"So who do you think which of us will Gar marry?"

Those were the words Rachel keeps hearing when she is packing her bag to spend some nights back at home in Nevada. Her brother Xavier is waiting for her at his van(which needs some cleaning). To tell the truth, Rachel never had a good relationship with her father. All he cares about is work and scamming people from his owned casino and by the orders of her mother she has to go there to be with her father who just had a heart attack.

'It's just for the weekend.' she thought to herself as she felt someone's hand brushing her behind "Jen, you can stop groping me."

"Aw, how do you know?" Jen asked appearing from under Rachel's bed, in front of Rachel's rear when the goth was bending down to pack her suitcase.

"Because anytime I crouch down you keep groping my butt." she snarled at the pinkette "Seriously, how do you keep breaking and entering the dorm? Has your sexual harassment have no limits!?"

"If it makes you feel better, Tula's going out with Gar at the aquarium." Jen replied as Rachel's eyes widen.

"Tula's joining?" Rachel asked not surprised that the Australian girl asked Garfield out.

"And Doris." Jen adds "Seems Giganta has the same idea so Gar agreed to take both of them out to the aquarium."

"Doris too? Wait, when did this happened?" Rachel asked.

"Doris came knocking on the door yesterday asking Garfield if they want to hang out, and Tula asked him after Doris and now things go crazy so Gar agreed to take them both out." she said speaking rapidly.

Rachel only nodded in respond as she finish packing up "Well I hope he enjoys his date with them. Probably go through with initiation."

"Which is we've updated the initiation!" Jen smiled as Rachel looks at her questionably "What's one thing missing for torture in BDSM?"

"Other than stocks, spankings, tickles, ice, and nipple clamps?" Rachel deadpans.

"Wedgies!" Jen states with a maniacal grin "With the wedges up between a woman's butt cheeks it can draw pain and arousal in their crotches, pulling them up shows their juicy rears!" She states as they hear Dinah's yelp. "Looks like Komi's on a wedgie spree."

"And that's my cue to get the fuck out." Rachel said as she quickly carry her duffle bad and suitcase as she head down stairs.


"Whhyyyy?" Dinah whimpered, being pinned down by Komi on Gar's bed as the Tamaranean girl stretches out her thong upward showing her buttocks.

"Go ahead Gar, pull it up for me." Helena orders as she's only in her underwear and heels, showing her panty cover rear in front of him.

"I got a date with Tula and Doris you know." He sigh but does what she told him by feeling up her upper thighs and hooks his finger over the wedge strap between her juicy ass.

"Oh!" Helena gasp as she felt the stretching elastic digging in between her lower region as Gar hands her strap up tightly. The panty is now digging in between her cheeks looking like a thong. "Higher! Higher!" she orders as Gar lifted up higher, as he stands up lifting her up in the air "Oh my god, I'm hanging!" she said stretching her arms up as she kicks her heels up.

"You know, I gotta be ready for my date, Helena. So can we do this later?" He asked seeing the arousing face Helena has as she looks at Komi spanking Dinah's butt cheeks while giving her a wedgie "You three came here in her underwear and wearing heels just to give each other wedgies?"

"We've updated the initiation for Jen's dungeon." Komi said looking at Gar, wearing a blue button shirt and jeans "Maybe you can give Doris a wedgie. Love to see a tall girl's reaction in getting a wedgie."

"Or Tula." Helena smirked as she is carried by Gar holding her underwear and drops her on the bed with Dinah and Komi.

"See ya later!" Gar said as he exits his room as he gives a smirk "Maybe we can do this when I get back." he finished as he close the door.

"Wait! Just so you know I was brought on to this! I didn't know about the wedGEEEEEE!" Dinah shrieked as she felt her panties stretch up higher by Komi as Helena holds a wooden switch out of nowhere and swat it onto her butt.


Tula was wearing her long blue sundress while wearing her sun hat. She stood along side the giant girl who's wearing a pink top and blue mid length skirt hugging her hips. The two are outside at the aquarium going to meet Garfield there.

"Such a beautiful day, isn't it?" Doris asked looking down towards Tula. "How long do you think he'll come?"

"He said he'll be close." Tula respond looking down starring at her sandals. She was quite nervous on her date since this is her first time she's doing something other than swimming in the water.

Doris was also nervous, but it did help lesson her nervousness with the other girl with her, on the date. "I hope he gets here soon. All this waiting is nerve wrecking, and everybody is starring at us."

"Can ya blame them? Not everyday they see two smoking hot babe's just out in the open." Tula smirked confidently, and just a little smugness.

"R-Right that's it." Doris replied, self conscious about her extreme hight. "Please get here soon..."

"Right here!" Garfield just got between the two girls with a big smile on his face, and wrapped them both in his arms. "Sorry for being late. Traffic was kind of slow."

"Well thank god you're here." Doris said with a sigh, holding his arm tightly.

"So ready to go to the aquarium?" Gar asked them.

"Lead the way, mate." Tula said as the three walk into the aquarium.


"Wow, look at all the fishes." Doris said in amazement. Looking at all types of fish in the large tanks in the aquarium.

"Yeah, it's been a while since I've been to aquariums." Gar replied remembering his first time coming here during a middle school trip.

"I remember swimming with a lot of fishes and dolphins back in Australia." Tula comments as she wave at the guppy fish until to her horror the poor fish got eaten by a bigger fish.

"Poor little guy." Gar said feeling pity for the fish.

"Guess its the natural order of the food chain." Doris said as she notice a sign "Look, there's a free swimming with dolphins activity."

"Cool, we should go there and see." Gar said as the three go to see the dolphins.


"Hi! My name is Clea and I am the dolphin instructor." Spoke Clea as she waves at the three "Now these dolphins are highly trained so you I can let you pet them or swim with them!"

"Is it safe?" Gar asked.

"I'm sure it is, dolphins are the most friendliest mammals." Doris said as she looks at the dolphins with a smile "Do we need to wear swimsuits to avoid getting our clothes wet?"

"We got some wetsuits you can wear when going in the water." Clea states pointing at the wetsuits. Males are fullbodies and the female suits are short and long sleeved with shorts. "We always order new ones after the old ones get used. They're disposable."

"Hope they get our size." Doris said as she and Tula cam't wait to pet the dolphins.


"Man these fit well." Gar states wearing the wetsuit "How's yours, girls?"

"I think mine's a little wedge up my butt." Doris muttered. Her wetsuit hugs her curvy busty tall body as she looks down seeing her shapely rear tight on her butt as her big breasts hugs the chest part. The shorts are high up to her upper thighs "I think I'm wearing a medium."

"At least mine fit." Tula said as she looks at herself on the mirror "I wonder if I can keep this?"

"Who knows, but let's go swim some dolphins." Gar said as the three head down to where Clea is at the pool of dolphins.

Clea was petting the dolphins as she turn to look at the three "Ah, I see that you're ready." She smiled at the three. "Come in the pool and I'll show you how to pet them gently."

"Okay." Tula said as she, Gar and Doris step into the pool while the three dolphins are at the caged wall of the pool. Unknown to the humans one particular dolphin was looking at Doris as it chirped pervertedly.

"So when do we start?" Gar asked as he swims along with the two girls.

"I'll let one of the dolphins out for you all to pat." Clea replied as she unlocks the lock of the door underwater of the pool as she calls for one of the dolphins. The first dolphin swam up quickly as it swims around the three "This is Jerry. He's quite friendly and is new."

"Oh it is friendly." Doris said as she pat Jerry on the head as it chirp. She made sure she pet it on the back not on the head as Jerry rubs its head towards her.

"He likes you, mate." Tula states with a smile.

"He sure is friendly." Gar said as he attempts to pet Jerry, but its flipper splashes against him "Hey!"

"Don't be mad at him, he maybe sensitive in where he wants to be rubbed." Tula said as she attempts to pet him.

Jerry the dolphin gave a smirk as it uses its mouth to snap at the piece of fabric of Doris's wetsuit by the rear "Hey, what are you-!"


Doris let out a blush when the bottom part of her wetsuit was ripped off as she covers her private region under the water "Oh no!" She squealed as Jerry the dolphin kissed her bare butt "Stop it you perverted dolphin!" She shrieked.

"Doris!" Tula shouts as she attends to help her but Jerry bit the top part of her wetsuit and rips it out of her, showing her breasts "NOOOOOOO!" She screamed covering herself.

"Hang on!" Gar said as he grabs both towels and hand them towards to the girls to cover themselves up. However Jerry the dolphin grabs the towel wrapped around Doris's rear which ends up pulling her down to the doorway to the dolphins.

"AAAAH!" Doris shouts as she ends up stuck in between the caged wall between the pool area and the dolphins on the other side. "Help! I'm stuck!" She cried out as her lower half is stuck on the door as she tries to get out but her hips are too wide.

The dolphins watch the legs kicking as they get a good view of Doris's ass. Jerry communicates with his brethren as the three dolphins swim towards to her rear as they lick her bare cheeks. "No! Stop it you dolphins!" Doris plead as the aquatic mammals starts licking her rear as well as her legs and feet, and then Jerry licks her lower region "No, no not there!"

Then a loud screaming moan echoed not only the aquarium but half of Jump.


"Did you hear that?" Jen asked Barbara. Both girls along with Toni are in their dominatrix outfits are giving wedgies towards Kori, Diana, and Zatanna at the dungeon for practice.

"Sounds like someone is being sexually harassed by a aquatic animal?" Babs said as she spanks Kori.

"That's just your imagination." Toni said as she gives Zatanna a wedgie.


Garfield looked on, wide eyed, and a massive blush consumed his face and a nosebleed as he looked on at the dolphins sexual harassing his date. "Garfield! Don't just stand there and save her!" Tula shouts at her date as he shakes his head off and went to rescue Doris as he dived into the pool and quickly swam up to the dolphin and punched it right in the nose.

"I'm coming, Dory!" Garfield shouts. What the young man had forgotten was that there were three dolphins in the tank and he had to fight off all three of them.

'Really didn't think this through.' Garfield thought as he tried to fight off the perverted animals as he pushed his date free from her molesters. 'This sucks.' He added as a dolphin slammed into him, knocking him into his date, setting her free and knocking the air out of his lungs. 'Air! Need air!'


"Is this really happening?" Tula asked the aquarium employee.

"Yeah... to be honest, this happens a lot when we bring in new dolphins." Clea replied, and tried not to looked at the naked girl as the other girl helped her out.

"This happens a lot!? Why didn't you put some kind of warning up then!?" Tula demanded to know as she pulled her co-dater out of the pool and helped her to her feet, trying to cover her naked body.

The employee was about to answer as the young man came above water, gasping for breath and holding his stomach. "Damn. That hurt." He cursed as he tried to regain his breath and hopefully leave the water.

"Look out!" Doris cried out, and the dolphin swam at her date, his fin protruding from the water, like a shark from jaws.

"Little bastard." Garfield mumbled right before he was pulled back into the pool and was ready to fight, but a fin to his face stunned him, giving him a black eye.

"Garfield!" Doris said as she caught the swatted boy into her arms "Are you okay?"

"...FINLAND!" He shouted nonsense as he fell unconscious into Doris's bare chest.

"Oh sweety." Doris hugs the boy as Tula puts a towel wrapped around them "My hero." she whispered.


Later on.

"We would like to apologize for what happened here." said Clea as she bows to the three. Doris, Gar, and Tula are fully clothed as Gar has a steak held onto his eye as they see Jerry the ringleader dolphin being escorted out of the pool by animal control.

"What's going to happen to Jerry the sea perv?" Tula asked pointing at Jerry.

"Oh Jerry's...going back into the ocean." Clea said as a geeky boy taps onto her shoulder holding a clipboard.

"Can you sign here for the approval of allowing this dolphin to be served at Captain Kirky's Seafood Restaurant?" he asked as Clea nervously pushes the geeky animal control member away as the three makes suspicious glances.

"Did he say 'restaurant?'" Tula asked as her eyes narrowed. She may not like the dolphin but she would never serve it for food.

"He means...to be their mascot!" Clea nervously replied as she chuckled "Yeah, I mean what seafood restaurant serves dolphin? In California no less?" she asked.

"Actually Captain Kirky's-"

"Please have our gift basket and come back for aquatic fun!" Clea interrupts the geek as she shoves him into the pool.

"Gosh!" the geek shouts after rising up from the pool.


Later on Gar drove up down to Jen's apartment for the initiation as he sees Doris laying on the backseat looking out the window as Tula sits up front with him "Boy what a date, right?" he asked.

"It was...unexpected." Tula replied as he stops at a red light. "So the initiation, what has Jen prepared us for?"

"I think she said something about wedgies. Komi and Helena demonstrated in front of me by having Dinah used as their example and they were all wearing their underwear and heels." he explained as the two girls glance at each other with worry, but if this is going to get them to date Gar than they'll have to endure it.

'Gar's the first guy that I'm interested in and I don't mind being my first.' Doris thought as she looks at her small feet as she rubs her own thighs 'Hu, I wouldn't mind doing 'that' with him.'

'Wonder what'll happen if we did 'that'?' Tula thought the possibilities 'Will I be able to swim after?'

As Gar drove up to Jen's apartment and park at the guest parking lot, he, Tula, and Doris gets out of the car and head up to the apartment place. With a knock on the door Jen appears with a smirk.

"Ah you're here, come in, come in." she grabs Doris's and Tula's hands and brings them inside to her apartment to her dungeon with Garfield following them "We've been setting up for this occasion for you two. Just sign the wavers and enter the black door to your left."

"I have a bad feeling about this." Tula gulps as she and Doris signs the wavers and then walk down to the black door. Once it's opened, the two gasp seeing many devices and they saw Barbara and Helena giving Kori and Diana, in their underwear, wedgies as Komi pulls up Zatanna's underwear and gives a good spanking.

"Oh you're here." Babs said as she and the Mistresses walk up to the two "Now take your clothes off but keep the underwear. We'll begin the initiation right now."

"Release them." Jinx orders as the Mistresses unleashes Kori, Zatanna, and Diana out of the cages as hey hurried out of the dungeon while getting their clothes.

"Hey, where's Rae?" Garfield asked his two girlfriends.

"Oh Lust? She's right behind you." Jinx smirked and the blond boy almost jumped as the front door slammed shut and he turned around to see his DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) girlfriend standing in front of the door and in very sexy lingerie.

"R-Raven?" Garfield heavily blushed as he was greeted with a one in a life time sight.

The violet haired young woman was in a plaid checkered corset that ended just below her bra and above her panties. She wore a purple and black half bra above the corset and she wore matching panties and stocking/garter belt. But is wasn't the outfit as a whole that caught his attention, or the whip in her hands, but the crotchless panties that he was able to see a small vibrating sex toy inside of her.

"I'm Lust." Lust moaned as she swiftly smacked the whip against the air and sexily moaned as the air cracked around the whip. "You like what you see?"

"Um... yeah." Garfield answered as he focused solely on the visible crotch. "Why are you here, Lust?" He asked.

"I- We decided that we want to have sex before you add two more into your harem." Lust responded, swaying her hips sexily as she pressed her bust to her lover's chest and copped a feel of his ass. "The girls can have their fun, while we have some fun of our own."

"I don't think Raven is ready for that." Garfield blushed, as he tried not to look down at his girlfriend's cleavage.

"I need this, Garfield." Lust's tone went from her usual playful and slutty tone to a far more serious one. "And if I need this, and we all need this. "Brave, Timid, Wisdom, and definitely Raven herself."

Garfield bit his lip and thought about it for several moments. He wasn't sure if he should do it, but seeing the slutty personality of his girlfriend's personality acting so abnormal and saying that they all needed it, but the again it did seem wrong to do so without Raven's permission. In the end he decided to do it, and he would face whatever happens because of his actions here, right now. "I'l do it." The blond answered. "I'l do it for you girls."

"Thanks. You won't regret it. Now get in that bed room, stud." Lust was once again first and winked as she smacked her boyfriend's ass.


"Where's Garfield?" Tula questioned.

"Don't worry about him, big boy is having a good time of his own." Jinx smirked.

"Lucky bitch." Barbra giggled to her pink haired friend.

"I know, right." Jinx agreed.

(WARNING: BEGINNING OF LEMON. */ = Lemon scene multiple shots)


"Are you ready, lover?" Lust asked as she softly sat her boyfriend onto the bed and straddled him.

"Ready." Garfield replied, right before his lips were softly claimed by the lust personality of Rachel.

The two softly and lovingly kiss, their lips pressed against one another and tingle in delight at the action. The kiss lasted for several moments before the purple haired girl started to pull away but quickly stuck her tongue into the protesting lips, before pulling on her lover's tongue and sensually sucked on it as she pulled away.

"See. I can be loving and romantic as well. There is more to lust than just be slutty, there is love as well." Lust smiled breathlessly, and took great delight as she saw her lover shudder in pleasure.

"Y-Yo-ou love me?" Garfield questioned as he still was high from the lightning of pleasure that ran down his spine and back up.

"Of course. You make me feel like a normal girl, and Rachel feels the same." Lust responded before she grew a little playful. "And just to prove how much I love you..." She moved her head forward and rested her body on his and stopped her lips by his ear. "Your tongue won't be the only thing I suck."

She got the reaction she wanted, and she felt something hard under her. Grinding her hips front and back, she bit her lips to stop her giggle that threatened to escape as she heard her boyfriend's moan and saw the dumb struck look on his face.

"I aarrrg... I love you too." Garfield moaned as he rested his hands on his lover's hips. "Every part of you Rachel. Eeevvery feature, every words, and every personality."

Lust purred as she felt giddy with excitement at her lover's kind and loving words. "We better get your out of these clothes, before I drench you in my love juices." She stated, tugging off the young man's shirt.

The blond man then helps to remove his shirt when his lover gets off him and gets to her feet. Kneeling between her lover's knees, the purple haired girl starts undoing his belt.

"Don't worry, I'll get your pants off." Lust smirked as she slowly removed her lover's pants and his boxers as well.

"What about you? Aren't you going to get naked?" Garfield asked as he felt his lover pushed back onto his back and then straddle his lower thighs.

"Not needed. This is all about you." Lust responded as she ran her hands up his thighs and grasp his hard member. "It looks delicious. I cant't wait to get a taste."

"Ooohhhm." Garfield groaned as he felt his girlfriend's hands on his cock, and slowly started to jerk it up and down.

"Hehehe." Lust laughed like a pervert as she liked her lips.


"Now what?" Tula asked as she stood in just her bra and panties, her fellow initiate was in sadness bra and thong.

"Now we start the fun." Jinx giggled like Kakashi from Naruto and the two girls shuddered.

'That doesn't sound good.' They both thought.

Barbara, aka Mistress Oracle uses a horse crop to swat Doris's behind causing her to yelp "Eep!"

"Bend down, bubble butt!" Oracle demands making Doris rub her shapely rear. Babs continued to swat Doris's sexy behind three times until the tall girl does what she is told as she bends down with her hands on the floor and her rear up in the air.

"Owy." Doris whimpered.

"Youch!" Tula yelped as she felt her panties being pulled up by Huntress. Tula's hands were grabbed by Jinx who tied them up with rope hanging from the ceiling while Helena pulls up the swimmer's panties up high causing her to levitate.

"My what a cute little rear you got, Tula." The Italian dominatrix cooed as she gives Tula's ass a good spanking.

"AAoooh!" Tula screamed in pain. She hates the feeling of getting her butt smacked since she was little when she gets spanked by her grandma for discipline.

Doris yelled in pain as well once Oracle whips her butt with the horse crop. Doris was commanded to not get up until she was ordered to as the redhead behind her whips her with the horse crop.

"You've been a bad girl." Oracle cooed rubbing Doris's butt cheek "Having such a big rear with a cute face, a tall body but with a shapely hourglass figure, bigger boobs, longer well toned legs, not to mention how even though you're huge in height you got small feet the same as Kole's." Oracle said as she pinches Doris's butt causing the giant girl gasp as Babs' finger digs through the strap of the thong "No wonder you can seduce our Beasty with that curvy giant body of yours. You're the definition of "sex on legs" next to Diana, Dinah, Kari, and Zatanna." she said as she stretches the thong up until letting it go hitting Doris's lower lips.

"AAH! It hurts!" Doris shrieked, feeling her ankles being grabbed as Komi grabs her wrists. Next thing she knows she's going carried to a stockade where she is lie down there as Jinx close it around her waist. The two mistresses are now in front of the stock showing Doris's rear half. Komi goes to lick Doris's thighs to her toes while Babs smacks the giant girl's butt a lot.

Tula, meanwhile, was shrieking heavily from every spanks Helena gives her. Every pinch in her rear makes her gasp as she ask the woman "Why all the spankings?"

"You want to move in to the next part of the initiation?" Helena asked as Tula nodded. Helena unties the girl's wrists as she carries Tula over her shoulder and place her on a chair. She cuffs Tula's hands behind her back while picking up her legs to be cuffed as well "Now, would you like the nipple clamps special, or do you want the tickle all over your body until you're out of breath?" she asked as Tula tries to make a wise decision on the initiative hopefully Gar would be done on what he is doing.


Garfield was now laid flat on the bed, his arms and legs wide apart and tied to the bed posts by socks. A ball gag was inserted in his mouth and a blindfold blocking his sight.

"Thanks for letting me do this." Lust whispered as she liked her lover's ear. "For being to cooperative, you'll get a little something extra." She added before she started kissing his ear and even ducking on it for a little bit before leaving a trail of kisses from her lover's ear down to his chest and then to his member before taking it into her hot and wet mouth.

"Mmmm." Garfield moaned through the ball gag and felt his world come crashing down around him, as he experienced a blow job for the first time.

"Has anybody ever given you a before?" Lust asked as she locked the penis like a lolly pop.

"Mmm." Garfield shook his head no.

"Really?" Lust was shocked, but still took the whole 10 inch member into her mouth and deep throated it for several seconds before giving it a long lick and started to jerk it, lightly. "That's surprising. Not even Jinx? That is quite shocking." She smiled before she laid several small kisses on her boyfriend's cock and then very slowly started to take him into her mouth.

"Mmmm!" Garfield loudly moaned, causing his whole body to shudder in pleasure. 'This is amazing! Rachel is amazing!' He added, not wanting to separate his girlfriend from her alter personalities.

He couldn't see it, but he could feel it. He felt inch by inch as the purple haired girl took just that much more of his member into her warm and inviting mouth and it was driving him crazy. Don't get him wrong, he had sex before, but this was a whole new ball game and it was kicking his ass.

'No! I'm so close!' Garfield thought as the new experience, the skill of the girl blowing him and the fact that he loved her was making him cum too soon. And he couldn't even warn her.

'He's ready.' Lust thought as she increased her already fast tempo and was getting ready to catch the load coming her way. 'Wait a minute... he should see me do this.' She added, but she waited until her lover was about to cum and she quickly removed herself from her boyfriend's member and snatched the blindfolds from his eyes and then got back into potion and went to work.

"MMMMM!" Garfield loudly moaned and groaned as he felt his end approaching very fast and if feeling it was great, seeing it happen was even better and he felt that much better. His head tilted all the way back and he almost screamed as he ejaculated right then and there.

"Aah!" He heard Lust gasp and he looked down to see the purple haired girl catch a face full of his semen, but most in her mouth.

Garfield could only watched as the pleasure died down and he watched, memorized as his girlfriend swallowed his semen and then proceeded to lick the rest of his sperm from her face and swallowed that too. His eyes were wide as she miles deviously up at him and then started a slow climb up to his waist and rested her pussy on his deflated member.

"Oh yes you liked that a lot." Lust smirked, and then pressed her lower lips onto the soft flesh of the male sex organ. "You'll like this even more. No girl could ever compare to me." She purred and she got an reaction, as the member below her started to re-hardened. "Hehehe! So the things the girl gossip about you in class, aren't just talk. You really can go for a second round."

The penis was now at full mast and the girl had to lift herself up, so she would be resting right on the tip. The girl then ripped her clothes off to reveal that her sexy clothes were simple velcro, and she took great delight as her lover's widened and his cock twitched. Desperate to get inside of her. Her body lowered and the tip entered her slowly, but she wasn't having that. She let herself drop and her eyes went wide and she screamed a silent scream of pleasure as his member even entered her womb.

Lust let herself fall forward and rest her chest and head on her lover's chest and smiled at his body. "This is going to be fun." She said and looked up to see her lover moaning, but it was muffled by the gag. Smirking she removed it and the remaining moan echoed throughout the room.


"Mmmmaaarrgg!" A loud moan was heard and the pink haired mistress bit her lip in worry, but she was also happy. Worried that Garfield would choose Rachel after this point, but that also made her slightly happy; for if anybody deserved to be happy, it was her best friend and former love.

"She's not going to walk for a while." Jen whispered as she watches Doris's breasts are being licked by Komi while Babs uses a feather to stroke Doris's butt. The pinkette also saw Tula getting tickled by Helena as she loves the sound of the swimmer's forced laughter. She clasp her hands as she told them "Okay girls, get these two ready when Gar comes out to give them his love marks."

"How long will he be out?" Komi asked while playing with Doris's breasts.

"Hmm...until we hear Rae's orgasm." Jinx said as she walks up to the stocks unlocking Doris from the stocks. The tall girl sigh in relief once Komi and Babs stops as she felt being lifted up by Komi by holding her on her shoulders holding her arm and legs in a fireman carry.

"I'm jealous of him right now, wish she can pleasure me." Komi muttered earning odd looks from Doris and Tula who's carried to the two tables where she is placed in one.

'I wouldn't mind Gar choosing Rachel.' Helena thought with a smile 'It's nice to bang him and he'll be good for her.'


Garfield and Lust shifted the bed as Lust rides him with the cock in her pussy. She finds Gar's cock so good that she is surprise how long his cock is. Surely he is truly a beast.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Lust loudly gasped/moaned as she rode her lover's member and dug her nails into the blond's chest, making him cringe and growl in protest, but she could hear the pleasure in his protest. 'This little tease. Trying not to enjoy my nails in his flesh! I will make you like it!' She vowed as she picked up her paste and leaned down to give her lover a passionate and aggressive kiss. "You love this don't you?" She asked as she tried to control her body and not moan as she tried to make her lover enjoy himself. "You like this rough fuck, don't you? My nails digging into your flesh and my tight pussy keeping you inside me?"

"Aarrrnnnnng!" Garfield moaned in pleasure as he tried not to enjoy how rough his lover was, but he couldn't really lie to her, his body had already betrayed him and was enjoying it all. "N-N-" He blushed as he just kept moaning.

"Dooo- a aah yes! Don't lie, Garry. Tell me the truth." Lust ordered as she wagged her finger at her lover.

Garfield was embarrassed, but then again he loved her and didn't mind if he told her the truth, but it was embarrassing. "Y-Yes." He answered and she smiled down at him and once again claimed his lips and they passionately kissed until they both orgasm, and they both screamed out the others name. Lust screaming Garfield and Garfield screaming Lust.

As they two died down, the purple haired girl got off her boyfriend and took his condom off before just throwing it to the side and then untying her lover's limbs.

The blond tried to get up but was stopped as the girl jumped onto him and laid on his chest. "Not yet. Just hold me for a few minutes." Lust stated, running her fingers on the fresh wounds on her lover's chest. "Before you go and add them, just hold me like you would Rachel."

"Okay, L." Garfield responded and wrapped his sore arms around the sweaty girl and held her tight. "So... what brought this on?" He questioned.

"Rachel is going to Las Vegas to visit her father. Who knows how long we'll be there, so I don't want you to forget me." Lust whispered as she enjoyed herself in her lover's arms.

"Why do you say things like that? It makes you seem like you girls and Rachel aren't the same person." Garfield asked the girl.

Lust removed her face from her lover's chest and looked up at him. Smiling at him. "We aren't the same person." She winked and passed out, freaking the blond man out.

"Lust? Lust!?" Garfield exclaimed, shaking the girl before he heard a groan and she woke up.

"What? Where am I?" A familiar monotoned voice asked and the head picked itself up to look at her boyfriend. "Garfield? Where are we?" Rachel asked.

"I love you, Rachel." Garfield softly chuckled and the young woman narrowed her eyes in confusion before she took notice of several cuts on her lover's chest, and then she looked alarmed and removed her chest from her boyfriend's chest and looked down.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" They all hear a very loud scream.

"What's that?" Barbra questioned her fellow mistress.

"I don't think Rachel knew what Lust had planned." Jinx snickered to herself.

"Should we be concern?" Doris asked only to earn a slap in the boobs by Babs.

"You speak when only we say so." Babs respond as she gives a smirk at the two girls on the table. "While we wait for Gar to get ready, we'll have our last fun." she said as she picks up a brush as Komi holds a jar of honey. Barbara dips the brush in the honey as she uses it to spread it all over Doris's body from the chest to her inner thighs.

"Why are you covering her with honey?" Tula asked.

"When Gar gets here to give you his love marks, he'll get some flavor from kissing your delicious skin." Komi smirks as Babs moves on to Tula, brushing honey all over her flat stomach and legs.

"It's just going to be kissing?" Doris asked.

"Yes." Jen replied as she pinches the two girls' butts "And that's for speaking without permission."

"But we didn't get punished the first time we asked!" Tula complained only to get pinched in the butt by the pinkette "Ow!"

Opening the door Rachel walks out quickly with her face red as a tomato, with Garfield wearing his pants on now follow in tow, rubbing the back of his head.

"You two enjoyed yourselves?" Jen smirked, as Rachel grabs her face with her two fingers and thumb as the goth gives her a deadly look towards the pinkette.

"Tell me...where is my brother?" she demands.

"S-S-Still in the car. Lust knocked him out and drugged him to sleep." Jen answered as Rachel lets her face go.

"Let's get this over with." Rachel said as she brings Gar to Doris and Tula.

"Why are they covered in honey?" Gar asked seeing the two girls covered in honey from neck to toe.

"For flavor." Jen replied with a perverted grin. "Go on, lick them up and give them your hickies!"

Gar walks up towards to Doris as she gives him a smile. He picks up her leg up as he starts licking from her toes to her knees while tasting the honey he plants his kisses. Doris moans when he plants hicky marks on her inner thighs after he licks the honey off of them, as he moves on to her flat stomach. He rubs her sides with his thumb massaging her hips, his tongue licking in her naval making her gasp heavily. As he plants kisses on her flat tummy, he moves on to her bra covered breasts, licking the honey all over her ample breasts making her moan. He plants hickies on her chest as well as on her neck once he licks and kisses her neck and jaw, making her gasp. He then gives her a kiss as she kiss him back.

"MMmmm, thanks Gar." Doris moaned liking him touching her body and kissing all over her.

"You're welcome, Dory." he replied giving her a nickname. Once he's done with Doris he moves on to Tula.

"J-Just get this over with." she told him, feeling him lowering down licking and kissing her honey covered legs. She bit her lip to not unleash a gasp of moaning until he reach to her thighs. She gasp heavily as he licks the honey off of her warm skin, planting his love marks on them. He then lick her up to her flat stomach as he licks her sides all over. Then towards her breasts as he licks them around, planting his hicky marks all over her chest as she close her eyes and moans. Once he kiss her neck and leaves his marks, she moans loudly as he leaves his marks and then kiss her lips meaning that he is done. "OOooooh." she moans as she gives a goofy smile "That felt gooooood."

"Congrats on making the initiation!" Jen spoke as she press her hands onto Doris's and Tula's breasts "Welcome to our harem circle!" she received a bonk on the head by Rachel letting her hands go from the girls.

"Let's just uncuff them now." Rachel said as Babs and Helena agreed once they uncuff the two girls from the table. "Now if you'll excuse me, I gonna either wake up my drugged up brother or I'll have to drive to Nevada while he sleeps."

"Um Rachel," Gar spoke as Rachel stops to listen "If you want to talk about what happened while you were Lust..."

"We'll talk about it when I get back." she said turning around and kiss his cheek and then walk down to the bathroom to put on her clothes.

"Don't be sad, Beasty." Jen said wrapping her arms around him "She's only mad at Lust, and probably me for allowing it."

'Well I couldn't help but worry for her.' he thought, feeling that he and Rachel will have a talk.


Later on Rachel now fully clothed walks down to the van, seeing her brother Xavier sleeping in the side of the van. Pulling out the keys Lust took while he was chloroformed she opens the driver's side of the van as she gets in, starting it as she gives a sigh 'Dad's casino here I come.' she thought, starting the van as she drives out the parkway and head down to the street. 'It's only for the weekend.' she thought as she drives towards the stop light.


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