Here it is folks, chapter 3 of "You Will Shed No Red Water". In the next three/seven chapters, more omakes will be made, a few allies will spawn, and I think I'm going to kill Gato before I even have a chance to let Geirk speak! Who would do such a thing? Oh yes. The Great and Powerful... Me!

Going to make a few references, if you can spot them, congrats. They will be based of multiple things, so it is a challenge! Find them all by chapter five and I will use an idea of your choosing!

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For Sure Spawn Ins:

Axton, for he is simply to stupidly chaotic not to add.

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"I WALKED THE RED CARPET OF LUNGS AND LIVERS TO DELIVER YOUR ROYAL PACKAGE!" He screamed at the orphanage caretaker. Scaring the hell out of her... and most of the kids, except Shojo, 'cause she's the shit.

Now, Two Days Later, at the orphanage.

Geirk, who is now in control, was playing a friendly game of high stakes poker with a 7 year old girl. Who was currently kicking his mutated ass.

"Gah! I've lost all of my cards." Geirk said suddenly as he threw his deck out of the window. Successfully hitting a random passer-by square in the face.

Shojo just stared at him with a blank face, before it contorted to that of a surprised gasp. "Oh! Aren't you sthupposed to meet up with a bunch of ninjasth?" She asked tilting her head to the side, her young green eyes staring at him in confusion.

"Oh yes... them. I entirely forgot, I guess I will have to check for them neh?" He said, getting off the ground.

Shojo nodded and hopped up and held onto his gigantic hand with her own, small one.

"Kay, let'sth go Krieg." She said with a smile.

Geirk sighed, ever since they had met up. This little girl insisted she called him Krieg, seeing as how she didn't really like Geirk. Seriously?! Who get's bored of the controversial theories of quantum gravity? Not Geirk! That's fo sho.

Passing by multiple strangers and buildings made the man-beast think. 'To think, I have to protect these people, and all they do is complain about it. You'd at least think they'd be happy about some strange psychotic looking man coming into town looking to help people would be a good thing. Sigh, you get what you get am I right?' After the thoughts passing through his head were over, he realized, the very people he was thinking about, were watching him.

Many about the town, including the elderly, were staring at his every move. Almost as if they were waiting for something. Hushes and whispers could be made out from the utter silence of the area.

"He's going to hurt her!"

"Shush! He's going to hear us."

"Why are we whispering?!"

Then the whispering stopped, as they all noticed he stared back at them. Shojo looked up, and noticed his ever gazing eye, and looked to where his attention was gained.

The many people of Wave was before her. And what happened next, shocked everyone. Geirk himself included.


The voice, came from none other than Krieg, the bonified psychopath.

"DO YOU THINK I LIKE BEING A POTATO?! I WILL SCREAM YOU SOME MORE IF I MUST HAVE TO!" The raging man said, causing the crowd to quickly disperse and become nothing.

"NUAHAHA! I MADE THE FLIES FLEE!" He shouted once more.

Krieg felt a small tug against his hand, and looked down. To the face of a wide-smiling girl. "Krieg! You're back! You were gone for a whole day! That isth alright though. We have to go remember? Ninjasth!" She said, pulling him along with her.

Krieg said nothing, just stared in confusion.

Timeskip; Tsunami's place

It was by the time they entered the immediate area, did they hear voices, other than Tsunami's and brat child's voice, as Krieg kindly put it.

The psycho perked up at hearing one of the voices however.

"Ten years of DAHL military service at your... well service." A muffled voice said behind closed doors.

A response came, just not from who ever he was talking to.

"WEIRD MAN!" Krieg screamed, as he ran through the door, breaking it of it's hinges and ramming into Axton giving said man a bear hug.

"Gah! W-what?! Krieg?! You're here too?" He said surprised, as he patted the gigantic man on his back.

A cough came from behind the two of them.

"So, you two have already met?" One calm Tsunami asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Uh... Well sort of. Ya see, we ain't from here miss. We ca-"

"WE ARE PAIN BROTHERS! GIVING LUNGS AND KIDNEYS TO ALL THE LITTLE GIRLS AND BOYS!" Krieg shouted, interrupting Axton and getting up.

Axton sighed, and rubbed his temples. "Yeah. what the big guy said. Anyway, as I was saying. We came from..." Axton stopped and thought for a moment. 'If I tell her we're from a different planet, probably a different dimension, I doubt she's gonna believe me. Might as well lie right?'

"We came from south of here, and we ended up separating. We had a group of six, I guess we all went our own ways. 'Till Krieg here managed to find me." Axton finished looking at the psycho.

"Ah I see. Well Krieg here already promised to help the town in a small crisis, and seeing as how you're his friend? Could you..." She stopped, trying to hint as to what she was saying.

Axton just shook his head, and with a blank stare said "can't read lips princess."

Tsunami just sighed.

"Could you help him?" Those words didn't come out of her mouth.

The commando looked between Krieg and Tsunami and noticed a little girl.

"Might as well sweetheart, seeing as how we're stuck here for a while. What's your name?" he asked, getting on a knee.

"Shojo, and don't call me sthweetheart. I will gut you with a fork." The now terrifying little girl said, glaring at the man.

"Hokay! Sheesh. Yeah I'll help." Axton replied standing back up.

"Krieg taught her so well." Geirk said through Krieg's body sarcastically.

"You call that well?!" Axton shrieked, pointing at Shojo. "Wait... who said that?" He finished as he turned around.

Geirk just blinked and realized he had control again.

"I did. My name's Geirk, you know, opposite personality of Krieg, not so psychotic. The details are minor but eh." Geirk said shrugging his shoulders.

"I'm surprised you didn't know I existed, haven't you ever seen Krieg talking to himself? That was me."

"Huh, didn't know that. Wait. It's getting dark out. Miss? Can we spend the night, ya know. Don't really have anywhere to stay." Axton said, looking back to Tsunami.

In the background.

"Bye Krieg!" Shojo said as she hugged him. Geirk just grunted an affirmative.

She then ran off to the orphanage.

And Krieg regained control.

Back with Axton and Tsunami.

"Uh sure, Tazuna should be back tomorrow. I'll let you know when he arrives, is that alright with you and Krieg?" She said, staring behind Axton towards the psycho.

"Eeyup." Axton said.

"I WILL HAVE GROUND BUNK BY TODAY!" Was Krieg's answer, as he sped off towards the second floor.

Axton just sighed and followed him up. "G'night miss." He waved.

"Good night." Tsunami said sweetly, only to open her mouth. To the mixed shouts from upstairs.



"Damnit Krieg! Shut up. I'm trying to sleep."


"I'M NOT TIRED!" Thud.


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Anywho~ Sorry for the little lack of humor in this one, I just thought it'd be more of a serious reunion between vault hunters, any way. Who here thinks it was a good idea adding Axton? Cause surely I don't. :3

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Omake: It Hurts To Breathe Now

Zer0 stared at the dying man in his arms. The respawn stations were all down, so this would be the last time he saw him. "Z-Z-Zer0?" The man stuttered.

"Yes my dying friend / What is it that you must say / It h-hurts to b-breathe now" The assassin said, tears welling up behind his mask.

"C-come closer, I must tell you something *cough* i-important." The man said, coughing up blood.

Zer0 did as he was told

"C-closer" He moved again.

"C-closer" Again.

Now Zer0 was inches away from his friend.

The man licked his visor.

"You know you could just revive me." The man said sticking his tongue out.

"Damnit Naruto / Had me fearing for the worst / I truly hate blondes." He sighed, and with a -.- showing on his visor, revived his friend.

End Omake