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He yawned, moving to stretch his arms up above his head before he realized he couldn't. Groggily, Stiles opened up his eyes and looked down. Smiling widely as he saw two wolves cuddled up to him. Ennis pressed to his side with an arm over his stomach, a big hand splayed over his hip. On his other side Isaac's face was pressed against the side of his chest, one of his arms in between them. Both were snoring and had mouths wide open. Stiles grinned before slapping both of them on the chest.

Stiles decided to ignore the growling and glowing red eyes of the Alpha and coo at Isaac, laughing softly as Ennis huffed and pressed a nose to the back of his neck. He disentangled himself from the two wolves and made his way downstairs. Gagging as he saw his dad and Peter close to one another, one of Peter's arms around his shoulders.

"Come on! I eat here! Nasty old men." Stiles grumbled and made his way to the fridge, pulling out some of healthy ham bacon and some eggs. Putting the bacon on a pan and putting it in the oven just as Ennis and Isaac came down the stairs. He started the eggs and looked at everyone as they settled at the table. Isaac bounding over to help him. Stiles smiled and ruffled his hair.

"Oh Stiles, that is no way to talk to your future step daddy." Peter said to him, causing shivered to roll down his spine. He could practically hear the smirk on Peter's face. Isaac made a grossed out face, too, as unwanted images filled their minds.

"Shut it Peter, or you will get no dessert tonight." Stiles looked over his shoulder and smirked, well tried to. His smirk turned down to a grimace as he saw Peter look at his dad with a gleam that Stiles decided he didn't like. Ennis looked pretty grossed out also, and his dad was trying to ignore everything as he sipped on his coffee and read the paper.

"I am sure John wouldn't mind giving me another dessert." Peter glanced at Stiles and grinned as John sputtered. Stiles grumbled and turned back around. Putting the eggs on different plates and piling up the bacon on the wolves plates. He smiled as Isaac helped him hand out the forks and plates before sitting down himself. Right between his father and Ennis.

"So son.. do I need to show Ennis my guns? Maybe I should. Peter had me get these, uh, wolfsbane bullets? Sounds like fun." Stiles glared at his dad and John simply smiled back.

"No dad! Ennis is just, you know... heismymateandprobablywantstoturnmeandIdon'tknowwha tisgoingon." Stiles smiled and looked back at his now confused father. Peter chuckled and Isaac smiled, shoveling food into his mouth. He felt Ennis tense next to him so he reached out his hand and placed it on the bigger man's knee. Internally doing a fist pump as Ennis muscles relaxed under his hand.

"Mate what. I didn't catch it all. Peter mentioned it to me once that I was his and all that." His father paused to wave his hand around, a habit in which Stiles picked up while talking as well."I think I just might have to show Ennis my guns."

"There is no need for that, sir. I have no intentions in hurting your son. If I ever did, it would be unintentional and I would be happy to be shot with as many wolfsbane bullets as you see fit. If you would also let me, I would like to sometime take him to my home. Not any time soon, but the time when both Stiles and you think is best." Ennis finished, allowing a small bare of teeth which Stiles assumed was supposed to be a smile. And oh jeeze, that was the most Ennis had said and now that Stiles brain wasn't clouded with tiredness, his voice was sexy.

"See dad! It's all fine and dandy, he won't hurt me." Stiles smiled at his still wary father. Stiles could tell that his dad would be reluctant to let him go. He was the exact same. It had just been his father and him for years, but they had a little mini family now. He knew that Peter would take good care of him though when he was gone and off with Ennis.

"I just want you to be safe, you know that son. I also want you to be happy. If this... man makes you happy, then so be it." John leaned back in his chair and nodded at the two. Stiles smiled and patted Ennis' knee. Remembering something about what Ennis said, remembering how he said they smelled like pack.

"So uh, Ennis, what did you mean we smelled like pack?" Stiles turned towards Ennis, not catching how Isaac and Peter tensed up. Stiles' cinnamon eyes burning into Ennis' dark chocolate ones.

"You smell like pack to me, like home. If this is your pack," Ennis nodded his head towards the other three,"Then they will also smell like pack." Stiles nodded and glanced at the two werewolves. Eyebrows furrowing as he saw how the two were so tense.

"Guys, something wrong?"

"No uh, we were just.. We thought about breaking from Derek's Pack." Isaac said, Stiles' eyebrows rose and he glanced between him and Peter. Licking his pink lips and nodding slowly.

"Oh, what pack would you be in then? I mean, who would be the Alpha?" Stiles leaned forward and shoved some eggs in his mouth. Ignoring how his father scolded him to look intensely at the two wolves. Eyes softening as he saw Isaac nervous.

"With the change of events that recently happened, we thought that Ennis would be the Alpha." Peter looked from Stiles to look at Ennis. The man had a slightly shocked expression on his face, before he tried covering it up with indifference.

"How long were you guys thinking about this?"

"For a while. Ever since I realized that it wasn't the same without you in the Pack." Isaac shrugged. Stiles smiled at the boy, who smiled back at him. He sighed and leaned back in his chair. Looking up at Ennis.

"Would you let them be in your pack? And you know.. not be with that Alpha Pack thing." Stiles looked at Ennis. Narrowing his eyes as he saw him hesitate. He leaned forward and smiled. "I can be very persuasive." He heard Peter's laugh at that, remembering when he said those exact words to him last year. Ennis nodded and Stiles grinned."Well then its settled! Isaac and Peter, and dad, welcome to the Ennis and Stiles' Pack!"

Stiles couldn't help the smile on his face at that. It sounded nice. Finally having his own pack and not the false security of a Pack he had thought he belonged to. He shook his head, trying to shake those thoughts away. They did, especially when Ennis gripped his hand under the table and stroked one of his calloused fingers across his knuckles. He smiled and leaned back in his seat.

Everything was perfect.


Peter and him had left a little bit after all of them discussed about becoming a Pack. Isaac smiled, he already knew this would be better than being in Derek's pack. He was a slightly reckless Alpha. That didn't help his idea of the destroyed thought that Pack meant being a family. He was happy now though. Could already feel the pull that Ennis had replaced with his Alpha and not Derek's.

"What do you think Derek will do?" Isaac looked at Peter, slightly scared of what he was going to say. Derek was a loose cannon. You never knew what he might do, which frightened Isaac a bit.

"He will be mad, I assume. He won't understand. Probably brood." Peter shrugged and looked back at Isaac. Reaching out and ruffling his hair as the two made their way to the elevator of the loft. Isaac shoved the hand away and smiled a bit. The only reason the two came was to get Isaac's things and tell Derek. Nothing else.

The pair made their way inside the loft, both nearly groaning as they saw all the Pack huddled into the living area. They all looked up at the two, the wolves growling as they smelled an unfamiliar scent. Isaac ignored them and continued on his way to his room. Tuning into his werewolf hearing to see what was going on as he packed his stuff.

It was quiet for a bit, before he came back out. Derek was standing now, nostrils flaring as he looked between the two. Isaac pulled on his bag strap. Shuffling a tiny bit closer to Peter.

"Why do I smell another wolf?" Derek growled out. Red bleeding into his normally ice blue eyes. Isaac almost whimpered, before he realized that Stiles wanted him to be strong, to not back down.

"Peter and I are joining another Pack. With Stiles and an Alpha named Ennis. The two are, apparently, mates." Peter smiled at the group as hell broke loose. Erica and Boyd growling and eyes glowing yellow. Scott was scoffing and crossing his arms, looking at the floor while Allison was shocked looking. Isaac glanced over to see a slightly relieved look in Jackson and Lydia's eyes. Which made Isaac burn with fury. He glanced up at his now former Alpha. Seeing rage and also, was that sadness?

"You really think he would be a good Alpha? He probably knows nothing! Probably doesn't even know how to handle Stiles!" Derek brooded, crossing his arms across his chest. Isaac growled at that. Derek had probably had one of the worst Packs. All of them were broken. Alpha's were supposed to help their pack. All Derek did was push them away.

"And you were! You were always putting our lives in danger! At least Ennis seemed willing to protect us and Stiles! He didn't push him away! He accepted him!" Isaac growled at Derek, Peter was holding his arm. Slowly tugging him out of the loft.

"We do accept him! We just want to protect him!" Derek's eyes flashed red at Isaac, but he had no need to submit now. This.. this thing was no longer his Alpha. And these people, were no longer his pack. "He is in the Alpha Pack Isaac! What makes you think he won't turn his back on you?"

Isaac knew he should leave, he could feel himself shifting. Angered by the sheer audacity that his former Pack thought they had any right to be mad that Stiles finally found a place to be safe and someone to keep him safe. Although, you didn't need a lot of saving when you have magic pumping through every ounce of you.

Isaac didn't want to leave,though, he wanted to kick his Derek's ass.

"Sorry nephew, but Isaac does have a point. Should have gave Stiles a chance, I have you feeling you would have been, hm, happy you accepted him." Peter smiled crazily, which even made Isaac shiver and calm down. The two ignored the yelling of their former pack and exited the loft. Getting back into Peter's car and heading to Stiles' house.

"What do you think they will do now?"

"Don't worry about it. Probably come by the house, threaten a bit. Nothing much." Peter shrugged and Isaac glared out the window. Growling softly at the thought of Derek coming anywhere near his new pack.

"They shouldn't even be mad, they could have accepted Stiles. Scott and Derek could have accepted him." Isaac snorted and shook his head. Leaning back into his seat. He knew what it was like being an outsider. He hadn't let himself become close to anyone, in fear they would find his bruises and start asking questions. He thought joining the pack would provide him the protection and comfort he needed. He was oh so wrong. Now, he was happy to be in Stiles and Ennis' pack.

"It's in the past now. We can't change it anymore than we can change Stiles' magic. Now, put a smile on your face. We are almost to the house and I don't think Stiles would like it if you were sad." Isaac perked up a bit at that. Straightening his back and sending a scowl to Peter as he laughed. They pulled up to the familiar drive way and got out. Isaac rushing past Peter as he slung his bag over his shoulder. Ready to be with his new Pack.

When Isaac walked in, he smiled as he saw the three others in his pack sitting on the couch. Dropping his bag by the door for now before squeeze into the little bit of space between Stiles and his Alpha. Resting his head on Stiles' shoulder and baring his neck to Ennis. The man gave a deep rumble, approval, and lifted a hand to pat Isaac's curls. His wolf preened at the attention and Stiles laughed.

"Shut up." Isaac gently elbowed at Stiles' side, smiling as Stiles ruffled his curls.

The Sheriff cleared his throat then and everyone's attention was now on him.

"Isaac, uh, considering recent events, I wanted to well, adopt you. If that was okay. You can say no if you want but-"

He didn't get another word out. Isaac launched himself into the Sheriff's arms and hugged him. Nuzzling his cheek with his and nodding his head.

"Stiles! We're brothers now!" Isaac looked over his shoulder and smiled at the shocked boy. Giving him one last squeeze before sitting back in his seat. Looking at the Sheriff with wide eyes.

"Uh, we were going to go down in about a week to get all the paperwork and things." The Sheriff nodded at his own words. Cheeks flushing as Peter wrapped an arm around him and pressed his nose to his neck. "Peter! Stop it."

Stiles snorted from next to him and Isaac smiled widely. Yes. This was what he was waiting for. This was home. Home was with Stiles and Peter and the Sheriff, and now, with Ennis. It was safe. It was puppy piles and cuddle fights. And hugs, lots of hugs. And Isaac loved it.

And he wasn't planning on letting go anytime soon.


It was night now, and his dad had shown Isaac his new room. He was so excited that it took him a while for him to finally tire out and want to go to bed. He did though, eventually. His father and Peter went to their room, and Stiles scrunched up his nose. Ennis and him were now alone. And they both needed showers.

"So uh, the towels are under the sink and I found some of my dad's clothes that will fit you. Gonna have to probably take you shopping." Stiles pursed his lips and looked over the man's torn clothes. Nodding. "Guess we are going shopping tomorrow." Stiles smiled and waved his hand a bit, exiting the bathroom and leaving Ennis to his own.

Stiles plopped down on his bed and looked up at the ceiling. His cheeks tinging pink as he heard the shower running and the drop of clothes hitting the floor.Don't freak out now man, there is a hot man in your shower. A hot werewolf Alpha man that is your mate. No need to freak out. Huh, do I still need to ask him about what all of a mate is. Yeah, I'll ask him after we both shower.

An image of him and Ennis in the shower popped into his mind, and Stiles groaned and flopped over onto his stomach. Ignoring the heat in his groin as he tried to push the images out of his mind. They were nice images though.

Stiles glanced at the clock, it was nearing 10:30 and all he wanted was to shower and have that chat with Ennis about the mate thing. And thank god Ennis was a fast shower person because he was coming out and-Woah.

He had lifted his head to find Ennis pulling his shirt over his head. It wasn't the first time seeing him shirtless, but it was the first time seeing him shirtless with no cuts and water rolling down his chest and abs. His mouth hung open like a fish for a bit until he snapped it shut as Ennis walked closer to him. Stiles scrambled and got out of bed. Walking to his dresser and pulling out clean underwear and pajamas.

"I'll be in the shower now. We can talk after."

He hurried in the bathroom and shut the bathroom door behind him. Pressing against it as he cursed, looking down at the slight bulge in the front of his jeans. Stiles groaned and tugged off his clothes. Turning on the shower and stepping in, yelping as he felt the hot water beat down on his pale skin. He turned on more cold water and hummed in pleasure, starting to wash up.

He had gotten finished on his hair and was currently washing his body. When an interesting thought happened to come to him. A thought that excited him in more ways than just one. Ennis was just in here, naked. Stiles groaned and shook his head. Willing his erection to go away. When it didn't he slowly slid a hand down his chest and curled a fist around his cock. Biting on his bottom lip to keep the embarrassing sounds from spilling out.

Stiles braced one hand on the shower wall. Watching as his hand slowly slid up and down his cock. Rubbing the tip of his thumb against his slit. He twisted his hand every time his hand came to his head. He spread his legs a bit. Tossing his head back and planting his feet on the floor. Stiles took the hand off the wall and reached around. Biting his lip harder as he slowly circled a finger around the rim of his hole.

He knew this was bad. Knew that Ennis could hear what he was doing and could probably break down the door and see what was happening. But that made everything hotter.

The hand stroking his cock moved faster. Tightening around him as the finger rubbing against his hole finally pressed in. He came with a loud cry falling from his full red lips. His white cum spurting out of his cock onto the shower wall in long strips. He felt his hole twitch around his finger and he moaned. Closing his eyes as his body sagged against the shower wall. Tiredly, he waved his hand,his magic cleaning up the mess on the wall and his hand.

Stiles walked back into the room, pale cheeks turning pink as he saw Ennis sitting upright, nostrils flaring as he smelled the air. He didn't miss the way the Alpha's pupils dilated when he sat on the bed in front of him.

"So uh, Ennis, what exactly does it mean to be your mate?" Stiles looked at Ennis and the man seemed to relax. Leaning against the head board and looking at Stiles with a fondness in his eyes and shocked Stiles a little bit.

"You are an Alpha's mate. They have to be strong and loyal and brave. Which you have shown to me. The Alpha usually takes care of the pack. Making sure all are well and in no way hurting. The mate, also takes care of them. When we mate, you will feel connected to the Pack and tell when one feels distressed or sad, or need you." Ennis paused, waiting for Stiles' nod of understanding to continue.

"Wolves, as you probably know, mate for life. We love our mates, and it is truly special when you are able to find yours. We will protect them with our lives. Since you are an Alpha's mate, instead of a betas or omegas, you will probably feel more.. motherly than the others. Wanting to take care of the pack in any way that you can."

Stiles nodded once again, narrowing his eyes slightly as Ennis shifted his eyes from his face to his neck.

"I will, uh, court you per say." Ennis smiled at Stiles' blush. "I will take you on dates and we will get to know one another. The bond, which you probably won't feel for now, keeps us from staying apart for too long. When the time comes, I will have to get your father's permission to fully mate with you. That usually happens on the full moon, once our wolves our more so intact with us and we will become one. Like a human marriage." Ennis stopped then and looked at Stiles. Waiting for any and all questions.

"When you mean fully mate, you mean-"

"Have sex, yes." Stiles nodded and ran a hand through his quickly growing hair, tugging on the ends a bit before lying down. Propping his arms behind his head.

"Well then big wolf, gonna have to start wooing." Stiles smiled and looked up at Ennis. The man was watching Stiles with a small smile on his face. He flushed and licked his lips. Ennis' brown eyes following the movement of the pink muscle.

They were getting closer. Their noses were touching lightly and if Stiles had moved forward just a centimeter, then their lips would touch. So he did. Their lips pressed together and Stiles' cinnamon eyes closed on instinct. Ennis' lips were softly yet hard, and slightly chapped. Stiles could feel one of the man's big hands on the back of his neck and relaxed, scooting closer to Ennis' chest.

Fire burned through his veins as Ennis pressed a bit harder. His magic thrumming under his skin and threatening to spill out of his pores. He let some of it slip though, wanting to see the reaction it had on Ennis. And oh was it beautiful. The hand on his neck tightened just a bit, nails sharpening to claws that made little pinpricks on his neck. A strong arm tugged him closer until his chest was pressed flush against Ennis' thick muscled one. Stiles sighed against the man's lips. Pulling back but keeping his eyes closed.

He giggled when the wolf ran his nose down his cheek and to his neck. Pressing a little kiss there and nuzzling it. His soft cheek only held a little bit of scruff and Stiles sighed. Running his fingers across the man's close shaven head. Stiles smiled when he realized that Ennis most likely liked to cuddle.

"Sooo I guess this means you are taking me to a nice restaurant tomorrow?" Stiles smiled wider at the snort that Ennis gave followed by his deep and smooth chuckle. A nip to his neck had Stiles bite his lip though, still smiling a bit.

"Anything my beautiful mate wants."

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