Find Serenity chapter 1

"The TARDIS gone wobbly!" the Doctor yelled as he pulled levers and pushed buttons.

"Doctor!" Amy yelled as she grabbed the safety bars for dear life and Rory tried to keep his wife from being thrown in some random direction.

The TARDIS thrashed the three around as the Doctor tried the stabilize her.

Suddenly the familiar vroop vroop was heard and the time machine stopped.

A grin appeared on the Doctor's face and he ran to the doors. Amy and Rory quizzically looked at the door.

"Let's see where the old girl dropped us off this time!" the floppy-haired man grinned.

The alien threw open the doors to reveal their location.

The sight that met them was a dark prison-like place. There was cells as far Amy could see and she could smell the mold and who knew what else!

Her face pulled onto a wince as she turned to the Doctor who had an odd expression on his face.

He quickly sniffed the air and he just started running.

The Doctor ignored his companions' protests because he had to be sure.

But someone was probably playing a trick on him.

A horrible and cruel trick.

Finally he stopped in front of a seemingly random cell and peered inside.

It wasn't a trick.


Uh, oh! Cliffhanger! Mwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Anyway I apologize for dry writing. :(