Our Cast, Codenames, and Calendar.

Characters going to be used in the story. We've got spoilers up in this biotch, so be careful what you read. The ages aren't canon, mostly because our beloved Hiromu hasn't given us any idea for the latter of them, but I've taken educated guesses. Tell me if you think there's an age displayed that is unreasonable. Also, since they're three years older, the most of them have raised their ranks up. Going to be awkward, but you'll get used to it. I've have the characters split up into four four self-explanatory groups with their name, age, and title. Chances are if their under 'Main' I use them a lot more often, and if they're under 'Minor' I may use them from time to time, or they really might just be mentioned and never thought of again. Hehe. The codenames are canon except for Katrina's, obviously. Aaaaand, the calendar may or may not be messed up. Just there in case.

Main Canon Characters

Riza Hawkeye, 30, captain
Roy Mustang, 33, state alchemist, lieutenant general
Hayate, 5, loyal puppy
Heymans Breda, 34, captain
Jean Havoc, 31, first lieutenant
Vato Falman, 39, first lieutenant
Kain Fuery, 26, second lieutenant
Rebecca Catalina, 31, captain

Minor Canon Characters

Olivier Mira Armstrong, 42, major general
Alex Louis Armstrong, 37, state alchemist, lieutenant colonel
Maria Ross, 26, first lieutenant
Denny Brosh, 23, second lieutenant
Edward Elric, 19, state alchemist, prodigy
Alphonse Elric, 18, alchemist, prodigy
Winry Rockbell-Elric, 19, automail mechanic
Pinako Rockbell
, 69, automail mechanic, surgeon
, 12, Rockbell family pet, best guard in Resembool
May Chang
, 16, Xing princess, martial artist
Xiao Mei, 10, panda and May's sister-like pet
Gracia Hughes
, 29, widow of Maes Hughes, civilian
Elicia Hughes, 8, Gracia's adorable daughter, civilian
Ezron Grumman, 67, Fuhrer of Amestris, Riza's grandfather
Shan, 78, High Priestess of Ishval, religious leader

Main Original Characters

Katrina Vee Clowers, 24, alchemist, captain
Regina Lancer, 26, Jean's girlfriend, civilian
Lyon, 17, bookstore counter-boy

Minor Original Characters.

David Clowers, 46, Katrina's father
Arcissicia Clowers
, 47, Katrina's mother
Rene Clowers
, deceased at 26, Katrina's paternal aunt
Kira Mardling, deceased at 13, Katrina's childhood friend
Felix Daland
, 41, father of captive family
Diana Daland, 37, mother of captive family
Adrie Daland, 12, elder sister of captive family
Marina Daland, 7, younger sister of captive family
Mr. Stickybeard, 63, captor-guard, civilian

Code Names:

Roy: "Chief"
Riza: "Elizabeth
Havoc: "Jacqueline"
Breda: "Braidykins"
Falman: "Vanessa"
Fuery: "Kate"
Katrina: "Clyde"

Helpful Spoiler Calendar:

Spring, 1915: The Promised Day, battles ensue, as later does peace.
Spring, 1918: Our story begins here. Let the Royai commence!
Sun. April 28:
Headquarters sends Riza the letter of deployment.
Mon. May 6: Odd behavior gets Riza a visit from Roy that night.
Tue. May 7: Proclamation of unending love and fluff in the office.
Fri. May 10: Hawkeye packs her bags and leaves for Briggs.
Wed. July 17: Riza asks Ice Queen permission to return to Central.
Tue. August 13: Hawkeye returns from the "icebox" in the North.
Wed. August 14: Captain Clowers makes an appearance.
Thur. August 29: Daland family captured, mission ensues with Team Roy.
Fri. August 30: Both Mustang and Clowers are hospitalized.
Mon. September 2: Katrina's light injuries earn her dismissal.
Fri. September 6: Roy is finally dismissed from hospital; goes home.
Sat. September 7: On the job, Roy's team visits an alchemy bookstore.
Sun. September 8: Roy tells Riza about his disappearance and nightmares.
Mon. September 9: Mustang tells the gang about the Ishval Conference.
Fri. September 12: Roy, Riza, Rebecca, Vato, and Breda head to Resembool.
Sat. September 13: The gang arrive in Daliha, Ishval and meet Shan.