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The vile stench swarmed the nose of a lone bandit walking towards Iwa, and was growing anxious to arrive to her destination. As the smell continued to assult her nostrils, the future corpse turned around violently as she heard a thud behind her. "Who's there?!" She screamed out to the empty road.

Silence was her only reply. The bandit, who was growing even more frightened by the minute, turned around and sped up her pace. She hadn't seen the root sticking out of the ground in front of her. She tripped and tried to use her arms to stop her fall only to merely lessen the damage she took into her wrists. As she sat up on to one knee she heard grunting coming from behind her, she looked up from where she sat and saw a figure growing at a fast pace as it sprinted at her.

She never even got the chance to scream as the figure pulled out a saw like weapon and decapitated her on the spot.

"MY SHARP CIRCLE OF HURT HAS EATEN YOUR FACE HOLE!" The figure screamed with a hate filled voice at the body currently bleeding on the ground.

The 7 foot inhumane beast picked up his victims head and in a fluid movement, crushed the paled head into the ground, resulting in chunks and fragments of her skull to scatter about. As he continued to scream and flail about, the inside of his mind was currently at war.

"Krieg! That could have been an innocent! Ugh. I will give you one more chance, for even I didn't know if she was or not." The voice similar to the beast now known as Krieg, only kinder and less gruff.

Krieg looked at his right hand that was currently holding his buzz axe and stared at it with contempt. He raised said axe giving the idea to Krieg's other personality that he was going to hit himself again, only to raise his imaginary eye-brows as Krieg put his weapon of choice back into it's holster on his back, grunt, and walk down the road the late bandit was walking down, just to stop as Krieg's other personality spoke up again.

"Wait, shouldn't you check her body? She could of had something to tell us where we are." His inner voice said, only to have completely ruined the only serene moment Krieg might have.

"I WILL CHECK HER SOUL TO ONLY FIND THE BEST OF THE ROAST CHICKENS!" Krieg yelled out as he got to his knees to salvage the deceased bandit's gear and loot, only to find she had nothing on her.

"Even I didn't understand that one Krieg. Sometimes, I think you are so far gone, and yet you hop back down to some sort of sane level. This, is not one of those times." Muttered Geirk as Krieg ripped off the female bandit's left shoe and put it on as a hat.

"THIS GLOVE FITS LIKE A SHOE!" Krieg yelled. "Sigh."

-Timeskiping time, One week later-

The one bodied duo were currently in the Land of Waves talking to a man who looked in his late 40's in the man's house.

"Well Tazuna, I guess I'll wait for this 'ninja' team you're going to grab before I do anything. Where was it again? Konoda?" Griek spoke, in a genuinely confidant tone.

The man, now known as Tazuna, answered. "Um, no it's Konoha. Anyways, I'm glad your going to wait, this village needs all the help it can get. Especially with Gato and all his men running about, say. You never told me your name mister..." He stopped to stare at the freakishly huge man.

"Oh sorry, I'm getting so hooked on helping the good guys out for once I forgot. My name is... MEAT BICYCLES! I WILL RIP OFF MY ENEMIES LIMBS TO RIDE ALL THE WAY TO THE SUN!" Krieg yelled waking up from his temporary slumber, while successfully scaring the horse shit out of Tazuna.

"Oh gosh. He had to wake up now?!" Geirk groaned mentally.

"M-meat B-bicycles? Your name i-is M-meat Bicycles?" Tazuna gulped, that certainly sounded frightening. Earning one hell of a glare from Krieg.

"THAT IS UNNACCEPTABLE! MY NAME IS KRIEG! LITTLE MAN!" The gas-mask wearing freak of experimental nature yelled out, further scaring the piss out of Tazuna, who now had a pale face to match that of the dead.

After done scaring Tazuna, Krieg stopped and spaced out, turns out he was only up for a short time. Geirk took over once again, and stared at Tazuna a moment before speaking. "Um... Sorry, I... Kind of have a second guy inside my head... well actually his head, I'm only out when he sleeps... which is rare. Soooo... expect alot of him. Don't worry though! He won't attack any of the citizens, not while I'm in his head at least." He said, trying to reassure Tazuna that he was going to be a great help with Gato.

"Anyway, how long is it going to take for you to grap this little team of yours?" Geirk asked, trying to not freak the man out any more.

"... A-about *cough* about a week." Said Tazuna, trying to sound manly. Fail.

"Understood, I will guard this house with both mine and Krieg's life. Though the latter might scar alot of people for life." He said with the last sentance in thought shaking Tazuna's already shaky hand.

The old man turned and walked out the door, as well as Geirk, who apparently had an audience to Krieg's little episode. Geirk just waved lamely.

"Uh... hey." He said as he sweatdropped.

-Timeskipping time, Three days later (No Tazuna ain't back yet)-

With little to no interference with Krieg these past days, Geirk became quite the popular amongst the crowd. He not only helped with small bandit raids, he also stopped a small drug ring going on in the allyways of the village, both earned him credit within the small village. Just when he was about to recieve a thank you amongst the village's denizens, Krieg managed to wake up in front of a little girl about to give him her teddy bear.

"Here you go misther, her name isth Misth Geirk becausth of you! Be nicthe though shesth a meany when mad." The 8 - 10 year old said with the most adorable of voices.

-This is a line-

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-Omake: I LIKE YOU!-

Class just started, and Sasuke Uchiha was standing by the door as usual trying to act cool and stuff, and everyone was present, well almost. The door slams open, hitting Sasuke square in the left pupil.

As everyone quits staring at the Uchiha, the random smoke that is now mentioned dissipates revealing Krieg. The psycho walks straight up to Hinata, ignoring the bloodied cries of the king of brooding. Said female notices the hulking monster walk up to her and blushes up a storm.

Krieg, who took months to prepare what he was going to say, says it. "I WANT YOUR HEART IN MY CHEST CAVITY!" It took him three seconds to realize what he said, tried to say it in a different way. "HAVE A SPLEEN FIESTA WITH ME AT YESTERDAY!"

Hinata, who barely understood the last sentence, understood the last sentence. In other words, he just asked her out. Hinata, still blushing, yells out "LET US SHARE OUR LIMBS IN AGONY!" Krieg clearly understood what that meant and walked away opening the now mentioned closed door slamming it in the Sasuke's left pupil again. "GAHHH!"

The End.