged as she shoved the empty sacks into a closet and dropped down onto the couch.

"My dreams have been pretty heavy lately. I couldn't help it. Jamie, they're so vivid!" She lit up as she described her latest dreams. Jamie was the only one she could open up to about it. In all her time spent talking about her fairy tales, Jamie was the only one who looked at her, not with skepticism and not with a child's awe, but genuine interest as if she were telling him the events of that very day.

Jamie smiled as she came to a stopping point. "Sounds like a great time, Soph. I don't know why mom and dad ignore your talents. Your imagination is so expansive. Sometimes you even give me a sense of déjà vu." She smiled as she looked at the time.

"Well, the shop is clearly closed by now. I should turn in, I have a little research to do and I want to be up early to go get a new journal." She dismissed herself to her room and made her way down the hall to her little hide-away.

Her room isn't the biggest, only a twin bed, small desk with a matching dresser, and walls covered with her drawings. All her art was inspired by the dreams she'd had. She opted to skip studying and changed into her comfort clothes to lay on her bed and look at her pictures.

She fell asleep that way, her eyes wandering the images of large stone eggs, yetis building toys, dainty bird like fairies, and wispy strands of sand dancing over buildings. Always, the last image she'd see before sleep would take her was that of intricate spirals of frost and snow.

And as always, her windows would frost over after she fell into a slumber. It wouldn't thaw until she'd wake in the morning.