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A/N: If you are a new reader to this series, then please check my profile for information about the AU. It explains their current relationship, and introduces societal expectations. They bonded with an extremely powerful entity who greatly amplified their magic.

A/N: Snape is snarky, and he continues to have temper issues. He often finds trouble, because of his attitude and the odd situations he creates. He is the central character in this adventure/comedy. Severus finds himself in degrading situations, but those are usually caused by his resistance to his slavery status. The other characters view him as a hero, a professor, and a King. The enslavement is something he must endure.


Prince Family prophecy

The family once ruled a peaceful and prosperous world. Magical powers were rare, and those with ability took upon themselves a sacred duty of service. The Royal family were the first to accept their responsibilities, and they shouldered them diligently. The people entrusted them with their safety. The King served loyally, and they maintained the sacred balance. Light cannot exist without the dark, and neither one was greater than the other. None feared the dark, and both received equal respect.

An elderly woman interrupted the King's coronation. Despite having no magical ability, she floated into the air and spoke words of prophecy. All festivities came to a halt. She painted a horrific picture, and none wished to believe. She died that very night, but her murderer escaped without notice. The only evidence was the blackened flesh around her wounds, a sign of dark magic. Within a fortnight, her prophecy would prove true. People blamed the King, because it happened during his coronation. They decried the monarchy.

The Royal family fell, and the King's infant son was the only known survivor. A wise old wizard proclaimed the prophecy was not yet complete, and the child needed to fulfill it. Only his line could restore the magical balance. The boy grew into a man, and the people mocked him. They named him Prince, because he would never become King.

The wise old wizard created a magical parchment to hold the prophecy, but he charmed it to hide the words until they were needed. Only a Prince could discern them. Nobody knew his name, but some believed he was the fallen King. Herein lays the prophecy.

Servitude nearly forgotten,

Darkness increases ability,

Balance seemingly broken,

Royals vanish into obscurity.


Wizards transform in darkness,

Power binds pairs together,

Minds fall into madness,

And they war with one another.


Darkness reigns in solitude,

Reborn twins survive own death,

Royals return to servitude,

Chaos takes a final breath.


One twin is King,

The other his Master.


May the prophecy find fulfillment through you.

A/N: This prophecy was part of the original series. Copy/paste violates the terms of fanfiction, so I edited the first story. I removed the scroll. Instead, Snape reads it himself. The information remained, and Snape's lack of self-esteem still prevented him from realizing that he was the prophesied King.

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