"What do you mean I'm getting kicked out?!" Said Garfield Logan with a worried tone.

"Garfield, your going to college soon and it's about time you lived on your own." Replied Steve, Garfield's adopted father. "Me and Rita have already talked about this."

Rita, Garfield's adopted mother steps in and place her hand on her adopted son's shoulder "Listen Gar, we know that your a growing boy, but you have to realized that you just can't stay here and look up dirty sites on the computer all day."

"There not dirty, it's just fan art of autropomophic animals." He response defensively, and feeling embarrassed.

Steve countered "Think of this, Gar. Someday you'll thank us when you've learn to be a man. Understand?"

Garfield hesitately replied "Yes sir."

"Good, and don't comeback without bringing a girlfriend."

Flashback End

Garfield's P.O.V.

Hi, my name is Garfield Mark Logan, age 19. I'm just starting college at Jump City University to study for my major in Zoology.

So I was riding on the bus one day, heading towards the appartment building I'll be living in. Once I made my stop, I was one block away to my destination.

But then, I slipped.

I tripped on someone's umbrella, even though its not raining, I accidentally fell on top of someone. When I got up, it was a girl I fell over.

Her hair was deep blue, along with her eyes. Her skin looked pale, like a ghost. She wore a black shirt with striped sleeves, and a black skirt with black and white stockings, and black boots. she looked almost as if she came out from a Tim Burton movie.

We looked at eachother in the eyes but she murmured something to me.


Her voice sounded so deadpan, but the next thing I noticed, my hand was on top of her breast. I gulped and tried to get up, only the next thing I know, her knee was pressed to my stomach. I groaned in pain as I hold my stomach in agony.

The girl got up and looked at me and said "Next time I see you, you better wear protection on your crotch!" She yelled.

Her appearance, her voice, and background looked like something straight from hell! She's that scary! It's like the world will end for me if I encounter her again, even though it was an accident!

As she storms off, I got myself up, and rush towards to the appartment homes I'll be , I've finally got there.

It was a big, neighboring boarding house, you know, like the one Arnold lived in from Hey Arnold. Its not a student boarding house, but it's the only one I can afford. It's a two story building, with a lot of details on it. It looked almost like a Japanese style house.

I knocked on the door and say "Hello? I'm here for the room." Thanks to my good hearing, I hear footsteps rushing to the door and as the door opened, a red headed girl with a nice tan appeared.

"Greetings, new friend!" She said cheerfully. "My name is Kori Anders, welcome to the your new home!" She then embraced me with a tight hug. Next thing I know, my face was pressed to her chest, and my bones are crushing, and I need air! She then let go and looked at me with her green eyes "It's so nice to have a new friend to live in our humble aboard!"

"Um thanks." I said and then introduced myself "My name is Garfield Logan." I shook hands with Kori and went inside the building. It looked clean and it's a very neat place.

"Our landlord will be here for a minute, so let me escort you to your new room." She said as she take me upstairs. I looked at the different room doors and one opened. It reveals a tall woman, she has long shoulder length silver hair, her skin is as light as sand. She wore a black tank top with blue shorts on. "Hey Rose, going to work, I see?" Kori asked her.

"Yeah, whose the green haired kid?" She asked. Her voice sound venomous and brooding.

Kori responded "This is Garfield Logan. He's going to live with us!"

Rose rolled her eyes and looked at me and said "Congrats, Garfiled. Your the first guy to live here." Wait, first? What does she mean 'first guy here?"

Then, the next door across Rose's is a pink haired antanne girl about a foot smaller than me. "Hey! Did I just here our new roomie?" She's as chirpy as Kori Anders, she wore a blue shirt with a diamond print and a light blue skirt and sneakers. "My name is Kole Weathers, I'm a freshmen of JCU and majoring in music!"

"Nice to meet you, my name is Garfield Logan." I said.

Kole then snickered "Like that funny cat?" She giggled again.

I rolled my eyes and replied "Yes, I've already heard that before."

Then, Rose introduce herself when she has the chance "I'm Rose Wilson by the way. Sorry for the informalities. I'm a junior here at JCU for a socials degree."

"Glad to meet you too, Rose, and Kole." I greeted while shaking both the girl's hands. "So are there any guys here?" I asked, but Kori, Rose, and Kole all looked at eachother with questionable looks. Finally, Kori speaks "The landlord may have not told you this Garfield, but this used to be a girls dormitory."

I pause for a moment "What?"

"You see, since the Dean of the JCU, Dean Sebastian Blood, wants to cut some funds so he replaced this dorm to build a more bigger female dorm. But we stayed here because the rental is cheap, unlike the new one." As Kori explained, I looked a bit shocked. It's enough embarrassing to be named after a cartoon cat, but now I have to live with a bunch of girls?

Although, it's not that bad.

I then asked the girls "So, what are you guys going to do after guaduation?"

Kori responded "Oh, I always want to be a school teacher for the younger students. Once I guaduate, I'm going to apply to Murakami High as an English teacher."

Then it was Kole's turn "I'm going to be a music star!"

And finally, it was Rose "...I'm thinking of joining the army."

"That sounds nice. I'm studying to be a Vetrinarian, aka, an animal doctor." I joked, the animal doctor part I mean.

"Oh, that's glorious!" Kori exclaimed "Wait till you meet our mascot, Silky!" She then yelled at this Silky fellow, which is actually a mall, white Pomeranian dog. He seems friendly.

"Thanks for making feel at home. Well, sinse it will be my new home." I said. But then I heard a knock on the door and voice shouting to Kori. "Kori, can you open? It's me, Rachel." She must be another girl who lives here, but something about her voice sounds familiar.

"Oh, she must've forgot the keys again. I'm coming Rachel." As Kori opens the door, I looked at this 'Rachel' girl and I've notice something about her.

She's the same girl I tripped over and beat me up.

Rachel then glared at me "You." She uttered. "Your the same pervert who touch my breast!"

I panicked as the Kole and Rose stare at me (Rose looks like she's going to stab me), but I defensively yelled "But it was an accident! I tripped and I didn't noticed you were in front of me!" The girls calm down a little as Kori tries to defend me "Please, Rachel. Garfield may have no intention to fall all over you. It may have been an accident."

Rachel then looked at Kori and asked "Then what is he doing here?"

Kori respond "Well, do you remember the newcomer that's going to live here with us?" Rachel nodded, until she realized that the newcomer was me.

"You've got to be kidding me." I can tell she's already hating me.


So, wadda ya think? A little grammar errors and a mix with the anime harem genre (No, I might not to go that part.) place your comments below and tell me what you think.