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Tori's POV

I packed up the rest of my things in a box. My parents had finally decided to divorce. They hadn't really been fighting, but they don't act like a happy couple, more like two people putting up with each other. I was surprised that I wasn't upset. I just want them to both be happy and them being together wasn't making either happy.

When my parents told Trina and I that they were getting a divorce they were surprisingly calm about it. I wondered if either were cheating on the other but I didn't ask for obvious reasons. My mom was going to be moving out to a house not too far from this one. I decided to move with her, she would still be close enough to Hollywood Arts so that I could attend. Trina was going to stay with my dad, but my mom has a room in the new house that Trina gets to have for whenever she wants to stay over; I also will keep my bedroom at my dad's to stay in anytime I go to visit him. I feel like Trina will use having two rooms to her advantage.

My mom decided as soon as school was over with for the summer we would move. So here I was on helping my dad and mom put the last of the boxes into the moving truck. Even though they were getting divorced my parents seemed to be on good terms, I seemed like it was a very mutual decision. My mom drove the moving truck, I followed in my car and Trina and my dad drove my moms car to our new house. Trina and my dad were coming to help us bring boxes into the house for us.

We pulled up to the house; it was a dark tan house, with blue shutters, the driveway wide enough to park two cars side by side and still have some room to get in and out. The garage was directly at the top of the driveway centered, it has a white door no windows; it's on the left side of the house. Above the garage door there was two windows and to the right of the garage is a window and a little further right is the front door. On the right of the front door is a huge window that concaves from the house slightly; there is a few stairs from the driveway that lead up to the front door. On the left side of the house on the lower side of the house there is a small window, and towards the top of the house there is four windows. The right side of the house the roof looks like an upside down V facing the road so I have to step to the side to see the roof tiles. The roof on left side is perpendicular to the left sides roof so though I can tell it looks like an upside down V, I can't see the actual V form without moving.

I grab a few boxes and start following my mom as she takes out a key to unlock the front door. As I walk in I see the living room is huge and immediately to the right of the front door. Straight ahead from the front door is an opening with no door that leads directly to the kitchen. Right before the kitchen on the left is a set of stairs that lead upstairs, and to the left inside the kitchen right by the entrance is a set of stairs that lead down the stairs. Straight up the stairs leads to a long hallway with two doors on the left side, two doors on the right and another set of stairs that lead to a 4th floor right next to the set of stairs to the 3rd floor. The first door on the right side of the hallway right by the second set of stairs leading to the 4th floor is a huge bathroom. The other three doors lead to bedrooms. The biggest on this floor being the other door on the right, that has a door that leads into the bathroom. On the 4th floor straight from the stair landing is a smaller short hallway, at the end is a door that leads to a big bedroom and on the right side is a door that leads to a bathroom. There is one door on the left that is a small door that is most likely a closet.

I make my way back down to the floor with the living room and explore the lower levels of the house. I take the stair entrance in the kitchen down that; it leads to a nice size second living room on the left side, the right side a wall runs along the stairs there is a door to a small bathroom right at the bottom of the stair landing in the wall and then it continues to an opening at the back right side of the room. I walk to the opening and see a linoleum floor, straight back is a door that leads to the backyard, there is a door on the left that right by the entrance of the opening, on the right a few feet in is another door. The left door leads out into the garage and the right door leads down to a huge basement that seems like it runs the length of the entire house.

After several hours we have all of the boxes moved into the house. My mom's brother's Joe and Steve came to help unload boxes and furniture for us. They stayed with us for a little while sitting at the dining room table that my mom had purchased before we moved in. It was a dark stained wood table that easily fit 6 chairs, one at each end and 2 on either side. The dining room was in the back right corner of the house; there was a small opening from the back right side of the kitchen that lead to it or walking through the living room. There was a sliding glass door that leads to a nice size deck from the dining room. The yard was big too there was only one small tree all the way at the back of the yard; unlike my dad's house this house had a fence that ran the perimeter of the back yard. The only other tree that was at the house was on the left side right by the window of my room I picked. I liked having trees by my window; I never know whom I might want to sneak in. I was jealous of the house next door. Across from my window there was a bigger window that lead to a nice size balcony. I wish I had a balcony, I doubt my mom would go for that though.

After hanging out with my uncles, Trina and dad for a little bit I started unpacking things in my room. I took that room that was on the right of the hallway; it's the second biggest room, the biggest being the room my mom took that is on the 4th floor. I have no idea why my mother bought such a huge house for just the two of us but I wasn't going to complain, she could do what she wants with her money.

My mom had already purchased a new bed for me for my room; it was a double with a basic dark wood head and footboard. The room was painted a pale purple with dark purple on the trim, all the doors inside of the room where painted to match the wall. I had three windows, one that faced the back yard, two that faced the tree and neighbor's house. I wonder if a cute girl lived there.

The only new thing I really had been the bed, everything else I just packed from my dad's house; I only left my bed and a pair of sheets at my dad's. With my uncle Joe's help we arranged my bed to be in the back right corner of the room. The closet opening was about a foot from the entrance door to my room and was about 5 feet wide; it was a sliding door closet. The door that lead to the bathroom was on the right side of the room from the entrance, a few feet from the door, it allowed enough room for the door to open all the way. I put the TV and stand close the bathroom door, my dresser was put next to my closet door, I also had a bookshelf put next to the tv stand. My desk I put near the bottom of my bed against the back wall. I also had a little night table next to my bed where I put a lamp; there was a lamp on my dresser and another on my desk. All the lamps were purple. After setting up my room I was exhausted I said my goodbyes to everyone that was leaving, my mom had to take my dad and Trina home and I opted to stay so I watched a movie until I fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of a lawn mower. I was instantly angry that I stupidly left my window open and whoever is mowing their lawn early on a fricken Friday morning in the beginning of summer! I check my phone 9:06am. Gr. I get up and walk downstairs walking right to the backdoor opening it and walking out on the deck. I'm in my tank top and short shorts. I look over to the neighbor's house to see where the mowing is coming from. I see a guy that has to be my age topless mowing his lawn, and man does he have a nice body. I can see his biceps and triceps tighten as he moves the mower. Now I'm fully gay but I can appreciate how good a guy looks. I continue looking and suddenly he looks my way and our eyes meet. He smiles and stops the mower. I decide to walk down the deck steps over to where he is.

"Hi." He says with a toothy grin. He has perfectly straight brilliantly white teeth.

"Um hi." I say, I try to not be rude but it doesn't matter how cute he is he woke me up mowing his lawn too early for a Friday. "Why are you mowing your lawn so early? People like to sleep in." I say squinting at him, even though it's early it's still bright out.

" Oh sorry, I'm not used to anyone living next door. Everyone else in ear shot is usually working so they don't mind me mowing the lawn early." He says apologetically. He still has that amazing smile and I can't help but smile at him.

"It's okay I shouldn't complain I left my window open last night when I fell asleep it was a long day." He has blue green eyes, he is tan but nowhere near as tan as I am, and stand a few inches taller than me. He is toned but is still skinny. He has a nice 6 pack that shows even when I can tell he isn't flexing. His hair is short, about 2 inches long falling loose on his head. I can see him flexing his jaw as he extends his hand to me.

"I'm Scotty."

"Tori." I shake his hand and laugh a little. Scotty has a thin face that fits perfectly to the rest of his body. He is an extremely attractive guy. If I wanted a guy I would be all over him in a heartbeat. Who knows maybe he can get me to jump back on the boy wagon.

"So you just moved in? I couldn't believe someone finally bought the house it has been on the market for a year now. The person that used to live hear moved into a bigger and better house in East LA."

"Yeah well my parents divorced and my mom went and bought this house." I couldn't believe I just told him about my parents.

"Ouch I'm sorry. I know how parental divorce is, it sucks. I live here with my mom."

"It's okay I wasn't surprised, although they were very civil about it, it was kind of scary." I say making Scotty laugh.

"Well I guess civil beats a big blow up between them." Scotty says when he calms from laughing.

"So is it just you and your mom?" I ask hoping I am not being rude asking something to personal.

"No my sister lives here as well. My mom and sister are both currently out. My sister stays at her boyfriends sometimes and my mom works during the day. I'm sure you will meet my sister soon, but she is a little anti social and bitchy, I am the nice one. How about you?" He says with a smile.

"Well it's just my mom and me living here I do have a sister though that stays with my dad. They only live about 10 minutes form here luckily it wasn't a far move."

"Ah well that's always good. I'm glad I will have a neighbor my age again."

"Yeah me too. Well I am going to go home and shower and let you finish moving your lawn. I'll talk to you later though." I say flashing him a smile.

"It was great meeting you Tori."

"You too Scotty."

I walk back into the house and make my way upstairs to grab a few things then go and take a shower. After my shower I text my "friend" Nicki about coming over. Nicki is a girl I have been seeing from Sherwood, my old school. She is more of a friends with benefits than a girlfriend, I don't really commit because the person I really have feelings for just doesn't like me back. I walk back into my room as my phone rings.

"Hello." I say into the receiver.

"Hey girlie! I am just getting done in the shower, you want me to head over soon?"

"Yeah sounds good I just got done."

"Okay I'll see you soon."

I go back to my room and switch on a movie waiting for Nicki to get over. Nicki is the 3rd girl I have seen since I came out. Only my mom, dad, Trina a few friends from Sherwood and Andre know about me being gay. Even though Nicki is my friends with benefits we haven't had sex yet. I don't want to just sleep around and feel like a slut so I refrain. I have only had sex with 2 people. Danny my ex that Cat dated and this other girl from Sherwood I somewhat dated. I dated her for 4 months my junior year trying to forget about my crush on a certain girl but I ended things with her knowing I didn't feel strongly for her as she did for me.

Nicki and I sat out on two lounge chairs my mom brought with us just tanning in the sun, I really wish we had a pool at this point. Scotty had a pool at his house so maybe sometime he would invite us over. I wouldn't mind hanging out with Scotty, I should just let him know ahead of time that I am gay so I won't lead him on. Nicki is like a best friend to me besides Andre of course. She knows that this between us will never be more than a friendship but she accepts it she almost has the same issue too. I have helped her out a few times at a party making the girl she likes jealous without telling her. I know for a fact that the girl she likes has feelings for her the way she death glares me in a jealousy.

"This is a really nice yard and house."

"Yeah it is nice, I am very happy I got my own bathroom again. I miss living with my dad and mom under one roof though. It was weird my dad not being in the house last night." I say a little sad.

"I'm sorry Tor. " Nicki says squeezing my forearm with a small smile. She is a really good friend. We stayed friends since I moved to Hollywood Arts. I didn't see her much during the school years with hanging out with the gang and all the work I had to keep up on.

We lay out in the sun talking about stupid things and somehow end up making out for a little in our chairs. I am not worried about anyone seeing because it seems anyone remotely close is not home. We pulled back finally and I look her in the eyes. Nicki is very pretty shoulder length dark brown hair, crystal blue eyes. She is tan but lighter than me. She has perfect skin on her face there is no blemishes or dry skin and her nose and thin face go perfectly with her hairstyle and small frame. Nicki has the same build as me, a thin frame and a deliciously nice ass. I stare at her wondering if maybe one day I could get over my crush and date her.

"So you have seen my crush, will I ever tee yours Tor? Maybe I can help you make her jealous and get her."

"Nick, she is straight and has a boyfriend I don't think she would be jealous."

"Well she is stupid if she doesn't want you." I look at her, her words echoing in my head I am just about to lean in and kiss her when a person in Scotty's yard catches my eyes. I am met with angry green blue eyes staring into my soul.


"Yeah I know that is who you like Tori. Maybe she will break up with her boyfriend and realize she has feelings for you." I ignore Nicki talking to me, and just stare at Jade in Scotty's yard. What the fuck is she doing over there, they know each other? I don't remember Scotty going to Hollywood Arts. Just then it hits me, he said his sister, his eyes, his eyes were just like Jade's. Oh my god. Jade is my next-door neighbor. Nicki must catch on that I am staring and not paying attention and turns to look over her shoulder to where I am facing.

"Oh, that must be Jade." She says when she turns back to me.

I cannot believe I just moved in next door to Jade West, the girl that hates me, the girl I hopelessly fell for that I have no chance with. This is going to be the worst year ever.

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