Me: This name won by 4 votes,

Tooth: That sounds pretty close!

Me: The name got five votes

Tooth: Oh... I'll be quiet now...sorry...

"This is Blizzard," Jack crouched and raised his arm. A snake about the thickness of a magic marker peeped its head from his sleeve. It peered at Jamie with yellow eyes, reaching out its diamond-shaped head to get a closer look at this strange little room and its strange little occupant.

"You can touch him," Jack said, "He won't bite,"

Jamie immediately rubbed his hand over its scales. Then snatched it back as he felt how unnaturally cold it was. He saw frost curl around his fingers, which quickly melted to a film of moisture.

"This is so cool!" Jamie said as he wiped his hand on his pajamas, "Where did you get him?"

Jack chuckled, "Bliz just-" He shrugged, "Came to me,"

"You mean," Jamie smiled, "he jumped on you?"

This cheeky answer caused Jack to blink in surprise, "How-?"

"Bunny came by and told Sophie about it, did you really scream and run around like Sophie on a sugar high?"

Jack silently cursed the Easter Bunny's name while trying to keep a smile plastered on his face (He had surprisingly good experience in doing that).

Jamie continued, "It's a good thing Sophie's not here, she's terrified of snakes," he shook his head as if baffled by that fact.

Blizzard let out a thin hiss as if agreeing with the boy-it-was-starting-to-like.

"One time, after a show, a lady started walking around with this ginormous snake around her neck and Sophie started crying and peed right there on the floor, then some guy slipped on it and went to the hospital for a week," Jamie rubbed the back of his head, "Mr. Dursley still doesn't like us for that,"

"Good to know," said Jack, "but…I'm pretty sure Sophie would like this one, This guy's one heck of a softie,"

Blizzard hissed in indignation, as if hurt by Jack's teasing comment, it had been with him such a short time that it did not know that Jack made such comments all the time (especially around a certain guardian Pooka), so, in revenge, it shot back into the jacket.

Jack looked at Jamie and shrugged. He wouldn't have done it if he knew what was going to happen next. If he did, he would probably had yanked off the jacket that very instant, (not that it would have helped.)

Suddenly Jack doubled over, wheezing. It took a moment for Jamie to realize he was laughing.

"Ye-Hahahahahah! Stop-it! Stop-it! That-that-tickles!" Jack's sides heaved up and down as he panted. Blizzard did not respond to the winter sprite's pleas.

Jack felt something loop around his foot and tripped over it, still laughing. Jamie started to laugh as well.

Eventually, after a few minutes of merciless tickling, Jack's laughter slowed. The snake came out from the sleeve, hissing at him. Sensing its lesson had been well and truly taught; it lowered its non-existent hackles and glanced at Jamie to deliver the last punchline.

The boy caught on fast.

"Not that much of a softie, eh Jack?"

Jack took a deep breath, "Y-yeah," he smiled, "Never knew how sensitive snakes were,"

The three shared a smile. Well, two of them smiled, Blizzard just did a victory dance on the carpet.

Then there was a small singsong voice drifting around the room. As it became closer, the words could be made out:

"Bunny! Bunny! Hop! Hop! Hop!"

Jack stopped laughing.

"Sophie's coming!" Jamie yelled, "Quick, you have to hide Blizzard!"

But Sophie could hop surprisingly fast. She reached the opened door before Jack, Jamie or the snake could move.

Sophie sang happily into the room, "Bunny! Bunny! Hop! Hop! H-"

Then she saw the snake.

Jack gulped. Oh boy